GSBVH: Ch 87

Before you know it, “Mate of Food” has been broadcast to the last episode.

The program group has maintained excellent and superb editing capabilities throughout the season. The cute highlights of each issue are in place, and the rhythm is well controlled. It is relaxed and leisurely but not procrastinated. Not only did a pair of celebrity amateur CPs explode, but it also triggered several waves of hot topics on the entire network, which has steadily supported the reputation.

So at the end of the summer, when the last episode of “Food Room Companion” was broadcast, countless viewers expressed strong reluctance and squatted in front of the TV on Friday night-of course, the two CP fans were the most popular. .

Since that incident, the two families have been well and won’t give each other a wink, and have been peaceful until the last episode.

When Ling Zhen was busy in front of him, there were few episodes in time to watch. But when Xing Li said that she and Wei Xi’s cp super talk were in the top three of the cp total list, she still felt very surprised.

After all, it was the last episode, and she didn’t want to miss it, so that day she also brought Wei Xi to wait for the show.

A new change in the life of a couple is… before watching TV, they were all in the living room together, but now the location has changed. There is also a TV in Wei Xi’s room, but he has never used it before. Now that you live in a room, you don’t need to go to the living room anymore.

It’s really cool to watch TV while lying down, but…something else will develop when you lie down.

Well, something else.

The last episode was mainly about going up the mountain to prepare for the bonfire party that day. Just when Wei Xi calmly said “I like her more” on TV, Ling was really caught in his arms and gasped.

The whole network is bursting, cherish the cp fans collectively lose their minds, the Weibo real-time square is full of “ahhhhhh” yells.

The Lord himself is doing more practical things.

“…We,” Ling Zhen’s eyes were foggy, and his face flushed, “we, aren’t we watching the show.”

Since the last time, the simple kiss has gone bad, and she was rubbed in his arms like a poor dough.

Wei Xi’s fingers gently rubbed along the arc, and a thin kiss fell: “I’m watching.”

Ling Zhen’s spine was trembling, and he didn’t have the strength to refute him.

But she whimpered in her heart: Where did you watch TV whimper.

You, what you see clearly is… QAQ

In fact, after passing that limit, Ling Zhen didn’t dislike the straightforward contact anymore. Even some of the subtle pleasure brought by the touch made the little fairy who had no knowledge of human affairs at the beginning of the period have such a hint of…the taste of the marrow.

But the light was so bright, the man’s eyes were dark and his face was calm, but his men didn’t know what they were doing. She felt too ashamed and shrank her face under the quilt.

Ling Zhen was so embarrassed that his shoulders were pierced, and he thought dazedly, Mortal Chen is indeed too easy for people to indulge, no wonder the gods in the past have not wanted to go back when they descended from the earth.

On TV, the performance at the bonfire party reached the last group of guests, Wei Xi played the accompaniment, and Ling Zhen sang.

The ethereal and graceful voice quality was not dragged down by the later stage. When she opened her mouth, it was like a clear spring gurgling by, and like a breeze gently rolling across the tree tops, sweeping across the quiet small mountain village, and finishing the season gently.

Then, the whole network exploded again.

This time, they directly put #凌真唱# on the hot search.

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, sure enough fairies can sing and dance! ! ! 】

[Baby makes my mother so proud! ! 】

[I say that no one has objections to the artist ceiling, right? ! Ah, ah, listen to me! ! ! 】

But Ling Zhen didn’t know what was being said on the Internet.

On the TV, the narrator was reading the conclusion in a warm voice: “Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, return to the mountains and paddy fields, the ten-day romantic journey allows them to know each other more deeply, understand life, understand what a couple is, and understand what a husband and wife are…”

Wei Xi leaned over, kissed Lingzhen’s wet and red eyes, and said dumbly, “Do you understand it.”

Ling Zhen lost his eyes: “What?”

The man smiled softly and hooked her waist to lift him up.

“…What is a husband and wife.”

The most upscale hidden club in the center of A.

Wang Yuan walked out of the club with a red face, sent two middle-aged people into the car, and stuffed two boxes of gold leaves into the car, then walked to the side of his sports car and drove into the co-driver with a smug look on his face.

He just got out of the bar and couldn’t drive. Ling Xuan was called to come to drive. As soon as he saw him like this, she immediately stretched out her hand and squeezed her shoulders to Wang Yuan: “Brother Yuan, it’s hard work.”

Wang Yuan was enjoying the caring of a woman, his alcohol was on his head, and his mood was relaxed. He couldn’t help but said to Ling Xuan: “Wei Xi is going to fall into my hands this time.”

When Ling Xuan heard this, her eyes flashed towards him: “Brother Yuan is really amazing! What’s the matter?”

Wang Yuan felt that women didn’t understand business matters, but couldn’t stand her admiration, and finally managed to win in front of Wei Xi once, so he spoke to Ling Xuan in a hurry.

To put it simply, Qingxi’s most important project this quarter is a red movie. It is a cooperation with the government and radio and television, and the box office is guaranteed by the state, which has basically been negotiated. But in the sensitive period, with sensitive subjects, just hitting the stuff that Wei Xi had before, Wang Yuan took a lot of effort and invited two leaders of the Broadcasting and Television to make the matter more and more jealous.

It’s not about how much it has to do with Wei Xi personally, but after all, this kind of cooperation values ​​fame and reputation. After listening to it, the leader really hesitated. After a meal, he drank and said he wanted to reconsider.

Once he succeeded in cutting Hu, the large amount of investment in Qingxi’s early stage was basically invalidated. Moreover, as far as Wang Yuan knows, a large amount of their capital flow is now covered in another project, and the deployment is messy, and the capital cannot be turned around at all. Then several major projects in the last quarter of this year are all in Yuanda’s pockets. Of things. And he can bankrupt this competitor if he is a little bit cruel.

Wang Yuan’s nostrils were up to the sky, he had never been so proud in his life, even looking at Ling Xuan’s face that was always almost interesting was pleasing to the eye a lot.

Ling Xuan praised him from head to toe, flattering him to the sky.

Excited light flashed in her eyes: Who would have thought that she was so lucky? ! Wei Xi, whom she could not afford to climb, is now just a defeated opponent under Wang Yuan’s hands-when Qing Xi is really bankrupt, will Ling Zhen still be stubborn in front of her? ?

The only question now is how to hold this man firmly.

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Ling Xuan gently touched Wang Yuan’s arm and moved her chest up, “Brother Yuan, I congratulate you…”

Wang Yuan was already drunk, and the two soon started messing around in the car. Ling Xuan’s eyes were clear in the shaking, and she was calculating the days of the safety period in her mind.

… She must grasp something to her body!

On the other side, Wei Xi was sitting in the office, just after receiving a call from the radio and television leader.

Zhao Yan was also on the side of the public release. After listening, he couldn’t help but cursed: “Wang Yuan, this sb!”

It’s obvious that you just couldn’t fight, and a big man is doing these sorrows behind his back. Isn’t he ashamed of himself? ?

Wei Xi’s expression was calm from beginning to end, and she even heard a trace of boredom at the end, pinching a pen with her slender fingers, spinning around to play.

Zhao Yan originally thought the matter was a bit serious. Seeing that he was so indifferent, he calmed down and asked, “Mr. Wei, what’s going on?”

The black pen body flew around between the cold white fingers, reflecting the cold light of the ceiling lamp. Wei Xi spoke and asked a seemingly irrelevant question: “Do you remember the finance that left the company the year before.”

Zhao Yan was stunned for a moment, and then remembered: “The one surnamed Sun?-Didn’t you let Yuanda poach it away!”

“Well,” Wei Xi nodded, “He did a good job over there.”

Zhao Yan pinned the meaning of the words, and suddenly showed a horrified expression: “Fuck, isn’t it??”

Wei Xi put down the pen, with a dull expression: “The double salary has been paid for two years, and the cost can be recovered.”

Zhao Yan simply thought about it with extreme horror. He seemed to finally understand why Yuanda is a very strong company, but Wei Xi has never really paid attention to it. Because indeed…no! need! want! When Sun Finance resigned, Qingxi had internal rumours that he had taken away many internal secrets, but now it turns out that it is the opposite—all the routine of the boss! It’s been several years since I was buried in silence! !

He was immediately fortunate that he had been firm and loyal to those who had encountered corner digging for so many years, and he was right to follow Wei Xi! He should have embraced his thighs in this industry!

“Then we next…?”

Wei Xi said indifferently: “Compared with violent madness, tax evasion should be more serious.”

Ling Zhen had never understood Wei Xi’s work, but when she left the dance troupe this afternoon, she was suddenly stopped by Ling Xuan’s car.

Last time, she asked her boyfriend to drive a luxury car to send it away, but this time she didn’t call Wang Yuan, and came here by herself in a red sports car. After she got the news from Wang Yuan yesterday, she couldn’t wait to know Lingzhen’s reaction.

Ling Zhen said hello politely.

Ling Xuan got out of the car and carried her crocodile leather bag, walked over, tilted her head and took off her sunglasses, her red lips curled up: “I come to the dance troupe every day, aren’t you tired?”

Ling Zhen: “I’m not tired, I like it.”

“I understand,” Ling Xuan looked like a confidant sister. “Even if you are tired, you have to bear it. After all, it’s a job and you can earn money.”

Ling Zhen: “?”

When Ling Xuan saw her like this, she knew that she still didn’t know, and she immediately said with sympathy: “You don’t know what’s going on with your husband’s company, right?”

Ling Zhen gave her a serious look, “What’s the matter?”

Ling Xuan was secretly refreshed. She wanted to hold back her smile, but the corners of her eyes and mouth couldn’t stop rising: “Hey, it’s not that serious, don’t worry-it’s just that the capital cannot be turned around, and it may be bankrupt. “

Ling Zhen frowned, did Wei Xi’s company have a problem?

Ling Xuan showed pity: “Don’t worry-even if you go bankrupt, Mr. Wei must have savings. Even if your assets are mortgaged or something, can you still make money? Oh, two people live frugally, and you can always live your life. Go on!”

Ling Zhen didn’t care about the gloating of her words, she was just thinking that there was something wrong with the company, and Wei Xi didn’t tell her.

Good temper.

Ling Xuan talked about it for a long time, but Ling Zhen didn’t respond at all. She didn’t care either, she thought Ling Zhen had been hit too much-after all, she didn’t make a movie now, so what kind of money could she make just by dancing? It will be difficult to live a luxurious life in the future.

She covered her mouth and smiled: “Our head Wang is actually not such a cruel person. When that happens, I will tell him that he will be able to open the Internet. Don’t be sad, where are you going, I will send you off. ?”

Ling Xuan’s goal was achieved, she already wanted to withdraw, but she was casually polite.

Surprisingly, Ling Zhen nodded and opened her car door: “You have work, take me to Qingxi.”

Ling Xuan: “?”

But fortunately, Ling Xuan thought to herself, maybe it was a big quarrel between husband and wife in the past, and it would be very interesting to think about it.

After half an hour, Ling Zhen got out of the car and walked into Qingxi’s building.

She walked all the way through the lobby, greeted several employees, then entered the elevator and went directly to the 17th floor.

The atmosphere in the company is quite normal. Everyone is busy with their own affairs, and there is no tension due to the company’s crisis.

Ling Zhen sighed and walked out of the elevator.

In the office, when the conversation had just ended, Zhao Yan patted Sun Finance on the shoulder: “You really have you.

Finance smiled: “No hard work, my basic salary will almost catch up with you.”

Zhao Yan: “…”

But solving the problem is always a happy thing. Zhao Yan got up with his finances and glanced at Wei Xi: “Mr. Wei, do you want to open a bottle together?”

Wei Xi looked down at her watch: “No, go home for dinner.”

Zhao Yan was trying to say something when suddenly, the office door was knocked gently.

Wei Xi: “Come in.”

The door was gently pushed open, revealing a head behind it, carefully asking: “Are you busy?”

There are not only Wei Xi and Zhao Yan in the office, but also someone Ling Zhen has never met. The atmosphere seems a bit solemn.

Ling Zhen thought to himself, what to do, it seems to be very serious.

Wei Xi said, “I’m not busy, come.”

The other two had stayed under Wei Xi’s hands, and immediately heard their own redundancy from these three words. Zhao Yan smiled and said: “Sister-in-law, come in, let’s go when we have finished talking!”

Ling Zhen came out from behind the door and walked towards Wei Xi’s desk in small steps.

Wei Xi raised her eyes and motioned for her to come around behind the table.

Ling Zhen passed by obediently and asked, “Something has happened to the company? Is it serious?”

Wei Xi raised her eyebrows.

Where did she hear it? It’s not serious, it’s just a little trouble, and it’s basically solved.

But Wei Xi looked at her wrinkled little face with worry, turned a corner when she reached her mouth, and nodded, “Well, it’s serious.”

Zhao Yanmen hadn’t closed Yanshi yet, he almost shook his hand when he heard it.

——Who is the big tail wolf lying to! ! !

Ling Zhen bulged her cheeks and said, “Why don’t you tell me.”

She said that there is something to tell her. Even if he doesn’t understand these business matters, she can share some pressure on him.

Wei Xi took her hand and squeezed: “It just happened, I will tell you now.”

Ling was really happy, and then shook his arms, “I heard Ling Xuan say… Is Qing Xi going bankrupt?”

Wei Xi: “…”

He did not expect that the rumors the little girl had heard had been crooked to this extent.

But Ling Zhen said in the next sentence: “But don’t be afraid, I’m quite rich.”

On the way she came, she did a lot of calculations. Her large income was for filming TV dramas and variety shows, and she hadn’t spent much of it. There were still millions in her bank card.

A smile appeared in Wei Xi’s black eyes, got up from the leather chair, removed the documents on the desk, and then hugged Ling Zhen to the desk with her arms fixed on the sides of her legs.

This is the company, Ling Zhen is afraid that someone will come in, so shy that he wants to jump off.

Wei Xi held down the person, kissed her twice on her lips, and smiled softly, “Give me your money?”

Ling Zhen shook his calf and blinked his eyes: “I can raise you.”

Wei Xi’s eyes deepened with a smile: “Really?”

Ling Zhen nodded seriously: “As long as you don’t mess around, I can afford it.”

Wei Xi lowered her eyes, separated the little girl’s legs, put her arm against her waist, kissed deeply for a while, and asked, “Is this a mess.”

Doing this kind of thing in the office, or on his desk, feels extraordinarily shameful. Ling Zhen’s heartbeat speeded up and her apricot eyes were dim. It took a few seconds before she recovered. He whispered, “No.”

Wei Xi stepped back and raised her eyebrows.

Ling Zhen said, “I thought it didn’t cost money.”

Wei Xi couldn’t help but laughed out loud.

He couldn’t think of whether there would be anyone cuter than her in this world.

Ling Zhen’s drooping shoes sharpened his trousers, and said, “I mean luxury cars, famous watches, and those. I may not be able to afford them, but I can afford you as a person.”

Wei Xi hugged her and asked, “Does the gold master have any requirements for me.”

Ling Zhen pursed her lips in secret, “You have to be obedient, and if you don’t have a job, you have to do housework at home.”

From now on, Wei Xi will become the one she raised, and she must listen to her.

Ling Zhen thought so, but he felt quite cool. The little queen stretched out her hand, put her arm around his waist, and raised her face in a huff: “Any problem?”

Wei Xi chuckled lightly.

The pleasure of surrender swept across the nerve endings again. The man held her on the back of the head and kissed her shining eyes.

“No problem.”

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