GSBVH: Ch 90

…Wen Zichu is dead?

Ling Zhen’s first reaction is that it won’t.

For the gods, death is an impossible thing, and she denied it subconsciously.

But in the next second, she reacted again, Wen Zichu is now a mortal body, it is indeed possible to die.

…But, but, how could it be?

Everyone is judging the authenticity of this explosive news, only Ling Zhen is thinking about another thing repeatedly.

Is it possible…After so many years of searching for Teacher Wen, he finally found a way back, and then… left?

Wen Zichu didn’t leave much information. The last time he contacted Ling Zhen, he still asked her if she wanted to go somewhere. After Ling Zhen declined, he never heard from him.

The latest news was the email that was just received, but shortly afterwards, the death news rushed out, and Ling Zhen was caught off guard.

Ah-more! A few days ago, he told Sister Xiqian that he was dead soon. Could it be that he had already made plans?

There was a mess in Ling Zhen’s heart.

Other people’s feelings about this news may be the regret of being a passerby, or the sorrow of being a fan. The other players in the waiting room couldn’t help but cast their sights on Ling Zhen and Song Ling, who were in the same team as Wen Zichu. Now they should be the most impacted.

In the corner, Ling Zhen was dressed in dance clothes, still looking like he couldn’t return to his senses. She lowered her head slightly, and a few strands of broken hair leaked out, looking helpless and pitiful.

But even Song Ling thought she was shocked by this sudden tragedy. No one knew that Ling Zhen had to worry about much more and farther than they could imagine.

On the other side of the field, Song Zhi just finished the performance and gracefully finished her action.

After she left the court, she heard the assistant talk about it, and she was shocked: “What, you mean my male god Wen Zichu?!”

The assistant nodded: “This is the report so far.”

Song Zhi digested the news as he walked backstage: “How come, this is too sudden…”

While she was sad, she couldn’t help but rejoice in her heart. Fortunately, the news came after she finished the match. Otherwise, the idols who have been fans for many years will encounter unexpected events, and their mentality will definitely be affected.

Suddenly, Song Zhi remembered something, and turned to ask the assistant: “Is Ling Zhen not playing yet?”

“Yes, she is number six.”

Song Zhi suddenly showed a little smile-Ling Zhen and Wen Zichu are so familiar, she must be greatly affected. Looking at her like that, it is estimated that she came to win the championship, but it is hard to say now…

She waved away the assistant and pushed open the door of the waiting room. As expected, Ling Zhen and her group friend were sitting in the corner, demoralized. Song Zhi looked away, turned around and found a place, Shi Shiran sat down.

Song Ling wiped her face, forcibly calmed down, and whispered: “Sister Zhenzhen, don’t think about it, you will be on the court soon!”

After studying with Ling Zhen for so long, she became a lot more indifferent. For the first time, Ling Zhen seemed more flustered than her, Song Ling calmed down instead.

“Anyway, I don’t believe it. There is no real hammer, so I assume they made a mistake,” Song Ling held Lingzhen’s hand, her eyes glowing red, “Sister Zhenzhen, think about it after the race, hold on! Win a championship. Show it to Teacher Wen!”

Ling Zhen bit the tip of his tongue, regaining consciousness with a slight pain.

At this time, the people in the waiting room looked different.

Song Zhi’s gaze swept over intentionally or unintentionally, and the few players who were also competing for the championship were quietly paying attention to Lingzhen’s reaction.

Now is not the time to be upset.

Ling Zhen nodded and shook Song Ling’s hand back: “Okay.”

In any case, the game is here, and she can’t fall short.

The playing numbers went down one by one, and the number five in front of Ling Zhen was the girl from the Northwest Division. She seems to be in very good condition, with a calm and confident look, which invisibly puts some pressure on other players on the field.

Ling Zhen took a deep breath. She especially wanted to call Wei Xi at this time, but she resisted it.

After about ten minutes, finally arrived at Lingzhen.

Song Ling accompanied her on the stage. After they left, Song Zhi also quietly followed.

She could clearly feel that Ling Zhen had some unconsciousness. The news of Wen Zichu had an even greater impact on her than Song Zhi had imagined!

Although she knew that it would be difficult to win the championship, but if Ling Zhen couldn’t get it, she would feel much more comfortable. After all, Song Zhi failed to come to City A to develop, thanks to Lingzhen and his husband. Later, as soon as the “Food Companion” was broadcast, she was forced to see these two show affection every day, which blocked her heart infarction.

So she is very, very unwilling to see Ling Zhen.

Song Zhi stayed in a corner where he could see the game, hoping to wait for the first time to see Ling Zhen roll over. In addition to her, there are also some players who have finished the competition, watching from the corner.

No. 6 Ling Zhen played. First, I greeted the judges and teachers routinely and introduced the performances I prepared.

Then, she closed her eyes and waited for the accompaniment to play.

Ling Zhen was trying to adjust his breathing. The heartbeat is still fast, clamoring in the chest. The mind is not as pure as usual dancing, there are still noisy sounds.

The first note of the accompaniment has sounded, and the dance movements have been practiced by her to conditioned reflexes, and she made the corresponding movements when she heard the notes.

However, it is still a little bit worse.

Those present are all masters, and sometimes there is a slight difference between the form and spirit, but the masters can tell at a glance.

Song Zhi couldn’t help laughing.

Ling Zhen also realized that she hadn’t been able to enter the state in the first bar, her heart shuddered and she simply closed her eyes.

I don’t want to see it.

Back many years ago, on the top of the deserted Yunyu Mountain, dancing against the sea of ​​clouds.

There is no audience, and time is forgotten. Like a bird, it instinctively stretches its feathers between heaven and earth.

Ling Zhen’s accompaniment is very tight, and after a few soothing measures, he quickly moved to the first one.

The judges stared at her closely-this is a very risky behavior, cutting difficult moves so early, it will only get harder and harder behind. Unless her first move is beautiful enough to bring the back up, otherwise the whole performance will collapse.

Song Zhi also stared closely at the people in the center of the field. She felt that Ling Zhen was too confident of herself. Even if she wanted to show off her skills in the competition, this kind of choreography was too difficult!

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But the dancer did not feel it.

When everything is unpredictable, give everything to instinct.

As a result, the musical notes turned into layers of clouds of Yunyu Mountain, floating gently beside her. The state of mind polished in the boundless time finally came into play at this moment, and Ling Zhen suddenly opened his eyes after turning around in a group.

The fundus of the eyes is already bright and clear–

Then, she shook her whole body, like a full bow, and made an ultimate purple gold crown, staying in the air for an extremely long time!

Everyone’s eyes were pinned to the light figure flying into the sky, and in a few seconds, no one dared to breathe.

Then, the subtle slow motion ended, and the fairy fell back to the ground.

Gently, steady, without a trace of shaking.

The judges glanced at each other, and they all saw the admiration in the other’s eyes.

On the other side, after a brief daze, Song Zhi showed a trace of resentment in her eyes.

Where is she affected? !

You just pretended that you didn’t keep your soul in the house, right? ? Fuck, scheming bitch! !

She was so angry that she wanted to shake her hand away, but then Ling Zhen’s dance moves became more and more exciting. Indeed, as the judges had expected, after this action, the following actions became harder and harder, and she did better and better!

Song Zhi’s expression changed a few times, but after all, he was not willing to leave the scene. The nose was not the nose and the eyes were there and watched the full performance.

When it was over, Ling Zhen retracted his hand and bowed.

The judges were all applauding, and the players around Song Zhi sighed with shame.

This degree of difficulty, plus this degree of completion… Let’s accompany them on the run.

——The results of the competition were announced half an hour after the performance of all the players.

The third and second place were taken by dancers from the South and Northwest, and the name of the champion is almost universally recognized.

When the two words “Ling Zhen” were read, applause broke out in the entire conference hall.

Ling Zhen took a long sigh of relief, stood up and bowed to the crowd, then stood up to accept the award.

In the process of receiving the award, her expression was polite and indifferent, but she did not show much joy.

Ling Zhen especially wanted to see Wei Xi.

After finally finishing the ceremony, Ling Zhen hurriedly changed his clothes and walked outside the venue.

The other players were not as anxious as her, dropping out in twos and threes, and some were still exchanging experiences with each other.

As soon as Ling Zhen left the gate, he saw the familiar car parked on the side of the road. The man leaned on the car door, saw her, and looked up.

There was a gasp behind him.

“Hey, is that Lingzhen’s husband?”

“Fuck, it’s the same as on TV! No, it’s more handsome than on TV…”

Of course Song Zhi had seen it too. This man was as handsome as ever, and her heart suddenly became sour.

Ling Zhen had a feeling in his heart from the moment he saw Wei Xi. She was still holding the bouquet she had just received the award, and suddenly ran towards Wei Xi and threw it into his arms.

Wei Xi was startled slightly, and subconsciously opened her arms to catch her, and put her arms around the person in her arms.

There was another gasp behind him.

Other players: What kind of winner is this in life! You have money and men, and you won the championship!

Song Zhi:…Fuck, what a show! ! ! !

She was so angry that she turned her head and left, and she didn’t want to come to City A again in this life!

It was the first time Ling Zhen was so enthusiastic in public. Wei Xi lowered her eyes and rubbed her ears: “What’s the matter?”

The little girl hugged him and said dullly: “I won the championship.”

Wei Xi returned her hand, opened the car door, and praised her in a low voice: “It’s great.”

Ling Zhen got into the car, Wei Xi closed the door for her, walked around the front of the car, and sat in the driver’s seat.

The car drove out for a while and met a red light.

Wei Xi stopped, stretched out her hand and hooked her cheek: “I won the championship, not happy?”

Ling Zhen took off her shoes and sat on the passenger seat with her legs in her arms, all in a small group. After the game was over, the mind that was forced down was still entrenched in her heart, and in front of him, she could indulge any emotions she had.

“Wei Xi,” she called him softly, “Ms. Wen seems to be… gone.”

Her voice trembled slightly, with many unknown fears.

Wei Xi’s heart moved, and she hooked her face to let her see herself.

Ling Zhen leaned her head on the back of the chair, her apricot eyes wet and a little incoherent: “In the mountains, mudslides, he… Mr. Wen is not such a reckless person.”

Wei Xi sighed.

The red light passed, and the car behind honked its horn. Wei Xi drove the car out, then found a place to stop.

Ling Zhen still sat facing him, with his chin resting on his knees, her bushy eyelashes drooping, looking very frustrated.

She has a lot of anxiety.

What is going on with Wen Zichu? Was it really something unexpected, or…

If he really returned there, how would her life change?

These uneases cannot be specifically stated, but the emotions are straightforward.

Wei Xi stretched out her hand, placed her palm on the warm back of her neck, and said, “Ling Zhen, I don’t care about his life or death.”

Ling Zhen raised his confused eyes.

“But I care about your feelings,” Wei Xi looked at her with dark eyes. “If you want to know, we will find out. Don’t panic.”

Ling Zhen nodded after taking a long time: “Okay…”

Wei Xi leaned over and kissed her on the lips. Ling Zhen closed his eyes obediently.

After the kiss, Wei Xi stepped back a little: “Do you still want to eat mango ice.”

Ling Zhen grabbed his collar, chased after him and kissed him.

Her lips pressed firmly, warm to the touch, and she smelled the clean and clear cedar scent of Wei Xi’s body.

The heart seems to have finally fallen back a little.

She nodded: “I want it.”

In fact, they didn’t need to check, the relevant reports and details of Wen Zichu were quickly reported by the media.

After sampling and analysis, the shoe found at the place where the mudslide occurred was indeed Wen Zichu’s own. This has basically determined the fact of his death.

But his body was not found. According to the local police, he might have been swept away by a large mudslide and taken to a nearby river. It was difficult to salvage the body.

On the day when the National Dance Competition ended, #凌真胜利# and #温子初遇难# were both on the hot search.

Seven years apart, two champions, one rising up, and one passing away young, had to be embarrassed.

The dance lost a national treasure master, and both inside and outside the circle paid special attention.

After Zheng Qianqian saw the news, she was stunned for ten minutes. Then she carefully read all the reports that could be found on the Internet, and finally lost her strength and fell into a chair.

“Actually…I’m not lying to me…”

After a long time, she slowly covered her face.

Within two days, new discoveries were made in the death of Wen Zichu.

Ling Zhen has been paying close attention to it, and as soon as the news came out, she saw it immediately.

[@Xx News: New discovery of Wen Zichu’s death! The police entered the hotel room where Wen Zichu was staying and found a critical illness notice in it! ……】

Things turned around again, and online speculation began to turn to Wen Zichu who committed suicide. After all, since this incident was exposed, there have always been questions on the Internet, why would a good dancer appear in such a remote mountainous area in the middle of the night?

But with this critical illness notice, everything seems to be explainable. Young and talented, but terminally ill. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life in chemotherapy, so I chose this way to end my life.

Wen Zichu’s body was again cast over a layer of regrettable tragedy.

The Oriental Song and Dance Troupe stopped work for a week because of this, and Ling Zhen watched various news at home every day.

“Wen Zichu committed suicide due to illness” gradually became the conclusion of the whole network, and then the popularity gradually weakened.

There was too much information on the Internet, and everything seemed to be true. Ling Zhen was so dizzy that he couldn’t believe anything in the end. The results of Wei Xituo’s investigation in the place where the incident occurred were roughly the same.

Ling Zhen was more willing to believe that he really found a way and went back to the fairy world. And her life didn’t seem to have changed because of Wen Zichu’s departure.

The only change is that she is a bit clingy than before.

The seeds of restlessness were not so easy to pluck out. Ling Zhen stayed at home every day, wilting a little bit more than before, but also sticking Wei Xi more than before.

Two days later, Wei Xi came home from get off work and saw her holding a tablet on the sofa. The man came over, squatted down, and took away what was in her hand.

Ling Zhen didn’t grab it either, just rubbed forward along with his movements and hugged him.

Wei Xi touched the top of her hair and said, “Go and change clothes.”

Ling Zhen raised his face and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Dating,” Wei Xi said, “to make you happy.”

Ling Zhen’s mood has been a little depressed recently.

It’s not noisy, it’s just too awkward.

When the two went out, Wei Xi held Ling Zhen’s hands next to his arm.

In the autumn, the air became colder, and Ling Zhen realized that he hadn’t been out for too long. Take a breath of the outside air, as if the depression that has been accumulating in my heart has dispersed a little.

Ling Zhen shook Wei Xi’s arm and walked bouncely as before.

The two ate dinner and watched a movie like ordinary couples.

In the back row of the cinema, the seats were connected, and the middle armrest was lifted up. Ling Zhen leaned against Wei Xi’s arms, and the man lowered his head to kiss her.

The sound of the theater is very good, and the sound is rumbling as if it is surrounded from all sides.

There seemed to be overlapping figures around, but Ling Zhen still felt very ashamed.

Blushing, she held Wei Xi’s shoulders, and then gasped for a while and whispered, “Why are you making me happy?”

Wei Xi pecked the tip of her nose, “Are you happy?”

Ling Zhen shrank his neck, then leaned forward, rubbing against his neck, and the corners of his lips curled up.

In fact, I am a lot happier.

After the movie ended, Ling Zhen felt guilty and dared to go out after putting on his mask. The man beside him looked calm, without any shame.

The top floor of the mall is a Ferris wheel, which has become a mecca for couples to check in. Ling Zhen relaxed, holding Wei Xi’s hand, and queuing to sit.

It was their turn, a yellow carriage. Ling Zhen grabbed Wei Xi: “Don’t do this! Let’s wait for a transparent one.”

After another four or five turns, Ling Zhen excitedly pulled Wei Xi into the transparent carriage.

The two sat facing each other, Ling Zhen prone to watch the night view of the city on the glass, blushing with excitement.

The Ferris wheel turned very slowly. After watching it for a while, Ling Zhen lost interest. Turning his body back, the man opposite is looking.

Ling Zhen squeezed her fingers embarrassedly: “Wei Xi, I’m already happy.”

She has been fainting recently, Wei Xi didn’t say much, but she would hug her at night and pat her back gently.

Wei Xi stretched out her hand, took Ling Zhen’s arm, and brought it to her side.

“Ah, it will shake!–“

Ling Zhen was a little frightened, and stood up cautiously, then danglingly sat on Wei Xi’s side and took his hand.

The Ferris wheel slowly turned and rose, and the carriage was quiet, and the lights in the distance became one piece of light, which filled the night with people.

Wei Xi put her arms around her and asked softly, “Afraid?”

Ling Zhen knew that he was asking about something recent, so she nodded, “Yeah.”

Indeed… scared.

Wei Xi’s voice was low and steady: “Illness, accidents, life and death are common occurrences.”

Ling Zhen raised his eyes.

“Death will always come. It’s good to leave no regrets while you are alive,” Wei Xi said, “Don’t be afraid.”

Ling Zhen slapped his eyelashes.

I realized that Wei Xi was enlightening her.

He thought she was frightened by the sudden death, afraid.

Ling Zhen suddenly smiled, and his heart suddenly became soft and empty.

Wei Xi looked down and saw the little girl’s bright smiling eyes, reflecting the distant lights.

Her voice was very soft: “Wei Xi, I’m not afraid of death.”

Ling Zhen leaned in his ear, as if revealing an incredible secret.

“I am not afraid of death,” she said quietly, with a warm breath, “I am afraid to leave you.”

Wei Xi was startled.

The Ferris wheel turned to the apex, and they were at the top of the silent city. In a daze, there is a wonderful illusion that only them are left in this world.

After a long time, the man put the little girl in his arms and stroked her head.

“Then stay with me forever,” he said softly, “and even be together in death.”

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