GSBVH: Ch 85

She explored ignorantly, and walked into that door.

Wei Xi’s skin is very white, but not pale, and the firm texture is smooth and beautiful. Ling Zhen watched, cautiously kissed him on the chest.

The temperature of his skin, the smell of his body, and the hands holding her all made her feel at ease.

She thought, then…she could give him what he wanted.

In this way, this man can feel a little more secure.

The buttons were untied, and the man’s abdominal muscles were tight, forming a distinct block.

Ling Zhen worked very hard, but he had too little experience. She has no idea about what happened before and after “undressing”. Just the process of unbuttoning the buttons one by one, her face was already too hot.

There was nothing she could do here, and she stayed for a second, so she stretched out her hand to hug the man’s neck, put her chin on his chest, and looked up at him, her eyes frankly and shyly: “No way.”

Wei Xi lowered her eyes, her pupils were dark, as if a mountain rain was coming.

A bit fierce, a bit cruel, but it’s obviously different from daytime.

Mother Wei was right, he had to bear her to his bones.

Ling Zhen pursed his lips and said softly, “I’m ready.”

Although I don’t know what I will face.

However, just give him what he wants.

After she finished speaking, Wei Xi was completely suppressed.

“…You said.” The man’s voice was dumb.

Next, there were crazy kisses and unconscious touches. When Ling Zhen recovered, she had been taken to Wei Xi’s room and pressed on the black bed sheet. The clothes on her body have long since disappeared.

The courage of “Ready” was slightly shaken from the moment when she lost her protection. She wanted to block it, but it was impossible.

Wei Xi’s upper body was bare, and her cold white skin showed a slight warmth, and there was a translucent red.

The man looked down at all the details of her.

The little girl was comforting him. And he really needs her softheartedness.

Wei Xi finally leaned to her ear and asked bitingly, “Are you ready?”

Ling Zhen covered his eyes and responded softly.

Then, in the next hour, she deeply understood how profound her misunderstanding of “ready” was.

Getting ready is not just about the psychological level.

Yes, it is physiological QAQ

At 3:30 in the morning, Ling Zhen cried so much that his entire face was soaked.

“Oh, no more…”

She was crying so fiercely, Wei Xi’s forehead blue veins stretched out, sweat dripping down, she still stopped alive.

The little girl couldn’t stand the pain at all, and she was so young that she couldn’t go on at all. Wei Xi took a deep breath, got out of bed and got a piece of paper to wipe her tears away.

Ling Zhen choked and asked, “Is there no other way.”

too frightening.

Wei Xi took another deep breath, and after a long time, he whispered, “Yes.”

after an hour.

Ling Zhen cried more fiercely.

“Are you lying to me…”

The man put his arms around her, coaxing mutely: “Good.”

“Grasp well.”

The next day, when Ling Zhen woke up, he stared at the ceiling lamp, not knowing where he was for a long time.

It wasn’t until she moved and realized all kinds of strange and unfamiliar feelings in her body that the memories of last night flooded.

She was wrong, she was really wrong.

She didn’t deserve to say that she was ready, she didn’t deserve it at all.

The mood is complicated and subtle.

Shy, annoyed, sorry, intimacy, emotions are like a thin thread, intertwined.

The touch of certain parts of the body and the skin-to-skin are completely strange and novel to her. In fact, an hour before last night…very comfortable. However, she originally thought that this kind of fluttering comfort would last forever, but she was still too ignorant.

Ling Zhen quietly lifted the corner of the quilt, took a look at himself, and quickly covered it.

After arriving last night, she had no consciousness, but vaguely remembered that she was still naked. Now she is wearing a dress well, did Wei Xi wear it for her?

Ling Zhen blushed a little, and after a while, he moved his shoulders and turned over as quietly as possible.

Wei Xi lay beside her with her eyes closed.

Ling Zhen rarely saw him being so quiet and harmless, and couldn’t help lying on the bed, staring at him.

Wei Xi is really good-looking.

His brow bones are high, his eyebrows are naturally sloppy, his closed eyes are a long and narrow line, and his eyelashes fall down. The line from the root of the mountain to the bridge of his nose is straight and straight, and his lips are thin and beautiful in shape. At this time, the black hair rested loosely on his forehead, his sturdy shoulders and neck exposed, and the whole person was tired and sexy.

Ling Zhen watched for a long time, as if attracted, raised his hand and gently touched his eyes.

After touching it twice, he suddenly met a pair of dark eyes.

Ling Zhen stayed for a while.

What to do if someone is secretly caught by the master on the spot!

Wei Xi looked at her quietly and said, “What are you doing?”

Ling Zhen licked his lips and confessed honestly: “Look at you beautiful.”

Wei Xi stared at her.

After two seconds, he put out his arm around her waist: “Such energy, continue?”

Ling Zhen hurriedly shrank up: “I haven’t slept enough yet.”

She knew that Wei Xi had let her go yesterday, but even then, it took a long, long time, and, besides, he was also cool.

Wei Xi didn’t really do anything, but just hugged people over.

The quilt slid down, and she stretched out her hand, and Ling Zhen suddenly caught a glimpse of red.

She was startled, and suddenly sat up, took Wei Xi’s wrist, and met her eyes.

His knuckles were broken several times. They were left yesterday. They were beaten too hard. I didn’t know what was going on in the knuckles, and a piece of flesh was removed, revealing new pink flesh inside.

Ling Zhen has been delicate and tender since she was a child, and she has never suffered such an injury. A pair of wet apricot eyes looked at it for a while, and asked carefully: “Does it hurt?”

Wei Xi lay on her side and raised her eyes slightly, and she could clearly see the distress in the girl’s eyes.

She took him in her heart.

Wei Xi didn’t think so in the past, he felt unworthy. After yesterday, this kind of self-rejection was even worse.

But he didn’t expect that Ling Zhen would wait for him at home.

Then came over, hugged him, and gave himself to him.

Her small warm body is like a gentle sea. He is surrounded by sea water, ups and downs, and feels the peace and quiet that he has never had before.

Ling Zhen gave him the right he desires bit by bit, telling him that you can.

Wei Xi is accustomed to pain, and when he is used to pain, his pain nerves are beginning to be dulled for self-preservation.

He had forgotten the wound on his hand long ago.

But at this moment, in Ling Zhen’s soft eyes, the pain that was paralyzed and forgotten began to become clear. Together with the pain of all the wounds in the past life, they are all alive together.

Because she will care and feel bad.

So Wei Xi looked at her and said softly, “It hurts.”

Ling Zhen held his hand, not knowing what to do.

If she had spiritual power, she could still heal the wound, but she was even weak now, she was just a mortal. She doesn’t even know how to dress up wounds as shown on TV.

Ling Zhen was a little panicked: “So it hurts, let’s go to the hospital? Let the doctor deal with it-will such a big wound leave scars?”

Wei Xi’s hands are also good-looking, but scars are bad.

She was serious, and immediately raised his arm: “Go now.”

Wei Xi couldn’t help but smile, sat up, took her into her arms, her injured hand fell on her dark soft hair.

Ling Zhen still thought about going to the hospital, struggling twice: “What are you doing!”

“Don’t move,” Wei Xi smiled, “just hold on for a while, really.”

Ling really was getting angry, he also said before that it would be good to hug!

“Do you regard me as a panacea!” She poked his waist with anger.

“I have iodine and erythromycin at home, so you don’t need to go to the hospital,” Wei Xi kissed the top of her hair, “don’t worry.”

Ling Zhen didn’t know what it was, but it sounded very advanced and useful, so she was a little relieved and gently raised her hand to touch his back: “Oh.”

Then she found that after the intimacy, there would be a slight change in her mood.

For example, I actually like Wei Xi to hug her like this. And when she was held by him, she had an inexplicable sweet and greasy emotion in her heart, and she subconsciously wanted to rub him.

It’s really strange.

Wei Xi was brushing her hair with her fingers. After a while, Ling Zhen suddenly remembered something and raised her eyes: “My mother called me yesterday. She is so worried.”

“Well,” Wei Xi lowered her eyes, “tell her later.”

Ling Zhen nodded: “I am also very worried. If you have such a thing in the future, don’t hide it from me.”

Wei Xi: “Good.”

After a while, he called her “Ling Zhen.”


Wei Xi said, “Move over to sleep.”

Ling Zhen’s calm heart was disrupted again by the words that belonged to the adult’s invitation, and there were some shameful images in his mind.

Sleeping together, it’s hard to be like this all day long, every day!

She covered her face and crawled out of bed grumbledly: “I’ll go to wash first…”

Wei Xi called her behind her back: “My room has a bathroom.”

Ling Zhen ran away: “You can use it!”

Splashing her face with cold water, she became a little awake, then washed her face and brushed her teeth, went back to the room for skin care, changed clothes and put on.

Yesterday was very messy, I didn’t even bother to look at the phone, and only then did I see a lot of unread messages.

I opened them one by one, and when they reached the middle, there was one piece that was sent by Wen Zichu.

He sent Ling Zhen a position, still in the southwest, which seemed to be a mountainous area.

Then the WeChat content is: “This one hundred and twenty miles in Shanxi, or you can answer with the sky. Come or not?”

In just a few words, the amount of information is very large.

Ling Zhen looked down several times before taking a breath and moving his fingers slightly.

At this time, Wei Xi’s voice came from outside the room.

“Do you want oatmeal or strawberry for the milk?”

Ling Zhen raised his head: “I want strawberries!”

Then she lowered her head again and typed a few words seriously.

“I won’t go.”

Then she put down the phone, walked out of the room, and found Wei Xi in the kitchen.

The man is warming her with strawberry milk, lowering his head, pulling a nice line from the back of the neck to the waist.

Ling Zhen walked over and raised his face, “I have a lot of things.”

Wei Xi raised her eyebrows slightly: “?”

“Those bottles and cans will be very messy when they are moved to your house,” Ling Zhen said. “I often leave them around and forget to cover them.”

Wei Xi stopped moving and turned her face to look down at her.

Ling Zhen went on to say, “And I don’t like black sheets.”

Wei Xi smiled slightly and asked, “Then what do you like.”

The little girl was very confident: “I want a pink one.”

Wei Xi curled the corners of her lips and kissed the tip of her nose.

“Okay,” he said softly, “for you to change the little bear.”

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