MFTIV: Ch 12

What is this!

    Qi An’an originally wanted to make a complaint for her cubs, but if he said too much, he was afraid of Qi Yan’s misunderstanding. Forget it, he hadn’t read the original work, so he didn’t care about it.


    Qi Yan’s phone rang. He drove the car and tapped his mobile phone with his finger: “An’an, help brother see who it is.”

    Qi An’an picked up the phone, and the two “Qi Hong” flashes on the screen. With a big character, she blinked: “It’s Dad, then I’ll answer it.”

    Qi Yan’s face changed slightly: “Wait, don’t answer, I’ll answer.”

    Qi Yan’s temperament changed obviously after answering the phone, indifferent and alienated: “I know, I’ll keep an eye on the company, you don’t have to worry about it.”

    “That’s it?” Qi Yan seemed to be scrupulous about Qi An’an, carelessly, “Stop talking, I don’t agree with this matter, you can find a way for her. Don’t put it here to make people annoying.”


    Since Qi Yan answered the phone that day, his whole state has not been very good, and he has been too busy to see anyone in the past two days. Butler Qi Anto Chen asked, and he asked several times on the sidelines, but Qi Yan never gave her any news.

    Che, she could guess without telling her, just the few pitiful information on the phone that day was enough to make her, an iron fan, make a lot of suggestions.

    With the development of the plot here, it is almost time for the heroine to appear on the stage and the heroine and heroine meet for the first time. However, this part of the scene in the book has always been on the hostess’s side, and did not write what he is like here, but Qi Anan thinks that their family definitely does not welcome the hostess to appear.

    After all, the heroine is the child of their father and the woman outside, who is still the white moonlight of his youth.

    It is said that her female goose’s life experience is quite tragic. Qi An’an and Qi Yan’s parents are married in the family, and there is not much relationship between the husband and wife. Fortunately, their parents are very eager. You play with you and I play with mine. put one’s oar in. In a few years, their father accidentally reunited with Bai Yueguang, the soul of love burned again, and sweet words coaxed the woman into giving birth to a child, the heroine Qi Zhen of the original book.

    Later, Bai Yueguang died of illness and Qi Zhen could only rely on his father, but Qi Hong was an irresponsible man. His vows were full of rhetoric and deceit, and he did not devote too much affection to this daughter, he thought. , Anyway, they are all sisters, and they can take care of each other when they are together.

    In this way, he sent Qi Zhen here to live with “Qian’an”.

    “Qi An’an”

    was born in the same year as the heroine in Chapter 12 and Chapter 12 (1/5). She had never received the love of her father. Suddenly let her be with her favorite “sister”. It’s weird to give her a good face. Up. After Qi Zhen came, how vicious and vicious she would be, the male and female leaders acted together.

    This is the starting point for the encounter between the hero and the hero in the book. Two pitiful cubs, Qi An’an was distressed at the time and wanted to rush in to protect them and let them grow up happily.

    Not to mention, there is really this opportunity now, looking forward to the stars and looking forward to the moon, and the exciting plot is about to begin.

    It’s okay, take it a little longer, Qi Yan didn’t say it because she was afraid that she would be sad, but how long can she hide it, the powerful plot will definitely send her goose to her!


    Recently, it has rained, and the coldest spring is the coldest. There were several people in the class who caught colds and coughed one after another.

    At the end of get out of class, Qi An’an distributed the ginger and jujube tea with several sick girls around. After so many days, Qi An’an quickly integrated into the group. She has a good personality and is very popular with classmates.

    When Yu Tianyang saw it, he turned around and dragged a nasal voice to ask for help: “Qian An’an! What good things do you have? I want too!”

    He wants things naturally and generously, and he is not embarrassed at all. Jiang Lu glanced at him slightly, and quickly bowed his head to do his own thing.

    There are always such sunny and innocent people in this world, who set off themselves more gloomy and even strangely despicable.

    Why is she so good to everyone? It was like a warm little sun, and he just got some light.

    Jiang Lu hid his emotions in the shadow of his eyelashes, and said nothing.

    Qi An’an didn’t explain to Yu Tianyang that ginger jujube tea is more suitable for girls. After giving him two packets, he turned to ask Jiang Lu: “Jiang Lu, have you been feeling sick in the past two days when the temperature has cooled down?” “

    Although it looks almost the same as usual, Qi An’an couldn’t help but ask if he was worried about him.

    Look, if you care about others, then you care about him. She is the same to everyone. Jiang Lu suddenly felt annoyed and said coldly, “I’m fine.”

    That’s good, Qi An’an just relieved, and Yu Tianyang turned around again: “Forget about it, let me borrow your math homework. Copy! In the next section, Lao Liu will definitely check his homework and I am afraid of him!”

    Qi An’an turned out the workbook: ” My nephew, you have a serious cold. Your physical fitness is not as good as mine.”

    Yu Tianyang rubbed his nose. Put the ginger and jujube tea that Qi An’an gave him in his pocket: “Stop talking nonsense, I’m not that weak in fact. By the way, little aunt,

    give me English homework 12 and Chapter 12 (2/5), too. I’ll copy it together in a while.”

    Young people are the fastest to get acquainted. Qi An’an has been familiar with Yu Tianyang in the past few days. Yu Tianyang rolled his eyes a few times and accepted the nickname of the big nephew, and kindly called Qi An’an his little aunt.

    Yu Tianyang didn’t turn back, so he just took this action to copy homework on Qi An’an desk, and it was also convenient for chatting: “Hey, I said little aunt, you are planning to take the exam in high school

which school? “On

    one side, Jiang Lu frowned when he saw Yu Tianyang lying on Qi’an’s table, but after hearing his question, he said nothing. He

    took his breath away and listened attentively.

    Qi An’an first asked: “You are young, you say first, which school do you want to take the exam? “

    Yu Tianyang grinned with a big white teeth: “I’m taking a test in Xincheng No. 1 Middle School. Our family bought a house in Xincheng District. I will definitely go to No. 1 Middle School for the convenience of going to and from school.” However, I guess it will be difficult to see the classmates. After all, the new city is so far away from the old city, so few people will report there. “

    He lifted his old bottom all over and kicked Qi An’an on the table leg: “How about you?” You haven’t said where you took the test. “

    Jiang Lu’s writing hand stopped, and he lowered his eyes

    calmly . Qi An’an tangled for a while and said, “I haven’t figured it out yet. I have to look at the opinions of my family. “

    Actually, it is not. She had thought about it a long time ago. She must also be admitted to Xincheng No. 1 High School. After all, the goose and the female goose have gone there. But Yu Tianyang is a person who breaks the casserole and asks the end, if she says she wants to take the Xincheng In No. 1 Middle

    School , he won’t give up if he doesn’t give him a reason. Qi An’an blinked, turned his head and smiled and asked, “Jiang Lu, which school are you going to take the exam?” “

    Jiang Lu seemed to be in low spirits, focusing entirely on the test paper, his face was cold and cold: “I didn’t think about it. “

    Jiang Lu, you can pass the exam everywhere,” Yu Tianyang said carelessly, “Your grades are so good, these schools must be vying for you.” “

    He has a big heart . He never thinks Jiang Lu has any problems. It’s just that Jiang Lu usually has no chance to come and go by himself. Only after getting acquainted with Qi An, he has the opportunity to get acquainted with Jiang Lu, and he found that this person is a little less talkative. , But he’s actually pretty good.

    Yu Tianyang’s nose is blocked and his breathing is difficult, but he doesn’t delay the ten minutes of chatting between classes: “Yes, Qi An’an, I’m going to invite friends to my home during my summer vacation. Play, you must come when the time comes. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Qi An’an was afraid that he might infect Jiang Lu. Before he could speak, Jiang Lu glanced over here and looked at Qi An 12, Chapter 12 (3/5)

    Anhou said to Tian Yang: “You have a cold. , Don’t infect others.”

    “Oh, yes, yes. I turned it around.” Yu Tianyang patted his forehead with hindsight, turned around with his math homework and copied it.


    For several days, it kept raining at night. The weather was surprisingly cold these past two days. Qi An’an wore a woolen sweater under the school uniform and felt that it was not enough, and he wrapped a coat outside.

    When school was about to end in the evening, the sky outside was gloomy, and the leaves were rustled by the wind, making people feel cold.

    Qi An’an looked out the window for a while, turned his head and asked in a low voice, “Jiang Lu, have you brought

    an umbrella ?” Everyone had their umbrellas under their feet or hung on the table. When Jiang Lu came, he was empty-handed. He was sure No umbrella.

    Before Jiang Lu could answer, Qi Anan said again: “The umbrella I brought is very big. Shall we go home together?”

    Jiang Lu shook his head and whispered, “No, you can do it yourself.”

    He held his forehead with one hand . , His eyes were a little heavy, his face was pale, his lips appeared chapped, and he looked a little tired, as if he was not very energetic.

    Qi An’an frowned and felt something was wrong. The last class was fine. Why did she suddenly feel embarrassed? She stretched out her hand and tentatively touched the back of Jiang Lu’s hand: “Jiang Lu, are you uncomfortable?”

    Only after touching it, she realized that the temperature of his skin was scary.

    Qi Anan immediately realized that Jiang Lu was sick, and she whispered: “Jiang Lu, you seem to have a fever, don’t move, let me touch it.”

    She said, her hand leaned towards Jiang Lu’s forehead.

    Jiang Lu only reacted, a trace of surprise flashed in his eyes, and he moved away from him in the opposite direction, and his words seemed to be hot: “What are you doing?”

    Qi An’an’s hand was placed on his forehead involuntarily: “You have a fever, wait for me, I will buy you some medicine.”

    Jiang Lu avoided her hand and said in a low voice: “…Don’t touch it.” No Is it dirty?

    Qi An’an said nothing, she put on her coat to prepare for the buggery.

    Jiang Lu turned his head in a daze.

    He was dizzy and dizzy, watching Qi Anan quickly put on his coat, and the cat slipped out from the back door with his waist down. The severe headache caused by the fever made his thinking slow.

    There seemed to be a lingering soft touch on his forehead, slightly cool but gentle.

    That hand was so warm, and the moment his skin touched, he didn’t even have any emotion to resist rejection.

    Qi Anan ran to the school hospital and bought cold medicine and anti-fever medicine. When he returned to the classroom, the bell was already ringing. Everyone in the class is almost gone, only in Chapter 12 (4/5)

    Jiang Lu sits alone in the classroom.

    Well, today’s cubs are very good, and people who are sick are more obedient.

    Qi An’an felt soft in her heart, and hurried over to put the medicine on the table and unpacked it: “Jiang Lu, take the medicine first, you will get better soon after taking the medicine.”

    She was about to take the medicine as ordered by the school doctor. I took out the medicine, took Jiang Lu’s water cup and unscrewed the lid, and poured the water in the cup into the lid of the water cup.

    The water is too hot, and the thin white gas keeps rising, so I can’t drink it immediately. Qi An’an held the lid and the cup back and forth to make the water cool down.

    During this process, Jiang Lu has been silently looking at Qi An’an.

But those two-way indifferent and cold eyes, with a wet texture, softened inch by inch.

    She is very nice to everyone, will worry about other people’s illness, and will work hard to buy him medicine. In fact, he shouldn’t be awkward before, he should be thankful that he is among all the people.

    “It seems to be okay,” Qi An’an handed the cup to Jiang Lu, “Try it, be careful, don’t burn it.” The

    hot water rolled over his lungs, and the round pill rushed down. Jiang Lu closed his eyes. . He wanted to tell Qi An’an that this was his first time taking medicine.

    It turns out that medicine is the taste. The book says it is too exaggerated. Not only is it not bitter, but it is sweet.

    Qi An’an was very obedient when he watched Jiang Lu taking the medicine. There was no need to coax or persuade him. Put a few pills together and drank them with water. An old mother’s heart was very pleased: “Take the medicine and it will be better soon. Take these medicines back. The capsules are three times a day, two capsules each time. Take this anti-fever medicine twice a day, one capsule at a time, don’t forget.”

    Jiang Lu whispered, “Yeah.”

    He didn’t have the energy to speak again. In the second word, there is a weird feeling in my chest. If I say one more word, it seems difficult to be as calm as it is now.

    Qi An’an said again: “Then let’s go home together.”

    Jiang Lu paused and finally nodded.

    When they walked out of the gate of the school building, there was a fine rain drifting outside. Jiang Lu took the umbrella in Qi An’an’s hand and opened it, calmly leaning in Qi An’an’s direction.

    “Jiang Lu, you go to bed early and don’t stay up late these few days.”


    “Did you say you were infected by the guy Yu Tianyang?”

    “I don’t know.”

    There is a puddle in front of him , Qi An’an. Grabbing Jiang Lu by the cuffs and carrying him aside.

    “It’s him! This evil spirit! Tomorrow I will help you teach him a lesson and let him know the evil he committed to you.”

    Jiang Lu glanced at her: “No.”

    “Hey Jiang Lu, do you prefer to learn math or Chinese…”

    Qi An’an’s voice was sweet and Jiang Lu listened silently. He didn’t even know it. The corners of his lips were slightly curved just now. 

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