GSBVH: Ch 88

Ling Xuan hid in the toilet, looking at the slender white stick in her hand, two red bars were clearly reflected on it.

Her expression changed from dazed to ecstasy little by little.

–bingo! She was actually hit!

Since climbing to Wang Yuan, she has disconnected from the previous man. In the past two months, she has only had relations with Wang Yuan, and the child must be his!

Ling Xuan put on her clothes, raised her head, and looked at herself in the bathroom mirror.

Because of the chaotic days of the past year, her face has actually lost its previous state. The long-term staying up night clubbing has aggravated her eye-tail lines and nasolabial lines, which must be covered by makeup. She was originally older than Ling Zhen, and her best years are left in the past few years.

Fortunately, she met Wang Yuan! And now, she has a new backing!

Ling Xuan smiled triumphantly in the mirror. As long as she catches the man Wang Yuan and acts as a good helper when he is in full bloom, she can live the life she wants!

She tidyed up her silk nightdress, revealing a looming career line, draped curly hair, and walked out of the bathroom.

This is Wang Yuan’s residence in City A. Ling Xuan has lived here recently. Wang Yuan has come here recently except for going home. Ling Xuan was not in a hurry to tell Wang Yuan that she was pregnant, she wanted to make this man inseparable from her step by step, and then choose a suitable time to tell him!

At this time, Wang Yuan was lying on the big bed with his upper body naked, calling his friend: “I will be at the Chunyue Tower tomorrow. I will treat you. If you don’t come, you will lose face!”

“What’s the happy event! It’s been a long time, everyone gather together–“

“Mr. Wei? Which Mr. Wei?-Oh, you say Wei Xi, it’s called, anyway, I’m not bad for a treat. Well, then you go call it!…”

Ling Xuan lay gently beside him, rubbing Wang Yuan’s arm. After the man hung up the phone, she said softly, “Brother Yuan, when your project is completed, do you want to go out and relax?”

“Relieve?” Wang Yuan put his arms around her and thought for a while, “It’s okay.”

He is so young and all his good time is wasted on work. It is time to reward himself!

Ling Xuan leaned on him and said happily: “Then, shall we go to Europe?”

She consciously used the word “we”, but Wang Yuan didn’t respond, and turned over and pressed it up, and the two quickly rolled together.

For the two of them, one felt that he was young and promising, and the other felt that he had seized the happiness of the second half of his life. After indulging in pleasure, it was a night dream.

Early the next morning, they were awakened by a sharp ringing–

Wang Yuan rolled over and pushed the person next to him impatiently: “Answer the phone.”

Ling Xuan had to open her eyes and crossed Wang Yuan to pick up the phone he had placed on the bedside: “Hello?”

The opposite side was quiet, and then asked: “Is it Mr. Wang Yuan from Yuanda Investment?”

When Ling Xuan heard that it was Wang Yuan’s business partner, she immediately softened her voice, expressing a knowledgeable temperament: “Yes, who are you? What can I do with Mr. Wang?”

The opposite is calm: “We are from the tax bureau, please call Mr. Wang Yuan.”

Ling Xuan was stunned. She realized that something was wrong, and hurriedly pushed Wang Yuan: “Brother Yuan, Brother Yuan, answer the phone!”

Wang Yuan scolded “trash” very irritably, and then took it up impatiently: “Hey, who?”

But after a minute, the impatience on his face disappeared cleanly, and sweat began to drip from his forehead.

“…Please cooperate with our investigation, thank you!”

When he hung up, Wang Yuan was already sweating profusely.

Ling Xuan leaned over: “Brother Yuan…”

Wang Yuan pushed her away, and Ling Xuan was unprepared and was almost pushed out of bed by him.


Wang Yuan yelled: “Fuck Wei Xi! I’m a yin guy!”

Although the bankruptcy date is uncertain, Ling Zhen is very serious about taking care of Mr. Wei.

Because of this, she has become more careful about spending money these days. I haven’t paid much attention to it before. Although she is not interested in luxury goods and the like, after living with Wei Xi, the quality of life seems to have always been quite high, and the food is also very expensive. Ling Zhen secretly calculated their average monthly living expenses, which was higher than expected.

It’s not easy to keep the CEO.

The little fairy takes it as her own responsibility to support the family, with a heavy sense of responsibility on her shoulders, waiting for the day when bankruptcy arrives.

But she waited for several days, and the wind was calm and there was not even a splash of water.

In the middle, she went to Qingxi twice, and the whole company was still alive and there was no sign of panic.

Ling Zhen was very strange.

Wei Xi clearly said it was serious.

She is not looking forward to the bankruptcy of Qingxi, but just to make sure that if nothing happens, then the little skirt she was fond of can be bought by QAQ.

After thinking about it, Ling Zhen sent a text message to his nominal sister for the first time.

[Then what, is Qing Xi still bankrupt? ]

Ling Zhen was really asking questions sincerely. Because after all this was what Ling Xuan told her, she should know a little bit more information than she did.

But on the other side, when Ling Xuan received this text message, she felt that her face was slapped severely.

——Is she laughing at me? ?

Ling Xuan never expected that Wang Yuan was not as good as he bragged, let alone bankrupt Qing Xi, but Wei Xi had brought out economic and administrative responsibilities, and he might even bear criminal responsibility!

But she has come this far, and there is a seed in her belly, it is too bad to give up Wang Yuan! After all, he is also a rich second-generation, even if the company is engaged in pornography, the family is still rich. On the contrary, being by Wang Yuan’s side at this kind of moment can better show that she is unique in her love and righteousness.

Ling Xuan made up her mind, then lowered her head and saw Ling Zhen’s text message again, her heart suddenly choked.

Why doesn’t Ling Zhen need to think about this? Why is her husband so good, she can easily get everything she wants?

Ling Xuan’s face was jealous for a second, and then she deleted the text message fiercely.

Ling Zhen didn’t receive a reply all day, so she had to ask the Lord Master as a last resort.

Although Wei Xi hasn’t gone bankrupt, she is still doing housework. After dinner, he took the bowl to the kitchen to wash, and Ling Zhen stood by the wall and stared at him.

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The man’s shirt sleeves were rolled up, he put the bowl on the shelf, and looked up: “What?”

Ling Zhen asked slowly, “When will I support you?”

Wei Xi paused, then the corner of her lips twitched, her black eyes were stained with a smile: “Remember?”

Ling Zhen probably knew by looking at his expression that things must be settled by him.

Although there is a little sense of accomplishment and lost the opportunity to enslave him, of course it is best if the company is fine.

She exhaled and blinked her eyes: “Then I can buy a skirt.”

Wei Xi raised her eyebrows.

Ling Zhen touched his head embarrassedly: “It’s a bit expensive, I didn’t dare buy it before.”

Wei Xi looked at her and sighed softly: “Come here.”

Ling Zhen passed over obediently.

The man’s finger was cold, and he nodded on her forehead: “I keep you, and you can buy as much as you want.”

Ling Zhen raised his hand and rubbed the water mark on his forehead: “Oh.”

Then… Then she can buy two!

Yuanda’s tax review has appeared on the social page of the newspaper in City A. The banquet at the Chunyue Tower, which Wei Xi rejected, was ultimately unsuccessful.

Wang Yuan encountered the biggest Waterloo in his career, and this Waterloo was still caused by Wei Xi!

He couldn’t settle the balance himself, so he had to bow his head to help find a relationship with his family. He didn’t even dare to see his friends for a week. The frustration and aggrieved were extremely frustrated, and no one was pleasing to his eyes. But when he returned to his residence, a woman leaned forward to bother him.

Seeing him coming back, Ling Xuan leaned in and asked Nuan, “Brother Yuan, how is the situation?”

When Wang Yuan saw her face, he thought of Ling Zhen naturally, and then thought of Wei Xi naturally, and suddenly he didn’t beat him up: “Not so much!”

Ling Xuan smirked: “I will pour you a glass of water? To calm down.”

Wang Yuan didn’t want to calm down at all, he just wanted this face to disappear from his eyes. He waved his hand irritably: “This house will be taken away by my dad then, so you should pack up and move out!”

Ling Xuan was stunned. She didn’t expect Wang Yuan to turn his face when he said that he turned his face! I originally thought of using pregnancy as a trump card, but now I have to play it in advance: “Brother Yuan, I am pregnant with your child.”

Who knows that Wang Yuan didn’t respond at all: “Who the hell knows who it is, maybe it was your former godfather!”

Ling Xuan’s whole body is like falling into an ice cave: “I have only you in the past few months!”

Wang Yuan sneered: “If you come from that kind of place, don’t play this set!”

Ling Xuan was a little panicked, and rushed to hug him: “You believe me, the child is really yours! I want to give birth to him for you!”

Wang Yuan was so annoyed that he pushed her away: “Who the hell wants your seed! I tell you the truth, when I took you away, I just saw you look a bit like that female celebrity! It’s just for fun, it’s serious. There are hundreds of thousands of things to take from Lao Tzu, take it and get out!”

Ling Xuan was pushed to the ground, her mentality really collapsed.

Wang Yuan is a scumbag, she recognizes it, but she never dreamed that she thought she was finally waiting for her early days, but it was just because she looked like Lingzhen? !

But obviously Ling Zhen is her younger sister, if she looks like Ling Zhen looks like her too! Why? ! People who were inferior to her in everything when she was a child are now better than her in everything! Even the dad planted in her belly likes Lingzhen’s face!

Ling Xuan sat slumped on the ground, her lower abdomen aching, her expression seemed crazy and smiled.

Ling Zhen didn’t know what happened to Ling Xuan.

The days are still going on. It just happened to be the day when she usually visited Wei’s mother, so she went to the hospital.

Ling Zhen entered the gate of the hospital. Wei Xi called. He was about to come from the company, saying that he had reached the door, and asked her if she wanted to eat egg waffles outside.

Ling Zhen walked slowly towards the top of the stairs and pondered: “Forget it, mom can’t eat sweets. Let’s buy them when we go out.”

Wei Xi smiled over there, “Wait for me, come right away.”

Ling Zhen stopped obediently, “Okay, I’ll be waiting for you here on the stairs.”

When Ling Xuan took the medicine bill and walked to the lobby on the first floor, what she saw was such a scene.

When she fell, her lower body was bleeding, and her mood was frustrated, so the doctor recommended to stay in bed for observation. She was now wearing a hospital gown and her face was withered.

And her younger sister, wearing a cute and playful little peach-heart skirt, is a well-known big brand’s new season, with a little girly charm in her girly sense. Her skin condition is also very good, fair and supple, and her face is covered with collagen, looking like a young girl who has just grown up.

The most dazzling thing is that the smile on her face carries a kind of unconscious happiness.

It seems that there is no trouble, no need to worry, someone can always love her and protect her.

Ling Xuan stared at her back, thinking about why.

Past events came to mind one by one, from the time when Ling Zhen was beaten in the face at the dance party, to Wei Xi’s contempt and insult to her, she was all counted on Ling Zhen. Even the life in her stomach was not recognized, she blamed Ling Zhen.

Ling Xuan’s eyes were red, staring at Ling Zhen’s back, step by step close.

Why does she have everything? Why is she so happy? ?

Blame her for losing her audition qualification for “Fairy Questions”! Decreased to be the third blame for the married man! Blame her for being pregnant with this child who shouldn’t show up! Blame her for everything!

Let her sister die!

Ling Xuan lost her mind, rushed towards Ling Zhen, and stretched out her hand——

Ling Zhen originally leaned on the railing at the top of the stairs, looking at the mobile phone and waiting for Wei Xi. There were a dozen steps down in front of him.

She didn’t hear the footsteps behind her at first, reminding her that it was the Lingzhu that suddenly heated up between the collarbone.

At that moment, she could feel that the Lingzhu had finally been consumed to the end, reminding her of something at the last moment.

So Ling Zhen almost instinctively tilted her body, and just at this moment, she pushed her hands heavily, and she could rub her back–it was pushed away!

Ling Zhen’s body was still swayed in the air, and quickly grabbed the handrail.

Between the lightning and the fire, the person who pushed her lost his focus, and the whole person flew toward the steps, and rolled directly down the stairs!

The whole hospital lobby was in an uproar–

Ling Zhen was so scared that he couldn’t make a sound. Looking at the person lying motionless under the stairs, his toes moved: “It seems, yes…”

She was stiff all over, and just about to move forward a little, there was a sudden force behind her.

Then, she was dragged into the man’s arms.

Someone screamed downstairs to save people.

Ling Zhen smelled a familiar smell, knew that it was Wei Xi, and finally settled down. Then, suddenly from the messy voice, I heard a rapid gasp in my ear.

After a cry, there was no way to structure it.

His heartbeat was also fast, pounding his chest hard.

Ling Zhen had never seen Wei Xi like this before, and her heart was sour and soft for a while.

“…Ling Zhen,” Wei Xi said with a dumb voice, “Ling Zhen.”

“Yeah.” She answered sadly.

Then raised his hand, hugged him, and patted him on the back: “Wei Xi, are you scared?”

His emotions were too late to converge, and panic and fear did not need to be translated, and they were passed straight to her eyes.

It took a long time for Wei Xi to speak.


Scared to death.

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