MFTIV: Ch 15

  After entering midsummer, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, getting closer and closer to the day of the senior high school entrance examination.

    After school on this day, Jiang Lu still packed up his things early. When the ringtone hit, he whispered: “Qian’an, I’m

    leaving now.” Qi An’an would still be confused before putting it aside . Forcing her to say “Hey, wait for me”, she is used to it now-once back to the days before liberation, he won’t wait for her.

    If you don’t go together, you won’t go together, especially trustworthy. She had no choice but to say something pitifully: “Well…be careful on the road.”

    Jiang Lu gave a light hand in his hand before he picked up his schoolbag and turned away.

    “Hey, Qi An’an, will we go to eat the newly opened snail noodles at the school gate in a while?” This week Yu Tianyang once again moved to the front of Qi An’an. He packed his things while making an excited proposal.

    Qi An’an shook his head: “I’m not going. My brother is going home tonight. I have to accompany him to dinner.”

    “Well, then you escaped the stinking robbery.”

    Qi An’an couldn’t help laughing, and suddenly remembered. One thing: “By the way, I still want to ask you, what do you like for a boy as old as you?”

    “What do you like?”

    Qi An’an had to add: “For example… I want to receive it most. What kind of birthday gift?”

    “I, I think…” Yu Tianyang just turned his head, “hiss”: “Are you going to buy me a gift? But my birthday is too early, you prepared so early What are you doing? And what you want for birthday gifts is surprises. It’s boring to say it.”

    Qi An’an had to explain to him: “I know you’re still early, don’t worry, your surprise is indispensable. But this time it’s not you. It’s me… a distant relative who wants to buy… her cub a birthday gift, but I don’t know what to give.”

    It turned out to be like this. Yu Tianyang thought about it seriously: “Shoes, I think the shoes are good. Believe me, no man can refuse the temptation of shoes; or… the keyboard, when I tell you about playing games, the keyboard It’s really the key; the earphones are okay, depending on whether he needs it or not; otherwise, I’ll change him to a mobile phone, or buy a tablet or something. What else makes me think…” After

    thinking about it for a long time, Yu Tianyang waved his hand. : “actually, I think about it, a middle-aged woman, so stick to the heart can send a gift, her son definitely like it, you go back and tell your relatives, and on those few from what I have said in Scout out.”


    Qi An’an , who buckled the middle-aged women’s hat in  , had a black line on his face and nodded without a smile: “Okay, I see, you go eat your snail noodles. “

    She thought a lot, and originally wanted to ask her elder nephew to see if she could diverge her mind, but none of his suggestions fit the situation.

    Qi An’an frowned in distress: What should I buy for her cubs? It will be his birthday in a few days.


    Qin Meng was not there when Jiang Lu returned home. The room he lived in was piled up with some clothes that Qin Meng had changed in a hurry. After all, this was Qin Meng’s utility room, not his bedroom.

    Jiang Lu picked Qin Meng’s clothes aside expressionlessly, and just after washing his hands, his cell phone rang.

    “Hey, Xiao Jiang, are you still renting my house? You said two days ago to reconsider it, have you considered it?” There was an angry woman’s voice on the other side of the phone.

    Jiang Lu didn’t answer immediately. The house he had long been optimistic about was not far from Xincheng Yizhong.

    The house is in a high-end community, closed and secure, with excellent privacy. There is no courtyard like an old community there, and most of the neighbors are not familiar with it. Although there is no smoke, there is no rumors.

    He had made an agreement with the landlord before, and he would move in when the tenant over there was due to move out.

    But a few days ago, he had been shaking.

    One night, he sent Qi An’an home. When he turned around a remote street, there was no one in front of and behind him. For some reason, a question that had been lingering in his heart for a long time asked in a low voice: “Qi An’an, do you think …”

    The girl beside him laughed at him ignorantly, and said in her clear and beautiful voice: “What’s the matter? What do you think?”


    He wanted to know where she would take the exam, and his paranoia became more and more serious. It’s not a must in New Town.

    After all, Qi An’an will definitely not be admitted to the New City No. 1 High School, which is a newly demarcated new city, which is remote and remote with few infrastructure. There are not even decent malls and cinemas.

    But in the end he suppressed it and said nothing.

    That day, after the beast rolled down the stairs, he sat on the side of a quiet and empty street and smoked for a long time.

    The first time he smoked, he was already familiar with it.

    Among the flickering cigarette-lighting stars, he couldn’t restrain the outline of another person’s face in his mind.

    The little girl was afraid of him being cold, afraid that he would be hungry, he was injured and afraid of his pain, she covered him from wind, rain and thunder, and also blocked gossip for him. Protected him time and time again.

    It is he who overestimated himself. It turns out that he will be like a young man who has just begun to love him.

    . It’s just because of his extraordinary early wisdom that the period of his ignorance is too short.

    But, where is he worthy?

    The blood flowing in his body is filthy that can never be washed away, and his birth is a stain. He is just a pawn used by others to seek wealth, and he is destined to have no way to match the beautiful things in the world.

    Jiang Lu looked down at his

own hands, the smoke and stars are shining brightly at the fingertips.

    He smiled very lightly, how is he like a good person?

    A good person would not be like him, from skin to bone dirty. Every word of the heartbeat is full of sweet words, put on him, it is completely defiled.

    *In a

    flash of thought, Jiang Lu rubbed his eyebrows, letting her go and stay away from her while she is still sensible.

    “I rent,” Jiang Lu whispered, “If your side is cleaned up, I can move over at any time.”

    His life should have been on the track he set out, lonely and hastily. After that, leave silently, that’s it.


    Qi An’an died of countless brain cells in preparation for birthday presents in the past two days. It stands to reason that she is a hardcore book fan who can easily analyze this character, but now she is too late to decide what gift is suitable.

    In the book, Jiang Lu is a little poor at the low time of his life. He is inferior and disgusting. The birthday of other children will be early, but it is an ordinary and even a bit disgusting day for him.

    But Qi Anan remembered that Jiang Lu in the book heard the phrase “Happy Birthday” for the first time when he was twenty-eight years old. One of his employees happened to see it that day and said something in passing. At that time, his face was not without movement.

    He could not choose to come to this world and grow up hard. In fact, he hopes that someone can tell him that he is not that annoying.

    Qi An’an’s thoughts drifted to the plot of the original for a while, and then remembered that Jiang Lu smiled at her in the sun in the early morning. When thinking attentively, the housekeeper Chen knocked on the door: “Miss, I’m here.”

    He came in with a plate of fruit, watching Qi An’an sitting at the desk slightly frowning, thinking she was studying hard, smiling kindly. : “Miss, let’s rest for a while. She has been up since school and has not been out of the house to eat some fruit.”

    Qi An’an smiled and took it: “Thank you Uncle Chen, by the way, is my brother coming back soon?”

    “Well, I said that I will be home in five minutes,” Steward Chen scratched his head, “I just feel that Young Master is a little bit Not very happy, as if he was getting angry. For a while, miss coax him.”

    “My brother is not happy?”

    Qi An’an sank first, then changed his mind and reacted. Qi Yan is smart and has the means, and has never suffered a loss in doing business. Even if there is really something that makes him unhappy, he can whitewash his peace and pretend to be indifferent. It shouldn’t be unsatisfactory at work.

    If Steward Chen could hear his poor tone, it must be something he couldn’t get back to heaven, and he was extremely angry.

    What else can it be?

    “Uncle Chen, don’t worry! I’ll coax my brother, I’ll pick him up at the door!” Qi An’an patted his forehead, jumped up from the chair and ran downstairs.

    Qi Anan waited downstairs for less than a minute before Qi Yan came back.

    As soon as he entered the door, Qi An’an showed a big smile, and graciously took the things in Qi Yan’s hand: “Brother, you finally came back. Are you hungry at this late hour? Eat quickly, I’ll wait for you with you.”

    Qi Yan His face was gloomy, but as soon as he saw Qi An’an’s eyes softened, he heard a hint of guilt in his eyes when she said this.

    “An’an, have you been waiting for me?” Qi Yan hesitated to

    say something, sighing intentionally, “I’m wronged you.” He said that, Qi Anan was more sure of his guess, and sat next to Qi Yan. He looked at his face: “Brother, what’s the matter with you? You see that your face is so bad. I am not wronged. Don’t you always think that I am a little pitiful, okay?”

    She is really not wronged, she will see you It’s the female goose!

    Qi Yan sighed lowly. It was not their father who had a good head. He wanted to put his illegitimate daughter here to live with An An. He rebuffed too much, and brought the man out of rebellious psychology. He had to do so, using company affairs to pressure him, and he had to let the two sisters cultivate a relationship together.

    Now he can’t advance or retreat, but Qi An’an is wronged, and he feels very unwilling.

    Qi Yan didn’t want Qi An’an to know about this, and was afraid that she would be sad, so he changed the subject: “I will be taking the entrance examination soon, don’t you be nervous?”

    Qi An’an didn’t answer his words: “Brother, just tell me if you have anything, I am not Child. Are you telling the truth, are you about me?”

    “Why are you not a child?” Qi Yan couldn’t help but smile, unable to look around, and said in a deep voice, “An’an, two days later, my father’s relative’s child If you come here, maybe… you have to live here for two days, but the time will not be too long. Wait until she has a good view of the house and leave. You don’t need to pay attention to her when she comes, just do your own thing.”

    Well, sure enough. It

    ’s the elder brother who only saved the galaxy in his previous life . He was always thinking about her. Qi An’an couldn’t help feeling a little bit of pain: “Brother, tell me the truth, will she always Live? It’s not a relative’s child, it’s Dad’s child.”

    After all, her strange parents didn’t even want to hide it, a lover and a small milk dog, their magical dad made a The child is so normal.

    Without waiting for Qi Yan’s answer, Qi An’an said: “You’re unhappy because of this, right? Dad scolded you? In fact, it’s okay, so let her live with me. The house is so big, and I also have a companion. . I agree with this, so don’t fight against your dad.”

Qi Yan looked at Qi An’an in shock, but the shock quickly turned into distress. It was hard for him to imagine that the words just now would come out of his spoiled sister.

    He had suffered from the suffering of his native family, and he wanted to raise his little sister innocently. He didn’t need to think about anything or understand, just grow up safely under his wings. But unexpectedly, his sister didn’t know when she was so transparent.

    This is how much hardship it takes to be so sensible. Qi Yan feels distressed: “An’an, brother won’t let you be wronged. You can be willful as you want. You don’t need to be so sensible.”

    Qi An’an couldn’t laugh or cry, and hugged Qi Yan. Coquettishly on the arm: “Brother, I really don’t feel wronged, why don’t you believe me? You work hard and don’t worry about me.”

    She is really not wronged at all, but she is a little bit afraid that Qi Yan will worry too much.

    Seeing what Qi Yan had to say, Qi An’an quickly added: “And when did you see your sister was bullied? Don’t worry, if she really bullied me, I will never forgive her. I won’t need you then, and I will do it myself. He kicked her out.”

    In order to reassure Qi Yan, Qi An’an vowed to swear by raising his hands, but the villain in his heart was secretly rubbing his hands. The female goose was kind and innocent, and she was the number one little angel in the world. This kind of thing is definitely not. will happen.

    Hearing Qi An’an say this, Qi Yan helplessly squeezed her face: “…Well, then try first. If you have anything, you must tell your brother. When your high school entrance exam is over, she should move in. “

    Should you move in when the entrance examination is over?

    At this moment, Qi An’an heard the sound of fireworks in her heart: she is going to take the entrance examination in a week, that is to say, after the entrance examination, her ashes-level CP fan is about to celebrate the new year!

    Even when she went to bed at night, Qi An’an was still excited in her heart. When she was about to fall asleep when she was half-dreaming, she suddenly remembered the business that had been half-thinking today and had no results.

    Hey, don’t worry about the New Year, she hasn’t thought about the birthday present for her cubs!


    Jiang Lu’s birthday is Children’s Day, but unfortunately, he has never had a birthday or Children’s Day.

    But this year’s Children’s Day is definitely different. In the morning, Qi An’an took the phone and looked at the “June 1st” on it, thinking happily. 

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