MFTIV: Ch 13

Jiang Lu didn’t get better after two days of illness this time, and Qi Anan’s old mother’s heart was about to be broken.

    He was quiet when he got sick, never coughed, just looked down, a little bit colder than usual, showing a fragility that he hadn’t noticed.

    Seeing that Yu Tianyang is already alive and well, his cubs are still sluggish, Qi An’an is anxious, and finally can’t help proposing after school that day: “Jiang Lu, I’ll accompany you to the school hospital to hang water, you guys. What can I do if the illness has been dragging?”

    Jiang Lu squeezed his left hand into a fist and pressed it to his lips. Hearing Qi An’an’s words, his fist stiffened for a moment and squeezed slightly.

    After a two-second pause, he said, “No, I’ll be fine soon.”

    “No, I’ve been feverish, no matter how I can do it.” Qi An’an poked Jiang Lu’s sleeve unreasonably, “Quickly

    Please follow me to the school hospital.” Zai Zai was actually disobedient, he was obedient when taking the medicine, look at this haggard face. Her goose would appear at any time, and the image of the two of them was the key to their first encounter.

    Compared with a healthy and energetic teenager and a weak patient, which one can make a good impression on people, do you need to say?

    Jiang Lu’s cuff was pinched by Qi An’an’s two fingers, and he looked down. Her fingers were thin, white and slender, and showed immature energy like lily petals.

    He struggled, Qi An’an quickly grabbed it hard.

    “Hey don’t run, how many days have you been ill, is it uncomfortable? Oh…you are not afraid of injections?”

    Jiang Lu did not get away with her cat-like strength.

    He sighed lowly: “No.” Then he said, “Okay.”

    Forget it, just accept a gift as if it were greedy. In the future, they shouldn’t have an intersection. He recalled that when he was young, it was never completely dark.


    It was still cloudy just now. When I came out of the teaching building, I saw a little rain falling outside again. Qi An’an reached out and picked it up: “Jiang Lu, wait for me. You can’t get it in the rain now, or the illness should get worse. I’ll go back and get it. Get an umbrella.”

    Although it is only a few tens of meters from their teaching building to the school hospital, Cub Cub is sick, so don’t let him get caught in the rain.

    Qi An’an turned around and ran before he finished speaking, and the fast Jiang Lu didn’t have time to stop him.

    Because of fever, his eyes were wet, and Qi An’an disappeared for a long time before he turned to the outside again.

    The continuous rain is silent

    breathless, Jiang Lu learns from Qi An’an, and stretches out his hand to take it.

    The rain that fell on his hand was as light as a fog, but with such a light force, it entered the blood vessels along the skin and flowed up, stinging slightly in his heart.

    When he was young, they drove him out because the man his mother brought back thought he was in the way. That night, he also had a fever, the sky flashed with thunder, and the pouring rain was like a basin of water pouring down from the sky, and he could not even find a place to shelter from the rain. When he woke up faintly on the side of the road the next day, his clothes were still not dry.

    From that time on, the heavy rain in his world has never ceased for a long time.

    Until just now, the little girl said, “You can’t get in the rain” in that sweet and glutinous voice. She knew that every rain he had been in was much heavier than the rain at the moment.

    But it is destined to be the most unforgettable rain.

    Jiang Lu sighed softly. He saw Qi An’an appearing from the corridor, trotting over to open the umbrella, and put it hard on top of his head: “Let’s go, be careful not to step on the puddle.”

    She He was petite, and the way he tried to straighten his arms made people feel soft when he watched. Jiang Lu’s eyes flashed with a vague and soft smile, and he took the umbrella handle: “I’ll do it.”

    There were not many people in the school hospital. During the infusion, Jiang Lu cooperated with the doctor to take off the school uniform jacket. The next moment, the doctor and Qi An’an frowned.

    Qi An’an took a step faster: “Why do you wear so little Jiang Lu? It’s been so cold these two days, no wonder you have been ill from illness.” The

    girl’s slightly complaining voice made the doctor’s brows jump, and the words she was about to say swallowed. Went back. He pierced the needle steadily and accurately. He couldn’t help but glanced across Qi An’an’s face, then looked at Jiang Lu, and finally frowned and left without saying anything.

    He appeared calm, but Jiang Lu looked up at the doctor’s back for a long time.

    He has tasted the warmth and warmth of human relationships since he was a child, and his personality is premature and sensitive. Usually, he can understand the meaning of the expression in the eyes of others.

    After the doctor went back, there was still fragmented conversations: “The child now… Yeah, it’s too early… We were at that time… Oh, I can’t control…”

    Jiang Lu stared. Turning back empty, with the coolness of silence.

    Qi An’an was totally unaware of all of this. She sat on the chair beside Jiang Lu, still complaining about him.

    “Why didn’t you add more clothes in the past two days? You haven’t been wearing a coat? I thought your clothes were thick. Who knew it was so thin. Alas, I’m also to blame. I would have found it early. Just to

    remind you of  …”

    “Qian’an,” Jiang Lu interrupted her and said in a low voice, “You go back first.”

    Huh? Why did you drive her away suddenly? Could it be that I was too noisy? It may be that she was chattering like an old mother who forced her child to wear long trousers.

    Qi An’an glanced at Jiang Lu’s expression, but he lowered his eyes, his cool side face had no expression, see you

He couldn’t express his emotions at the moment.

    Staring at such a pair of clear eyes, Jiang Lu only felt that his throat was getting dry. He tried to ignore this hot sight and the sudden emotions in his heart: “I want to stay alone for a while, thank you for sending me. Come to the hospital, in the future…”

    Let’s stay away from him in the future.

    Although Qi An’an couldn’t taste the deep meaning of Jiang Lu dialect, he could see that he was even more tired than before. I nodded and promised him: “…Okay, then I will go back first. You will take care of yourself by yourself. Before this bottle of water is finished, remember to go to the doctor to change another bottle, otherwise the blood should be returned.”

    Qi An’an Get up, carry your schoolbag, and hand the umbrella over: “Leave the umbrella for you. Go back and be careful not to get it rain… By the way, remember to wear thicker clothes tomorrow. I will check you tomorrow. If you wear such thin clothes, I will ……”

    He said smoothly, but Qi Anan found that there was nothing to threaten him, and went on frustratedly: “Anyway, you have to wear a thicker one. If you burn it down, your smart little head will be stupid.”

    Ah, Dang My mother is very hardworking and has a heart to fuck, Qi An’an feels in her heart, fortunately, the goose is a caring little cutie, when the little cutie will take care of this unbehaved cub, she can save worry.

    Qi An wandered in his sweet fantasy, completely missing the deep eyes that Jiang Lu looked over.

    Although his face was pale, his eyes were bright, as if they were filled with stars, with a fine and clear light.

    … After

    Jiang Lu had finished the infusion, the sky was already a little dark. There were a few students in twos and threes at the school gate, some were buying snacks, and some were chatting together.

    Right in front is a pair of young lovers, both of them are wearing white school uniforms, and their little hands are quietly pulled together under the wide sleeves.

    The boy is tall and tall, and the girl is petite, combing a cute ball head.

    In the past, this kind of scene was the one that Jiang Lu hated to see, but today it was very abnormal. He looked at it twice, and there was no discomfort in his heart.

    The girl’s footsteps were brisk, and she was jumping up and down very likable. Jiang Lu’s eyes were clear, looking at her back, and slightly pursing his lips.

    As she walked, the girl in front suddenly turned her head,

    standing on tiptoe, boldly kissed the boy on the face.

    Her profile was very unfamiliar, and Jiang Lu stopped for a moment as if she had shattered some empty dream.

    He frowned and reached out to cover his stomach.

    After a long time, Jiang Lu suppressed the intense nausea, his hands slowly dropped, and he closed his eyes and twitched the corners of his lips mockingly.

    … When

    Jiang Lu returned home, Qin Meng was standing in front of the mirror wiping lipstick. The lipstick was very colorful and very cheap.

    She wore a red low-cut dress, and the skirt only reached the base of her thighs, which was glamorous and beautiful.

    Seeing Jiang Lu coming in, Qin Meng glanced over here and sneered slightly: “Does it make sense for you to wear this skin to school every day? Do you think that, I can obey your wishes and let you study at ease? University? Xiaojian. Kind, don’t dream, I have already negotiated your price.”

    Jiang Lu carefully wiped off the water droplets on the umbrella, fold the umbrella seriously, and said to Qin Meng turn a deaf ear.

    Qin Meng chuckled and walked over with her waist: “You can’t help it if you don’t want it. This is your life. The old lady gave you such a good skin and gave you such a good skin. I have lived steadily for more than ten years, and I have done my best to you.”

    “I was born with hard work,” Jiang Lu repeated these words slowly, “but I didn’t expect that people would not recognize your illegitimate child, and this would be a loss of business. You have to regret it, right?”

    Qin Meng’s face suddenly became gloomy, Jiang Lu’s words were like a knife, stabbing her heart fiercely. This is a pain that she can’t mention in her life. She has been rampant on the Fengyue Field for so many years, but she did not expect that the old horse would eventually stumble, and she was ridiculed secretly by many people.

    Back then, the man promised to take her back, saying that he didn’t like the one at home, he only liked her. After the pregnancy, he calmly let her give birth, and said that his eldest son was named Jiang Hai. If she gave birth to a son, he would be Jiang Lu, the second young master of their family. He will take their mother and son back and let him be the second wife.

    She clearly understands that the words of men in the world are all rhetoric, but she is still deceived into the gutter by the dreams of the rich.

    Qin Meng stared at Jiang Lu fiercely, shaking with hatred. For so many years, Jiang Lu has never talked nonsense to her, and any opening can make her lose her sense.

    Qin Meng’s voice was like cold ice, and even the hatred for that man was added to Jiang Lu: “It is not too thorough to say that you lose money. Isn’t there a you? I can’t clean my bones in the mud, but Don’t think about being so clean.”

    “I won’t let you go, you and that 13, 13 (4/5)

    mean guy owes me, I will get back from you a lump sum,” Qin Meng stared at Jiang Lu like an evil spirit, “Don’t think I don’t know what you are thinking, do you want to climb up, want to run, want to get rid of me, right?”

    Qin Meng laughed: ” I heard that your grades are good, so you have to take a top pick to show me. At that time, I will surely let the world know what kind of stuff our top pick’s mother is, and what kind of a scumbag you are.”

    “You shouldn’t have it .” Forget about that year, what did you have to do with the city’s three good students?”

    Jiang Lu licked his teeth in Qin Meng’s sharp laugh. Of course he would not forget. When he received the certificate from the principal, the lunatic didn’t know. Where did he rush out and tear up his certificate of honor?

, Took the microphone and said that he was a little bitch selling meat, the bitter and filthy curse lasted for almost a minute before being stopped by the security guards who had just awakened from a dream.

    From then on, not only his honor was taken back, but his life also entered an endless nightmare, and the sewage on his body could no longer be washed away.

    And Qin Meng’s hateful scolding continued.

    “You remember, even if you die, I will ruin you! Do you want to enjoy flowers and applause? You dream! I will take your skin off when you are most beautiful and let everyone see what disgusting monster you are. Until it pulls you into the abyss and makes you no longer dare to climb up!”

    Jiang Lu listened blankly.

    Suddenly Qin Meng paused, and her eyes fell on the little yellow umbrella in Jiang Lu’s hand. On the surface of the umbrella are the patterns of little yellow ducks, which are the umbrellas used by girls at first glance.

    She raised her eyebrows slightly, squinted her eyes thoughtfully, and stretched out her hand to get it: “Where is the umbrella from?”

    Jiang Lu suddenly raised her hand: “Don’t touch it with your dirty hand.”

    Qin Meng hasn’t seen him react so much when facing himself for a long time. He has always been indifferent, just like watching a beaming clown. Today’s reaction is really interesting.

    She smiled meaningfully: “Which girl gave you this? I went out to inquire about it. I didn’t expect you to have the means, and there are still people who are so bad that they are willing to come and post. The little things I have are really talented. It is true that I am the same person as expected.”

    Jiang Lu laughed slowly and slowly, and finally looked at Qin Meng seriously. His breath at this moment seemed to be an evil spirit climbing up from hell, and it was chilly and chilling.

    He opened his lips lightly, and said each word: “Qin Meng, you may not know me well, so I remind you once, if you dare to go out and say a word, I will definitely let you realize what is the real abyss hell. “

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