GSBVH: Extra 2

Ling Zhen, the second well-known dance performance artist of the 100th episode , has recently been invited to Russia to perform in his personal capacity.

    This performance was not small, and Ling Zhen arranged for a trip to perform on stage for a total of 10 days, which was quite meaningful to promote friendly exchanges between the art circles of the two countries.

    This is the seventh day away from home.

    Ling Zhen has accompanying companions, and the organizer takes care of her. She has a fulfilling life every day, but she doesn’t really miss home very much.

    But Wei Xi’s phone call will be on time at 9 o’clock every evening.

    I went to see Lake Baikal today, and took a boat ride up the lake. The turquoise water and the green distant mountains were refreshing, but it was exhausting after a day of playing.

    Ling Zhen returned to the hotel, came out after taking a shower, and checked the time, it was almost 9 o’clock.

    At this time, City A was still early in the morning. She told Wei Xi several times to let him sleep well, but he didn’t listen, and Ling Zhen couldn’t help it.

    She blew her hair dry, and then leaped on the soft bed with her mobile phone, her legs swaying and shaking, waiting for the call.

    As soon as 9 o’clock came, the phone rang.

    Ling Zhen smiled unconsciously and waited for three seconds before picking it up, pretending to be impatient, “Oh, I told you not to call, so why don’t you sleep well when it’s too late?”

    Wei Xi made a video call, and the man was talking. Sit on the sofa in the living room at home and wear a loose house coat.

    He smiled, “I fell asleep right away, are you tired today?”

    “I’m exhausted.” The little girl said she didn’t want him to call, but when she answered, there were countless things to say to him. The twittering was endless, “I went to Lake Baikal today. I have walked a lot and my legs hurt the day after tomorrow. I’m going to perform there. I don’t know what the state will be at that time.”

    Wei Xi listened to her quietly, without being impatient, and occasionally responded.

    Ling Zhen talked about all the Russians she met from the unpalatable chocolate she bought, and finally sighed, “But the people here are so beautiful.”

    There was a wave of waves on Wei Xi’s calm face, and she raised her eyebrows, “How good is it?” “

    The bridge of their nose is so high and high, and their eyes are beautiful, with blue, green and green eyeballs,” Ling Zhen gestured, looking yearning, “Hair color is also very beautiful.”

    “Oh” Wei Xi dragged his tone slightly, slightly Lifting his jaw, “Meet a good-looking person”

    Ling Zhen nodded, “Yeah, he is a lead dancer from the Russian Dance Company. He is really handsome. He has golden hair and a high nose. He seems to be very famous here. There are many. Fans.”

    Wei Xi stared at her, although there was no expression on her face, she was obviously upset.

    Ling Zhen secretly smiled.

    No matter how long together, Wei Xi still looks like this. In the impression, she had only eaten Song Zhi’s jealousy once, but Wei Xi has always been very hostile to any opposite sex around her.

    So naive hum.

    The man’s dark eyes stared at her quietly for a while, and through the dim phone picture quality, a little bit of pride could be vaguely seen in the little girl’s eyes.

    Wei Xi paused and said, “I also met a good-looking person today.”

    Ling Zhen was taken aback, and subconsciously asked “Who”

    Wei Xi casually said, “The female one of the new investment script, beautiful.”

    Ling Zhen’s cheeks tightened, and he winked. Twitched his eyes.

    On the other side of the screen, the man looked as usual.

    The little flames in Ling Zhen’s eyes rose little by little. “Is it that Zhou xx?”

    Where did Wei Xi know an actress named Zhou, and denied “No.”

    Ling Zhen stared at him, “That’s Liu xx”

    Wei Xi Still denying “Neither.”

    Ling Zhen got up from the bed, propped her arm, and repeatedly asked, “Who is that looks better than me?”

    Her apricot eyes were black and shiny, and she was a little reluctant. meaning.

    Wei Xi curled her lips and smiled, then moved closer to the phone screen and asked softly, “Then your little Russian brother, is he better-looking than me?”

    Ling Zhen’s ears tickled, and then she suddenly reacted. She was immediately embarrassed, her face wrinkled, and she buried her head.

    I just said that she herself is not very jealous, she slapped her face so fast ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, on the

    screen, only a turbulent head can be seen, with lovely hair twirling above her head.

    After a few seconds, Ling Zhen’s voice came out dullly, “Not as good as you.”

    Wei Xi smiled silently, “Oh.”

    “I don’t like him either.” Ling Zhen continued.

    Wei Xi laughed, “I know.”

    Ling Zhen finally played a careful look, and was counter-killed within a minute.

    She was very gloomy, and buried her head and said, “Then I will sleep.”

    Wei Xi called her “Ling Zhen.” The

    little girl raised her head in a

    hurry, “Well” “The day after tomorrow is over,” Wei Xi asked.

    Ling Zhen nodded, “Well, the day after tomorrow is over, and the day after tomorrow will be the day after tomorrow.”

    Wei Xi said nothing, “Okay.”

    Ling Zhen pursed her lips, “Good night.”

    “Good night.” After

    hanging up the phone, a gleam of light flashed in Ling Zhen’s eyes, and the moment of depression that had been spiked just now was wiped out.

    She must come back

    this time. The performance went very smoothly.

    The pliable body and divine dance of the Eastern dancers made the Western audience almost intoxicated. After a few seconds passed after the performance, warm applause rang through the auditorium.

    Ling Zhen smiled and closed his sleeves.

    After she stepped down, the organizer came over with an interpreter and congratulated her happily. And then asked with concern, “Ms. Ling, before I heard that you want to go to the nearby manor, tomorrow if there is no itinerary, I personally take you to go,”

    Ling really bent lip, shook his head, “do not trouble you.”

    Organizers Very enthusiastic, “It’s not troublesome, I am very familiar with it, and I can be a guide for you.”

    Ling Zhen smiled, “Thank you, but tomorrow is a very important day, I have to go home. So, I will sit down at noon tomorrow. The plane has left here.”

    “Oh, that’s really a shame.”

    On the second day, the first plane to return to city a took off at 10:45 noon.

    When it landed, city a was already dark, and this day was about to pass. Ling Zhen got into the car and went straight to home.

    Wei Xi hasn’t slept yet.

    After a while, it was time to call Ling Zhen.

    With the windows open and the breeze blowing across the living room, the whole house looked deserted.

    He leaned on the sofa, finished smoking a cigarette, twisted the butt of the cigarette, and then smoothly rubbed the ring on his ring finger.

    Ten days is a bit long.

    No, it seems to be very long.

    Especially in such days.

    He sat quietly for a while, then stood up, picked up the ashtray on the table, and went to the kitchen to dump it.

    The moment he bent over, he vaguely heard the sound of the door of his house. Wei Xi paused, straightened up, and walked back to the living room.

    At this moment, a black shadow suddenly rushed out, carrying a familiar sweet fragrance, and hit him full of arms.

    Wei Xi subconsciously hugged the figure, and Qing Lingling’s laughter sounded in her ears.

    “Baby, I’m back”

    Ling Zhen threw everything on his hands, and

    hugged his neck tightly with her feet on her feet. “Are you surprised or surprised or missed me?” Wei Xi hugged her waist, a sense of joy revealed from the bottom of her eyes. .

    The little girl, as if about to get into his arms, moaned and rubbed enthusiastically between his neck.

    Wei Xi held the back of her head, lowered her head, followed Ling Zhen’s forehead to the corner of her mouth, and bit “How come back early?”

    Ling Zhen suddenly opened his eyes and stared at him, “Don’t you know what day is today?”

    Wei Xi lowered her eyes, looked at her face in the light of the living room, and sighed softly, “The flowers I ordered will arrive tomorrow.”

    Ling Zhen laughed, and shook his waist twice, “It doesn’t matter to me. I bought you a present.”

    “Wei Xi, happy two years of wedding anniversary.” The

    little girl’s voice was soft and sweet, and Wei Xi looked at her with something surging in her eyes. Then he pinched her waist, sat on the sofa, let her sit on his lap, lowered his head and kissed it.

    Ling Zhen obediently kissed him, exchanging breath.

    After being taught by him for so long, Ling Zhen’s technique has improved a bit anyway. She hooked the man’s neck, licked his teeth with the tip of her tongue, felt his breath suddenly thicken, and put her arms around her and pressed it on the sofa.

    Ling Zhen’s lips were red, and he uttered a cry, and hurriedly stopped him, “Hey, I haven’t given you my gift yet.”

    Wei Xi paused, bit her nose, and asked in a dumb

    voice ” I remember this year” Ling Zhen shrank embarrassedly.

    Last year, not only did she not remember, she also took out the divorce agreement on her wedding anniversary.

    She remembered it well this year.

    Ling Zhen got out of his arms, pulled the bag that had been thrown on the ground to this side, and took out a lot of things like a treasure.

    “This is chocolate-flavored tea. It tastes so good, but it smells good. I bring it back for you to taste. Oh, there are bracelets, which are not very valuable, but I think this stone is beautiful. I buy it for you. There is also chocolate. Hahaha this is super ugly, but I want you to try it.”

    Wei Xi took them one by one.

    Ling Zhen stuffed him all the things he had bought in the past nine days, and finally hugged his knees, watching him “Do you like it?”

    Wei Xi pulled her over, smiling and

    pressing her ear “flattered.” Ling Zhen pressed it down. The triumphant eyebrows, the bright apricot eyes, “You are flattered, I have not given you my real anniversary gift yet.”

    Wei Xi hugged her “what”

    unconsciously, his little girl grew up and learned to give Surprise others.

    Ling Zhen leaned over to his ear, “I choreographed a dance for you, and I will dance it for you when I’m done.”

    Wei Xi looked at her silently.

    Ling Zhen added, “Only for you to dance.”

    After thinking about it, Wei Xi didn’t lack anything. Her only rare thing was probably her dance.

    This is what she likes to do and her career here. Wei Xi once blocked it, but in the end let her do it, and escorted her all the way. Ling Zhen has performed to so many people, but Wei Xi is the most different audience.

    After she finished speaking, she raised her hips and held her head up, “Well, you can be flattered now.”

    Wei Xi hugged her, changed direction, let her lean on her chest, and asked in a low voice, “What about you.”


    “Anniversary gift, what do you want?”

    Wei Xi looked down, dark eyes. A ray of light was pressed, as if indulgent and gentle, as if as long as she spoke, even the stars in the sky could be picked off for her.

    Ling Zhen couldn’t help reaching out and touching his eyes, then suddenly pursed her lips a little shyly. “Anything will do.”

    Wei Xi nodded. “As long as I have it.”

    Ling Zhen’s eyes lit up. “Then I, I want one. “Baby”

    Wei Xi raised her eyebrow.

    Ling Zhen grabbed his collar and said

    enviously , “I think people’s family is mostly a family of three, there is a little cub who can raise it.” The child is crawling around the house with his ass, how cute qaq

    After she finished speaking, Wei Xi looked at her complicatedly for two seconds, and then suddenly picked her up.

    Ling really tight climb him “what to do”

    Wei Xi walked into the room holding her “not to baby it.”

    “We now want to look at.”

    Author has to say next is expected to special episode Zai Zai

    Thanks too lazy, no envy Wei, Can you get out of bed today?

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