MFTIV: Ch 17

Qi Zhen had repeated dreams from a very young age.

    The vague woman in the dream spoke earnestly, reminding her over and over again:

    “You should have had a very good life and could be favored by him, but now you can only use the little kindness of your youth to beg for life. . ” “

    he does not love you, is not love. you put my side, just because you have charity him a meal. among the world all women are the same, leaving no one indifferent. ” “

    If you can do it all over , we must remember, nice to him. he kind of person, just a little bit better for him, will humble loving to give it everything. “


    every time we wake up, Qi Zhen do not understand, but this dream The more times, she gradually became interested, vaguely knowing that she must treat someone better, and use a little means to tie that person’s heart.

    In this way, she can live a rich life without worries.

    But she didn’t know what that person’s name was, or what he looked like.

    Until just now, she dragged down the bulky suitcase and inadvertently saw the stunning appearance of the person on the opposite side, and her heartbeat suddenly accelerated uncontrollably.

    An inexplicable feeling that she herself couldn’t tell made her body faster than her brain.

    “Wait a minute.”

    Qi Zhen said quickly when the young man was about to pass by her, but the young man didn’t even notice, and passed her indifferently without even looking straight.

    Without thinking about it, Qi Zhen immediately stretched out his hand and grabbed the opponent’s wrist.

    Jiang Lu didn’t expect that this stranger would suddenly stretch out his hand to grab him, and a slippery skin touch suddenly felt on his wrist. Suddenly, a strong nausea stirred in his stomach, and Jiang Lu immediately shook off Qi Zhen’s hand fiercely.

    He was not polite with her, and the force of shaking his hand was not small. Qi Zhen was also a good girl since childhood. She was raised like a young lady. He was thrown away by Jiang Lu like this, frowning and showing aggrieved look: “Why are you so fierce? I just want to follow Say something.”

    Jiang Lu is not a patient person, especially to a strange woman. He has nothing to say to her, and it doesn’t matter what she thinks in her heart, so she turns around and leaves.

    Qi Zhen originally wanted to ask if they had seen him somewhere, because he really gave her an inexplicable sense of familiarity, otherwise she would not stop him rashly.

    But seeing Jiang Lu’s attitude so hard, Qi Zhen was also a little unhappy. He wanted to ignore him, but a word came out inexplicably in his heart.

    Do it again, remember to be nice to him.

    Qi Zhen hesitated for a moment, and looked at Jiang Lu’s back in a puzzled way. Could the unclear familiarity just now be directed by God?

    is it him? In my dream, I remind myself again and again to treat people well. As long as she treats him nicely, he will fall in love with himself and live the life he dreams of from now on?

    Qi Zhen looked at Jiang Lu silently. His popularity was so extraordinary that he didn’t look like a child of ordinary people. A wealthy young master didn’t have to run. Besides, people who can live here have an unimaginably rich family background.

    It’s just that he wears very low-key and doesn’t seem to be a big brand. But I don’t know all the famous brands, maybe he wears some high-luxury brands.

    Qi Zhen thought, if it is really this person, it’s not bad.


    Qi An’an was up at the moment when she saw Qi Zhen holding Jiang Lu’s wrist, she immediately ran downstairs happily, looking through the glass, it was almost an itchy boot, she couldn’t hear what they were saying.

    Of course, she has to experience an immersive experience for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

    When Qi Anan ran downstairs, they had already separated.

    Jiang Lu was standing at the door, while Qi Zhen was still standing there, seeming to be looking at Jiang Lu. Qi An’an was a little disappointed, they finished talking so soon? I didn’t hear anything. However, seeing Jiang Lu’s complexion not very good, he seemed a little uncomfortable.

    Qi An’an took care of him and took care of his instinct. Seeing this scene, he subconsciously asked: “What’s wrong with you Jiang Lu? Upset stomach?” It’s

    much better. Jiang Lu’s hand pressing his stomach slightly loosened his strength, and the girl behind him kept staring at him. He was just disgusted by that look.

    But she just showed up.

    Jiang Lu looked at Qi An’an’s big black and white eyes, and his face was clearly reflected. Her voice was as sweet as ever, and when she spoke, it seemed that the surrounding air was much cleaner and fresher.

    “It’s okay.” Jiang Lu put down his hands stiffly. He wanted to wash the wrist that had been caught immediately.

    Qi An’an relaxed and looked at them with a smile: “You met just now?”

    Jiang Lu was taken aback and glanced in Qi Zhen’s direction. The latter was obviously also stunned. No one thought of their purpose. The land is actually the same place.

    Qi Zhen Qian An looked up and down: “You Qian An is it?”

    “It’s me,” Qian An, shaking her smile, “I’m waiting for you again, and we do not stand out, advanced house it.”

    Having Qi An An ran over, planning to help Qi Zhen get things. She took this opportunity to glance at Qi Zhen secretly, um, the female goose is so beautiful, with the kind of mature and graceful temperament, the tail of her eyes is slightly raised, she must be beautiful when she grows up.

    Even compared with Jiang Lu, it’s still slightly inferior, but the character set in the book is like this. Jiang Lu is the ceiling of beauty, and even the heroine can’t compare to him.

    Qi An’an came up and rushed to the largest and heaviest box. Because she was at home, she only wore a short skirt and stepped on a pair of slippers. Her arms and legs became more delicate and slender, and her thin ankles felt lighter. It will break as soon as it breaks.

    Jiang Lu frowned as he walked quickly to stop Qi An’an: “I’ll

Take it. “

    His voice was low and he did mental construction for a second before he held the pink box with his hands.

    Although I don’t know what Qi An’an is with this girl, but seeing her so enthusiastic and happy, he can only temporarily suppress the disgust in his heart. .

    Qi Zhen did not decline, Lu Jiang secretly looked at, some modesty, raising his hand will be broken hair behind her ear. he just has not set eyes on myself, and now truly on her view, it really is not the same person I thought he was really cold-hearted and cold-hearted. No, now I will come over to help her with the suitcase.

    Qi Zhen lowered her head and smiled. She looked pretty since she was a child, and she knew it very well in her heart. Juvenile is the type she likes. Whether he is the person she is looking for or not, it is a face-saving thing to let him be her suitor.

    Qi An’an brought Qi Zhen into the house, and when he went in, Qi Zhen I couldn’t help but look around.

    This house was previously decorated by Qi Hong according to his own preferences, and then he threw it to Qi An’an without living. The decoration looks magnificent at first, but it’s actually a bit tacky.

    Butler Chen and a few servants are here Waiting at the door, when Qi Zhen came in,

    she called Miss Qi. Qi Zhen nodded at random. She had already walked to the living room curiously, looking around, and couldn’t help reaching out to touch the mural on the wall of the living room.

    Jiang Lu held the box in the hallway . Put it down, and whispered to Qi An’an: “You have a guest, why are you calling me over? “

    Hey hey, this is not to create a chance for you to meet.

    Qi An’an knows that you want to keep two people together. At the beginning, you must not make a rigid and deliberate introduction. If that’s boring, you have to let them deal with each other and discover each other by themselves. It’s good. It

    ’s the sweetest when the time comes.

    But such a great goal can’t be said. Qi An’an had to whisper: “There’s no conflict between having guests and letting you come. “

    She had a natural and casual tone, Jiang Lu warmed her heart, and gently curled her lips.

    At this moment, the two of them suddenly “meow”, Qi An’an lowered his head, and Dashun was rubbing his ankle affectionately.

    “Good luck, Dashun,” Qi Anan nodded Dashun’s head, holding it in his arms, facing Jiang Lu: “Say hello to my brother.”

    Dashun glanced at Jiang Lu proudly, squinted his eyes with a look. Very dissatisfied.

    Harm, it turned out that it was this person, and it knew it, it was he who abandoned it, this ruthless and cold-blooded human being.

    Dashun nestled lazily in Qi An’an’s arms, pretending to be dead motionless.

    Ok? It’s usually very lively to jump up and down, how come you see the former master still making faces? Qi An’an was inexplicable, and asked while Shun Mao, “Jiang Lu, do you want to give it a hug?”

    Dashun was full of disgust and rejection, and rolled in Qi An’an’s arms unscrupulously, rubbing her slender and fair face unscrupulously. Arms, with a look of enjoyment.

    Jiang Lu saw it not pleasing to his eyes, and didn’t have any interest in holding it.

    “No, I don’t like cats.”

    Still feeling unwell in his hands, Jiang Lu leaned over and said in a low voice, “I want to go to the bathroom.”

    “Oh, over there,” Qi An’an pointed his finger, “Just go straight. “After

    Jiang Lu left, Qi Anan rushed over to look at the female goose: “Don’t stand, sit down, can I call you Azhen?” The relationship between the two of them is definitely not suitable for the sister. Besides, she wants to To be friends with Qi Zhen, the name is more appropriate.

    “Of course you can. You can call me whatever you want.” Qi Zhen was secretly surprised, thinking that Qi An’an would definitely show off her prestige or scold her when she saw her.

    This Qi An’an is a bit level. Qi Zhen secretly thought.

    Qi An’an looked at her with a smile: “Azhen, you are so beautiful. Come eat fruit.”

    On the coffee table are a large plate of fruits, washed strawberries, and crystal clear cherries, all with fine drops of water. Qi Zhen took one in her mouth and chewed slowly. The sweet and sour taste spread. She was silent for a while, showing a smile: “An’an, I know that I am embarrassed. You will definitely not feel comfortable in your heart, but Dad said it must I have no choice but to let me come. Don’t worry, I won’t bother you. When the holidays are over, I will go to live in high school.”

    “You don’t have to think so much, don’t bother,” Qi An’an smiled He pushed forward and said, “You just live here in peace, tell me if you need something to eat, or tell Uncle Chen directly.” After

    a few words, Qi Zhen was a little confused for a moment. Why doesn’t she show any hostility? Obviously knowing that he has divided his father’s favor. Now she has to take care of her sister, shouldn’t a normal girl be sad and angry? She didn’t even shake her face?

    But if she pretends to be welcoming, then her acting skills are too good. What is there to see in her? Qi Zhen looked at Qi An’an without a trace.

    Qi An’an’s appearance is exquisite and beautiful, like a doll that is harmless to humans and animals, with round eyes, a small chin, and soft without any edges or corners.

    But under such a lovely and clear face, there is a bottomless heart hidden.

    Qi Zhen couldn’t help but get up for twelve points, and his heart gradually became vigilant.


    Butler Chen knows that the boy who came today is a good friend of his young lady, and he hasn’t come out after entering the bathroom for a long time, so he thinks he should care about it.

    The door was not closed, Jiang Lu stood in front of the sink to wash his hands. With his back to the door, Steward Chen asked worriedly: “My kid, are you okay?”

    Jiang Lu replied in a low voice, “It’s okay.”

    He turned off the faucet, took out a tissue and wiped his hands, and Steward Chen gave a

He saw a circle of red on his left wrist.

    “Oh, how did you do this? Is it twisted?”

    Steward Chen strode up quickly, trying to grab Jiang Lu’s wrist and check it out. This is the first time their lady invited a friend to play at home. It must be She especially wants good friends.

    Aiwu and Wu, coupled with the fact that there is a person in the room who makes him feel stunned, he sees how Jiang Lu looks pleasing to his eyes.

    Jiang Lu subconsciously stepped back and did not let Steward Chen touch him: “No twist, don’t worry.” He knew Steward Chen was kind, but he was still not used to being touched.

    “That’s good, that’s good,” Steward Chen looked at Jiang Lu with a smile, “I heard our lady mentioned you, a very good child. Now it’s a holiday, I’ll come and play with our lady if there is nothing to do. , Tell Uncle Chen what you like.”

    Jiang Lu nodded slowly. Seeing how Uncle Chen was pleased and liked him, he could almost imagine how Qi An’an mentioned him in front of Uncle Chen, presumably to praise him. There is nothing in the sky below.

    The corners of his eyes and eyebrows were softened inch by inch, his wrists were hot, and finally he felt a little comfortable.

    Butler Chen is still chattering: “Good boy, if your classmates have parties or something, remember to call our lady too. This kid doesn’t care for his mother or loves his mother. He doesn’t care for his mother or loves his mother. It is distressing to be sensible. If you go out to play, don’t leave her.”

    Jiang Lu frowned upon hearing: “What do you mean?”

    Qi An’an has always been warm and lively, and he also subconsciously thinks Qi An’an’s. The family must be happy and harmonious, so that such a lovely girl can be cultivated.

    But now, the facts were completely opposite to what he had imagined.

    Nowadays children have self-esteem, and Steward Chen can’t say too much, just sigh: “Anyway, you should take care of our young lady as much as possible. You and her are good friends and you know that she is very sensible at a young age. He’s not capricious, he’s a nice and likable kid.”

    Seeing that Steward Chen didn’t want to talk in depth, Jiang Lu nodded slightly and walked out of the bathroom. Just now because of his politeness, he didn’t pay much attention to Qi An’an’s home. Looking around now, although Qi An’an’s home is decorated in a magnificent state, it feels cold and dull, completely inconsistent with Qi An’an’s bright and pleasing personality.

    There are only the daily necessities of the servants’ mechanical uniforms, and the life breath of the host and the host is completely invisible.

    His heart was tugging little by little, and his footsteps were a little heavy.

    Coming from the corridor, the voice of Qi An’an and Qi Zhen talking in the living room became clearer and clearer.

    “By the way, An An, that boy was… your friend just now?”

    Qi Zhen teased and teased, “Is he your boyfriend?”

    Jiang Lu’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down, he leaned against the wall, his lips filled He smiled bitterly, as calm and rational as him, even if he knew the answer, he still stopped and listened.

    He closed his eyes and listened clearly to Qi An’an’s denial: “Of course not, he is my classmate, a good friend I met after transferring.” The

    two girls chatted and talked engrossedly, no one noticed, Jiang Lu Has reached the corner.

    Qi An’an was finally looking forward to the appearance of another cub, and his heart fell on him, and he couldn’t see enough. On the other hand, Qi Zhen felt that Qi’an City Mansion was more and more deep, and he seriously wanted to pick out every word and even every word that Qi An’an said to see if there was any business.

    The more Qi Zhen talked, the more he felt that Qi An’an was too good at acting, and his happy expression could not see any flaws. While guarding, she asked casually, “Oh…what’s his name?”

    Just now I saw that the two of them were talking downstairs, but I didn’t expect that they hadn’t exchanged names yet. This kind of time is a good opportunity to perform for the cubs!

    Qi An’an cleared his throat, and desperately carried the private goods while introducing:

    “His name is Jiang Lu, the river of the river, the land of the land. He is super smart and learns very well. He gets the first place every time he takes the exam. He is a mythical character in our school! And he is kind and gentle, especially caring. . Looks good-looking, anyway, there are all advantages, especially good. “

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