GSBVH: Ch 92

Ling Zhen had a long, long sleep. When you open your eyes, you see a plain white color. The curb of the bed curtain is very delicate, with a little tassel hanging down and fluttering gently. Ling Zhen stared at him for a long time with his eyes open, then rolled over and rubbed againstContinue reading “GSBVH: Ch 92”

GSBVH: Ch 91

Probably no one does not like to listen to love. Especially, when a man who is abstinent and indifferent, he understates and speaks solemnly love words, it is really…it makes people feel as drunk as drunk. The carriage was shaking slightly, and Ling Zhen was pressed by Wei Xi in her arms, with her chinContinue reading “GSBVH: Ch 91”

GSBVH: Ch 90

…Wen Zichu is dead? Ling Zhen’s first reaction is that it won’t. For the gods, death is an impossible thing, and she denied it subconsciously. But in the next second, she reacted again, Wen Zichu is now a mortal body, it is indeed possible to die. …But, but, how could it be? Everyone is judgingContinue reading “GSBVH: Ch 90”

GSBVH: Ch 89

When Wei Xi walked in, Ling Xuan had just rushed towards Ling Zhen who was ignorant. Like a vicious slow motion. Both the heart and breathing stopped suddenly, and at that moment, a violent panic enveloped him like a balloon. The cold-hearted man does not believe in gods and Buddhas…but within a thousandth of aContinue reading “GSBVH: Ch 89”

GSBVH: Ch 88

Ling Xuan hid in the toilet, looking at the slender white stick in her hand, two red bars were clearly reflected on it. Her expression changed from dazed to ecstasy little by little. –bingo! She was actually hit! Since climbing to Wang Yuan, she has disconnected from the previous man. In the past two months, sheContinue reading “GSBVH: Ch 88”

GSBVH: Ch 87

Before you know it, “Mate of Food” has been broadcast to the last episode. The program group has maintained excellent and superb editing capabilities throughout the season. The cute highlights of each issue are in place, and the rhythm is well controlled. It is relaxed and leisurely but not procrastinated. Not only did a pair ofContinue reading “GSBVH: Ch 87”

GSBVH: Ch 86

“Wei Xi assisted the police in handling the case?!” In Yuanda’s office, the assistant repeated the information he had just learned to Wang Yuan. After all, she knew that Mr. Wang’s biggest enemy was Mr. Wei of Qingxi, and he paid close attention to the slightest turmoil, not to mention such a big event that wasContinue reading “GSBVH: Ch 86”

GSBVH: Ch 85

She explored ignorantly, and walked into that door. Wei Xi’s skin is very white, but not pale, and the firm texture is smooth and beautiful. Ling Zhen watched, cautiously kissed him on the chest. The temperature of his skin, the smell of his body, and the hands holding her all made her feel at ease. SheContinue reading “GSBVH: Ch 85”

GSBVH: Ch 84

Ling Zhen searched all the way, but did not see Wei Xi. Back at the intersection just now, Wei Xi’s car was also gone. He ran away. Ling Zhen stood there and rubbed his eyes uncomfortably. She can almost guess the whole story. Wei Xi’s father obviously knew her and knew their current situation. He might useContinue reading “GSBVH: Ch 84”

GSBVH: Ch 83

The next day, Wei Xi had breakfast with Ling Zhen before leaving. Ling Zhen obediently drank the hot milk in the glass. Wei Xi had already walked to the hallway. When she looked back, she was holding the cup with her shoulders shrunk. Her apricot eyes were slightly round, which was so obedient. So he walkedContinue reading “GSBVH: Ch 83”