GSBVH: Extra 3


    Wei Xi has nothing to do with this.

    Ling Zhen was still young and didn’t think so much. Wei Xi thought she could think about it again.

    After all, the pain of childbirth and the labor of parenting may not have any idea, but Wei Xi does not want her to suffer. Moreover, with children, the lives of two people are completely broken.

    This will make him a little irritable.

    However, although he was slightly repulsive in the end, he did not resist the process.

    And like it very much.

    After Ling Zhen had this goal, he was much more enthusiastic than before. She is easy to be shy by nature, even after many times, she still can’t let go, always asking Wei Xi to guide her step by step.

    He likes to watch the process of spewing out the stamens of the delicate flowers in bud.

    However, the proactive little guy is of course delicious.

    In the midsummer day, Wei Xi took a shower and saw Ling Zhen sitting on the bed holding a ball of thin quilt.

    The quilt is too thin to cover some scenery, and the half-covered look is even more attractive. Ling Zhen’s small face was red, and he was very jerky in inviting the man.

    Wei Xi’s throat tightened.

    Then, with his upper body naked, he walked slowly to the bed and looked down at her.

    Round shoulders, narrow waist, a garden that no one can see under the quilt. His eyes darkened, and he chuckled and pressed “you”

    Ling Zhen blushed, and he pressed it to his arms, whispering, “You have to work harder.”

    Work harder to get a baby.

    “Wei Xi”

    Although they did not work in the same direction, Wei Xi still worked quite hard that night.

    Until the sky was about to dawn, Ling Zhen lived and died when she heard the man bit her ear and asked, “Is it hard enough.”

    Ling Zhen’s voice went hoarse. “No need, too hard.”

    She wanted to scold him, but again Thinking that Wei Xi was just struggling for a happy family life, she had to swallow her crying back into her stomach.

    Wei Xi smiled while watching her grievances and forbearing.

    The time was not right, and the effort was of course in vain.

    A few months later, Ling Zhen’s belly did not move.

    She was a little worried, and asked Wei Xi anxiously, “I’m not sick, qaq”

    Wei Xi touched her head “No.”

    Ling Zhen rushed into his arms with a look of trepidation, “That won’t be yours.” What’s wrong? qaqq “

    Wei Xi:”…”

    He hugged people and reluctantly said “I want so much”

    Ling Zhen hooked his neck in a very tired posture. She thought for a while, and said, “Not all mortals say that you have offspring to be perfect.”

    Wei Xi kissed her on the cheek, and asked, “Are you two people okay?”

    Ling Zhen lifted her small face and touched Wei Xi’s cheek. Bright and clear apricot eyes looked at him, “Wei Xi, you don’t want a baby”

    Her voice was very soft, she didn’t mean to ask any questions, she was just asking for his thoughts.

    The man was quiet for a moment, and then softly said “No.”

    Ling Zhen lay in his arms, quietly like a cat, not rushing or rushing.

    After a long time, Wei Xi sighed and said in her ear, “I may not be a good father.”

    He actually didn’t have much confidence in this matter.

    The impact of the original family may be like bone gangrene throughout his life. How did he grow up, and whether he will continue the injury,

    Ling Zhen is startled.

    She did not expect Wei Xi to have such concerns. Once he was like this, Ling Zhen’s heart became sore.

    She leaned over and kissed Wei Xi’s lips and smiled sweetly, “You are so fierce. I used to think you would not be a good husband.”

    Wei Xi smiled and pinched her ears.

    Ling Zhen also smiled, and the corners of her lips curled into a nice arc. “But it turns out that you are.” A

    particularly good husband.

    Wei Xi’s heart is slightly hot.

    He pressed the little girl’s back and held the small soft ball in his arms. After a long time, he whispered, “If there is one more person in the family, the time allocated to you may be less.”

    Ling Zhen nuzzled him. On the neck of the neck, he smiled and said, “I don’t mind Wei Xi.” A

    long time later, Wei Xi realized that

    Ling Zhen did not mind.

    He minded.

    The little brat that Ling Zhen imagined running around the house with his butt pouting came to this world a year later.

    He was born as a white and fat boy. Wei’s mother carried her grandson as she wished, so excited that she didn’t sleep all night.

    Wei Xi gave him a sloppy name, with a single cloud character, Wei Yun.

    Because this little brat had brought Ling Zhen a long period of physical pain, Wei Xi had seen this brat not pleasing to the eyes for a long time.

    But Ling Zhen is not.

    She threw all the maternal love she had never had before to the little life she had bred hard, and in the years after becoming a mother, she gave most of her thoughts to the cubs.

    Wei Xi was even more upset.

    Of course, he was very vaguely unhappy. In recent years, I have also adapted to the new role of my father, educated him, and cultivated him to tolerate him.

    Just as

    Wei Xi lowered her eyes at this moment .

    The four-year-old Xiong boy poured a whole cup of hot milk in his hand on Wei Xi’s lap completely.

    Ticking. Ticking. The milk dripped down the trouser tube of the trousers and dripped onto the smooth floor.

    The scene was very quiet for a while.

    Wei Yun, the bear cub, knew instinctively that although Mommy had the final say at home, in fact, Mommy relied on his father very much.

    As for his dad, he was a nasty person, qaq,

    Ling Zhen always felt strange. It was clear that Wei Xi had never scolded him or beat him, but Wei Yun was just afraid of him.

    The little boy had only reached the height of Wei Xi’s legs. At this moment, he raised his fleshy little face, a little bit innocent, a little bit innocent, and blinked and looked at his father with slightly round eyes.

    The calf was twitching.

    “Dad, Dad.” Wei Yunnai counseled, thinking that his father wouldn’t really want to beat him qaq

    Wei Xi looked at him blankly for a few seconds, and the restlessness in her heart subsided.

    Wei Yun’s eyes resembled Ling Zhen.

    The outline is a bit round, the eyes are dark and shiny, the folds of the double eyelids are fine, and the eyelashes are thick and dark. When I look over innocently, I can’t get angry.

    Wei Xi sighed. He knew the child was a little afraid of him, so Ling Zhen told him many times to make him be gentle.

    So Father Wei tried to squat down and smiled at the little

    boy, “Don’t be afraid.” It’s just that his smile didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes, and he looked inexplicably gloomy.

    Wei Yun blinked his eyes and looked at him for a few seconds, then suddenly ran away with a “wow”

    “Mummy” and he rushed into the kitchen to look for Ling Zhen.

    Within two seconds, Lingzhen came from the kitchen questioning “Wei Xi, what have you done?”

    Wei Xi:”…”

    He stood up slowly and blankly. After a moment of silence, he replied “I was wrong.” The

    kitchen There followed the sound of the bear kid’s coquettish voice, and then Ling Zhen’s gentle coaxing sound.

    Mr. Wei wore trousers soaked with milk. “

    Sure enough, the child shouldn’t be born.”

    After having children, Ling Zhen’s cooking skills have improved by leaps and bounds.

    I used to often take out with Wei Xi, but now every meal must be balanced with nutrition.

    Wei Xi leaned against the kitchen door, watching Ling Zhen pour the fried dishes onto the plate. She was young when she gave birth and recovered well. She was in the same shape as before she gave birth. She still looked like a little girl.

    At this moment, the kid was watching TV in the living room. Wei Xi walked into the kitchen, hugged Ling Zhen from behind, and kissed her on the cheek. “It’s hard work.”

    Ling Zhen turned his face and kissed his lips, then clamped. He brought a piece of meat to his mouth, “Ah”

    Wei Xi opened his mouth and ate it.

    It tasted very good, he was about to praise, a lively voice suddenly came from the living room, “Ma Ma”

    Ling Zhen immediately got out of Wei Xi’s arms, confessed that he brought out the food, and then ran towards the child.

    Wei Xi swallowed the meat silently.

    Then put the dishes and tableware on the table without complaint.

    It was the same when eating. The little bastard refused to eat well. He turned to watch TV while eating. Ling Zhen had to hug him and feed him, without even taking a few bites of his own meal.

    Wei Xi glanced around and silently changed the children’s channel to the financial channel.

    The little pig’s humming sound was pinched, replaced by a cold broadcast, and Wei Yun uttered a “hooo” and was about to export.

    But he accidentally caught a glimpse of his father’s profile. The man’s eyes were half-closed, his pupils were pitch-black, and a cold impatience was faintly revealed.

    Wei Yunqq

    swallowed awkwardly, then turned around and ate the meat that Mommy had fed him in one bite.

    “How good is the baby?” Ling Zhen asked with a smile.

    Zai Zai hugged her and nodded, “Good riding Ma Ma can do the best ride.”

    Ling Zhen suddenly felt soft and hugged him and kissed him several times.

    Wei Xi: “…”

    He wanted to boast.

    A few days later, Wei Xi went home from get off work.

    He took off his suit jacket, and the spotless white shirt inside was actually stained with dust.

    Entering the room, Ling Zhen saw it at first sight, was shocked, and ran over quickly, “What’s wrong with it?”

    Wei Xi put down her bag, and calmly raised her hand to loosen her tie. “It’s okay.”

    Ling Zhen glimpsed sharply. Red, immediately grabbed Wei Xi’s hand and held it in front of her eyes, and saw a bloody opening. Wei Xi’s skin was white, the bloody mouth was very red, and the surface had blood scabs, it was shocking to look at.

    Her voice trembled. “How did you do it?”

    Wei Xi lowered her eyes and whispered, “There is a row of shelves in the company that broke the glass and was accidentally cleaned up.”

    Ling Zhen was heartbroken. “Why don’t you deal with it?”

    She lowered her head, holding Wei Xi’s hand with a sad face, and frowned her eyebrows.

    Wei Xi smiled and hugged her waist. “It’s not serious, just blow it.”

    Ling Zhen glared at him. “You still laugh, it hurts.”

    Wei Xi curled her lips, pinched her chin, and bit Ling. Really lip, suck it, “It won’t hurt after another kiss.”

    Ling Zhen’s lips and tongue were disturbed by him, and he grunted from his nose, and beat him softly with her fist, “Well, don’t touch your hand.”

    Wei Xi sat down on the edge of the bed, pulled Ling Zhen onto her lap, and then clasped it. The back of her head intends to deepen the kiss.

    But before he even went in, there was a vigorous cry outside the room. “Ma Ma”

    Ling Zhen’s originally confused and watery apricot eyes immediately became awake, jumped out of Wei Xi’s arms, and repeatedly asked “What’s the matter, baby”

    Wei Xi Suddenly, his arms were empty.

    He frowned, took a breath, and then walked out.

    In the living room, the little cub was sitting on the ground with short legs, holding his fleshy hand and crying heartbreakingly. “The hand is broken, it hurts so much.”

    Ling Zhen was also distressed and almost crying.

    Wei Xi walked over and looked down and saw that

    Wei Yun’s hand was scratched by her own trolley. There was really only a little bit of skin on the knuckle of her index finger.

    But the little boy cried and grabbed the ground, as if his whole hand had been broken.

    It is not that Wei Xi doesn’t feel sorry for the child, but he is not a person with strong empathy ability. Besides, being injured since childhood is like commonplace. Seeing Wei Yun’s injury, he immediately feels nothing.

    But Ling Zhen had already picked up the child, and hurriedly went to the medicine box “If the baby doesn’t cry, it won’t hurt anymore.” Mr.

    Wei was left hanging aside again.

    After a long time, he lowered his head, glanced at the bloody wound on his hand, and was silent “…” The boy was squeamish. Although the injury on his hand was too small, he still had to coax him to sleep at night.

    Ling Zhen finally put him to sleep and returned to her room with Wei Xi.

    Pushing the door open, the man leaned on the table with his upper body naked, lowered his head, bit a part of the bandage, and bandaged the wound on his hand.

    He has a cold expression, his drooping eyebrows are sharp, and the picture is wild and handsome.

    Ling Zhen’s eyes were dazzled, and then he realized with hindsight how thick and thin he was, and he was a little embarrassed.

    But Wei Xi didn’t say anything, she wrapped her bandage, kicked off her pants, and went to bed.

    Ling Zhen wringed his hands and looked at him for a while, then blinked.

    Angry friends

    she softly to take a bath, standing under the shower to seriously reflect on yourself.

    This is really wrong with Wei Xi.

    She seemed to be habitually towards the cubs, somewhat neglecting Wei Xi. Just like that day, when she heard Wei Yunnai crying, she felt that Wei Xi had murdered him. Later, she realized that it was Wei Yun who splashed his pants of milk. Today, it is obvious that Wei Xi’s wound is heavier. She was anxious but only took care of the child, completely forgetting Wei Xi.

    After having children, the world of the two was almost completely exploited, and even less time for intimacy. Even if there is, it is always interrupted by the child’s affairs just like just now.

    Ling Zhen sighed.

    After taking a shower, putting on her nightdress, and walking back to the room, Wei Xi had already fallen asleep with her back to her.

    Ling Zhen squeezed his skirt, walked around the big bed, and looked down at him.

    The man closed his eyes lightly and his face was cold and handsome under his loose black hair.

    Ling Zhen squatted down by the bed, hugging his knees, and touched his bandaged hand.

    “Does it still hurt?” she asked angrily.

    Wei Xi did not answer.

    Ling Zhen sighed again, then stood up and walked around his side. She climbed onto the bed gently, lifted the quilt, and lay down.

    Wei Xi usually held her with her arms. Today, Ling Zhen rubbed it bit by bit, wrapped his arms around his waist, and then kissed the back of his neck. “Good night.”

    After a long time, Wei Xi quietly opened her eyes.

    The warm body behind him breathed evenly and fell asleep.

    Only then did Wei Xi turn around very lightly, put her in her arms, and closed her eyes.

    A few days later, Wei Xi went home from get off work, no one at home.

    My wife is not there, and the little cubs who usually live and live in the world are not there.

    Wei Xi felt dull, took off her coat and walked to the room. As soon as I opened the door, I suddenly smelled a faint fragrance.

    Then, suddenly someone leaned over, put his arm around his neck, and said softly “I’m back”

    Wei Xi lowered her eyes.

    Ling Zhen dressed up today.

    She wore a red gauze skirt with a tie at the back of the neck, revealing a slender collarbone and white skin on her chest. She also put on a little makeup, the end of her eyes was stretched by the eyeliner, and she was slightly raised, with a little charm.

    People who are already good-looking will not be able to look away if they dress up a little.

    Wei Xi curled up her fingertips and realized that this was comforting him.

    Ling Zhen was a little bit shy. He raised his eyes and looked at him with fullness. “Zizai was taken to his mother. Tonight, my mother will take him.”

    Mother Wei is now healthy and healthy, and there are nurses and nanny in the place where she lives. Wei Yun has lived in the past. Few times.

    Wei Xi’s lips twitched without a smile, pinched her waist and hugged her, pressing against the wall “I finally remembered me”

    Ling Zhen held his shoulders, bowed his head and kissed his forehead, “I I have been thinking of you.”

    After finishing speaking, I was a little wronged. “But you are careful, you don’t hold me at night.”

    Wei Xi didn’t tell her that he still hugged her to sleep, but slept later than her, and was more angry than her. Early, so Ling Zhen didn’t notice.

    He smiled “Express dissatisfaction.”

    Ling Zhen hummed, “You can also eat your child’s vinegar.”

    Wei Xi hugged her for a while, when Ling Zhen’s ordered candlelight dinner arrived.

    The two ate and drank red wine, Ling Zhen’s cheeks quickly became as red as a skirt on her body. After the meal, Wei Xi hugged her and shook her gently in the quiet living room.

    Ling Zhen shrank in his arms, smelling the cold and pleasant smell of Wei Xi’s body, and asked softly, “Did you

    calm down, baby?” Wei Xi lowered her head and bit the tip of her nose. “Who is it called.”

    Ling Zhen smiled.

    She touched his cheek, “You are also my baby.” She was covered with snow- skinned powder and misty eyes. With a little drunkenness, she leaned into his ear and whispered, “Baby, Brother Wei Xi, my baby.” “

    Wei Xi was beaten to death.

    The red yarn was untied, and he carried her from the living room to the big bed in the room.

    His baby was polished over and over again, revealing the most fragile and soft inside to him, shuddering in his arms, and calling out.

    Until a long time passed, Ling Zhen lay on him with sweat, reluctant to fall asleep.

    Her fingers touched the stubble on Wei Xi’s chin, and she whispered, “I won’t do this anymore.”

    Wei Xi hugged her, pinched her big hand under the quilt. “Which?”

    Ling Zhen was still sour and slammed him. Chest, then chin on top, looking up at him, “I am a mother for the first time, and I don’t have much experience, so don’t be angry.”

    Wei Xi actually didn’t want to admit that he was angry.

    Too naive.

    The essence is just to get her attention.

    But Ling Zhen was still afraid that he would be wronged, and went on to say, “I will love you, I will love you too.”

    Wei Xi stared at her with dark eyes.

    Ling Zhen pursed his lips and looked back at him with a smile, “I know my mother’s love without a teacher, but you teach me love.” The

    man did not speak.

    The night was about to end, and the sky outside the window gradually brightened.

    Wei Xi hugged her, and after a long time she gave a soft smile, and hugged Ling Zhen who had fallen asleep tightly.

    She is the most precious baby in the sky.

    Tell him the most beautiful words, and put the purest love in his hands.

    Such, such a baby.

    The author has something to say. The next day Cub Cub came home, and his father gave him a loving smile.

    Zai qq

    Father I love, take it well.

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