GSBVH: Extra 4

 “Ling Zhen”

    “Ah Ling Zhen” The little fairy “Ah Ling Zhen” was dressed in a silk and wide-sleeved brocade dress. She slept soundly on the stone table. Her face was plump and ruddy, and her lips were red, slightly open. The person who called her was originally anxious, but looking at this face, he also paused subconsciously.

    It is said that this fairy Lingzhen once went to the earth and lived through the tribulations. He has spent enough life in the world, and only after his soul has returned to the world, he re-breds the spiritual body and returns to the heaven. Now that

    she has just become an immortal, she is still immature, but this face is really unforgettable, but she hasn’t forgotten her mission yet, so she stepped forward and gave her a little bit, “Wake up and walk with me. Last time I was sent. The person serving the person is back.”

    Ling Zhen woke up slowly, rubbed his eyes, nodded slowly, “Oh”

    she was dragged all the way to the palace of the Emperor of Heaven. On the main hall, a few immortals knelt down. On the ground, there were blood stains on the corners of his lips and on his clothes, and one person was actually unconscious,

    Ling Zhen’s ancestor Ling Xuzhen was also among the immortal family . Ling Zhen and the others hid behind the crowd and watched secretly with their feet on their feet.

    “Your Majesty, this Emperor Xiao Yuan is too, too cruel.”

    “I was directly shaken out by his palm before entering the palace, and the inner palace was completely broken.”

    A whisper sounded from the palace.

    “Sure enough, this killing god is still the same as before.”

    “Hush, don’t say, don’t say”

    Ling Zhen woke up now, opened his eyes in surprise, and asked the people around him, “Who is Yuanjun Xiao, why is he so fierce? “

    “Are you silly? You don’t even know this one anymore?” The man shook his head helplessly. “That’s an existence beyond the six realms. His Majesty Heavenly Emperor can’t help him. But Xiao Yuanjun was too murderous for a long time. I have fallen into a half-devil and half-immortal before, so the heavenly family has to stare at him. Only then do you regularly choose people from various families to serve and see you ignorant, if one comes to you, don’t you? “I’m stupid.” Ling Zhen shrank, and asked carefully, “But, the person who sent it out was beaten back, isn’t it?”

    “Who doesn’t know if it is sent to him is treated as a toy, it is almost the same as sending it to death.” There is no other way, because once that person really gets angry, it will be a disaster that stirs the world.”

    Ling Zhen lowered his head back.

    She had just formed divine consciousness not long ago, but she was just the most inconspicuous little fairy under the master seat, and the affairs of these big figures had nothing to do with her.

    The hall condemned for a while, but still had to choose the person to be sent next month according to the law. Someone from each family was spotted one by one, and when they reached the line of Lingxu, they said Lingzhen’s name.

    Ling was really stupid.

    But then, Shizu recommended another senior brother on the grounds that she was still young and low-ranked.

    Ling Zhen let out a long sigh of relief.

    Although the time in the fairy world was long and boring, she still wanted to live well.

    After a few days, Ling Zhen couldn’t sleep at night, so he left the fairy palace and walked all the way to Tianhe.

    Her little friend is also by the river tonight.

    The man was dressed in a black robe, tall and tall. Wearing an exquisite silver mask on his face, the face is invisible, only a thin white chin and dark eyes are exposed.

    Said it is a small partner, in fact, they have not communicated much.

    It’s just that since Ling Zhen had divine consciousness, she has often been able to meet him. This person accompanied her to pick water lilies, spend a few days, talk occasionally, then disappear, and then reappear.

    For a hundred years, Ling Zhen had become accustomed to his silent company, even if she didn’t know his name.

    Probably someone as lonely and boring as her.

    Just like today, when Ling Zhen arrived at the Tianhe River, he handed him a kitty lotus lantern. This man’s hands are also thin and white, with distinct joints, pale but beautiful.

    Ling Zhen pursed his lips and smiled, picked up the river lantern, and squatted down into the water.

    Then, the two of them stood side by side and watched the long river like practice, falling into the eternal stars.

    The long night gradually passed, Ling Zhen patted his skirt and walked back.

    Before she left, she suddenly remembered something, showing a little sadness. “Yes, I was almost ordered to serve that, that.” The

    words came to her lips, and she suddenly couldn’t remember the name of that very powerful monster, thinking about it. It took a moment to think of “That terrible, terrifying, Yuanxiao Jun”

    that person seemed to have a meal, and then he looked at her sideways, a faint smile in his black eyes, “Oh,” the

    little fairy said dejectedly, “Oh, listen.” It is said that being sent to his temple is to die. My spiritual power is so weak, maybe the first one died.”

    Although there is a master to save today, it will always be her turn according to the law, and Ling Zhen has already done it. Got psychologically prepared.

    The man made no sound.

    Ling Zhen sighed, “Anyway, you and I may have seen one less time. If I can’t find me in the Three Realms someday, I’m afraid I will return to the Supreme Qing. Life and death are destined. Don’t be sad.”

    The person still didn’t say anything. .

    Ling Zhen got used to it too, and after speaking, he waved his hand back to Yunyu Palace.

    But I don’t know why, since then, she has never seen this little partner again.

    It’s more than a month after the fight turns to the stars.

    Ling Zhen finally could not escape his fate, was spotted and sent to Xiao Yuanjun’s palace.

    A group of small immortals knelt outside the Gaomen Hall, shivering. Ling Zhen lowered his head and felt his teeth shut in a fight.

    The others were not much better. The oldest of them, tremblingly, stepped forward to introduce himself, reported the teacher’s door and the immortal name, and then tremblingly waited for a response.

    After a long time, there was a lazy and low “um” in the hall.

    In response,

    it was the first

    time in a hundred years that the people who had been sent away were not the

    other people who were directly shot flying with the palm of the hand. They were more courageous, and reported themselves to their families, hoping to enter the palace of Xiao Yuanjun.

    After all, if you can stay here for a few days, you don’t have to say that you can absorb the pure aura. The most important thing is that Yu Tianjia is a masterpiece, and promotion to the immortal rank is no problem.

    Finally, it was Ling Zhen’s turn to introduce himself.

    She had no ambitions, she was still very scared, and said cautiously, “The junior is a disciple under the seat of Lingxu, named Lingzhen.” The

    hall was quiet, and then there was a low echo, “Yeah.”

    Listening carefully, There was a faint smile. The

    others were all excited, and they took a few steps towards the steps. Unexpectedly, just as soon as it moved, the

    palace door slammed open with a celestial gang palm wind and rushed towards the face door with its evil aura, and several people vomited blood and flew away.

    As the only disciple who quietly knelt on the spot, Ling Zhen was so frightened that he almost cried immediately.

    As expected, Xiao Yuanjun was moody, and the other comrades helped each other while vomiting blood, trying to turn back, Ling Zhen trembled and quickly followed.

    Suddenly, the vast expanse of consciousness spread out, and fixed her with precision like a falcon.

    “You stay.”

    Ling Zhen really cried this time.

    The others were silent, she closed her eyes, her eyes were wet, and slowly entered the hall door.

    The people behind him couldn’t bear to be beaten together. It’s better than being abused alone.

    Fairy Ling Zhen, take care of the little fairy, trembling and kneeling down on the temple, closing his eyes and saying, “Bye, see Yuanxiao, Xiao Yuanjun”. After that, the name was wrong.

    She was really dying today, and there was a rustling sound in the hall, followed by steady footsteps. The man finally stopped in front of her, casting a shadow over.

    Ling Zhen’s face was full of tears, and he silently bid farewell to Shizu, Senior Brother, Senior Sister, and her little friends.

    A cold hand pressed against her warm neck, as if it could squeeze her off in the next second.

    Ling Zhen dangled to her throat, but suddenly heard a cold voice “Open your eyes.” She did not resist inexplicably, and opened it subconsciously.

    Then, I saw a familiar silver hook mask.

    The man pinched her thin white neck, looked at her carefully for a long time, and curled his lips, “Hello.”

    Ling Zhen blinked, and passed out without taking a breath.

    The young disciple under the seat of Reality Lingxu entered Xiao Yuanjun’s hall, and after three days he was intact and could even enter and leave at will.

    The news shocked the whole heaven.

    The immortal Ling Zhen didn’t know that she had become famous, she was just very awkward.

    Her only little friend, somehow became the big demon.

    Small partners can be close, but the big demon must stay away. Awe overwhelming intimacy effortlessly, so for many days, Ling Zhen still got along with him trembling.

    Sitting together, eating together, and taking a walk, she was all worried.

    It was so trembling for a month.

    Heaven did not send anyone over again, nor did he pick her back.

    Ling Zhen didn’t know what to do. When his mind was wandering around the hall, he missed and smashed a thousand-sided mirror.

    The mirror looked like a top-grade treasure. Ling Zhen had no time to recover. He caught a glimpse of Xiao Yuanjun’s dark figure and knelt down subconsciously. “Yes, I’m sorry I didn’t mean it.”

    The man stood in front of him and waved his hand. I was so scared that I closed my eyes.

    But he just took away the sharp pieces, then sighed softly, pulled her up and carried her into his arms.

    Ling Zhen leaned on his chest, startled.

    She didn’t think something was right, but there was an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

    The legendary big demon stretched out his hand to smooth the hair of her cheek, and then gently and tenderly kissed her on the forehead.

    Ling Zhen was numb all over and hurriedly backed away.

    The man is still a silver mask with dark eyes, and the corners of his lips are slightly hooked “Why.”

    Ling Zhen, “I, I, I still don’t know what your name is?”

    The man is still smiling. “I’m not happy.” “

    Ling Zhen’s eyebrows moved, and the sense of familiarity became stronger.

    But he once again pulled the person in front of him and pressed his head sideways.

    Ling Zhen hurriedly pushed his chest, “I, I, I, I still don’t know what you look like”,

    but the person blocked her mouth.

    The little fairy had lived for a hundred years, and for the first time encountered such a thing, the whole person was curled up. White and tender cheeks were red, and his lips were trembling and bitten by him.

    After a long time, the man let go of her. Then he took her hand and touched the tether of his mask.

    The mask fell, and a cold white and handsome face appeared before his eyes.

    There was a “click” in Ling Zhen’s mind, as if a thread was suddenly broken.

    Her eyes were still filled with water, and she blushed and whispered “you, you”. The man leaned in her ear and whispered, “I don’t know how happy I was when I didn’t see you.”

    “Remember it, fool.”

    Vague and gentle. Ling Zhen’s voice went away quickly, and Ling Zhen woke up from a big dream.

    Her heart beat fast, and she hurriedly sat up from the bed.

    The window was open, and the light pink curtains in the house were fluttered by the breeze. Outside the window, there seemed to be a stream of people in the distance, and everything in the house was as quiet as ever.

    Someone leaned over from behind her, hugged her, and asked softly, “What are you worried about, I have a nightmare?”

    Ling Zhen shook his head.

    She touched her face, the memory in the dream was quickly being forgotten, only some fragments and perception were still clear.

    Then she turned around on the bed, retracted into Wei Xi’s arms, and nudged “It’s not a nightmare.”

    Wei Xi lowered her head and kissed the tip of her nose. “What’s that?”

    Ling Zhen smiled.

    “Have a beautiful dream. You are so majestic in the dream.”

    Wei Xi also smiled. “How majestic.”

    Ling Zhen put his arms around his neck, his lips curled, and his eyes were bright. “I remember the Six Realms can’t hold you down. Heaven, earth, gods and Buddhas are afraid of you.”

    “So powerful”

    “Well” Ling Zhen smiled lightly and leaned against his neck, “However, you haven’t changed a bit.”

    Wei Xi lowered his eyes to see her “which point” Ling Zhen raised his face to him. Looked at each other.

    In the dream, someone called her “a fool”, also with such a pair of affectionate eyes.

    Then she closed her eyes and hugged Wei Xi, as if she had embraced the smooth and stable life of her life.

    What hasn’t changed?

    She smiled.

    Then he said softly, “Love me very much.”

    The author has something to say, opening up a space of free imagination for everyone’s brains,

    but no matter what kind of brains, the same thing is that Zhenzhen and Xixi will be happy forever. La.

    Then I really say goodbye. I like this sweet article writer, I can poke the author’s collection, and I want to knock the candy to collect it. My pre-acceptance is expected to be a rebellious Bai Yueguang after rebirth, I only love to learn and ask for full text subscription. Qaq thank you everyone.

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