Notice: Adding New Series on Novel Updates

Hi everyone! Some of you have been asking through the Feedback Form and chapters why YanniMTL doesn’t add the new novels on Novel Updates recently. O(∩_∩)O Well, NU requires the chapter to be added only if it is translated. So MTL chapters aren’t allowed to be released on NU as it is against their policy.Continue reading “Notice: Adding New Series on Novel Updates”

MFTIV: Ch 11

The farce subsided, Jiang Lu closed his eyes, his heart moved slightly as he watched the tea all over the floor.     He glanced sideways at Qi An’an, and as expected, her clear round eyes were looking at him unblinkingly, filled with worry.     Jiang Lu lowered his head like an electric shock, and walked out theContinue reading “MFTIV: Ch 11”

MFTIV: Ch 10

His gaze was straightforward and explicit, as if staring at the prey, anyone could see that something was wrong.     Qi Yan looked at the man and then at Jiang Lu. As soon as the strange man came in, Jiang Lu looked like a wolf standing up guard. The calm and steady aura on his body wasContinue reading “MFTIV: Ch 10”


Qi An’an was experiencing the joy of playing cats online, and unexpectedly heard Jiang Lu call her actively.     She turned her head and faced Shang Jiang Lu’s dark eyes.     During this period, his eyes were not as cold and gloomy as they were when they first met, but they also revealed apathy and alienation fromContinue reading “MFTIV: Ch 9”

Absolute Redemption

Title: 绝对救赎 Author: 江萝萝 ( Jiang Luo Luo ) Status: Completed (98 chapters, 16 extras) Description: Once transmigrated into the book, Ji Yi became the ugly and greedy female partner, who was ruthlessly killed by the villain.  In order to save her tragic fate, Ji Yi decided: send food and water every day, and try toContinue reading “Absolute Redemption”

GSBVH: Extra 2

Ling Zhen, the second well-known dance performance artist of the 100th episode , has recently been invited to Russia to perform in his personal capacity.     This performance was not small, and Ling Zhen arranged for a trip to perform on stage for a total of 10 days, which was quite meaningful to promote friendly exchanges between theContinue reading “GSBVH: Extra 2”

GSBVH: Ch 96

After more than five months, Ling Zhen appeared in the public eye again. When the Yuji paparazzi squatted to her, he didn’t recognize it for a long time-because Ling Zhen was wrapped in a thick down jacket and wrapped herself like a hibernating bear. “Fuck! Take a quick look, isn’t that Ling Zhen?!” “Ling Zhen?Continue reading “GSBVH: Ch 96”

GSBVH: Ch 95

Wei Xi’s three sleeping pills quickly worked. Perhaps it was not the efficacy of sleeping pills, but because of other things, he could finally sleep peacefully. What Wei Xi said was solemn, and Ling Zhen believed it. He didn’t want to end himself. It’s just that he needs a little medicine for a while to barelyContinue reading “GSBVH: Ch 95”

GSBVH: Ch 94

Ling Zhen took a moment to calm down. Then her first reaction was to find her mobile phone. It wasn’t in the living room, so she went to Wei Xi’s room to look for it, but she didn’t find it, and then ran to her room, there was none. Ling Zhen finally found Wei Xi’s computer,Continue reading “GSBVH: Ch 94”