GSBVH: Ch 97

Days gradually went smoothly and settled down.

Ling Zhen also picked up her career in the world, after all, she will have to struggle here for a lifetime.

It was also at this time that she discovered that in addition to preparing the details of the wedding, Wei Xi also started to set up the personal dance studio mentioned earlier. There was not much splash at the beginning, but after Ling Zhen returned to public view, many performance invitations flew over.

After changing her status, Wei Xi is still her immediate boss. Ling Zhen occasionally owes her to her, calling him “Mr. Wei” along with other employees of Qingxi, and the man will correct her slowly.

“What should it be called now?”

Ling Zhen’s eyes rolled round and round.

The baby knows.

But the baby does not say.

Single Fei is Ling Zhen’s own wishes, and the studio is also Wei Xi’s wish to her, and she certainly will not refuse. In fact, the timing is just right—Ling Zhen’s recognition in the circle and her own strength have reached that line, and at this time those uncertain factors have been resolved, and her mentality is stable and safe.

However, she was gearing up to fly to a higher place, and the sky of the Oriental Song and Dance Troupe was not so clear.

Only half a year ago they lost the pure gold pillar in the regiment that had stood for many years, and it didn’t take long for another pillar to evaporate. When they disappeared and reappeared, they had become a free bird.

Although the head of the group had long expected this day, the Oriental Song and Dance Troupe darkened half of the sky. Of course, she was very, very painful.

But the team needs to be built. Ling Zhen came to the team on the last day, and the team leader organized a grand farewell party. The head of the group finally revealed her middle-aged Bai Fumei’s identity, and he stunned a hotel restaurant.

As soon as the food was served and the wine was poured, the little girls got higher and higher, and finally the whole room blushed and started crying.

Gu Xiaomeng: “Ouuuu, true sister, even if you are gone, I will still be your fan! Forever!”

Ling Zhen drank more reservedly. At the moment, she was just dizzy. She pressed Xiao Meng’s head with a “crack”: “I’m not dead yet!”

Just after pressing down here, Song Ling leaned in tears in two lines: “Sister Zhenzhen will always be in my heart!”

The dizzy little girls all around echoed: “Forever in my heart!”

Ling Zhen: “…”


She was really lucky when she came to the world and met so many lovely people.

It was very late that night, they booked the show, and sang and danced in the restaurant unscrupulously. At the end of the meal, the entire restaurant seemed to have been swept by a tornado.

Gu Xiaomeng and Song Ling helped each other and asked Ling Zhen: “Sister Zhenzhen, come with us?”

Ling Zhen blushed, sitting on a chair covering her mouth, waving her hand: “No, I’ll wait for Wei Xi to pick me up.”

Two singles barking: “…”

Dog food will always be in my heart, woo woo woo.

After sending away the members, Ling Zhen blew the wind for a while at the door of the hotel, trying to sober up. But within two minutes of blowing, her little nose was blown red. Ling Zhen shivered and shook off the scarf, twirling it around her head.

She drank and was dizzy and awkward, and the big thick scarf went around her eyes. The little girl stretched out her hand strenuously and pulled the scarf down, revealing a pair of shiny black apricot eyes.

Then he saw the man standing in front of him.

The beautiful round eyes bend immediately, and the lower half of her face is still wrapped in a scarf, and her voice is vague: “Ah, President Wei!”

Wei Xi lowered her eyes, stretched out her hand to untie her scarf, and then re-wound it, revealing a whole delicate face.

“Drinking?” The man’s fingertips rubbed her red lips.

Ling Zhen nodded slowly and triumphantly said: “They can’t bear me, they are crying miserably!”

Wei Xi nodded without sympathy, and rolled the little girl into her arms: “It’s so pitiful.”

Ling Zhen was held by him and brought back to the car, his fingertips still froze with cold.

Spring is coming soon, but city A does not mean that spring is blooming. Ling Zhen blushed, leaned her head on the car seat, and rubbed her fingers.

Wei Xi turned on the heater, turned her side, and held her soft little hand: “Still cold?”

Ling Zhen nodded.

Wei Xi said: “Then run away.”

The man’s voice was low, and Ling Zhen felt that he was even more drunk: “Where are you going.”

Wei Xi kissed her fingertips that were beginning to warm up, and said softly, “Go to a warm place.”

Ling Zhen shook his dizzy little head and figured it out. He was talking about their wedding.

Escape from the cold of spring and go to a beautiful island with blue sea and blue sky far away from here.

Wei Xi is very serious, and the wedding posture is very strong, and she wants the little fairy to marry in the world.

Ling Zhen had a guilty conscience after shaking her hand at the shopkeeper. She opened a pair of watery eyes, scratched his palm, and asked in a low voice, “Do I need to do anything?”

Wei Xi squeezed her fingertips and chuckled softly: “It’s fine for anyone to come.”

Finalizing the details, sending out invitations, as well as souvenirs, guest machine wine… The small things are checked and completed one by one, which makes people feel at ease.

Of course, there is Ling Zhen’s favorite link-choosing a wedding dress.

The layered white wedding dresses are too romantic, and the fairy can’t resist its charm.

Wei Xi took her directly to a high-precision store, which can be tailor-made, or try the ready-made clothes in the store, and then modify it according to the newcomer’s size.

The news of “cherish” the couple to do the wedding has been spread. When the owner of Gaoding heard that the two were going to order their wedding clothes, apart from a sense of brand pride, he also felt that this was simply heaven. Decrease fortune.

——Live sign! Bring the cargo plane! The performance in the second half of the year has come down! !

Ling Zhen arrived at the shop and plunged into a wedding dress like a pile of cotton, happily picking it out. The elder sister in the shop praised her rainbow fart all the way, so that Ling Zhen walked around, and it took a long time to pick one of the details that satisfies her.

She held the wedding dress carefully, and when she turned around, she realized that Wei Xi had picked it up and put it on, but he put the white suit on her forearm, leaving only a pure white shirt and trousers on her body.

Wei Xi rarely wears white, but he can actually control it. The man has black hair, cold white skin, cold and beautiful eyebrows, standing there indifferently, making people unable to look away.

The young ladies in the shop are all blushing.

Ling Zhen came back from the door of the fitting room and hooked up his suit, “Why don’t you wear it?”

Wei Xi lowered her eyes: “Passed through.”

Ling Zhen gave a regretful “Oh”, his small eyes swept over the top button of his clothes, and he thought with a hum: I’ll take it away sooner or later!

Then she hugged her clothes and tried the wedding dress she had chosen, with a small bubble of expectation in her heart.

Ten minutes later, the sister in the store blushed and went to invite Wei Xi.

“Mr. Wei, you can come in and see.”

Wei Xi nodded and pushed open the door. There was only one person standing in the room.

The man turned his hand back and closed the door.

Ling Zhen slowly turned around, looking forward and shy, and smiled at him: “Does it look good?”

The wedding dress is very complicated and is a princess dress of the palace series. The upper body is slender and self-cultivating, with a soft undulation between the neckline of the tulle, and the waist seems to be a narrow line, which can be broken with a little effort, but it also has the natural flexibility of a dancer.

The lower body is a fluffy and full skirt with complicated embroidery. The center of each embroidered flower is supported by a bright diamond like a star. And the girl in this skirt seems to be held by countless stars, beautiful enough to breathe.

Wei Xi did not speak.

The skirt is beautiful.

However, it is far less than people.

Ling Zhen didn’t wait to answer, and was unhappy: “Does it look good?”

Wei Xi walked up to her and lowered her eyes: “What do you think.”

This is obviously a failing answer. Ling Zhen curled his lips and murdered him: “I want you to say it.”

Wei Xi curled her lips and said to her in the empty room: “It looks good.”

Ling Zhen hummed.

The man leaned close to her ear and said in a low voice, “I see… I want to help you take it off.”

Ling Zhen blushed.

While blushing, I thought, how do you snatch my lines duck!

The day steadily approached the wedding date.

But Ling Zhen gradually began to realize that something seemed to be missing.

Wei Xi looked very stable and didn’t panic at all, so Ling Zhen always thought it was because of her being too nervous.

But seeing that it was almost the departure date, Ling Zhen still failed to resolve the inexplicable worry. So she finally turned on the phone and searched the Internet.

“What to pay attention to during the wedding.”

The slick Xingyan browsed the page for a while, and looked up in panic——

She got it!

She has no token of love! No wedding ring!

Such an important thing was completely forgotten by her!

But the Internet said that the man has always prepared the ring, and he has to kneel on one knee or something. Wei Xi’s things are not big and small, and everything is very sure. Ling Zhen thinks that he shouldn’t forget to buy a ring.

So that night, after Wei Xi returned home, the little girl shook her back and forth three times in front of him, shaking her delicate little hand.

The man did not respond.

Ling Zhen was not discouraged.

After eating, Wei Xi went to wash the dishes. Ling Zhen stood by the kitchen door, staring at him secretly for a while, then rushed to hold his waist, stretched out his hand, and took the plate in his hand.

Wei Xi lowered her eyes.

A pair of white and tender little paws dangling in the bottom of the eyes, very presence.

Ling Zhen struggled to pad her feet, washed the dishes, and put them on the shelf. Then he shook his little hand filled with drops of water, and crazily hinted: “Look, my fingers are so thin.”

Very thin! Very empty!

Need a small ring!

She doesn’t want big diamonds or gold inlaid with jade, just a small ring!

Wei Xi squeezed her hand, raised it up and kissed her, objectively commenting: “It’s pretty thin.”

Ling Zhen wilted.

Oh, she really didn’t have a diamond ring when she got married, she was so pitiful.

The little girl walked away dejectedly. Wei Xi continued to wash the dishes, but the corners of her lips curled up slightly.

Now I think of it and care about him.

It’s horribly slow.

At night, before going to bed.

Wei Xi leaned on the bed, playing with a small box with her head down.

Ling Zhen took a shower, dried her hair, and walked out in her nightdress, still wilting.

Wei Xi put the box down and looked at her: “Come here.”

Ling Zhen reluctantly walked over.

Wei Xi knowingly asked: “Unhappy? Someone bullied you?”

The villain in Ling Zhen’s heart jumped up and complained: You! It’s you!

Huohuanhuan will not give people the big bad guys!

She was full of resentment, Wei Xi had a panoramic view, and laughed lightly.

——He is still laughing! !

Ling Zhen was furious, and made up his mind not to call that title that Wei Xi liked very much.

She crawled onto the bed with a sullen face, and when she dropped a slipper, she was pulled back by the man with a smile.

He didn’t know where to find a small velvet box, opened it, and there was a bright diamond ring lying in it.

Ling Zhen was stunned.

The platinum setting and the drop-shaped diamonds reflect a brilliant halo in the light.

This is…

Wei Xi said: “It has been waiting for you for a long time.”

Ling Zhen recognized it.

This is the wedding anniversary of the first year. After she took out the divorce agreement, Wei Xi forced her to accept the ring.

She was so flustered at the time, she only glanced quickly, and was dazzled by the light.

Since then, there have been countless ups and downs in the middle, but this diamond has been well hidden by him, and the light remains the same.

Just like the heart of this man, it has never changed.

——Well, it was bad then, but now… it’s still bad.

It is her that has changed.

She has become super super-loving him.

Ling Zhen curled up her fingers, then raised her chin, letting a little bit of wetness fall back.

Then, Ling Zhen stretched out a small hand towards Wei Xi and let him put it on with a proud look.

The man curled his lips: “Do I need to kneel on one knee, Your Majesty?”

“No.” Ling Zhen said.

The cold platinum ring was pushed on her ring finger and locked firmly.

Ling Zhen bends his fingers to adapt to the feeling of being trapped.

The shining diamond made a lot of emotions in her heart, and finally all turned into a hot courage.

So she stood up, pushed Wei Xi down on the bed, and then rode on him.

Wei Xi held her leg: “Huh?”

The little queen does not have a ring to encircle him, but she also has to divide her territory.

So she lowered her head and said aggressively: “I’m going to eat you.”


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