GSBVH: Ch 96

After more than five months, Ling Zhen appeared in the public eye again.

When the Yuji paparazzi squatted to her, he didn’t recognize it for a long time-because Ling Zhen was wrapped in a thick down jacket and wrapped herself like a hibernating bear.

“Fuck! Take a quick look, isn’t that Ling Zhen?!”

“Ling Zhen? How could it be possible–fuck it seems to be really!!!”

The little girl was dressed very worthy of winter. At this time, she staggered out of the drugstore with a plastic bag in her hand.

The paparazzi was not squatting on her, this is simply a surprise! After all, Ling Zhen was originally a person who had evaporated from the world, but suddenly appeared in such a concealed manner, and came out of the pharmacy-it was like a rumor that she was seriously ill after sitting down for a while!

And she is still alone! Damn, all these serious marriages are happening now! !

The two paparazzi in the car were originally bored and lethargic. Once it was confirmed that it was her, they suddenly became energetic as if they were drugged, and they took hundreds of photos with a big cannon.

The exclusive tonight is here!

Ling Zhen didn’t know what kind of draft he was going to face. She dressed like this, in fact, it was just because she was afraid of the cold.

And the medicine in her hand was not bought for herself.

Wei Xi stopped the sleeping pills, but her sleep would not recover so quickly. Ling Zhen asked the doctor about taking vitamin B1 or tranquilizing and invigorating brain fluid for conditioning and cooperating with medication.

Ling Zhen said that recently he was really coaxing Wei Xi to sleep, and wanted to solve his sleep problem as soon as possible.

People will have a stress response after pain. In the few days after Ling Zhen came back, she felt that the man was a little…sticky to her. Even in the same house, wherever she is, Wei Xi will come over.

Although he didn’t say anything, Wei Xi never turned her back in front of Ling Zhen again, preferring to walk behind Ling Zhen and be able to see her whole body.

Ling Zhen felt very sad when he thought of why he was like this.

She accepts all his emotions as they are, and is responsible to the end.

Ling Zhen bought the medicine from the drugstore, then went home, put the plastic bag on the table, and took it out to look.

Wei Xi has become much calmer recently. At this time, she leaned back lazily on the sofa in the living room, watching the little girl carefully read the instructions in the pill box.

She combed her soft black hair behind her head, revealing a white and tender neck, and her palm-sized face was full of rigor and seriousness.

Wei Xi did not speak, but looked at her quietly with a pair of black eyes.

Ling Zhen studied for a long time, raised his head, and said, “Wei Xi, this calming and invigorating brain fluid is ok, you can drink two bottles.”

Wei Xi stood up obediently and came over to take it: “Okay.”

The smell should be a bit bitter, but the man has no expression, with beautiful eyelashes hanging down, and drinking silently.

As he drank it, Ling Zhen explained: “The instructions say that this tube has insomnia, forgetfulness, dizziness and fatigue, oh-and neurasthenia.”

Wei Xi held the straw in his mouth, noncommittal: “Um.”

“Drinking can nourish the blood and nourish the qi, strengthen the brain and calm the nerves,” Ling Zhen lowered his head and read a few lines, carefully reading every word, “It can also produce essence and nourish marrow and improve the deficiency of kidney essence.”

Wei Xi: “…”

He drank the medicine in silence, then pulled Ling Zhen over, lowered his head and kissed her lips.

As soon as he drank the medicine, his whole body had a bitter taste. Ling Zhen didn’t want him to kiss him. He raised his head and hid behind him: “Why? I haven’t taken the medicine yet.”

“…Lack of kidney essence?” Wei Xi buttoned the person on her body, her eyes dark, clinging to her unclearly, “Do I need to prove myself.”

Ling Zhen didn’t think much about it when he was reading it. Only then did he vaguely feel something, blushing and ran away: “No need.”

Although she hasn’t really had a good time, she still met…

Touched, touched and touched…!

Ling Zhen ran into the kitchen and poured him a cup of hot water. The hotness from his fingers spread to his cheeks.

Essence, essence and so on, it looks pretty good…!

There were some messy pictures flashing in Ling Zhen’s mind, his heart was beating fast, and a little bit of eagerness to emerge from the shame.

She thought about Wei Xi’s sexy Adam’s apple, to strong chest muscles, to beautiful abdominal muscles, and to…


Ling Zhen picked up the cup and drank all the water poured for Wei Xi.

Before going to bed that day, Ling Zhen was wearing soft pajamas and sitting on the bedside playing with her mobile phone, planning to go to sleep with the last two glances. As a result, she accidentally caught a glimpse of her own name.

She was really surprised, and she didn’t know what physique she was, so she ran on hot search every day.

The most searched entry this time is #凌真药店#.

She went to buy medicine alone and was posted on the Internet, and the missing people returned to the meaningful behavior, and soon became the third most sought-after.

In the comment area, a passerby was lamenting, “It seems that something really happened? No wonder I haven’t shown up for so long!”

Ling Zhen fans were crying, “As long as you live a long time, you can see my baby!!! If you have any disease, you are not afraid that your mother will always be with you!!!”

There are cp fans yelling, “I have been abused to the point that I feel sweet as long as I see a figure!! I’m not sick, I’m not crazy!! Cherish the fans, come and knock me ah ah ah”

Ling Zhen couldn’t laugh or cry.

She couldn’t respond to all kinds of public opinions on the Internet, but she seriously responded to the news of Sister Qianqian, Gu Xiaomeng, Song Ling, Xing Li, etc., then put down the phone, opened the quilt and lay down.

Wei Xi is still waiting for her to coax her to sleep.

She lay down, and Wei Xi naturally hugged the person and rubbed it twice in her arms like a pillow.

Ling Zhen grinned and rolled under the warm quilt, and then told him: “It’s an exaggeration. I’ve posted a terminal illness on the Internet!”

Wei Xi bit the tip of her nose: “What?”

Ling Zhen shrank his shoulders, and the little feet in the bed kicked him: “Because I was going to buy you medicine and was photographed. Now the whole network believes that we are divorced and we have already come to the step of dividing the family property. It.”

Wei Xi raised her eyebrows slightly.

People are awesome.

The sovereignty he has finally declared, even if it has been abandoned for several months, it cannot be denied by others.

Besides, he now has enough confidence.

The next day, Wei Xi drove a low-key and expensive car and took Ling Zhen to Qingxi. Xing Li will come over today to talk to Ling Zhen about work planning.

Wei Xi changed back to her previous outfit, a thick black coat with a pure white embroidered shirt inside, a tight neckline, and abstainingly pressing the mole between her neck. There is a mechanical watch on his wrist, which walks precisely for the second, and the whole person reveals a cold and precious aura.

Ling Zhen glanced at him, and couldn’t help but glance again.

He looks good.

It is said on the Internet that a man who is abstinent will make people want to unlock his buttons one by one and see how he is moved by passion.

Ling Zhen looked at Wei Xi and felt that it made sense.

She couldn’t help but blush again, and then shook her head quickly.

——She must be more serious!

The car stopped directly outside the building, Ling Zhen stretched out his hand to unbuckle the seat belt, but was pressed down by a cold, white, slender hand.

Wei Xi got out of the car, walked around the front of the car indifferently, then opened the door on Ling Zhen’s side, bent over, and unfastened her seat belt.

The cold cedar scented hood of the man came over, Ling Zhen leaned on the car seat, Xingyan looked at him ignorantly.

Wei Xi held her hand, blocked the roof of the car, and let her down.

He is usually very pet, but at this point, Ling Zhen is still a little confused.

“What are you doing.”

Wei Xi lowered her eyes and spoke calmly: “Proof.”

Ling Zhen had forgotten the small talk before going to bed last night, and wondered: “What is the proof?”

“No divorce,” Wei Xi curled her lips, pressed her ear to her ear and said softly: “…like glue and paint.”

Ling Zhen blushed.

On the same day, Weibo exploded again.

This time I was personally blown up by the cp fans of the treasured couple.

Wei Xi was a rare high-profile, and the paparazzi lived up to expectations. Three hundred and sixty degrees, they took a clear picture of what they did at the gate of Qingxi.

The cp fans who had been abused for more than five months were choked by this big sugar from heaven—of course, they didn’t die, so they got up one by one and screamed on the Internet.

[Is there still a divorce spread? May I ask your faces! pain! ! ! 】

[Oh, thank God, thank you, I still believe that as long as love lives for a long time, there will be any sugar in it]

[I announce that I am Chinese New Year today! New Year! ! No one can stop me from flying into the sky ah ah ah ah mother loves you! ! ! 】

As a result, the sweetest cp on the entire network returned strongly after the rumors of BE.

The instigator of the incident was very calm, as if he did not do the fancy show of affection that day.

Ling Zhen looked at Wei Xi, who was working on the computer, and thought to himself that men are really naive sometimes.

But it’s naive… but it’s cute.

The days are slowly getting back on track, and Ling Zhen is living very seriously. Cherish the little happiness in life, and cherish the sense of ceremony cultivated in getting along day and night.

The most important ceremony is also being prepared. Wei Xi’s planning of the wedding can finally continue, and this time, her participation.

However, Ling Zhen’s participation mostly lies in proposing his own preferences. And the trivial details are left to Wei Xi to deal with, she is very happy to be the shopkeeper.

During the day, the two are busy with their own affairs, and only discuss this matter at night.

Discuss in bed.

Ling Zhen lay in his arms, squeezed, and soon lost interest in the details of the wedding.

She has to admit that the hormones in Wei Xi are naturally attractive. Ling Zhen hugged the man’s waist, rubbed his smooth cheek against his neck, and kissed his chin after a while.

It is indeed terrifying to know the taste of the marrow, Ling Zhen knew that he was a vulgar thing that could not resist the temptation of the red dust, and finally completely gave up resistance.

She wants sweet ones.

Want the affection of “like glue like paint”.

The little girl’s mind is clean and straightforward, and a little bit of desire is so cute.

Wei Xi threw the folder, hooked her waist, moved her palms around her pajamas with her fingertips.

Ling Zhen was still jerky, and soon his thoughts were thrown out of Jiu Xiaoyun, grabbing his chest clothes and groaning.

Wei Xi’s eyes were dark, her fingertips rubbed over, and the little girl trembled.

The man took a breath and wanted to press it down, but suddenly remembered something.

The wedding is held overseas, and the wedding room is of course prepared according to the highest configuration. Timing, location, atmosphere, just right. For this reason, Wei Xi can bear with it a little longer.

Give her the best.

The man did not go any further, Ling Zhen’s eyes were moist, opened his misty eyes, and pulled out a greasy grunt from his nose: “Huh?”

Wei Xi pulled up her clothes and took the person into her arms: “Go to sleep.”

Ling Zhen also tasted the sweetness just now, but there was no objection.

The light in the bedroom was off, and it was pitch black and quiet. She was held by Wei Xi and closed her eyes obediently.

But I still feel almost something.

so close.

After a long time, the little girl in her arms didn’t fall asleep, and she arched twice like a kitten.

Wei Xi opened her eyes and asked in a low voice, “Can’t sleep?”

Ling Zhen gave a slimy “um”, then hugged him tightly, and said softly, “Wei Xi…”

Wei Xi: “Huh?”

Ling Zhen raised his face: “You kiss me.”

She is a little greedy.

Just a kiss, she sleeps obediently.

A chuckling sounded in his ears, and the man’s warm snort approached: “I can act like a baby like this.”

Ling Zhen closed his eyes and did not answer.

After two seconds, the flap of his lips was gently bitten, and he was tossed for a moment.

“Have you been good?” he asked in a low voice, indulged in disgrace.

The little girl seemed to have stolen the candy from the jar, licked her mouth with satisfaction, and curled up in his arms.

“Good night.”

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