MFTIV: Ch 19

  Countless small colored bars fell from the sky, and Qi An’an shook her below: “It’s pretty easy to use.”

    “Is that Qi Zhen?” a girl in the living room asked.

    Qi An’an looked up and said, “A Zhen, you are awake, happy birthday!”

    Qi Zhen felt a little frustrated.

    In the living room there are housekeeper Chen and a group of servants, as well as a few young girls who she doesn’t know, and… Jiang Lu.

    Among so many people, Qi Zhen only looked at Jiang Lu for a second.

    His eyes were calm but sharp, because of the angle, he could just see his suitcase, at that moment, she almost thought he had seen her through.

    After Qi An’an finished speaking, everyone greeted Qi Zhen friendly and said happy birthday in bits and pieces.

    Qi An’an smiled and introduced Qi Zhen to Qi Zhen: “These are my good friends. You just came here, and you will play with us in the future. After a while, the cake I ordered for you will come, and we will have dinner. Don’t stand on the stairs, come down quickly.”

    Qi Zhen looked at the decoration of the villa blankly. The roof was covered with pink balloons, and some unused ones were piled up in the living room, making the scene even more vivid. dream. Several gift boxes were piled on the coffee table. You don’t have to think about it and know that these are all hers.

    How could this be? Why did Qi An’an celebrate her birthday so grandly? Didn’t the person who hid the knife in her smile acquiesce in Qi Yan’s drive away?

    In this way, what else did she do…

    Qi Zhen didn’t move, so Qi Anan came up: “What’s the matter… Hey? Why did you take out the suitcase?”

    Qi Zhen’s hand gripped the handle of the trolley case tightly: “I…”

    Everyone looked at it strangely, only Jiang Lu didn’t. He lowered his eyes and his eyes were cold.

    Qi Zhen just got up, and suddenly the doorbell rang. Steward Chen walked over and took a look with a look of confusion, then turned his head back in surprise: “Miss, it’s President Qi is back.”

    Qi Zhen’s face paled completely.

 Qi Hong is back?

    Qi An’an is a little dazed, but Qi Hong is an absolute npc in the book, completely playing the role of soy sauce, and he didn’t mention a few words at all. He is not a good father, neither Qi An’an nor Qi Zhen is a good father.

    When the soy sauce was played, the plot also went to the back. He saw Qi Zhen approaching the boss, and wanted to dent his fatherly character and make a fortune by the way. But in the end it was unsuccessful, and without Jiang Lu’s action, he let his subordinates take off the assembly casually.

    There is hydrological suspicion there, Qi An’an doesn’t like it very much, and he doesn’t have a good impression of this character. He feels even more unlucky when he comes in with a sullen face.

    Qi Hong is at the most beautiful age of men. He is wearing a decent suit and is well maintained, but his complexion is not so good, as if he is making trouble. The moment he stepped into the house, he looked around with a dark face, but he was completely taken aback.

    No one noticed the subtle changes in his expression…except Jiang Lu.

    He retracted his gaze from Qi Hong’s face, glanced at Qi Zhen, and finally landed on the little suitcase.

    The pupils are pitch black, without a trace of light.

    “This…what’s going on? What are you doing?” Qi Hong looked around, was a little confused by this scene, frowned and asked.

    Can’t you see it on your birthday? In this view, good friends get together to hold a party. Qi An’an shook the garland in his hand: “Birthday.”

    Oh, this dad must have no idea. She added: “Today is Qi Zhen’s birthday.”

    Qi Hong said nothing.

    At first glance, this room is carefully arranged, with gentleness and care everywhere, and the coffee table is full of gifts, absolutely without any perfunctory.

    None of this could have been prepared hastily, and Qi Hong’s expression became even more ugly after scanning.

    He stood there with an air of no anger and prestige, and looked at Qi Zhen with a cold face. On the phone that day, she did not say anything directly, and kept saying that Qi An’an was very good to her, yes, she was indeed good to her.

    But… Qi Hong glanced at the suitcase: “An An is here to celebrate your birthday. With so many things arranged, what are you going to do with a suitcase?”

    Qi Zhen wailed, “I, I just pack it up.

    ” What do you pack? Use such a little suitcase in the morning?! This is for your birthday. What happened to you?” Qi Hong suddenly became angry.

    It feels uncomfortable to be deceived, and this kind of high-level deception, which is bitter and unspeakable, is even more disgusting.

    Qi An’an didn’t know where Qi Hong was so angry, she only knew that he didn’t like “Qi An’an” very much. When he entered the door, she thought she was coming at her.

    Who knows, he was furious with Qi Zhen.

    The atmosphere was good just now, but when he arrived, Qi Anan frowned and asked, “You… why did you come here suddenly? Would you like to go to the study room to sit for a while? I asked Uncle Chen to pour you a cup of tea.”

    Qi Hong did not Xian Budi took a look at Qi Zhen, then turned to look at Qi An’an, and saw that his tone eased: “An’an is so old, my father is fine. I haven’t seen you for a long time. It just happened to be a little idle for a while. Come and see. Look at you.”

    He looked at his little daughter and was a little surprised. This daughter and his impression were very different. It turned out that Qi An’an always had a gloomy face and didn’t like to talk, let alone smile. From birth, he didn’t pay much attention to her at all. Now, when he looks like this, he realizes that his little daughter is so smart and beautiful. Her once lifeless eyes have turned into a pair of smiling eyes. The small dimples on the cheeks make her look. Bright and lovely, soft-hearted.

    Qi Hong smiled and rubbed Qi An’an’s hair: “An An and I have changed so much when they were young, so what do you do with me like this? Why don’t you be called father?”

    Don’t say I have no feelings with you, even “Qi An’an” has been seen for several years. I don’t want you.

    Qi An’an was confused by his father-daughter drama, and cried out inexplicably, “…Dad.”

    Jiang Lu stood at the back of the crowd, although the expression on his face seemed very calm. The hand hanging on his side has gradually been clenched, and the joints have turned white.

    Qi Hong looked at this scene and he was not appropriate to stay, so he caressed Yijin: “It’s not time for me to come back today. I disturb you kids. I’ll go first, you guys have fun. An’an, please entertain you friends, Dad will go to the branch office to take a look, and I will come back to accompany you in the evening.”

    He smiled and after Qi An’an finished speaking, Qi Zhen cast a cold and meaningful look and turned away.

    This glance made Qi Zhen sweat on her back, and she bit her lower lip slightly, the panic in her heart getting bigger and bigger. Qi Hong is a good father in front of her, not because he likes her so much, but because he is interested and wants to role-play.

    His father’s love can be given to himself or to others.

    Qi Zhen was extremely disturbed, and Qi Hong didn’t know what it meant at that glance.

    Thinking blankly, Qi An’an took her suitcase with her hand suddenly lightened.

    Qi Zhen’s behavior today made Qi An’an feel a little strange, plus Qi Hong’s weirdness… Qi An’an immediately suppressed the thoughts together, no, the female goose in the book is kind and simple, this is a coincidence.

    Her expression is still very sincere, and Yuanyuan’s eyes are bright and clear.

    “Azhen, don’t clean up today, let’s put this back.”

    She is deliberately angry with herself!

    Qi Zhen suddenly realized that she really underestimated Qi An’an. On the first day she noticed that she was not easy, so she should be wary of her.

    Qi An’an must have guessed that she was suing her dad, so that’s why she used the plan to perform this kind of warm drama? Let her provoke her

When Dad was disgusted, he killed two birds with one stone by the way and made Dad treat her differently.

    Not only that, she used such a clever means to beat her into a defeat, and now she still looks at her own jokes with such an innocent look!

    Qi Zhen almost wanted to vomit blood in his heart, gritted his teeth and pulled out a gentle smile: “Give me An An, I shouldn’t pack my things at this time. I didn’t expect you to give me such a big surprise. I will put this suitcase first. . well, back to the bedroom, “

    her smile expanded a bit:” Ann, thank you so carefully prepared, I will always remember this birthday. “


    are teenagers, it is easy to fire up the atmosphere, Qian an Lively and loves to laugh, Qi Zhen is gentle and decent, everyone played well.

    Only a little regretful, the sweet scene Qi An’an was looking forward to did not appear. Jiang Lu sat aside, not only had little communication with everyone, but also never even glanced at Qi Zhen.

    When sending everyone away in the evening, the two teenagers who had already gotten close to Qi Zhen were talking to her in front of her. Qi An’an got empty and asked in a low voice, “Jiang Lu, why are you unhappy today? Is something wrong? ? “

    Jiang Lu asked:” are you happy you “? “

    happy Yeah, do not I look happy? “Qian An somewhat puzzled touched his face, smiling asked him.

    Jiang Lu stopped talking.

    She does look happy.

    But which father would say “An An is so old”? This can only be said to relatives who have not been in contact for a few years.

    “Jiang Lu, look at your frowning so tightly,” Qi An’an tilted his head to look at him, “I used to think that you are a very advanced person, but now I find that you seem to be higher and deeper than before.”

    That’s right, now Zizai She had no idea what was thinking in her head. Unfortunately, she thought that he came to Qi Zhen’s birthday party because he had so little thoughts about her, who knew that this day, no candy was given to her.

    Jiang Lu looked down at her and asked abruptly, “If Qi Zhen can’t live here, what do you think?”

    Qi An’an was stunned: “Where can I live here?”

    “I don’t know.”

    The question is right . At the end, but Qi An’an has taken care of Jiang Lu’s habit, and she really thinks about it and answers seriously: “It’s nothing. She likes to stay, but she doesn’t like it and doesn’t stay here, as long as she feels comfortable.” Get along for these two days, Qi An An felt a little bit that Qi Zhen was uncomfortable here, no matter how she took care of her, she couldn’t let go of her hands and feet.

    In the plot of the original book, Qi Zhen lives on campus after he goes to high school. She likes Qi An’an and will not stop her. Anyway, everyone can go to school together every day.

    As long as two cubs can be happy, then everything is fine.

    After listening to Qi An’an, Jiang Lu was silent for a while: “Quickly.” There

    was no beginning and no end. Qi An’an didn’t understand: “What’s fast?”

    Jiang Lu didn’t answer, his eyes looked at Qi An’an, inside. There is a tenderness that is almost imperceptible.

    He could see that Qi Zhen would be gone soon.


    A few days after his birthday, Qi Hong came again.

    After chatting for a few words, he said nonchalantly: “Let Ah Zhen stay here before because my father owed it to my father. I thought about it and thought it was not a good thing. It is not suitable for you to live together, so I should give her another one. Find a place to live.”

    This scumbag has changed so fast? Before Qi An’an could say anything, Qi Zhen immediately obediently responded: “I know my father, I think so too. It’s better to live alone and not disturb others. Please trouble you and your eldest brother to worry about me. Thank you An An for your care these days.”

    After saying that Qi Zhen smiled softly and sincerely at Qi An’an. Seeing her willing, Qi An’an also nodded and agreed, and packed her luggage with her.

    It’s a pity, this summer vacation should be very difficult to knock sugar, can only hope for the beginning of school. But that’s okay. After school starts, she doesn’t have to rack her brains to get these two people together. Both of them have grades of great gods, and they will definitely be divided into the same class.

    Qi Hong left soon, and Qi Anan started her summer stand-alone mode. There is an independent home theater on the top and an open-air swimming pool below.

    In the scorching summer sun, the girl’s skin is whiter and brighter than ever, like the most delicate lotus in the pond, waiting to be released. This summer passed, Qi An’an lost a little childishness, showing the unique softness and sweetness of a girl.

    And her bit by bit changes, Jiang Lu was all caught up in her eyes.

    Jiang Lu only realized clearly and intuitively that he knew too little about Qi An’an since Qi Zhen’s birthday. A girl who is warm and lively like a little sun, in his imagination, should be spoiled by the whole family in the palm of his hand.

    but it is not the truth.

    Jiang Lu knew that Qi Zhen lifted a rock and hit him in the foot, Qi Hong was so angry that Qi Zhen would never live long. Sooner or later, she would get out, but what she finally said to Qi An’an made him feel uneasy.

    Jiang Lu went to Qi’an’s house for two consecutive days, watching from a distance outside the door, worried that Qi Zhen would make small movements, but she was still honest and behaved until she moved things and left that day.

    The muddy breath in Jiang Lu’s chest eased a lot.

    However, Qi Zhen had already left. Jiang Lu still couldn’t help going again every few days. He didn’t dare to get close, so he glanced at her quietly outside the door. He is like a greedy thief. He has been successful twice without being noticed.

    Qi An’an sprayed the flowers in the garden, a delicate and beautiful girl, more beautiful than the flowers.

    She has grown up, bright and cute, like a moving pearl in the sun, and he has long been fused with the abyss.

    Jiang Lu

I have been there seven or eight times, the last time there is not much time left before school starts, the autumn breeze gradually rises, and the heat dissipates a lot.

    On this day, Jiang Lu left the side door of the community as usual, and saw the cars parked by the side of the road at a glance. He paused, his dark eyes staring for a while, and then he walked towards the car calmly.

    Qi Yan opened the door and walked down, holding his hand on the door casually, with no expression on his face: “Long time no see, do you know I am waiting for you?”

    Jiang Lu nodded, “Otherwise you won’t park the car here. “

    Qi Yan mouth twitched and his eyes complicated:” you’re not like your age man, on the train it, you know I have something to tell you. “

    Jiang Lu quietly got on his face.

    Qi Yan drove to an old square, which was in a remote location, and because of insufficient infrastructure, very few people came here, and this time was even more empty.

    “You are so smart, do you guess what I want to say to you?” Qi Yan lit a cigarette after parking the car, put his hand on the car window, and lighted it all the time.

    Jiang Lu was silent for a while: “I know.”

    “Do you want one?”

    Looking at the cigarette that Qi Yan handed over, Jiang Lu didn’t hesitate to take it and tap it skillfully.

    “I really didn’t expect to send a Qi Zhen away, but I didn’t prevent you. You are a frequent visitor to our house during this time. Oh, a frequent visitor outside the door.”

    Qi Yan has a smile on the corner of his mouth, but his eyes are cold, without anything. With a smile, “I didn’t know you deeply enough before, and I checked you recently.”

    “Not only an unrecognized illegitimate child, but also the son of a prostitute.”

    Jiang Lu clenched his hand at his side little by little. Tighten up.

    “Don’t mind, I just tell the facts,” Qi Yan smiled, “I don’t say these to humiliate you, if it is not necessary, I would not hurt others. You are not worthy of An An, I thought you would understand yourself, but I did not expect you In the end, someone needs to be reminded.”

    Jiang Lu’s hand suddenly released. After a while, he whispered: “She didn’t know that I was coming.”

    Qi Yan nodded: “Indeed, this is also the reason why I am so polite to you now. You look at my sister quietly, no Do more and I will treat you as having only a little conscience.”

    He threatened: “But if you don’t know what’s good or bad, and try to get closer, I will definitely not let you go easily.”

    Jiang Lu sideways slightly. Head sideways, eyes careless, but extremely sharp.

    Qi Yan’s heart sank. This Jiang Lu, such a young man, could have such a momentum. Neither overbearing nor overbearing, not letting the wind fall at all. Facing his threats, he didn’t worry at all, how could he let him get close to An’an for such a person.

    “Jiang Lu, I actually admire you, whether it’s your talent or you,” Qi Yan said in a deep voice, “I checked some things more deeply, but I didn’t find out anything. I can only say You are not only surly and ruthless, but also not leaking.”

    “A person like you will have a partner who is equal to you in the future. But this person will not be An An, she is gentle and naive, and is not at all suitable for you.”

    Jiang Lu His gaze shifted to the cigarette between his fingers, this one was about to finish smoking, and the star of the smoke flickered on and off at his fingertips.

    “Can I trust you.”

    Qi Yan frowned: “What?”

    Jiang Lu said in a deep voice, “Will you protect her with your heart? How can people like Qi Zhen live next to her? Isn’t it disgusting?

    ” This kind of thing will never happen again.” Qi Yan paused for two seconds and said.

    “And your father,” Jiang Lu commented in a cold voice, “stupid and blind.”

    He seldom spoke such sharp words, but he was still filled with anger when he mentioned that.

    Although the scolding was Qi Hong, Qi Yan didn’t sound like: “He doesn’t deserve to be An An’s father. I raised An An, and I will take care of everything about her.”

    “I am her brother, I will not harm her, and An An will never become a victim of a family marriage. She is good-looking, has a likable personality, and has a good family background. I will find for her a clean family, good character, gentleness and courtesy. Your partner. You don’t deserve this condition.”

    Jiang Luan listened quietly. Following Qi Yan’s description, he seemed to have seen a gentleman, holding Qi An’an’s hand and leading her, Farther and farther away from his world.

    The desire to monopolize in his heart repeatedly stirred up, but in the end, Jiang Lu admitted that Qi Yan was right.

    He took a deep breath, as if there was no pain, and squeezed out the unburned cigarette butts with his fingers: “If there were no accidents, Qi An’an and I would never meet again.”

    “It’s not just not seeing each other again. Me .” I hope your name disappears completely in her life,” Qi Yan sighed, and continued in a low tone, “No matter how unfair to you, I will be this villain.”

    “I know your grades are very good, no Unexpectedly, you should be the champion of the senior high school entrance examination this year, and you will be the champion of the college entrance examination in the future. You will become a name that is hard to forget, but I don’t want you to stand at such a high point and let An An remember you forever.”

    “If you can accept the ordinary, I can compensate you after you go to university. As long as you want, the company’s chief writer can still keep it for you. If you still feel wronged, I can give you 2% of the company’s shares. “

    Qi Yan finished in one breath, with a very sincere tone. He was not joking, he tried to change the life that Jiang Lu should have, but he would try to make up for another equally wonderful life.

    But Jiang Lu never spoke. He didn’t rush, he didn’t agree or refuse, like a natural negotiator, with a very steady rhythm and aura.

    Qi Yan had no choice but to show another card: “I checked.

Now, you and your mother have turned against each other. She has done a lot of excessive things to you. This time she will not let you go easily after her rejuvenation. The altar is too high and it is easy to fall into the mud. You should not want to be splashed with a bucket of sewage when your aura is added. “

    Jiang Lu sneered: “I think if I don’t promise you, you will probably be the one who throws the sewage on me.” “

    Qi Yan did not deny: “So you think about it. “

    Without a last resort, he never wants to fight against someone like Jiang Lu. Now his edge is already so strong, and it will be impossible to restrain him in the future. But if he really steps on his bottom line, he will not I will be scared.

    Qi Yan thought for a while and turned on the recording in the car, “Listen to this again. “This is a long time ago, when he and Qi An’an had a conversation in the car. The

    recording opened, and Qi Yan’s slightly serious voice: “No premature love. “

    Then, Qian An crisp tender waxy voice:” Not at all, to ensure that no puppy love, puppy love can not be with him, you worry. “

    Jiang Lu’s face finally paled.

    The voice was so sweet, yet every word seemed to stab his heart.

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