GSBVH: Extra 4

 “Ling Zhen”     “Ah Ling Zhen” The little fairy “Ah Ling Zhen” was dressed in a silk and wide-sleeved brocade dress. She slept soundly on the stone table. Her face was plump and ruddy, and her lips were red, slightly open. The person who called her was originally anxious, but looking at this face, he also paused subconsciously.     It isContinue reading “GSBVH: Extra 4”

GSBVH: Extra 3

Children.     Wei Xi has nothing to do with this.     Ling Zhen was still young and didn’t think so much. Wei Xi thought she could think about it again.     After all, the pain of childbirth and the labor of parenting may not have any idea, but Wei Xi does not want her to suffer. Moreover, with children,Continue reading “GSBVH: Extra 3”

GSBVH: Extra 2

Ling Zhen, the second well-known dance performance artist of the 100th episode , has recently been invited to Russia to perform in his personal capacity.     This performance was not small, and Ling Zhen arranged for a trip to perform on stage for a total of 10 days, which was quite meaningful to promote friendly exchanges between theContinue reading “GSBVH: Extra 2”

GSBVH: Extra 1

Wei Xi gave the answer to the question of what is a honeymoon outside.     However, Ling Zhen felt that his answer, what kind of firewood or fire, showed an aura of impropriety, so she did not accept it.     After the wedding, the guests left the island one after another. Wei Xi’s hotel has been booked for a week, soContinue reading “GSBVH: Extra 1”


When Ling Zhen defeated Wei Xi, he was quite domineering. As she wished, she unlocked Wei Xi’s buttons, and then hugged him and started gnawing at him. Wei Xi hugged her waist and supported her little butt. At the beginning, she remembered the layout of the island wedding room, and the ban was not lifted.Continue reading “GSBVH: Ch 98【END】”

GSBVH: Ch 97

Days gradually went smoothly and settled down. Ling Zhen also picked up her career in the world, after all, she will have to struggle here for a lifetime. It was also at this time that she discovered that in addition to preparing the details of the wedding, Wei Xi also started to set up theContinue reading “GSBVH: Ch 97”

GSBVH: Ch 96

After more than five months, Ling Zhen appeared in the public eye again. When the Yuji paparazzi squatted to her, he didn’t recognize it for a long time-because Ling Zhen was wrapped in a thick down jacket and wrapped herself like a hibernating bear. “Fuck! Take a quick look, isn’t that Ling Zhen?!” “Ling Zhen?Continue reading “GSBVH: Ch 96”

GSBVH: Ch 95

Wei Xi’s three sleeping pills quickly worked. Perhaps it was not the efficacy of sleeping pills, but because of other things, he could finally sleep peacefully. What Wei Xi said was solemn, and Ling Zhen believed it. He didn’t want to end himself. It’s just that he needs a little medicine for a while to barelyContinue reading “GSBVH: Ch 95”

GSBVH: Ch 94

Ling Zhen took a moment to calm down. Then her first reaction was to find her mobile phone. It wasn’t in the living room, so she went to Wei Xi’s room to look for it, but she didn’t find it, and then ran to her room, there was none. Ling Zhen finally found Wei Xi’s computer,Continue reading “GSBVH: Ch 94”

GSBVH: Ch 93

There was an autumn rain in City A, and then the weather became very cold. When the deep winter arrives, Qingxi’s most important film project of the season has finally been completed. But there is no relaxed atmosphere in the company. No one has seen Mr. Wei for a long time. That man occasionally comes toContinue reading “GSBVH: Ch 93”