MFTIV: Ch 14

 The temperature has picked up a bit this week, but in catching up with the rainy season, it has rained endlessly. There will be thunder at night, and Qi An’an feels worried at this time.

    She looked at the gloomy sky outside, and from time to time she crawled over a glare of lightning, resting her chin on her mind and wondering, how can she sleep alone at this time?

    It is described in the book that Jiang Lu has only one weakness, that is, he is afraid of thunder. When he was very young, he used to stand outside Leiyuye for a whole night, until he passed out after losing his strength, and since then he has a strong psychological shadow on the thunder. From now on, whenever there was a thunder, he would huddle up in the corner alone.

    Whether it was a pitiful adolescence or a powerful and evil boss, his fear of thunder was not let go until the end of the article.

    Qi Anan tossed and turned, did not sleep well all night, and wore two faint dark circles when he came to school the next day.

    While putting her schoolbag on, she glanced at Jiang Lu secretly, but she couldn’t see anything, his expression was always cold.

    Since he recovered from his illness, he has returned to the same way he used to be. He is incapable of anger and anger, and he can’t tell if he was scared last night.

    “No, Qi An’an, what did you do last night? Isn’t it because you stayed up late to do the exams?” Yu Tianyang was not able to stop talking before going to class, turned his head to talk to Qi An’an.

    Qi An’an was still thinking about the psychological problems of his cubs, but he could only answer very perfunctorily: “Of course I have to go through the exams, I will be taking the exam soon, and I can’t do anything.”

    “Nothing? Harm, you ask me .” . You have a front desk like me, but you don’t need it. Waiting for the New Year? I can do everything.”

    Yu Tianyang was talking, and suddenly he felt a clear line of sight from the side. He turned his head and saw Jiang Lu staring at him solemnly.

    This is a true study of the gods. Yu Tianyang worked out his own class and slapped his thigh: “If I can’t, you can still ask Jiang Lu, I will tell you that this thing is a good thing, and staying up late to do it will hurt your body. “

    “Furthermore, just because of the environment last night, you couldn’t learn it,” Yu Tianyang said angrily. “The thunder is so loud and noisy, let alone study. I can’t feel stable even after watching TV.”

    Qi An An’s mind had always been on Jiang Lu. After hearing Yu Tianyang talk about thunder, she clearly saw Jiang Lu’s fingers on the table curled up slowly.

    Although his face was still expressionless, the jaw line was clearly

    taut in. Qi An’an sank in his heart, and quickly waved to Yu Tianyang: “Okay, okay, you go back soon. I’m going to class.”

    I knew from my own eyes that her cub’s psychological shadow was so big that she would be nervous just hearing the word “thunder”.

    But the weather is the most unpredictable thing. It just cleared in the morning, and the sky was gloomy in the afternoon. When school was about to end, it was covered with dark clouds and the clouds were rolling, and it looked like it was going to be a wandering heavy rain.

    How could Qi An’an rest assured that Jiang Lu would go alone, and discussed with him: “Jiang Lu, let’s go together later.”

    Jiang Lu’s lips moved, his eyes were clearly gentle, but he still refused: “No. The weather is bad. Don’t go back. Ask your house to pick you up.”

    Steward Chen did come to pick her up, but Qi An’an refused in every way. This means that her brother is not at home, otherwise no matter what There is no way to accompany Jiang Lu to go together.

    Hearing what Jiang Lu said, Qi An’an thought for a while and his eyes brightened: “Then if I come to pick me up at home, you can take a car back with me, okay? I’ll take you home.” The sound of

    rain gradually started outside, and the pedestrians hurried on the road. , Everyone in the class left quietly regardless of their own. She was the only one who kept talking in her ear with her sweet voice.

    Jiang Lu met her expectant clear eyes, his lips slightly opened with a thought, but he turned his head again.

    He closed his eyes forbearance, and his voice was very low but firm: “No, you are careful on the way back.” After saying that, he got up and went away, his back was quite a little fleeing.


    Because of the heavy rain, there were few pedestrians on the road. Just after Jiang Lu walked out of the school gate, the rain suddenly increased, and a muffled thunder “boomed” in the sky.

    Jiang Lu stopped, his umbrella hand trembling slightly. He pressed his lips hard and took a deep breath, stepped away and walked forward.

    After the bright lightning, there was a dull thunder, and there was no intention of stopping again and again, Jiang Lu’s palms were sweating, he squeezed the handle of the umbrella hard, and the joints turned blue and white because of the force.

    As he was walking forward stiffly, suddenly a person rushed out diagonally in front of him, blocking his way.

    This person is no stranger, Jiang Lu’s eyes are cold: “Go away.”

    Boss Wang’s image at this moment is much more scribbled than last time, the gold chain on his neck is missing, and there is still stubble on his chin before he can shave.

    Hearing Jiang Lu talking, he smiled madly and grinningly: “Go away? I’m waiting for you here.”

    He rushed forward and rushed towards Jiang Lu: “Little beast, you know you do not know

    How much business did I lose because of you?! Qi Yan’s lunatic forced me to desperate, and I will pull you back even if I die!”

    Jiang Lu’s eyes sank, and he threw out the umbrella in his hand with his backhand. Hit Boss Wang in the face.

    Boss Wang fluttered indiscriminately. After being beaten like this, he staggered back two steps and became even more angry. He screamed and rushed up again with a fierce expression.

    Suddenly the sky “booms” a

The deafening thunder was caught off guard. Jiang Lu’s body shook slightly, his brain went blank for a moment and his body was stiff. Boss Wang grabbed his collar by the collar.

    He grabbed Jiang Lu and dragged him to the side of the road, where his car was parked.

    Jiang Lu’s eyes were dark and there was no light. He did not rush away from this disgusting hand, but touched the side pocket of his schoolbag. There was his key with a fold attached to the key. Knife.

    Jiang Lu had already held the knife in his hand. As expected, fate never took care of him. He thought indifferently that he was born in mud, but he wanted to be an innocent man, but God would eventually force him on a path of no return.

    The next moment he waved the knife in his hand, and suddenly heard a “bang”, Boss Wang suddenly let go.

    Jiang Lu looked up and saw Qi An’an holding an umbrella in both hands, looking at Boss Wang like a stick. Boss Wang was holding his head in pain. Just now, Qi Anan hit him severely with this umbrella. head of.

    “The stinky girl film, you and mom. Mom is going to die…” Boss Wang recovered a bit, and his eyes burst with strong hatred, “It just so happened that you brought it to the door, and today I was cleaned up with you, and your brother broke me. I must kill you and throw it in front of him!”

    “You deserve it! Who made you speak badly? Who made you bully Jiang Lu? You asked for it!”

    Qi An’an came over and saw him holding Jiang Lu. , Almost died of anger, even forgotten to be afraid, while cursing, he spread his teeth and waved his claws and brandished an umbrella to hit him, like a little cat with blown up fur, with a bit of momentum. It’s just that there is no umbrella to protect him, so he’s soaked all over.

    Boss Wang caught her off guard a few times. He was already furious and stretched out his hand to grab Qi An’an—

    Jiang Lu frowned, his hand was a step faster than his brain, he pulled Qi An’an and hid her behind him, and kicked her hard. On the belly of Boss Wang.

    His strength was not weak at all. Boss Wang fell to the ground and rolled on the ground, his face holding his stomach in pain. There was too much noise here. Although it was still raining heavily, some people gradually gathered in the street.

    Qi An’an quickly pointed at Boss Wang: “He is a human trafficker! A wretched man!

    We still have to arrest us!”

    A man with a fierce face and two naive students, people The favorability in the heart is all biased, watching Boss Wang’s eyes look hostile.

    “The street is so arrogant, so tired and crooked.”

    “Don’t be afraid, he dare not come over.”

    “Call the police…” After all

    , the boss of Renduowang was scrupulous when he saw someone call the police. His eyes flashed panic.

    He gritted his teeth and got up from the ground, staring at Jiang Lu and Qi An’an fiercely, with hatred in his eyes: “You two wait for me! I don’t believe I can’t kill you!” After

    he threw a harsh word, he clutched his stomach in panic. Ran.

    He ran after the crowd gradually dispersed, Qian An little worried: “Jiang Lu, which he just hit you up?”

    Jiang Lu shook his head:. “He did not hit me,”

    That’s good, you can see it looks like he will again, Qian An tightly frown: “Jiang Lu, he just said ……”

    Jiang Lu is completely not care, he grabbed the hands of Qian An umbrella distraction, cover her head:. “holding their own”

    Qian An good advice He took it, naturally lifted up, and covered Jiang and Lu together under the umbrella.

    Suddenly the rain was cut off, Jiang Lu was startled, lowered his brow and looked at Qi An’an tightly.

    He had never seen a little girl so embarrassed, her hair was soaked, strands stuck to her white cheeks, because of the cold, her usual rosy lips became pale pink.

    But her eyes became more and more clean and clear, black and white, clearly reflecting his figure.

    Jiang Lu’s Adam’s apple moved up and down, and went to pick up his umbrella in silence, only to find that he had used too much force when hitting the boss just now, and the umbrella of the umbrella had broken several times.

    “Let’s take an umbrella.” Qi An’an saw that the umbrella that Jiang Lu picked up was broken, and walked over and tilted the umbrella on Jiang Lu’s head. “Jiang Lu, the person just won’t let it go easily. If he comes to you again. What to do if you are in trouble?”

    Jiang Lu’s eyebrows were tight, he not only made trouble for himself, the beast was also worried about her, but she didn’t seem to realize it yet.

    He looked down at Qi An’an, his voice could be considered mild: “Don’t worry, I’ll deal with it.”

    “But what about you…” Qi An’an was about to speak, but was interrupted by Jiang Lu.

    “Don’t rush up again in the future.” It was too dangerous.

    “Oh…” Qi An’an thought for a while, and retorted, “But I can’t just watch the situation just now. If he takes you into the car, what will you do? Can I still chase you in the car? After the accident,

    regret it and it’s too late.”

    Jiang Lu was speechless.

    In the rain curtain, her voice appeared softer, her tone was natural and serious, as if she was talking about a very ordinary and normal thing.

    Suddenly there was a thunder in the sky, this time it was louder than the previous thunder, and it lasted endlessly, but Jiang Lu didn’t tremble again.

    The sound of his inner bank bursting was even more deafening than that, and the torrent rushed out, slumping thousands of miles away.


    Jiang Lu sent Qi An’an home that day. He was standing in front of her house, his eyebrows were not pierced as usual: “I will wait for you here at seven o’clock tomorrow morning. Let’s go to school together later.”

    Qi An’an was not yet at that time . Understand, she thought it was because of the

    relatives this time ,

It is hard to see the true feelings, Jiang Lu has already regarded her as a good friend, and only then offered to go to school with her.

    He walks around two more streets every day to wait for her here, and will send her home after school. He said few things on the road, but every time he saw him in the morning or parted in the evening, Qi Anan could always see Jiang Lu’s slightly raised lips.

    He was already beautiful, but when he smiled lightly, he looked pretty awkward.

    One month later, there was a small news in the city. After the owner of a small design company went bankrupt, he drank one night, stumbled and rolled down the old stairs of the rental house, and fell to his death on the spot.

    After his death, a variety of controlled knives were found in his house. There were also many violent remarks on social platforms, which had a tendency to retaliate against the society. Later, the police found out that he was evading taxes and even involved in fraud in operating a company, and he had been indecent. There have been a few bad incidents such as boys.

    This incident was once a matter of people talking before and after dinner, but Qi An’an didn’t pay much attention to it. She was relieved when she learned about it. Boss Wang had never come to Jiang Lu, and she was still worried. Now that the person is dead, she can also breathe a sigh of relief.

    But after this incident, Jiang Lu suddenly stopped going to school with her. 

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