GSBVH: Ch 86

“Wei Xi assisted the police in handling the case?!”

In Yuanda’s office, the assistant repeated the information he had just learned to Wang Yuan. After all, she knew that Mr. Wang’s biggest enemy was Mr. Wei of Qingxi, and he paid close attention to the slightest turmoil, not to mention such a big event that was enough to make it to the social news page.

After listening, Wang Yuan frowned, “Destroy the stronghold of drug addicts in City A? Is the surname Wei such a righteous person?”

Isn’t he the type who wouldn’t save someone who died before his eyes? ?

The assistant pushed his glasses, and hesitated: “I also learned some information, but I’m not sure about the accuracy.”

Wang Yuan raised his hand: “Say.”

“Among the gamblers and addicts who gathered in that small factory at the time, it seemed that there was also Mr. Wei’s… father.”

Wang Yuan suddenly raised his head, his eyes brightened: “His father?!”

The assistant nodded: “Yes, this is a piece of news that a media friend of mine revealed to me, and it didn’t spread.”

Wang Yuan seems to have discovered something extraordinary-Wei Xi actually has a drug-addicted father? !

It felt like a big stain suddenly appeared on the white wall with no cracks, and Wang Yuan almost wanted to laugh. What does he do to assist the police, do you righteously destroy relatives?

The assistant only knows this, but can’t ask more. But after all she brought good news. Wang Yuan didn’t criticize him and waved her hand to let her go down.

Then, he used a lot of relationships, inquired about in the city council, spent a lot of money, and finally learned more inside stories-that day, after Wei Xi caught his father, he almost killed his life!

What’s more, according to a policeman on the scene, Wei Xi’s father said at the time that he was almost cut off by his son ten years ago!

Wang Yuan was shocked. He thought Wei Xi just didn’t look like a normal human being. He didn’t expect that he was really a lunatic! Even his own father can get to death, it’s just a perverted violent mania!

Wang Yuan feels that his time and money are too worthwhile! He has been at a disadvantage for so many years, and this time he finally grasped Wei Xi’s handle, so he could raise his eyebrows in front of him once.

When he took a woman to drink in the evening, he couldn’t help but talk to Ling Xuan when he was excited.

Although this woman still tried to control him from time to time, she did serve him well in life, and Wang Yuan didn’t even think about it for a while.

And this Ling Xuan can satisfy his male self-esteem. For example, now, she is holding her face in her hands and looking at him in admiration: “Oh my God! That Wei Xi is really a pervert, I think he is far worse than Brother Yuan!”

Wang Yuan’s body is comfortable: “I think so.”

Ling Xuan was so excited. She also didn’t expect Wei Xi to be like this!

After the broadcast of “Food Companion”, there were countless envious women on the Internet overnight.

Because even though Wei Xi looks cold and uncomfortable, he is the kind of man that almost all women yearn for deep in their hearts-to be terribly indifferent to others, and only good to his own wife.

Even after Ling Xuan met her sister’s husband for the first time, she was moved by her heart and wanted to hook up.

But-what is it like to be a violent man who can beat his own father to death behind his back?

Ling Xuan couldn’t help but sympathize with Ling Zhen, maybe those are all set by the company? What kind of life is in their private life?

With her red lips bent, she leaned over to Wang Yuan’s side, and said, “Brother Yuan, you’ll never treat me that way, won’t you?”

Wang Yuan glanced at her and thought to himself, always a fart?

He stretched out his hand and rubbed it twice on the woman, and hummed twice.

The intelligence this time is definitely not bought in vain. Several important items for the next quarter have not been negotiated, and no surprises there will be a battle between Yuanda and Qingxi.

At this time, let him grasp this kind of information, he must make good use of it…

Wei Yuanlin’s verdict will not be known until a few months later, and his situation is more complicated than imagined.

He turned out to be more than just an ordinary drug addict. This person has been involved in drug trafficking many times during the years when he was in the south, and he has matched countless drug transactions. There is even a code name such as “Uncle Scar”. This time I was arrested in City A, and a lot of people and things were pulled out behind the scenes. The judgment was very time-consuming.

Ling Zhen quietly asked a lawyer to find out that if the circumstances are serious like him, he has at least a fixed-term imprisonment of at least seven years. Year-round drug abuse is inherently destructive, and compulsory detoxification will cost half of his life. Wei Yuanlin is afraid that he will stay in prison until the end of his life.

Ling Zhen was vicious, thinking that he really deserved it.

And Wei Xi was finally free from the influence of her father’s generation.

He didn’t care whether Wei Yuanlin was alive or dead, because this decayed body could no longer bring him any influence. It was his little girl who gave him confidence and protected him.

This is a working day. Wei Xi finished the work in the office, checked the time, and prepared to leave.

At this time, the glass door of the office was knocked, Zhao Yan pushed the door and walked in, frowning rarely.

“Mr. Wei, I just heard from my friend that Wang Yuan’s goods actually went to the city bureau to inquire about this!”

Wei Xi raised her eyebrows slightly.

“Why is his news so good? Fans are not as active as him,” Zhao Yan said with a speechless expression. “With his personality, I don’t know if he will get a little moth.”

Wei Xi didn’t care much about this person, and nodded after hearing that she knew she knew, then grabbed the car key from the desk and walked around behind the desk.

“Go home?” Zhao Yan asked: “So early?”


Zhao Yan walked out with him, and asked casually: “It’s still before the meal, why are you going back?”

Wei Xi glanced over from the tip of her eye, condescendingly: “Life as a husband and wife.”

Zhao Yan: “…”

Row! !

I eat! This dog food can’t even eat other CP powder! !

The single dog returned to his office with a complex and relieved expression. Wei Xi took the elevator down to the garage and drove home.

The pink bear bed sheet he bought has been washed and dried.

You should be able to make your bed today.

Ling Zhen’s moving over was not an instant action, she was using her own things to fill up every corner of his room bit by bit.

Originally, Wei Xi’s room was minimalist and cool, the bed sheets were deep black, the table was pure white, and the carpet was also a cool and steady gray industrial style.

And now, the first thing that began to betrayed was the curtain. The original thick linen blackout curtains were changed to light pink with star holes, and the light from the outside looked like small stars on the whole side.

There were only a few books on the table, but now there are girls’ cosmetics and skin care products, and bottles and jars are filled with large acrylic storage racks. Next to the shelf is her snack box. She turned over in a hurry in the morning and dropped a candy on the table.

Her little bunny slippers were also brought to this room, lying on the bedside tenderly.

Those little things full of life, the autumn wind sweeps the fallen leaves, changing everything.

Wei Xi actually belongs to a person with a strong sense of territory. He has a fixed paradigm in his territory. The colors, shapes, and positions all exist in the form he is familiar with. This has continued for many years.

But now, the real things invaded his space bit by bit, but the brain’s nerves fed back pleasant emotions.

That is a kind of psychology that is close to surrender.

Let her occupy herself, let her do whatever she wants.

Ling Zhen has been preparing for the competition recently and returned from the dance troupe as usual.

After entering the house, she habitually unpacked her bag and walked to her room. Two seconds later, she opened the door and walked out.

Wei Xi leaned against the door of her room, waiting for her with her arms in her arms.

Ling Zhen came over obediently: “I’m going to take a bath.”

The washing and care items have been changed from the bathroom outside to the bathroom of Wei Xi’s room, and she can be regarded as using this to force herself to adapt to the new lifestyle.

-Husband and wife life.

Eat together, live together, sleep together, face each other day and night.

Although she has been in a variety show for couples and lovers, she really has no experience in this, and she needs to get used to it.

In fact, she really likes to see her own stuff occupying Wei Xi’s territory, and even deliberately asks him to change into star curtains that are completely inconsistent with his temperament, as well as pink bear bed sheets.

Oh—the new sheets and quilt were picked by Wei Xi, super cute, and Ling Zhen was very satisfied. He also did the cleaning and drying. Ling Zhen simply doubted whether Wei Xi liked this style in the first place, but he was embarrassed to talk about it.

The summer shower was quick, Ling Zhen washed, put on her night skirt, and walked out with a towel on her head.

Wei Xi has changed the sheets.

The original black and cool big bed was completely transformed into a pink and lovely princess bed. Ling Zhen felt wronged for some reason.

Wei Xi was sitting by the bed and looking at the phone. When she came out, he put the phone on the bedside table and raised his eyes and called her: “Come here.”

Ling Zhen clutched the towel and passed by. Wei Xi took the towel away. He stood up and wiped her hair slowly.

The shower gel is orange blossom, with borneol and mint, and smells refreshing and cool.

Ling Zhen was trapped in his arms, with wet hair hanging down in front of her face. Wei Xi moved very lightly and would not pull her.

Behind the man was a big pink bed with a big round bear head in the middle of the bed. She reached out and grabbed Wei Xi’s hem, and asked with a chuckle, “Do you like the new sheets?”

Wei Xi was very calm: “You like it.”

What he wants is for someone to lie on his bed, and the sheets do not matter.

Ling Zhen hid under her hair and towel, stealing amusement, then coughed twice, and said solemnly, “Then other things should be matched, right?”

Wei Xi: “Yes.”

Ling Zhen said, “That pillowcase also needs it.”

“it is good.”

“There are also tablecloths!”

Wei Xi pressed her little head through the towel, “Do you want a towel?”

Under her hand, she giggled.

Wei Xi curled her lips silently.

The little girl is spoiled and spoiled. Jiao De Ren wanted to hold everything in front of her.

Ling Zhen remembered that a long time ago, she had made three chapters with Wei Xi, and he was not allowed to hug her or take her to his room. But Wei Xi did everything that was not allowed, and she was not unhappy.

Not only did he enter his room, but he also made a big change, like a proud and arrogant dove, occupying other people’s territory.

Good bad good bad.

But Ling Zhen thought, he was used to it.

The hair was dried, Wei Xi removed the towel and combed her hair to the back, revealing a smooth forehead and a small plain face.

He bowed his head and kissed her on her faintly tidal forehead: “I can change anything, I will buy what I want.”

The tone is conniving as always.

Ling Zhen smiled so that his eyes were crooked, stretched out his hands to embrace his narrow waist, and raised his face: “Wei Xi.”

The man lowered his eyes.

“In fact, you are also suitable for pink.” Ling Zhen said.

Wei Xi raised her eyebrows lightly.

Ling Zhen hugged him, stood on tiptoe, and kissed him on his chin “Boom”: “Because you are so sweet, so sweet.”

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