GSBVH: Ch 93

There was an autumn rain in City A, and then the weather became very cold.

When the deep winter arrives, Qingxi’s most important film project of the season has finally been completed.

But there is no relaxed atmosphere in the company.

No one has seen Mr. Wei for a long time. That man occasionally comes to the company to deal with recent affairs, and then disappears again. Most of Qing Xi’s affairs were handed over by Zhao Yan, and only he could see Wei Xi regularly.

The last time Mr. Wei appeared, it happened to snow in City A.

Manager Liu happened to run into him when he came out of the office, and was so startled that he couldn’t speak for a while.

Mr. Wei has lost a lot of weight.

In the deep winter world, a man wears a thin black coat, and the clear snow melts on the woolen cloth.

He was already a very cold person. At this time, his whole person was thinner and his eye sockets were deeper, making his dark eyes so dark that he could not see the bottom. The black short hair grew longer, and he pressed his eyebrows slightly messy, revealing a cold white face with no expression.

On the surface, it seems that he has just become more silent than before.

But it’s clear… Everywhere is different.

Wei Xilai is an important decision for the company to handle the next quarter. He did not talk nonsense during his work, was very efficient, and did not even take off his coat at the end.

Only Zhao Yan and him are in the office. Zhao Yan put away the file, hesitated again and again, and still asked: “Mr. Wei, sister-in-law…”

Only a handful of people knew about Ling Zhen’s evaporation, and Zhao Yan was one of them.

This matter can’t be explained, so it can’t be solved. Zhao Yan learned the news only a few days later, and he had no idea how Wei Xi spent the first few days.

No, even now, he doesn’t know how Wei Xi lives.

He looked normal, like a hard shell. Only at the moment when Ling Zhen was mentioned, a seam was gently broken.

But that was only a moment, Wei Xi paused for a second, and then hid all his emotions.

He said: “I am leaving City A for a while recently.”

Zhao Yan swallowed the trace of sadness and asked, “Where to go?”

Wei Xi didn’t say much, got up and walked out: “I will check information and email regularly, so don’t worry.”

Zhao Yan: “Hey—”

The man’s thin back disappeared into the elevator, and at a certain moment, there was even a sense of depression.

The one he loved has disappeared for four months.

Zhao Yan almost didn’t cry when he thought of this.

Wei Xi drove home.

Get off the car, go up the stairs, to the floor of the house, there is no one in the corridor.

He just stopped.

The window at the end of the corridor was opened, and the cold wind of winter passed through the hall. It was extremely cold and took away all the body temperature of the person.

Wei Xi was motionless and didn’t want to go home.

For a moment, he thought, let him freeze to death here.

In another world, maybe they can still meet.

The man stood for a long time, until he was cold and numb before finally moving. He walked over slowly, opened the door, and closed it.

The empty house scared him.

He found an address in Ling Zhen’s mailbox, and he will leave for a look there tomorrow. Don’t hold any hope, just let yourself have something to do.

Things related to her.

Wei Xi didn’t turn on the light. He walked slowly in the dark room. Suddenly, a winter thunder flashed across the night sky outside the window.

In the room, the man’s whole body suddenly tightened.

In the darkness, a line was drawn from his jaw line, his hands squeezed into fists, and a ray of light flashed in his black eyes.

He thought he had learned not to hope, but the moment he slowly turned around, he still wanted that person to appear there.

But, it didn’t.

The boundless darkness seems to be able to swallow people without his light.

It took a long time for Wei Xi to lower her eyes and slowly sat down on the chair, covering his heart.

The moment Ling Zhen held the book, there was a feeling of grasping the straw.

The memories under the confinement began to surge, rushing towards the confinement, but still could not be exported.

Ling Zhen knew that she had found the right one—but she still needed a key!

She quickly sat upright and turned from the first page of the novel. The two names that appeared the most in the first few pages were Shen Yanchu and Jian Wenyi.

The story is nothing new. It describes how Shen Yanchu worked hard to become a heart-wrenching male protagonist in the show business, and how Jian Wenyi knew each other and fell in love with him.

Ling Zhen didn’t have the patience to watch their love story, turning pages quickly, becoming more and more anxious in his heart, until–

She saw her name!

Ling Zhen’s heart moved, something was ready to come out, but there was still a layer of yarn.

She saw how crazily obsessed with the male protagonist her name was, how she spared no effort to show goodwill to the male protagonist, and did a lot of weird things, but the ban was not shaken at all.

Ling Zhen became more and more anxious.

The vague memory was in desperate need to find an exit, and she almost turned the pages of the book. She knew what she was looking for, a very important thing that evokes all her memories—

Ling Zhen hurriedly turned a few pages down, and then suddenly stopped and turned back abruptly.

Then, in the corner of this page, she saw those two words——

“Wei Xi”.

Ling Zhen was startled. The heart curled up, and the pain was real and intense.

Almost instantly, the indestructible ban fell off.

She found her key.

… She found her Wei Xi.

The memory overflowed violently from under the prohibition, like a torrent, with all the hot and vivid details, packed her whole soul——

That man once took a needle and helped her sew her clothes stitch by stitch.

She also crossed the city and appeared beside her on the night when she was wronged and sad.

He once accompanied her on the red carpet, once accompanied her on shows, and once gave her all kinds of novel lives.

He also blackened out of control, and once bowed his head to admit his mistakes. I once kissed her and hugged her, and I surrendered to her.

At first he said, “Bad people love you.”

Later he said, “We will even be together in death.”

That is her Wei Xi.

She almost lost him in the corner of her memory. Fortunately, she asked her master to come back. The life of Yunyu Mountain is pure white, and there is only a little color in the world. By his side, it is colorful.

Ling Zhen gradually couldn’t see the handwriting on the pages of the book clearly, and when he raised his hand, he realized that he was in tears.

The pain in the heart is clearer, and it seems to be more painful than being crushed by the divine consciousness. She remembered that she hadn’t even finished talking before she left, and that Wei Xi was kept by her just like that. Is he okay now? Will he eat well? Can he sleep peacefully?

Ling Zhen curled up, tears rolling down drop by drop.

She turned to the back of the book with teary eyes and found Wei Xi’s final ending:

“Later, no one saw that violent and gloomy man again. He seemed to have never existed before.”

Ling Zhen tore off that page.

Later… that violent and gloomy man will have a woman next to them, and they will always be in each other’s lives, together supporting the lives of mortals.

A warm yellow light slowly rose from the pages of the book, slowly covering her body.

Ling Zhen remembered that it was the same scene when she wore a book for the first time——

However, at this moment, the master’s voice suddenly came from her ears.

“Have you thought about it?”

Her every move here was within the realm of Lingxu’s divine consciousness, and the ban was broken in an instant, which really surprised him.

If she returns to mortal dust, she is truly as mortal. Those decades of Taoism were nothing but a snap for real people, and it was not a pity. What’s more, she is a natural spirit body of Yunyu Mountain. After the birth, old age, sickness and death of Xiaoqianjie, the soul will still return.

However, as far as the gods are concerned, the seven emotions and six desires are intolerable. She is willing to live with mortals, but it makes people hate them.

The real person Lingxu pinched the light in the book, and suddenly asked, “Is Hong Chen really that good?”

Ling Zhen could hear that Master Zu let her go.

After forcibly recalling the soul, banning her mortal memory, even coercion and coercion did not work, finally let her go.

Although Zhenren Lingxu was harsh, he actually loved her when she was raised up.

Ling Zhen thought, after being well-behaved for so many years, then she will be willful this time.

From now on, her worries were completely let go. Don’t be afraid to leave suddenly, and don’t worry about strange roads. Wei Xi’s life is entrusted to her, and she finally has a life that can be given to him.

“The disciple is not filial,” Ling Zhen said softly, “come to serve the master in the next life.”

Real Man Lingxu snorted coldly.

The little fairy was gradually shrouded in the warmer light, her outline blurred, but the corners of her lips rose a little.

“Master, Hong Chen is not so good.”

The mortal world is indeed barren, and it is also full of dirty human nature, with all kinds of inexplicable malice, which makes her sad.

Hong Chen is not so good.

…But he has.

Ling Zhen thought to himself: He is better than Hong Chen.

Ling Zhen was submerged in that light, and his consciousness floated up and down.

Obviously in terms of time, she left not long ago, but she seemed to spend a lifetime thinking of him.

Miss him so much.

Want to land at home immediately and get into his arms.

Tell him I’m sorry, waited a long time, your little fairy will never leave again.

I still wanted to sit on his lap and tell him about the sea of ​​clouds in Yunyu Mountain and the slips in the Shizu Tibetan Scripture Pavilion.

The light gradually dissipated, and when Ling Zhen opened his eyes again, he was full of hope.

She slowly adjusted to the light, then looked around.

——It’s really at home!

Ling Zhen’s nose was sore, he almost cried out with his lips.

But she didn’t care about crying at this time, and ran into the room with her shoes on.

She missed Wei Xi so much.

Ling Zhen didn’t know what time it was, she ran to the door of the room and slammed the door open——


The pink bed has not changed, and the sheets are flat, as if no one has ever slept.

Ling Zhen was stunned, then ran to his room, and then looked at the study and bathroom, but there was nothing.

She realized that it was cold at home and the windows were wide open. The wind that came in seemed to freeze people. It was no longer the season when she was away.

And their home, it seems that no one has lived in it for a long time.

Ling Zhen returned to the living room, holding her thinly-clothed arm, and then raised her hand and rubbed her eyes.

Where is Wei Xi?

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