MFTIV: Ch 18

Qi An’an’s tone is very sincere. Originally, what she was talking about was the truth. Whether it was Jiang Lu in the book or the Jiang Lu she knew, they were all clean boys like Bai Yueguang, excellent for all to see.

    Jiang Lu was behind this wall, and his breathing rhythm was completely chaotic.

    Even though he warned himself countless times, he couldn’t hear any glamour in her words, it was just her childish youthful praise, but he still couldn’t calm his thunderous heartbeat.

    Jiang Lu clenched his fists tightly, closed his eyes for a long time, and took a few deep breaths until he made sure that he would not reveal any emotions before slowly walking out of the corner.

    Qi Anan saw him coming and stretched out his hand to greet him: “Jiang Lu, come and sit down and eat some fruit.”

    Qi Zhen raised his eyes and glanced at him, then lowered his head and gently rubbed aside, obviously inviting him to sit. Next to her.

    Jiang Ludang didn’t see it, and with a cold face, he sat straight on the outermost single sofa. He put the reddish left wrist behind him, and did not dare to let Qi An’an see it-at the coffee shop, he desperately rubbed and squeezed Boss Wang’s palm, Qi An’an had seen it. Although the days have passed for a long time, maybe she doesn’t remember it anymore, but he didn’t want his strange disgust to be too obvious.

    Qi Zhen pursed his lips and straightened his back again, not looking at Jiang Lu.

    The undercurrent surging of the two of them was fleeting. Qi An’an didn’t notice. She pushed the fruit plate between Jiang Lu and Qi Zhen, and asked him, “Jiang Lu, what are you going to do during the holiday?”

    “Draw something,” After Jiang Lu met Qi An’an’s smiling eyes, his voice softened unconsciously: “Didn’t you want me to draw a picture for you before? What do you want to paint?”

    Qi An’an told Jiang Lu before the high school entrance examination. Once, it was just to find an excuse to invite someone over to meet the female goose for the first time.

    Now that people want to keep their promise, Qi An’an thinks about it and wants to say something to paint…definitely can’t paint Qi Zhen, the two of them are still unfamiliar and can’t let go.

    After thinking about it, Qi An’an nodded his forehead: “Then…can you draw me?”

    Jiang Lu waited for this sentence, 15 or 16-year-old girls may not be interested in scenery or the like. , There is a high probability that you will want a self-portrait.

    He hid his despicable selfishness when he agreed to Qi An’an’s request, and now things are developing as he expected.

    Jiang Lu said, “Yes. But my level is limited and I am not good at sketching. Can I take a picture of you and go back and draw slowly?”

    His tone was calm, but the sofa towel behind him was already wrinkled and unrefined.

    Qi An’an didn’t understand this, let alone question Jiang Lu, and immediately nodded and agreed: “Of course it’s good.”

    She was sitting on the sofa with her knees in her arms . He put his hands on his cheeks, showing a happy smile: “Let’s do it, you come to shoot.”

    Qi An’an cooperated very well, and immediately posed for him to take pictures without any hesitation. There were no excuses that Jiang Lu had thought about. Method to play.

    Jiang Lu slowly let go of his hands behind his back, Pure Horn raised a very shallow smile, took out his mobile phone, and held it in front of him cherished and cherished.

    His thumb to press the keys trembled slightly.

    Time freezes instantly.

    The girl in the lens has delicate eyebrows and her eyes are like two small crescents, which makes her heart soft.

    I won’t see it in the future, but he still left such a precious memory, whether it was greedy and despicable to ask for a gift for himself.

    After the photo was taken, Jiang Lu put away his phone: “Qian’an, please entertain the guests, I’ll go back to draw and send it to you.” Hey

    ? Is this gone? Qi An’an felt a little in his heart.

    Don’t! Painting was just an excuse she wanted to invite him, and he left like this, but instead she specially asked him to paint.

    Jiang Lu has not officially met Qi Zhen, and the two of them haven’t said a few words yet.

    “Jiang Lu, don’t leave so quickly,” Qi An’an looked up at Jiang Lu who had already stood up, and quickly stood up, his eyes seemed to overflow, “You will leave after dinner at our house. Okay?”

    Qi Zhen couldn’t put his mouth in just now, and this meeting also began to persuade: “Yes, you have just come for a while, don’t be restrained, don’t go in a hurry.”

    The two “guests” in Jiang Lu’s words just now The word made her feel very uncomfortable. She is also Qi Hong’s daughter, so why is she a guest?

    Jiang Lu didn’t even look at Qi Zhen, let alone take care of her. He only looked at Qi An’an: “You have a lot of fun, I’m leaving.”

    His attitude could not be refuted, and Qi An’an didn’t persuade him any more. The baby she wants to spoil, the baby’s attitude is so determined, Qi An’an is reluctant to make him embarrassed: “Okay, then I will send you.”

    Qi Zhen moved, originally thinking of sending Jiang Lu to the door, but he saw Jiang Lu turned around without even giving her a look. Suddenly, dissatisfaction surged in his heart, and he sat there without moving.

    Obviously, I just showed my diligence just now, why is it cold and frosty in a blink of an eye? Is this… wanting to get caught? Qi Zhen stared at Jiang Lu’s back meaningfully.

    Qi An’an asked Steward Chen to pick up the fruits and snacks that Jiang Lu had prepared for a long time, and brought Jiang Lu to choose the entrance to change his shoes.

    She stood beside Jiang Lu a little, hung her head to feel sorry for herself: “It’s such a hot day, you haven’t eaten anything this time, you left so soon, and you have to paint for me when you go back.”

    Qi An’an was a little annoyed. , Reflecting on whether she left because she was too anxious and Jiang Lu was not used to strangers. Maybe they should first create an opportunity for the two of them to meet by chance, or wait for the high school division to recognize them naturally.

    Ah, this time I can only

That’s it.

    Jiang Lu glanced at Qi An’an’s pitiful expression, moved his lips but didn’t know what to say. She would not understand what she had gained today.

    But remembering another thing, Jiang Lu looked down at Qi An’an: “Who are you here today?”

    Ah, it seems that he lost his life a bit early. Jiang Lu Mingming also noticed Qi Zhen, perhaps because of the strong plot. There was a turmoil in his heart, otherwise how could he inquire with him as soon as he met?

    Qi An’an was secretly excited and introduced with crooked eyebrows: “She’s Qi Zhen, I’m…a friend.”

    Oops, the two of them had obviously just met, and they couldn’t carry private goods, alas.

    Last name Qi. The master looks like a pie.

    Coupled with the attitude of Steward Chen, it is not like a normal hospitality at all. Jiang Lu’s thoughts turned slightly and he didn’t say anything, but Qi Zhen’s identity was already known to him.

    Seeing Qi Anan’s appearance, the two of them met for the first time today. If possible, Qi An’an would never take the initiative to ask such a person to come over. Perhaps his father arranged for Qi Zhen to come here. And the attitude is tough and can’t be refused. After all, Qi An’an has an older brother who loves her. If he could refuse, Qi Zhen would not appear here.

    These thoughts were all in a flash, Jiang Lu didn’t dare to think anymore, Qi An’an Qizhen’s enthusiasm was not fake at all, and the well-behaved and sensible made people feel distressed.

    He felt pity in his heart, knowing that he shouldn’t, but still couldn’t help it: “Qian An’an, if you have anything…you can find me at any time.” He said speciously, taking care of the other person’s feelings intimately.

    When this word falls into Qi An’an’s ears, it becomes another meaning. Is this the power of the plot? After she was worried, she didn’t know what reason to use to ask Jiang Lu, so Jiang Lu passed the excuse to her.

    When dozing off, someone passed a pillow, and Qi An’an’s mood suddenly brightened a lot. When she was happy, she couldn’t hide Yingying’s smile, and it was all over the corners of her eyebrows: “Really? I can find you, can you do anything? You won’t wait until then and find a reason to refuse, right?”

    Her round eyes clearly showed expectation, and she looked up at him like a child waiting for a sugar bowl.

    Jiang Lu’s heart seemed to be slapped by the fire, and the pain was fine: “No.”

    Qi An’an was very coaxed, and immediately laughed happily: “Okay, then you should be careful on the way back!”


    because Qi Zhen After coming over, Qi Yan was not at ease at all, and spent a week hurriedly finishing the project in his hand, and went home quietly.

    He didn’t call in advance. When he entered the door, Butler Chen was still stunned, and then he smiled in surprise: “Why did the young master come back suddenly? You wait a moment, I tell the kitchen to add two more dishes.”

    “Catch the latest flight, come back to see Look at An An.” Qi Yan glanced into the room and asked in a low voice, “Qi Zhen is here, how is it? An An is okay?”

    Butler Chen showed a distressed look: “The young lady is so sensible, she is so emotional. No, I don’t see how she is happy every day. Hey, President Qi is also partial, why didn’t he hurt his daughter?”

    Qi Yan’s eyes dimmed and his face was a little cold, “Don’t say this. , Have you met Qi Zhen, how is she?”

    “I didn’t see anything until I saw it,” the steward Chen said, “People are very polite and gentle, quiet and quiet, not like a picky person. People.”

    As the two girls, living together was embarrassing and strange, but the first side they saw didn’t smell of gunpowder, and they were even friendly.

    Qi Yan didn’t ask any more questions.

    After dinner, Qi Yan said to Qizhen: “You go to the study and wait for me, I have something to tell you.”

    Qi Zhen walked into the study calmly, waiting for Qi Yan in his spare time. In fact, Qi Yan is not afraid of her attitude, and she is psychologically prepared for her normal indifference and alienation.

    “Are you accustomed to living?” Qi Yan didn’t care about her when he came in. He lit a cigarette, his tone didn’t fluctuate, and his attitude was business.

    “Fortunately, An An took special care of me, and thank you brother for not disgusting and willing to take me in.” Qi Zhen slightly shrank his shoulders, sitting on the large chair obediently, appearing to be more slender.

    Qi Yan smiled and said, “I don’t need this brother. I only have a sister, An An. It doesn’t mean that you are Qi Hong’s species if you live here. It’s because I can’t compete with him for the time being, and I won’t agree to him. He is coming to disturb An An.”

    Qi Zhen lowered his posture: “I’m sorry, I don’t know these, it’s all my fault.”

    “Well, you know that I’m sorry,” Qi Yan is not polite, not nonsense. I was too lazy to act with her, so I went straight down the stairs, “You may not be comfortable living here, I will find you a house, and I will give you a sum of money every month, and you will move out as soon as possible. With me, You don’t have to worry about eating, dressing or going to school. If Qi Hong asks, you can deal with it.”

    Qi Zhen quietly clenched his hands under the table, and his nails were deeply embedded in her palms. She did not expect Qi Yan to reject her. The hostility was so strong, but she obviously didn’t do anything.

    All this is to support Qi An’an, that’s the case, she said how could Qi An’an not mind her existence, it turned out to be here waiting for her.

    Let her relax in a gentle and enthusiastic way, and then called Qi Yan back to clean up her within a few days. The two brothers and sisters actually got together to bully people!

    Qi Zhen has never been wronged since she was a child. She is the jewel in the palm of her mother. Now she has become an orphan. She still needs to look at the face of people. When she thinks of this, her eyes burst into tears: “I know my identity is very important. Embarrassment, it’s normal for elder brother and An An to dislike me. In fact, I also know that living in this way will cause you trouble, but my dad

Dad must let me come over, but I can’t help it. But don’t worry, brother, I will do what you say, if dad asks, I will never say anything. “

    She was very pitiful, but Qi Yan didn’t respond to Qizhen’s words of loyalty.

    He didn’t take her words to heart: “It doesn’t matter to me whether you tell the truth, it’s best if you don’t tell the truth with Qi Hong. Everyone stop; if you say, I also have a way to fix you. You should also be aware that your good father is busy spending time and drinks. If you want to play a good father, it depends on his mood, but he will never be in such a good mood 24 hours a day. “

    Qi Zhen looked promising, as if he still wanted to argue, but Qi Yan didn’t bother to listen. He had said everything he should say: “That’s it, I will arrange it as soon as possible.” rest early. “

    Qi Yan left after speaking. He pushed the door and turned left. He probably went to Qi An’an’s room. Qi Zhen thought for a while, picked up his steps, and followed quietly.


    Qi An’an just ran to the entrance of the study to eavesdrop on it for a while. However, Qi Yan’s soundproofing effect in his study is so good that she can’t hear anything. But she knows that Qi Yan is definitely not bad. She should just explain that the two of them should get along well. When

    Qi Yan opened the door, Qi An’an smiled and immediately Run up to hold his arm: “Brother, don’t you have a project before, you may not be able to come back this month? Surprise me by ending early? “

    What did you say to Ah Zhen?” Don’t let me listen. “

    Qi Yan Qian An drooping eyes, listening to her pronged Chen called” A frame “, and slowly reached out and touched her hair:” My sister, not so well-behaved. “

    He smiled, faint, said:” Nothing, ask a few words to find out. “

    He didn’t say that he was going to drive Qi Zhen away. His sister is so sensible, she will definitely think of him after hearing it. It won’t be good to endure the grievances. Don’t

    tell her about these annoying things. Qi An’an Seeing that Qi Yan is not very interested, she doesn’t care about Qi Zhen’s identity, but she is afraid that Qi Yan is uncomfortable, so she softly asked, “Brother, are you busy with work lately? Do you want to stay at home for more days? “

    If he lived, would he dislike contact with Qi Zhen… Before Qi An’an finished his troubles, Qi Yan shook his head apologetically.

    “It won’t work for a while. I will stop the project temporarily and come back to see you, but I still have to start it quickly.”

    Qi Yan didn’t want to accompany her, but he couldn’t get away: “I’m sorry, An’an, I will pay you back in a few days. If you want to travel abroad on business, you may not be able to come back before the start of school. Or that said, I’m not here for such a long time, and you have to tell me no matter what happens. Don’t be afraid to interrupt my work and hide it from me, don’t you know ? “

    these words Qi Yan bottom in that Qian an’ve all become accustomed to, could not help but laugh at him:.” know, look at you all day long to worry about so much, be careful bald “

    two siblings laughing, outside the Qi Zhen looked cold, she thought for a while, and walked back to her room silently.

    Qi An’an and Qi Yan sang white faces and red faces to humiliate her. It is impossible for her to give up with these brothers and sisters. She can go, and she doesn’t want to live under the same roof with Qi An’an, but she can’t go like this.

    Qi Zhen flipped out the phone and pressed a number that he knew well.

    It took a long time for the sound to be heard over there, and the sound was very mixed. Qi Zhen took a deep breath and let his voice soften and called “Dad”.

    “A Zhen,” Qi Hong drank some wine with a casual voice, “What’s the matter? Suddenly called. By the way, are you going to the s city in two days?”

    Qi Zhen paused before saying “Dad, I’ve been here for more than a week.”

    “Oh, you’ve already gone, how about it? Are you still used to living there? An An’s kid didn’t bully you, right?”

    Qi Zhen was silent this time It took a long time. After the silence, she changed into a deliberately relaxed tone: “Of course not. An An is kind to me. I have everything I eat and wear prepared. She takes care of me in every possible way. She is very kind and very kind. Gentle, how could you bully me? Dad, you think too much.”

    She has been with her mother for many years and knows which set Qi Hong eats best. She really heard him sneer: “Azhen, you don’t need to speak for her. I know what she is like when the woman was born. You? Don’t worry, Dad will support you. We, A Zhen, have never been wronged since we were young. Why should she be wronged?”

    Qi Zhen immediately squeezed out a hurried tone: “No dad, An An really didn’t bully me. , I didn’t lie to you.”

    “You don’t have to be so sensible, for her sake, that girl should also tidy up. She dared to show your face, but didn’t put me in your eyes.

    Come here in person.” Qi Zhen smiled slightly and said softly: “Dad, you don’t need to do this. I never thought of asking you to do these things for me, but if you could come and see me, I would be very happy. I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

    She lowered her voice: “If you’re not busy, can you come on the weekend? The weekend happens to be my birthday…” The

    girl’s voice was soft and weak, and she looked forward carefully. Qi Hong immediately promised: “Don’t worry, Dad will be there. Not only will I celebrate your birthday, but he will also be fair to you.” After

    hanging up the phone, Qi Zhen lay on the bed, feeling that the grievances in his chest gradually disappeared. She didn’t do anything wrong in the first place, could it be that she wanted to be an illegitimate daughter? Is it because she wants to live here? Why do Qi Yan and Qi An’an bully people like this?

    She didn’t need to do anything, she just waited for Qi Hong to come and see how Qi An’an brothers and sisters swept her out, maybe he was relentless and could still bring himself to his side.


    Qi An’an hasn’t been idle for these two days,

The weekend is Qi Zhen’s birthday. She, an invincible fan, remembers it clearly, and started preparing a few days in advance.

    When Jiang Lu had his birthday before, she had no suitable reason to do it for him. This time another cub celebrated his birthday. It happened to be living at home and it was a holiday. Qi An’an was confident that she could give her a warm and happy birthday.

    Since Jiang Lu visited last time, Qi An’an hasn’t asked him again. Although Jiang Lu promised that he would not refuse to call him if he had something to do, he couldn’t always invite him without a reason. Don’t just make it right. He is so smart, he might see through if he comes and goes.

    But this time I finally had an excuse. Qi Anan thought happily that she was going to hold a birthday party for Qi Zhen, just to let her know a few more good friends, and then calling Jiang Lu would not look abrupt. I believe that when they meet, some sweet events will happen naturally in the powerful plot.

    Qi An’an made an appointment with a few good friends, and then called Jiang Lu, and Jiang Lu was quickly picked up.

    He was quiet, and his voice sounded like a low-quality cello: “What’s wrong with me?”

    Qi An’an almost made up for the small theater by listening to the voice: “Jiang Lu, tomorrow is Qi Zhen’s birthday. We will have a party at home. . It just so happened that she made some good friends, so you can come and play together.”

    Jiang Lu frowned and repeated in a low voice: “Did you celebrate her birthday?”

    Qi An’an didn’t hear what Jiang Lu said. Which word: “Yeah, isn’t it a coincidence that it just happened to be in time for such an important day. She just came here and no one knows. I must introduce my good friend to her, so that more people will have fun.”

    Jiang Lu stopped talking.

    He was silent for a long time, Qi An’an couldn’t help but ask: “Jiang Lu, why don’t you speak? Are you out of time?” After

    another two seconds, Jiang Lu’s voice came back. “I will go.” After

    hanging up the phone, Jiang Lu twisted his eyebrows unconsciously. Qi An’an had a soft and warm personality, but as Qi Zhen, how could she do this.

    What kind of grievances did the girl so reluctant in his heart suffer?


    Qi Zhen received a call from Qi Hong on Saturday morning. He seemed to be in a good mood just after getting off the plane. There is a distance from the airport to the city, but it took just over an hour.

    It’s almost time for the good show to be prepared, and Qi Zhen casually packed a few pitiful pieces of luggage. These two days are Qi Yan’s deadline. If he doesn’t leave, he won’t care about her face, but he will find someone to throw her out.

    Humph, she wants to see who is the last to suffer.

    After an hour, Qi Zhen felt that the time was almost up, pulling up the suitcase and covering the bedroom doorknob. It was only at this moment that she suddenly realized that it seemed to be extremely quiet outside today.

    At this time of the day, although there is absolutely no noise outside the house, there are occasional sounds of walking and conversation, and Qi An’an can say that he can laugh after getting up. Why is it so unusual today?

    The strange thought only floated in Qi Zhen’s heart for a moment. She shook her head and pressed the door to push the door out, but the next moment he was stunned.

    Before he recovered from the eye-filled pink balloons and lilies, the two pops of flowers pulled Qi Zhen’s thoughts back.

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