MFTIV: Ch 11

The farce subsided, Jiang Lu closed his eyes, his heart moved slightly as he watched the tea all over the floor.

    He glanced sideways at Qi An’an, and as expected, her clear round eyes were looking at him unblinkingly, filled with worry.

    Jiang Lu lowered his head like an electric shock, and walked out the door quickly.

    “Hey Jianglu…” Qi An’an tried to catch up, but was grabbed by Qi Yan.

    “Come back, you, what’s the matter with you? I dare to rush into any misfortune. If I am not here today, what should I do if you are bullied?”

    “Oh, I didn’t dare to have you here,” Qi An’an squeezed. Lips, “Brother, don’t listen to that wretched man talking nonsense, Jiang Lu is my classmate, a good boy, not the mess in his mouth.”

    Qi Yan glanced at her: “What is he like? I will judge by myself.”

    “No wonder you have to follow, do you know that the person I am signing is him?”

    Qi Anan smiled and pinched Qi Yan’s cuff: “Brother, I know, but I am The classmate is in a special situation. I’m afraid that if something happens you don’t sign him, what will the classmate do afterwards?”

    Qi Yan glared at her: “I will be left and right after hearing a few words from someone? In the future? You are not allowed to be so reckless outside, what can you do if you lose?” In the

    book, you didn’t humiliate Jiang Lu after hearing the rumors, but it was also because “Qian’an” contributed to the flames, and it was her rumors and rumors. Of course, Qi An’an couldn’t say this. She all obediently responded, “I know, I won’t dare anymore, then I’ll go and take a look at my classmate.”

    She ran away after she said it, and Qi Yan didn’t catch it. He could only stare at Qi An’an angry, planning to wait until he gets home to settle the accounts.

    As a super mother-in-law fan, Qi An’an has a very deep understanding of Jiang Lu. She went straight to the bathroom when she went out, and as expected, Jiang Lu was washing her hands in front of the public sink.

    He just shook the palm of the man’s wrist, which was flushed red by him.

    And he seemed to be unconscious, still rubbing his palms vigorously.

    “Jiang Lu, what are you doing?!” No mother can watch her cubs abuse themselves without being indifferent, Qi An’an rushed up and grabbed Jiang Lu’s hand.

    His fingers were pale and cold, but his palm was hot and red, and the temperature seemed to carry a sense of despair.

    “Well, what are you doing so hard? Hongcheng is like this, it has been washed clean.” Qi An’an pulled Jiang Lu away from the

    sink. Palm.

    Jiang Lu finally realized that Qi An’an’s little hand was holding his palm, the soft touch was incredibly clean, and he retracted his hand like an electric shock.

    The tissue in his palm was already wet, and he slowly held it in his palm.

    Jiang Lu felt that his hands were washed clean only now, and the strong nausea gradually disappeared.

    “I’m leaving,” Jiang Lu said after a pause, with a low voice, “Hurry up and go home with your brother.”

    Qi An’an looked at Jiang Lu’s face, although his complexion was still paler, it was already more pale than before. She was much calmer, and she urged: “Don’t think too much about it, don’t abuse your hand anymore.”

    Jiang Lu nodded, “I see.”

    Qi An’an smiled again, like little sun: “There is also Jiang Lu, thank you just now.”

    Jiang Lu knew what Qi An’an was talking about. The man was furious and punched Qi An’an just now. He was there before he even had time to think about it, and stopped him like a conditioned reflex.

    Thank him for what he did. He hasn’t yet thanked her.

    Jiang Lu stared at Qi An’an’s smiling face. She raised her white face, her eyes were curved, and her smile was very contagious.

    He suppressed the urge to bend his lips and said in a low voice, “Your brother is here, so he won’t hurt you anyway.”

    He tried twice, wanting to say thank you for rushing out to protect me, but he has never said such a thing in his life until now, too soft and close, after all, it is difficult to speak, so he had to keep it firmly in his heart.


    “An An, what family background is your classmate?” Qi Yanzai asked Qi Anan on the way home when Jiang Lu left.

    Qi An’an thought for a while, ignoring Jiang Lu’s life experience, and mentioned his situation as much as possible. Even though Jiang Lu has an unglamorous background, this can’t conceal his own excellence. You shouldn’t just look at his background by looking at a person.

    Qi Yan was silent after listening and said nothing, but Qi Anan wanted to know how they were talking: “Brother, how is your contract signing? Did it go well? How many years have you signed?”

    Qi Yan said, “He didn’t Signed.”

    “Huh? He didn’t sign it?” Qi Anan immediately sat upright and leaned toward Qi Yan, “Why? Did you bully someone?”

    “You sit up straight for me. Don’t be frivolous. , I will knock again for a while.” Qi Yan’s old father helped Qi An’an back, “I’m bullying him? Obviously he bullied me, he asked not to sign, don’t blame me for this.”

    Zai Zai asked not to sign? why? Qi An’an

    I don’t understand how. It is clearly stated in the book that he wanted to sign this contract, but in the end it was not achieved due to external factors. Now that the obstacles have been cleared away, why would Zzi give up on his own?

    Could it be that there is a better chance, and she doesn’t know? Qi Anxin said that if this is the case, it doesn’t matter, as long as he is happy anyway.

Qi An’an didn’t speak for a long time. Qi Yan looked at her between the lights, and couldn’t bear the worry in his heart. After thinking for a long time, he finally said: “An’an, tell the truth with your brother, are you in a premature love? With this classmate, you guys…”

    “Of course not,” Qi An’an widened her eyes, “Brother, where did you want to go? How could I fall in love with Jiang Lu?”

    Thinking about it, it’s a very unreliable thing. All right, Qi An’an wrinkled her face, looking at Qi Yan’s expression of “You are not pure, but you are thinking wildly”.

    Qi Yan didn’t believe it very much: “Then what do you care about him so much? You are still so good to him.” It’s a bit outrageous.

    “I’m good to him, that’s because…” Qi An settled down for a moment. It was a pair of CPs she really liked. Both the goose and the female goose are her favorites. Are they going to be petted to death, okay?

    There’s no way to tell the truth, Qi An’an can only explain: “Hum, brother, you can just think about it, but the relationship is very good, just like my goose, you can understand, you must have a relationship so good that you want to be the other party. Dad’s good buddy.”

    Qi Yan: “…”

    He really didn’t expect that his sister looked petite and petite, rather informal: “Okay, I believe you if you are so magnanimous, but I One more word of caution, you can make friends with him, I won’t stop you, but you are definitely not allowed to fall in love with him.”

    Although Qi An’an didn’t have any thoughts of falling in love with Jiang Lu, she was really curious: “Why? Didn’t you say that you believe that he is a good boy?”

    Good boy, it depends on where you stand to judge. If he were from a man’s perspective, he really admired Jiang Lu very much. At a young age, his temperament and temperament were all extraordinary. How could the golden scales be a thing in the pool? His future is immeasurable.

    “He is a very smart person, and he is also a very difficult person to control in the future, good or bad, it depends on how you say it.”

    Qi Yan said and glanced at Qi An’an, “Anyway, you can never fall in love with him, you can be played to death by him.”

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