GSBVH: Ch 94

Ling Zhen took a moment to calm down.

Then her first reaction was to find her mobile phone. It wasn’t in the living room, so she went to Wei Xi’s room to look for it, but she didn’t find it, and then ran to her room, there was none.

Ling Zhen finally found Wei Xi’s computer, turned it on, and finally saw the date and time in the lower right corner of the screen.

Then she was stunned.

When Ling Zhen left, it was her master, a sky thunder, who called her back. At that time, the competition had just ended and it hadn’t come out in September. And now, the new year has passed, and the time is already in February of the new year.

She left, five months…

Ling Zhen stared at the date for a long time, her heart tightening little by little, and the pain made her feel difficult to breathe.

She knew that the flow of time between the heavens and the mortal world was different. But she did not expect that it would take so long and so long to go home.

Ling Zhen thought blankly, Wei Xi was thrown here by her… for five months.

How does he spend every day?

Has he been waiting for her?

Will he or he wait for her?

Will he not want her anymore…

Ling Zhen’s vision began to blur, and her nose twitched twice. Comparing heart to heart, if she was left here silently by Wei Xi for five months, she would be very angry and angry.

So will Wei Xi.

So now, he is no longer at home.

Ling Zhen curled her lips to cry, but felt that it was not the time to cry. She raised her hand to wipe away the wetness in her eyes, moved her fingers, and searched the web for information about herself and Wei Xi. I have been away for so long and I don’t know if there is any report on the Internet.

But unexpectedly, there are not only reports on the Internet, but it is simply overwhelming.

…Overwhelmingly, it’s all news of her divorce from Wei Xi.

[In the entertainment circle, this pair of CP gets the coolest! Fans: Thunderbolt! 】

[Little fairy Ling Zhen hasn’t shown up for a long time, and her husband Wei Xi is in and out of the community alone, suspected of a marriage change? ! 】

[“Treasure” the couple has not been in the same frame for more than a hundred days, and the divorce rumors are suspected to be true? ! 】

At the beginning of the broadcast of “Food Companion”, their cp became popular across the country, and they have always been in the top three in the cp super talk rankings, and they have always attracted attention. But two months after the show was finished, the two people who had been knocking on sugar had never been in the same frame. Ling Zhen has not appeared in public for nearly half a year since she won the National Dance Competition. Some media speculated that she might be seriously ill in training.

Yu Ji occasionally photographed Wei Xi’s whereabouts, always alone, with a cold expression on his face. Although he is still handsome, life seems to be unsatisfactory.

Ling Zhen saw photos taken by the paparazzi outside the Qingxi Building on the website.

In the middle of winter, there are dead trees along the road. Wei Xi’s coat is very thin, her face is cold and white, and her expression is cold and indifferent.

It was like the first time she saw him.

Ling Zhen endured a sore nose, opened Weibo again, and found the super words of the “cherish” couple. Click in, there are still updates in the super chat, and the latest comment is only a few minutes ago.

There is a popular post that has been posted for more than three months.

[@真玺的你: Because I know you will wait for each other, so I am waiting for you. May everything be well, everything goes well, and love forever. 】

The picture is a few out-of-circle screenshots of her and Wei Xi in the show. The girl is innocent and carefree, and the man guards her with gentle eyes.

Under the comment, someone punches in the top post every day, from a few months ago until now.

“Is my cp in the same frame today? No, but it doesn’t matter.”

“Do I still believe in love today? Well, I still believe.”

Ling Zhen pressed his lips and almost cried out directly.

She was wronged, but she felt even more distressed.

Missing was more intense in her heart, as if she couldn’t wait for a moment, and wanted to see Wei Xi.

Ling Zhen bit the tip of his tongue and tried to suppress all emotions. Then she went to find a thick coat to put on, hurried out and took a taxi to Qingxi.

Qingxi 17th floor.

Zhao Yangang sent three messages to the mobile phone, but still did not reply. He put down the phone and sighed.

For more than a month, he had been able to receive replies from the opposite side on a regular basis.

But since last week, Wei Xi suddenly lost contact.

Zhao Yan didn’t want to think about bad things, but when I saw Mr. Wei several times before, his state was obviously not quite right.

Said it was mourning, but Wei Xi was not a sunny and positive person in the first place, and his negative nature was natural. But since his sister-in-law has evaporated, even if he still does not make mistakes in handling the work, it is inexplicably like… a soulless shell.

Depression is deadly.

When Zhao Yan first met him, this man felt negative and world-weary. After marrying my sister-in-law, I slowly began to look like a normal person. But now, the man who saved him has disappeared.

Zhao Yan was worried and worried that Wei Xi suddenly couldn’t think about it.

But Mr. Wei is now a social celebrity, and he can’t clearly report to the police station that he is missing. I had no choice but to find someone to say hello at the airport and station, and as soon as there was news about Wei Xi, I immediately notified him.

In addition, he was really helpless.

Zhao Yan sat in the office and rubbed his face: He is too difficult…

At this moment, someone knocked on the door of the office.

Zhao Yan spoke tiredly: “Come in.”

The assistant pushed the door in, with a hint of surprise on his face: “Zhao, Mr. Zhao!”

“what’s happenin?”

The assistant opened the door a bit wider, letting the people behind him: “Ling – ah no, sister-in-law! Sister-in-law is here!”

General Wei has been in a downturn for too long, and their entire company almost believes that their marriage has broken down. But unexpectedly, Ling Zhen, who had disappeared from the entire network for almost half a year, suddenly appeared in the Qingxi Building today!

Zhao Yan suddenly got up.

When he saw the person behind him, a big man almost burst into tears: “Sister-in-law!!!”

“You are finally back!!”

Ling Zhen didn’t care about the surprised eyes of the people around him, and had been looking around since joining the company. When she saw Zhao Yan, she was too late to greet her, and the first sentence she said was: “Where is Wei Xi?”

The assistant closed the door of the office, Zhao Yan finally managed to stabilize his excitement, and he became tired again when he heard this sentence. He wiped his face, and said with difficulty: “Sister-in-law, I… I have lost contact with Mr. Wei.”

Ling Zhen was startled.

Zhao Yan actually has something to ask, such as sister-in-law where have you been? Is it really a serious illness? If you are sick, you can’t just leave without a sound, do you know Mr. Wei…

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But when he met Ling Zhen’s clear eyes in astonishment, he suddenly couldn’t ask. He explained: “Mr. Wei has left City A for a month, and he has been replying to news regularly before, but he hasn’t responded to any letters since last week.”

Ling Zhen clenched his hands under the table into a fist, tried to calm himself down, raised his eyes and asked, “Where did he leave City A?”

Zhao Yan said: “I also asked someone to find out this later. Mr. Wei went to the southwestern region, the xx province, got off the plane and transferred to the train, and ended up in a small city, so I couldn’t find it.”

Ling Zhen’s eyes widened.

Zhao Yan didn’t know, but she knew—that was the address Wen Zichu sent her!

Wei Xi went there…I wanted to find her. Because for him, that may be the only clue.

But among the vast mountains, rivers and trees, where can I find her?

Ling Zhen thought of Wei Xi alone, wandering in such a remote and desolate place, but he could not get any results at all. Her eyes were red in an instant.

Wei Xi broke the news because he was disappointed?

He finally realized that he couldn’t find her, so did he finally give up?

In the original book, Wei Xi completed his revenge, and disappeared in the book just like that.

But at this moment, Ling Zhen suddenly understood.

In the real world, where can people with hot flesh disappear for no reason?

…It’s just that the value of living is finally gone, so I can finally end my life with my own hands.

Ling Zhen shuddered and stood up abruptly.

She borrowed Zhao Yan’s spare cell phone, then turned around, went downstairs to take a taxi, and went straight to the airport.

In the taxi, she checked the flight information. The earliest flight to xx province took off at 11 pm and landed at 3 am. Ling Zhen had no time to care and booked the tickets quickly. Entering the airport lobby, she found a place alone and sat down and waited.

Ling Zhen forced herself not to think about it. He sat for a long time in a muddle-headed manner, without even feeling hungry.

Finally it was the check-in time, she was the first to change the boarding pass, and then went through the security check.

Outside the transparent glass windows of the airport, the night has fallen heavily, and the iron guy on the tarmac is silent and cold. Ling Zhen walked towards the boarding gate alone, and suddenly couldn’t help crying.

She didn’t know what she would do if something happened to Wei Xi.

Ling Zhen finally realized the feeling of being left behind, and within a few hours, she was already on the verge of collapse.

Wei Xi has persisted for five months.

Ling Zhen took a breath and survived the pain in his heart. Looking up, there are still tens of meters away from the boarding gate.

But at this moment, the phone in his pocket suddenly rang.

Ling Zhen took it out, it was Zhao Yan. As soon as she connected, the other party’s anxious but happy voice came out——

“Sister-in-law, come back soon!”

“Mr. Wei, my brother Xi! He, he, he, he is back!”

Wei Xi got off the train, completely cold.

He is usually a spotless person with shirt cuffs, but at this time, the man’s black coat is dusty, like a traveler in the wind and rain.

Everything is the same in City A, and there are still thousands of lights at night.

And he was even more depressed than when he left.

Wei Xi didn’t want to lose contact, but when he came down from a mountain, it happened to be heavy rain. He walked back in the rain indifferently, the mountain road was slippery, he accidentally rolled down, and his phone broke.

But he didn’t care.

Nothing is worth paying attention to.

Nothing has been discovered for more than a month, and even Shanhe laughed at his self-defeating ability.

The world is damn wide, and he is just a damn mortal.

Wei Xi returned home in silence. The house is still cold and there is not a trace of popularity. Wei Xi did not go back to the room, put down her backpack, and then sat down slowly in the living room.

Moonlight filled the living room, and the silent figure of the man was a cold sculpture.

The world is quiet.

It was as empty as if he was the only one left.

Wei Xi slowly began to wonder…Why is he still alive?

He couldn’t get out of his depression every minute and every second, and the darkness dragged him down like a swamp that followed like a shadow.

It’s better to go to sleep if you don’t want to be awake.

Wei Xi stayed quiet for a long time, then bent down, looking for something in her bag.

At the same moment, Zhao Yan was almost bombarding his WeChat and text messages.

“Mr. Wei, have you returned to City A?!?”

“Since it’s okay, can I take a look at the phone, I’m kneeling for you!!”

“Brother Xi! Brother! Father! Don’t do stupid things!”

“Hold on, my sister-in-law will be home soon!!!”

But Wei Xi didn’t know.

He flipped his white and slender fingers and found a bottle of sleeping pills. The transparent vial is half empty.

Wei Xi unscrewed the bottle cap and poured three out.

Then, with a tired and indifferent expression, he poured out half of the bottle.

There was no hot water in the house, so Wei Xi put a pill on the tip of her tongue and swallowed it raw.

Then he picked up the second one.

Then the third one–

At this moment, the door of the house was slammed open!

Wei Xi’s fingers paused for a second, then put the third sleeping pill in her mouth and swallowed it down.

He doesn’t care if someone comes in to rob, even if he steals in front of him, he won’t move. Wei Xi even hoped that disaster would happen and the world would be destroyed in this second, so that he could end passively.

However, there is no thief, and there is no disaster.

He swallowed three sleeping pills and looked up–

Saw his little girl.

Ling Zhen came over.

Her whole body was shaking, her body was full of cold, and her eyes were red. She walked through the city in the middle of the night and had never been so eager in her life.

She didn’t dare to be even one second late.

Finally, she opened the door and rushed into the living room. She saw the man.

Ling Zhen gasped, and stared at him for a long time.

Wei Xi did not respond.

He was distinguishing between true and false, and even a cold voice in his subconscious mocked him:

——Look, you are really dying and you have hallucinations.

Ling Zhen’s nose was sore and sore, he lowered his eyes and saw the sleeping pills scattered on the table, full of half a bottle.

She finally broke down completely, tears falling like beans.

The little girl raised her hand to wipe her tears, and the more she wiped her tears, the more tears she shed.

“Sorry for being late, ooh—”

“But you, do you want me, Wei Xi? Uuuuu…”

Her voice was lively and real, and Wei Xi’s whole body suddenly tightened.

He just came to hug her, but Ling Zhen broke down and couldn’t bear it.

She finally ignored it, walked over and threw herself in his arms.

The familiar sweet fragrance rushed into his nose, and Wei Xi’s whole body cells were activated in an instant.

He almost instinctively stretched out his hand and held the person in his arms tightly—

It’s real and warm, she.

Hold it.

Ling Zhen hugged his neck and cried too fiercely: “I’m sorry, I’m back, you, you, don’t be angry.”

“You don’t want me, oh oh I will always be…”

“Wei Xi, Wei Xi, Wei Xi, I miss you so much, do you want to leave me behind…”

The man didn’t speak for a long time.

He felt that as soon as he opened his mouth, he could spit out blood.

But Ling Zhen hugged him and cried so hard that he choked so hard that he couldn’t even get angry.

The nightmare finally woke up, the illusion was broken, and the cold self-deprecation in my heart died down. Wei Xi hugged her, took a few deep breaths, and finally opened her mouth, her voice as rough as sandpaper.

“No…” He said, “Don’t leave you… I only eat three.”

Ling Zhen was still whimpering—three sleeping pills would be a lot.

Wei Xi touched her hair.

“Because I think you will come back, so I have to wait.”

Ling Zhen twitched and hid his face in his collar, tears slowly bleeding through.

She has never been so sad in her life.

I’m so sad that I’m dying.

Wei Xi felt that he was finally alive.

He kissed away the tears on her cheek and said softly, “I wanted to wait for you.”

“So, dare not die.”

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