GSBVH: Ch 89

When Wei Xi walked in, Ling Xuan had just rushed towards Ling Zhen who was ignorant.

Like a vicious slow motion.

Both the heart and breathing stopped suddenly, and at that moment, a violent panic enveloped him like a balloon.

The cold-hearted man does not believe in gods and Buddhas…but within a thousandth of a second, he actually prayed to God in his heart.

… Fortunately, fortunately.

Wei Xi hugged the person tightly into her arms, and the warm and soft touch was real. With a slight tremor, her breath swept across his neck, bringing the heart back to life.

There was noisy surroundings, but he didn’t move, so he hugged him tightly for a long time.

Ling Zhen was relieved in his arms. After the anger and fear were tossing, she went down again. She hugged Wei Xi and felt so sad.

Wei Xi is a very stable and powerful man.

But she scared him.

Afraid of her injury, fear of her having an accident, fear of him too late to take care of her.

Wei Xi said many times that she was not allowed to leave, but this was the first time that she clearly and deeply realized that this person could not lose her.

This terrible, darkening villain… This man who loves her and loves her, he needs her.

What about her?

After the life spirit ball on the collarbone was hot, it finally cooled down completely, and the real Su Chen opened the door to the fairy.

Ling Zhen hid in Wei Xi’s arms and rubbed his head. After being panicked and sorrowful, his thinking suddenly became clear.

When she came here, she wanted to go back. But now, the fetters can’t be let go. She had seen how important she was in Wei Xi’s heart, how she would shake her hand and leave him alone in this world in pain.

Ling is really a soul who gathers spirits. He was born under the seat of the master, and grew into a simple and carefree little girl. The senior brother and sister told her that they were born like this, even if they were born again, they would still gather spirits and return to their place.

Then… after having tasted the joy of mortal dust, why can’t she live like a mortal in the past few decades.

The fairy world is clear and bright, full of spiritual energy, and is a good place for practice.

But… There is Wei Xi in the world.

If you are with him in this short time, it will be colorful.

Because that’s the person she likes.

Ling Zhen held Wei Xi and rubbed his head against his neck.

“Wei Xi, don’t be afraid,” she said, “I’m here, I’m not leaving.”

Wei Xi hugged her tightly, and when she raised her head again, the breath of her body was already suppressed.

“It’s okay?” He lowered his eyes.

Ling Zhen raised his face and nodded quickly: “I’m fine!”

Wei Xi looked at her whole body carefully, then averted her gaze and swept her gaze downwards, her black eyes were so cold that there was no warmth.

Ling Zhen followed and saw the medical staff lift the unconscious Ling Xuan away. Her appearance looked very bad, with blood on her head, face, and body. When she lifted her up, her limbs were limp, and she seemed to have been thrown away. broken.

Ling Zhen subconsciously leaned in Wei Xi’s arms, feeling afraid for a while.

If it was a little later, she would be the one who fell like that.

Ling Xuan was like this suddenly, she just had a vague guess, but after all, she didn’t know what this sister was thinking in her heart. She just suddenly remembered that in the original book, Ling Xuan indirectly pissed her off by informing Wei’s mother, and was finally retaliated by Wei Xi, which was also a disability.

And she could have escaped this ending, but in the end she took the blame, harmed others and herself, and paid the price she should have paid.

On that day, because many people witnessed Ling Xuan’s suspicion of intentionally hurting others, the police came to the hospital to investigate. Ling Zhen cooperated to make a transcript. Because he didn’t want to disturb Wei’s mother, he went home directly.

Later, I heard that Ling Xuan’s leg fell very badly, and it was very likely that she would spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair, and she no longer had the ability to harm others. But there was a baby less than one month old in her belly, which was unstable before, and she fell completely lost after this fall.

After Ling Zhen heard about this, she probably understood her psychology. This elder sister with good eyes and low hands probably blocked the child for the rest of her life, but regrettably she was disappointed again. After her mentality collapsed, she blamed her unsuccessful sister on the sister she thought she was proud of, so she tried to harm her by killing her.

…It’s so sad. I’ve been jealous of others and blame others all my life. I never look back at myself and reflect on myself. This is Ling Xuan.

After hearing the news, Ling’s father and mother first went to the hospital to make a fuss, then forced to ask the child’s father, and then went to the already messy Yuanda to make a fuss, causing Wang Yuan’s life to be everywhere. jump.

Under Wei Xi’s operation, Ling Xuan’s attempted murder will be severely punished. After several weeks of review, Yuanda was completely cold.

But these have nothing to do with Ling Zhen.

September has arrived, and the National Dance Competition is just around the corner.

When the spirit orbs are exhausted, there will be no backlash for her, but since then, she has lost an extra warmth. Ling Zhen thought, Teacher Wen came so early, wouldn’t he have spent seven or eight years as usual without aura?

But… Recently, Mr. Wen has been seeing the dragon without seeing the end, and his career in dancing has almost been put on hold. There are speculations about him in the industry. Some say that he has been dancing for many years because of his injuries, and some say that his realm is deeper. The singing and dancing troupe was also unaware of it, and it was full of various discussions.

Perhaps only Ling Zhen knew what his true purpose was, but she couldn’t tell.

The day is back on track, and Ling Zhen’s choreography is basically completed.

She set the difficulty factor very high with the goal of making the personal battle of the competition a hit. Even she herself needs to be extremely focused and careful when jumping to avoid making mistakes.

The head of the group had seen some of her difficult moves, and was shocked, but he couldn’t help but feel a little worried. But she knows the truth better than anyone else-high risk can have high returns. If this thin wire is stepped on, Ling Zhen might really win this year’s championship.

In this way, even if Ling Zhen wants to leave the group and fly solo, the Oriental Song and Dance Troupe has won two national championships. From any level, the group leader feels that he has made a lot of money.

Ling Zhen walked steadily one step at a time, and never lost his basic skills every day. On this day, in the dance troupe, she suddenly met an unexpected person.

——”Sister Qianqian?”

Ling Zhen hadn’t recognized the figure outside the rehearsal room. He looked at it carefully before confirming, and quickly walked out: “Why are you here!”

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Zheng Qianqian glanced around in the rehearsal room, then took another look in the rehearsal room next door, as if looking for someone.

Ling Zhen followed and looked around, a little at a loss.

Zheng Qianqian did not look at the person she was looking for, sighed and cursed: “I’m really not here!”

Ling Zhen was even more at a loss: “Sister Qianqian, didn’t you come to me?”

“I’m looking for you,” Zheng Xiqian said, “Are you busy now? I’m asking you to complain about your teacher Wen.”

Ling Zhen’s eyes widened, “Huh?”

When did Sister Xiqian get involved with Teacher Wen? ?

After half an hour, the two of them were sitting in the cafe opposite to the dance troupe. Zheng Qianqian looked at Ling Zhen with a grieving expression: “I just want to ask, you guys who are immortal, don’t care about boys and girls, right? Is it so hard to chase?”

Ling Zhen drank the strawberry milkshake and blinked.

Although she wanted to deny it, she thought about Wei Xi, as if…

Wei Xi has always been quite difficult.

Ling Zhen smiled secretly, then rubbed the tip of his nose: “What’s the matter? Why do you say that?”

Zheng Qianqian looked at her stupidly for a while, and then suddenly broke out: “Isn’t the old lady chasing someone? If you want to refuse, you refuse! What does Wen Zichu mean, ah? What does he mean-he actually sent this kind of text message to the old lady, this Do you look down on me!!!”

Ling Zhen was stunned.

She was first stunned by the news that Zheng Qianq was chasing Wen Zichu, and it took a long time before she picked up her mobile phone and took a look.

The above are all messages sent by Zheng Qianqian in the past. Teacher Wen has replied, but the reply is obviously much simpler.

In the last dialogue, Zheng Qianqian asked him whether he was busy lately. After a long time, Teacher Wen replied one.

[My fate is short, I’m really sorry, Miss Cheng, don’t waste time on me. ]

Ling Zhen was taken aback.

Zheng Qianqian is still frantic: “I’ve been walking the rivers and lakes for so many years, this is the first time I have encountered this kind of reason for rejection!! That handsome guy who seems to be very serious and aloof, dare to say anything when he tells a lie?? He Why don’t you say that you have a terminal illness? You will die soon, don’t you look down on me!”

Ling Zhen was silent.

Teacher Wen is indeed not the kind of person who can lie casually. If he says he will die soon, then…

An inexplicable anxiety surged in Ling Zhen’s heart. She suppressed the thoughts and tried to appease Zheng Qianqian.

Fortunately, sister Qianqian is also happy to see Lie, and wants to engage in a fairy man. She has suffered more emotional injuries than others have talked about, and she has a very strong self-regulation ability.

“Does my old lady want a man, the next one is even better!!”

“Come on! Fuck this cup of milk, forget that boy!!”

Ling Zhen followed with a smile, but pretended to have something in his heart.

The southwest border.

Silent dense forest mountain tops.

A man in a mountaineering suit stood on the top of the mountain, looking towards the distant sky.

He has a handsome face, slightly furrowed eyebrows, and closes his eyes to feel the spirit current surging around him.

The leaves were whirling and rustling, and the mountain wind reverberated in the valley, like a response from outside the sky.

He seemed to be holding a piece of jade in his hand, emitting a radiant light. As he was holding his breath, the light grew stronger and stronger, and in the end-a “crack” sound.

With the sound like an egg breaking, a crack suddenly appeared on the smooth surface of the jade.

Wen Zichu opened his eyes, looked at the crack, and smiled faintly.

“It’s been so many years, it’s not easy…”

He packed his backpack and started to follow the direction of the rift and walk deeper into the mountain.

Putting the jade back into his pocket, his finger touched something hard and he took it out to see that it was a phone that had been turned off.

Wen Zi thought about it for the first time, and finally turned on the phone.

He regards this human experience as a calamity. These years of living like a mortal, although not helpful to cultivation, it is a kind of mental training. Wen Zichu had no initial anger and unwillingness for a long time. Of course, his long-cherished wish of returning to the throne was about to be fulfilled, and he did not get the ecstasy that he wished.

Thinking back to the past few years, honors, flowers, applause… the impression of mortals seems to have been blurred, and there is nothing worth remembering.

…No, there are still some.

The phone was turned on, and it was difficult to connect to the misty signal in the mountain. Then, a few new text messages rushed out——

[I’m not wasting time on you! Do not worry! ! ]

[But my mother is not a ticket! I really liked you at the time, but forget it if you are not interested! ]

[However, if you are really sick, remember to get treatment! Don’t delay at a young age! ! ]

Wen Zichu did not reply.

The emotion that mortals “like” is too unfamiliar to him, and too incomprehensible. But its enthusiasm and impulse, Wen Zichu can finally feel it.

This is probably the reason… Ling Zhen didn’t want to leave.

Finally, the day came the day before the National Dance Competition.

Ling Zhen heard from Song Ling that there were a lot of people who signed up this time. From the southern side, Song Zhi, an “old friend”, would also come to participate. Although she is not to be afraid, the top talents in dance academies from all over the country have been sent in. After the audition, all the people left are ruthless. This year is expected to be a tough battle.

Ling Zhen was a little nervous when she said that.

After all, it is a big game to pave the way for the future. Although it is not good to win or lose, after all, success or failure is also very important.

Moreover, after all, it was Wei Xi who wanted her to set up her own dance studio. She didn’t want to lose the chain on her own strength.

Ling Zhen was dangling around at home to relieve anxiety, thinking about actions and competition rules. But Wei Xi has been sitting calmly on the bedside, looking down at his mobile phone.

Ling Zhen swayed twice in front of the pink and tender bed, but he didn’t respond.

The little girl is a little bit upset.

When I walked to the table, I opened the box of the storage rack, exerted a little effort, and made a “swipe and pull” sound.

Wei Xi raised her eyes.

Ling Zhen turned his back to him, without turning his head, his fingers rummaged in the box.

The man’s voice sounded behind: “What are you looking for?”

Ling Zhen secretly snorted, and reluctantly replied: “Look for the lipstick for tomorrow.”

Wei Xi put down the phone and walked over, “What color number? I’ll find it for you.”

Ling Zhen turned around and looked at him: “You only care about it now.”

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Wei Xi lowered her eyes, saw a little bit of irritation on her little face, and curled her lips: “Unhappy?”

Ling Zhen felt that she was a little hypocritical, but she was really anxious and nervous. She said, “I will play tomorrow! Don’t you worry about it?”

Wei Xi stretched out her hand to wrap her waist, took a step back, sat down by the bed, and hugged her to her lap.

“Don’t worry,” Wei Xi bowed her head and kissed her lips, “because you are the best.”

Ling Zhen groaned twice, but the corners of her rosy lips curled up a little, and the bright apricot eyes showed a little smile.

She seemed to have been coaxed in a word.

“There are many people who are better than me,” Ling Zhen leaned in his arms, scratching his collar with fingers, pretending to say nonchalantly: “Oh, who else, that Song Zhi-she also came to participate in the competition. It.”

Wei Xi paused: “Song Zhi?”

At first glance, the name was strange, and he had no impression.

Ling Zhen blinked, a little happy and a little skeptical, and mumbled: “It’s so unsympathetic, I have forgotten my name after having dinner with others…”

Wei Xi raised her eyebrows and reacted.

He hugged the person to his body and smiled softly: “I remember, do I need to remember it more.”

“Don’t think about it!” Ling Zhen said quickly.

She stretched out her hand, hooked his neck, and stared at him: “You can still be more unfeeling!”

Wei Xi smiled, hooked her thin white neck, and lowered her head: “Well, I just miss you.”

Ling Zhen groaned and kissed him for a while.

The anxiety and tension had long been forgotten, she sat on his lap with her legs bent, rubbing his neck with her little head greasy.

Wei Xi hugged her like a cat, with her fingers running down her spine a little bit, as if she was shun Mao, Ling Zhen squinted.

He asked: “Are you busier than finishing the race?”

Ling Zhen leaned on him: “Not busy.”

Wei Xi said, “Do you want to go out and play.”

Ling Zhen’s eyes lit up: “Where are you going!”

Her exploration of the world is still limited to the places where she went out to film and dance troupe tours. There are so many beautiful sceneries in the world, of course she wants to see it.

Especially, I want to visit with Wei Xi.

Wei Xi curled her lips: “You can go anywhere you want.”

He hasn’t taken a vacation for many years, and it happens to be available now. The vacation used to be meaningless to him, but now, it is different.

Ling Zhen was immediately very excited, and touched his knees: “Then I’ll do my homework when I’m okay!”

“Well,” Wei Xi lowered her eyes, pressed to her ear, and whispered, “Also…By the way, I will make up the wedding.”

The topic turned a bit quickly, Ling Zhen’s eyes flickered twice.

They were originally married by contract, but of course there was no wedding. But she knows that here, the wedding is a witness to a couple, and it is a very, very important ceremony.

Wei Xi looked at her with dark eyes: “Okay.”

Ling Zhen licked his lips and asked him, “What are the benefits of having a wedding?”

Wei Xi said: “The advantage is that you can just go on your honeymoon.”

Ling Zhen opened a pair of curious and innocent apricot eyes, and then asked, “What do you want to do on your honeymoon?”

Wei Xi looked at her with a smile.

After a while, he leaned over and whispered something in her ear, and then the little girl’s face slowly climbed into a red glow.

Wha, what a newlywed Yaner, what **!

——What are they all!

The competition was held as scheduled, and the first day was the group stage.

Competitors in the same group are assigned to the same theme and perform impromptu performances within a limited time. The judges will comprehensively score based on the difficulty and completeness of the action.

The first day of the game was not difficult. Ling Zhen was assigned the theme of “Nebula”. Hearing from Song Zhi, her group of judges are the most strict, but Ling Zhen is not nervous anymore when he arrives on the court, and the whole person performs very well.

After the performance was completed, the judges exchanged their eyes, and their expressions also had a tacit meaning.

——Well, championship reserve player.

On the first day of the group match, Ling Zhen met a lot of capable players, but did not meet familiar faces such as Song Zhi.

When she finished walking outside, she heard someone talking.

“Hey, I thought I could see Wen Zichu, my male god…”

“It’s a pity. He came last year. I don’t know what’s going on this year…”

Ling Zhen paused slightly, without saying anything.

In the evening, the results of the group stage were announced. The organizing committee of the competition eliminated more than half of the people, and in the end only 30 players were left. Only two of the four contestants of the Oriental Song and Dance Ensemble were left. Ling Zhen and Song Ling both successfully entered the finals.

Waiting until the next day to go to the venue, it was obviously much colder than the first day.

Ling Zhen saw Song Zhi. She can make it to the finals, and she must have worked hard since this time. After meeting Ling Zhen’s gaze, she obviously also had the desire to win and lose.

Ling Zhen doesn’t despise any opponent, but she doesn’t care much about someone. She is still reviewing her dance moves in her heart.

The final is divided into two rounds, all of which are drawn by lottery, and each person’s personal display is carried out. Only 10 people can be left in the first round. In the second round, the champion, runner-up and runner-up will be determined by score.

In the first round in the morning, the performers also tried their best to show their skills.

By this time, the champions had basically been revealed: two dancers from the south, a girl from the northwest division, plus Ling Zhen. They did not communicate with each other, but after the end of the round, the names of all four of them were among the ten.

Song Ling regretted stopping there. She was already satisfied, but when she saw that Song Zhi had actually made the top ten, she was a bit unwilling to do so.

“Sister Zhenzhen, hold on, and you must crush her to death!”

Ling Zhen smiled, “Okay.”

In fact, she shouldn’t be needed to suppress Song Zhi, her opponent is someone else.

Ling Zhen’s mentality has always been very stable.

She originally thought that the competition would go through this smoothly, but after noon, she didn’t know why, she suddenly felt a sense of horror.

I can’t explain it clearly, and I can’t explain it. Ling Zhen rubbed his chest, sat in the waiting room, bowed his head and sent a text message to Wei Xi.

“I seem to be nervous again.”

Wei Xi was in the company, but the news came back quickly: “Don’t be nervous.”

“After the match, I will pick you up to eat mango ice.”

Ling Zhen curled her lips and smiled.

The number she drew is in the middle, good or bad, and will be on the court in a while.

The panic in my heart could not be suppressed, and the mango ice did not work. Ling Zhen took a few deep breaths and wanted to turn off the phone, but suddenly heard a “dingdong”.

Her heart jumped, and then began to speed up inexplicably.

Ling Zhen looked down. It was a new email from Wen Zichu.

It was an email sent regularly, delivered to Lingzhen’s mailbox on the hour, but she didn’t know when he sent it. Ling Zhen clicked on it and saw that there was an attachment location map and a short sentence.

-“The choice is yours.”

Ling Zhen stared at these four words blankly for a while.

However, in this minute, an explosive news is sweeping the Internet.

Someone in the waiting room first gave a “fuck”, stood up and turned over the chair. Immediately afterwards, the room was filled with unbelievable voices one after another.

“real or fake?!”

“Fuck, isn’t it!!”

“I do not believe!!–“

Ling Zhen was dumbfounded, and turned to look at Song Ling who was with her next to her: “What’s wrong…?”

Song Ling slowly raised her head, her eyes were red with tears glowing.

“Sister Zhenzhen, this…”

Ling Zhen took the phone from her hand and checked the content on the page.

[@Xx新闻: Important news! Large-scale mudslides occurred in xx mountains in x county x province in southwest my country due to a heavy rain overnight! my country’s famous dance artist Wen Zichu died unfortunately! It has been basically confirmed by the shoes left at the scene……]

Song Ling collapsed, “Mr. Wen, is dead?!”

Ling Zhen’s pupils contracted and her face was blank.

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