MFTIV: Ch 16

The past two days coincided with the third year mock exam. Today is the last day. Qi An’an was nervous all day and did the exam questions extremely smoothly.

    As soon as the ringing sounded, Qi An’an handed in the papers and ran out. Jiang Lu and her were not the same examination room. When she went outside the door of Jiang Lu’s examination room, she took a glance at the window. He was packing his things and heading out.

    “Jiang Lu!” Qi An’an smiled and waved at him, “What a coincidence, I just saw you!”

    “Qi An’an, don’t stay so close to me.” Jiang Lu consciously stepped back two steps.

    Helpless in his heart, his voice deliberately remained cold, keeping a half-meter distance from Qi An’an. She is ignorant, but he always has to think about her.

    Qi An’an didn’t care about him, and took the half-meter away in two or three steps: “You used to have so many rules when walking together before, I don’t care.”

    Zai Zai still seems to be not accustomed to close contact with people, this is not okay. , When the goose arrives, they will walk side by side sooner or later.

    Seeing the girl next to him walked up to him again within two steps, Jiang Lu sighed in his heart, but he had no choice but to speed up a bit.

    At first, he “abandoned” her and did the same when he stopped coming home from school with her. He had long legs and fast steps, and Qi An’an couldn’t catch up with her trotting. Over time, she knew his intentions, and she was not pitifully worried about going home with him.

    Seeing Jiang Lu repeat the same trick again, Qi An’an really wanted to yell at his back and don’t run away. Can it work? The old mother just wants to celebrate your birthday. Why are you running so fast?

    If it’s normal, it’s fine. Today is a special day. Qi An’an has to resign his fate to speed up and catch up with that tall figure.

    After the exam was over, everyone was leaving. There were a lot of people. Qi An’an was struggling to chase Jiang and Lu. Suddenly, she was taken on her shoulder. Her center of gravity was unstable and she fell to the ground gloriously.

    The fall was wonderful. The pen case in his hand was not held and buckled on the ground, and the stationery was spilled all over the floor.

    What a shame! Qi An’an was extremely depressed. He resigned to his fate and wanted to get up, but he heard a rush of footsteps in front of him.

    A pair of slender and powerful hands appeared in the field of vision, carefully supporting her elbows: “Why are you so careless?”

    Qi An’an raised his head and cast anxious eyes at Shang Jianglu. It was amazing, this was the first time she saw such a rich emotion in his dark eyes, but the pain in her knees made her hardly think about it.

    Jiang Lu twisted his eyebrows, gestures

    but gentle: “Come, stand up first.”

    He lifted her up, and then realized that her movements became stiff, but Qi An’an’s expression remained as usual. Smiling at him naturally, Jiang Lu felt a little loose in his heart, and carefully withdrew his hand.

    At this time, the classmate who accidentally hit someone had picked up Qi An’an’s stationery and handed it back to her: “I’m sorry, classmate, I didn’t mean it, how about you? Is it serious? Do you want to go to the hospital for a check.”

    Harm, What is it to fall, besides, you can be regarded as helping me by letting me catch up with this unconscious cub in disguise. Qi An’an waved his hand indifferently: “It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s not serious, it’s okay.”

    She smiled, with two shallow dimples on her face, warm and soft. The guy on the opposite side was obviously taken aback and nodded: “That…that’s fine. I knocked you down. If you feel uncomfortable when you go back, you can call me.” He tore off a piece of paper and quickly wrote it. Pass his phone number to Qi An’an.

    Although Qi An’an wouldn’t ask him for compensation, he just took it to make him feel at ease: “I see, it’s really okay, you can go.” The

    boy looked at Qi An’an again, and then left in a daze.

    Jiang Lu glanced at the boy’s back.

    His dark pupils could not see emotions. When he turned his eyes back to Qi An’an, he softened again: “Can you still go?” Qi An’an cleared his throat and teased him intentionally: “Not only I can walk, I can walk fast.”

    Jiang Lu didn’t say a word, he lowered his eyes, and his long eyelashes were quietly hanging down. Looking at it like this, he clearly blamed himself and felt sorry.

    Qi An’an was startled, seeing that Jiang Lu was actually beginning to seriously blame himself, and he hurriedly coaxed: “What are you doing, cub? You, you can’t think about it, I’m just a little bit unlucky, blame it. I have to blame the little glasses just now. What does it have to do with you? I’m not going to chase you because you are walking, I’m walking slower than walking, really.”

    Jiang Lu lowered his head and couldn’t see the expression, Qi An’an I can only bend over slightly and look at his face from the bottom up.

    She didn’t know that when she looked at people from this angle, her eyes would be rounder and more lovely. Jiang Lu felt soft and pointed to the steps next to him: “Sit here for a while, and I’ll buy iodine.”

    Just now he went to help Qi An’an regardless of his identity. Dare to touch her with these hands again.

    When Jiang Lu came back, Qi Anan got a bottle of water from nowhere, and hummed softly to wash the wound on his knee.

    Her legs are straight and white, and slender. Jiang Lu’s eyes seemed to be scalded, and when

    she saw the wound on her knee, she couldn’t help but wrinkle slightly. Raised eyebrows.

    Jiang Lu handed the medicine over: “Qi An’an… apply some medicine.”

    “Thank you Jiang Lu.” Qi An’an took it.

    After wiping Jiang Lu twice, he couldn’t help reminding: “Hey… be careful, don’t do it so hard.”

    Qi An’an recklessly agreed casually: “It’s okay and it doesn’t hurt. Don’t worry, I’m very skinny.”

    Jiang Lu has no choice but to

The corners of her lips were bent, and she half-kneeled in front of her: “Give it to me.”

    He treated Qi An’an carefully and treated the wound carefully. Just thinking about getting up, he saw Qi An’an raising a smile at him and beckoning mysteriously: ” Jiang Lu, wait

    a minute .” The evening wind blew, and the teenager’s black hair was slightly messy. Jiang Lu didn’t immediately move his steps: “What’s wrong?”

    Qi An’an greeted him with a smile: “Come here and you’ll know, sit here. “

    she patted bold steps beside himself:” hurry hurry. “

    Jiang Lu is to confuse the general walked over to sit down.

    “Jiang Lu, I wish you a happy birthday,” sweet voice, Qianantuo his chin at him, with a bright smile, “and happy Children’s Day.”

    Sunset shines on the girl’s face, Ying The little white face was shining with light golden light, and it was beautiful like a painting.

    Jiang Lu was stunned.

    He blinked slowly, and even looked at Qi An’an blankly. After a while, he later realized he felt a slight tingling pain in his heart.

    In any case, she could not imagine that she would celebrate his birthday.

    He has no right to pretend to say happy birthday, this is the first time he has received birthday wishes.

    It was the girl in front of her with a warm and clean smile, and she blessed him on such a dirty anniversary.

    Jiang Lu’s fingers trembled a little, he put his hands on his knees calmly, and said a little, “Thank you.”

    Qi An’an happily took out a red safety symbol from his pocket and handed it over: “This is for you.” The birthday gift I personally asked for can keep you happy and safe in your life.”

    She finally thought about it and didn’t give the things that Yu Tianyang said. Those gifts are very good, but I feel that Zai Zai is unlikely to accept it. , After all, he is a sensitive teenager, and the things he sent are too expensive, I’m afraid it will increase his burden.

    This safety talisman is very good and can express her feelings. As an ardent old mother, she hopes that the cubs can live safely, grow up happily, and live happily with the people they like.

    Of course, I can send more sweets to the old mother in the future.

    even better.

    Jiang Lu looked at the birthday gift Qi An’an handed over, and was stunned for a moment. Her soft little hands tenderly held the red safety charm, making him unable to hold his breath, and rubbed his hands on the hem of his clothes in a daze.

    Finally, Jiang Lu slowly stretched out his hands and accepted his gift: “Thank you, I will keep it well.”

    Although his voice was soft, his tone was very stubborn and serious.

    Qi An’an’s smile was sweet, he just glanced at it in silence. He forced himself to turn his head and slowly grasped the peace symbol in the palm of his hand.


    After a week of the final sprint, the high school entrance examination is over. Qi Yan, who was going crazy on a business trip outside of the country, was worried, and took the time to call Qi An’an: “An’an, how did you do on the exam?”

    Although he felt that no matter how high he was in the exam, he would win. Qi An’an still couldn’t help but feel a little bit proud: “I have done very well in the exam. With your brother who has passed the 10th exam in the city, how can I be in the top 50.”

    Qi Yan was beaten by her. Coaxed and laughed: “Okay, we are really smart An An. This time is too busy, my brother must go back to accompany you when I have time, you will be good at home.”

    “Brother I know, don’t worry about me, no matter how busy you are, you must also pay attention. Rest, don’t always stay up late and eat on time.”

    Qi Yan pressed the post in his heart and smiled slightly, “There’s something else…”

    He stopped talking, and finally said in a deep voice, “Qi Zhen should be here in the afternoon. If you have anything, you must call your brother.” The

    goose came here this afternoon? Qi An’an’s eyes lit up suddenly: “Don’t worry, brother, no one can bully your sister, I promise, you just work with peace of mind.”

    After hanging up the phone, Qi An’an jumped excitedly on the spot three times. The heroines are all on the stage, and the hero is missing! She couldn’t wait to call Jiang Lu.

    “Jiang Lu, what are you doing?” Qi An’an’s voice was smiling, “Will you come to our house to play with me this afternoon?” On the

    phone, Jiang Lu’s voice was low and full of mellow magnetism: “I’m not going. “

    Don’t refuse so quickly, come on, you promised to paint me a picture before.” After this first encounter for so long, and let her wait, she will be mad.

    After a two-second pause there, Jiang Lu said: “I…”

    Hearing one word, Qi An’an knew that he was going to resign, so he quickly softened his voice and stopped the morals: “Come on, Jiang Lu, after the high school entrance examination, we will do it again. I haven’t seen it before, I miss you very much.” There was

    a long silence on the other end of the phone, and finally Jiang Lu’s voice came in a low voice: “Okay.”

    Qi An’an got Jiang Lu’s reply, excited,

    rolled a circle on the bed.


    Jiang Lu looked at the darkened screen, and gently rubbed his expression gently.

    Qin Meng didn’t pay attention to his expression. Her fingers trembled, and she tremblingly passed the cigarette to her mouth and took a sip. The long curly hair looked a little messy without taking care of him: “You beat Sister Wu’s guests like that, so you can get the whole body And retreat? You can actually use money to balance that woman, where did you get so much money?”

    Jiang Lu put away the phone and glanced at her calmly: “It has nothing to do with you.”

    He ticked the woman’s hateful gaze. The corner of the mouth: “Don’t look, let you down, I didn’t have anything.

Drug this trick against me, how old do you think I am. “

    Qin Meng’s expression changed drastically: “Did you pretend to be dizzy yesterday?” “

    Jiang Lu’s expression was cold, and there was no trace of emotion in his dark eyes: “You have always wanted to send me to your guest’s bed. I just took this opportunity to stop your thoughts.” Anyway, it’s you who offends the surname Wu now, and she seems to look up to me now. “

    Qin dream clenched fists, teeth, stressing each syllable:” I ask you, where did so much money? “When

    I thought that Jiang Lu might not be living as bad as he imagined, Qin Meng couldn’t bear it, and Huo Ran stood up and yelled, “Xiao Jian. Kin, you are so good to hide!” But I’m not without benefits. If I remember correctly, what should be the entrance exam yesterday? If you didn’t make it, you should feel very uncomfortable, right? “

    As if hearing some joke, Jiang Lu laughed in a low voice: “I really didn’t expect you to be so stupid. It’s just an exam. Do you think I care?” “

    Even if he didn’t count yesterday, he wouldn’t take the exam seriously. No matter what the champion, what reputation, is to give this lunatic a knife in his hand, and he can poke countless holes in him at any time.

    If you don’t want to fall, At the altar, he stepped into the mud first.

    He didn’t care, he didn’t care about everyone. The only regret was that he originally thought that he had only this point of success, and he might leave something for the girl. Meager impression.

    “You are talking nonsense! Of course you care! “Qin Meng screamed, she gasped, her eyes cold, her tone suddenly gloomy: “The bitch surnamed Wu abandoned me. You designed to harm me and ruin my business. You ruined mine. everything! Do you think I will let you go? I will destroy you completely! “

    Jiang Lu looked at the hysterical woman in front of him indifferently, and gently pulled the corners of

    his lips. He was twisted and gloomy, and his life was muddy and dark. Without that light, he would have fallen into the abyss and would be completely destroyed.

    He brought

    With his few luggages—an unopened rubber, a safe talisman kept close to him, he left here without looking back.


    Qi An’an was waiting by the window early because of the CP powder soul burning.

    The floor-to-ceiling windows on the second floor have a good view. She lay down by the window and waited for an hour. She finally saw a taxi slowly stopping by the gate, and a girl in a white skirt got off the bus. She was tall and slender. .

    Qi An’an’s eyes are straight, is this a female goose? !

    The girl got out of the car, said hello to the driver, and moved the heavy luggage from the trunk down the car. When Qi An’an was about to go downstairs to help, a tall and tall figure appeared in her vision.


    Jiang Lu turned over from there. He and Qi An’an had always come here to wait for her before going to school together, and they were already familiar with their family.

    Today he wore a simple black T, without the tinge of childishness that the school uniform brought, and the more lined outline was cold and cold. Although the clothes are simple, but Jiang Lu’s appearance and temperament are too good, I don’t know who I think it is.

    It was hot, Qi Zhen raised his hand to wipe the fine sweat from his forehead, fanned herself with one hand, and a figure appeared in the light. She glanced at it casually, but she was stunned.

    She was shocked, not being polite or polite, staring at Jiang Lu with a good eye.

    Her eyes were too blazing, Jiang Lu noticed it.

    This person was moving things here when he turned around. He didn’t care. He didn’t expect that she would stare at herself like this when he approached.

    The straight gaze made Jiang Lu feel a physical nausea. He frowned slightly, and leaned to the side unconcealedly, trying to stay away from her as much as possible.

    The distance was too far, and Jiang Lu’s movements Qi An’an couldn’t see clearly upstairs. She went crazy just seeing the encounter.

    Same frame! Look at each other!

    Suddenly, his world seemed to be full of pink bubbles, but I didn’t realize that the good show was yet to come. When Jiang Lu and Qi Zhen passed by, Qi Zhen stepped forward and said a word to Jiang Lu, but the distance was too far. Far away, Qi An’an couldn’t hear it at all.

    In the next second, Qi Zhen grabbed Jiang Lu’s wrist. 

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