GSBVH: Ch 91

Probably no one does not like to listen to love.

Especially, when a man who is abstinent and indifferent, he understates and speaks solemnly love words, it is really…it makes people feel as drunk as drunk.

The carriage was shaking slightly, and Ling Zhen was pressed by Wei Xi in her arms, with her chin resting on his shoulder, her heart sweet and hot.

Six months ago, Ling Zhen would still be afraid of this man’s crazy paranoia, but now, it seems that they have finally escaped from the content of that book. He is not a black villain, and she is not a stupid female partner.

They are just mortals who love each other, and she is willing to be held in his palm.

After the Ferris wheel turned slowly, Ling Zhen took Wei Xi’s hand and jumped down. Then he raised his face, blinked at him, and said nothing.

Wei Xi squeezed her hand: “Want to sit still?”

Ling Zhen bends his eyes.

Wei Xi chuckled and took her hand: “Then sit down again.”

They sat for the last round, and when they got down, the Ferris wheel was about to close.

Ling Zhen and Wei Xi walked slowly towards the house.

The road has been traversed countless times, and she recognizes every street lamp and every tree. After living in this city for a long time, even the air makes people feel close. Looking back now, the fairy palace on Yunyu Mountain has faded away in my memory, and I can’t remember it.

About this is the sense of belonging, right? Ling Zhen thought that the person next to him, and everything he knew, would give her a sense of belonging.

Teacher Wen has lived here for so long, but still has no nostalgia for this world. Probably… I haven’t met a person like this. The master has always taught her that the seven emotions and six desires are all vulgar things, and the immortal only has Tao and no emotion.

It can be seen that after knowing the joy of Hongchen, how can I still want to taste the suffering of the immortal door.

Ling Zhen finally saw himself clearly.

She is nothing more than a vulgar thing falling into the trap of red dust.

Fortunately, someone followed her under the trap.

And she, the one who likes to set the trap.

Time went back to the rainy night a few days ago.

In the barren hills on the southwestern border, the night rain is like beans, washing the loose soil on the hillside, and it is already crumbling. And down the slope, there was a person standing eloquently!

The man was motionless, but his body glowed with a faint glow.

After a long time, the soil slope finally couldn’t withstand the power of the current, and began to rumbling down the slope. The mud flow engulfed the gravel and gravel, roared towards the thin figure, swallowed him in in a blink of an eye!

But the next moment, amidst the torrential countercurrent, a strong blue light suddenly pierced and flew towards a certain direction——

The light seemed to have smashed an invisible boundary, even passed through a gap in time and space, twisted for a moment at the end of the black sky, and then disappeared.

But that ray of light did not really disappear. It flew from night to day, and the flow of time was changing with it. Several days have passed since it left the earth on earth.

The rays of light passed through the layers of clouds, galloping non-stop, and went straight through the deep blue glaze Nantian Gate.

Then, only a faint “live” word was heard, the cyan light stopped, landed, and turned into a figure.

Wen Zichu stabilized his figure and let out a long sigh of relief.

Finally home.

It was his master Yuanxu who just made the sound. At this moment, the white-haired old man was sitting in mid-air, looking at the people on the ground with a faint expression.

It took a moment for Wen Zi to recover, then he knelt down and said, “The disciple is dull, and finally returned.”

Real Yuan Xu coldly snorted: “My first disciple of Yuan Xu has been trapped in the Little Thousand World for such a long time. It’s absurd!”

Wen Zichu’s body has been replaced with the white robe he used to wear, and his temple hair has become the same as before. He gave a wry smile, recalling his experience of wearing a book, it was really hard to say.

True person Yuan Xu said again: “Could it be that I was so fascinated by the mundane red dust that I didn’t want to come back, right?”

Wen Zichu was startled and denied: “Master has misunderstood, there is nothing in the world…”

He wanted to say, there is nothing worthy of nostalgia in the mortal world.

But is there really no?

Wen Zichu Qingjun’s face was blank for a moment, and inexplicably thought of a woman’s warm, bright smile in his mind. In his mortal life for so many years, it seems that only she has left a clear color. Because that person is like the most prosperous flower in the world in April, always with vigorous vitality.

But… that flower branch has been broken by his own hands.

Wen Zichu lowered his head slightly: “The disciple knows his mistake.”

Zhenren Yuan Xu also taught a few words “The Taoist heart must be pure”, “Don’t disturb your practice because of mortal experience,” Wen Zichu said one by one.

At this time, not far behind him, another voice sounded.

“Yuanxu disciple, who else did you meet in that little thousand world?”

Wen Zichu followed the voice and saw that it was an old man with white eyebrows. The man was holding a whisk in his hand, immortal wind and Dao bones, with unfathomable Taoist cultivation, and he was the real person, Lingxu, a good friend of the Master.

After a pause in his heart, he suddenly remembered that this Lingxu real person… is the Lingzhen Master.

Lingxu brushed the dust, and looked over meaningfully: “There is also a stupid in this seat missing. Could it be that he went to the same place with you?”

A little sweat came out of Wen Zichu’s palm.

He left four words to Ling Zhen, just to tell her to decide to stay, not wanting her choice to affect her. Because he knew that Ling Zhen was different from him, and she had an inseparable bondage in that world.

Wen Zichu calmed down and replied loudly, “I don’t think it’s so coincidental. The younger generation has never met.”

“Oh -” Ling Xu twisted his beard. The real man’s eyes swept over Wen Zichu’s body inch by inch with coercion, as if he could see everything clearly. After a long time, he smiled faintly.

“My disciple has been very clever since I was a child, but I… I miss her a bit.”

After a few days of stability, Ling Zhen’s mood gradually recovered.

The Oriental Song and Dance Troupe finally recovered from the grief of losing Wen Zichu, only to remember that they had not had time to celebrate Ling Zhen’s victory in this competition.

So after a week of rest, the head of the group organized another dinner to cherish the memory of Teacher Wen and congratulate Ling Zhen on his impressive and dazzling results, so as to boost the morale of the whole group.

Ling Zhen is less than 24 years old this year, younger than Wen Zichu when he won the championship. The title of this national champion is buckled on her head. So far, no one among the dancers of the same age in the country can stand on her head.

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The time for solo flight that Mr. Wen mentioned at the beginning has come.

Ling Zhen told Gu Xiaomeng and Song Ling of her future plans. Both of them were very reluctant, but they also supported her decision. After all, staying in the regiment really didn’t help Ling Zhen anymore.

“Sister Zhenzhen, you can fly with confidence, and we will hug your thigh after you get mixed up!”

Ling Zhen smiled: “Okay, just give you a hug.”

The personal dance studio still needs to be considered for a long time, but when she goes to the dance company less, she spends more time at home.

If she doesn’t sleep in bed in the morning, she can get up to make breakfast, eat with Wei Xi, and then he goes to work.

Ling Zhen watched Wei Xi standing on the tie of Xuan Li that day, moved his mind, walked over, and took the black tie from his hand.

Wei Xi’s waist was leaning against the shoe cabinet, her expression loose, her hand was placed on her waist, and the tie was freely handed over to her to play with.

Ling Zhen felt itchy every time he watched Wei Xi wearing a tie. His fingers were cold and white with well-knotted joints. The dark or dark blue tie was inexplicably seductive.

She also secretly learned the method of tying a tie on the Internet, but when it comes to actual practice, she still stumbles.

“Is it that way, wear it here?”

Wei Xi lowered his eyes and was not in a hurry. He put his arms around her and slowly taught her: “Well, take that end out.”

After finally getting the tie crooked and twisted, Ling Zhen realized that Wei Xi hadn’t tied her eyes to look good, so he arranged it carefully and finally looked like it.

She raised her head, curled her lips and smiled: “It’s okay.”

Wei Xi hugged her and leaned against her, sniffing the faint fragrance behind her ears: “Why are you so caring today?”

“I think it’s all written in other books,” Ling Zhen hugged his neck, “The domineering president must wear a tie when he goes to work.”

Wei Xi raised her eyebrows: “What book?”

Ling Zhen is serious: “Fleeing from Love: I’m the Little Wife of the Overlord”.

Wei Xi was silent for a moment, then raised her chin and rubbed her fingers: “Little wife?”

Ling Zhen blushed, but still put his arms around his neck, leaned up and kissed him twice.

“Well, you can go to work.”

The man laughed lightly.

“Which Spanish restaurant to eat in the evening?” Wei Xi pushed open the door, turned around and asked her, “The one you said you wanted to go to.”

Ling Zhen’s eyes lit up: “Okay!!!”

Wei Xi raised her hand and rubbed the tip of her chin.

She was standing in the hallway, carrying a light, a soft cotton home clothes, and her scattered hair looked good. She would stay at home all day, waiting for him to get off work, and then they would go to a favorite restaurant together.

It is the daily and ordinary life of ordinary couples.

But don’t know why, Wei Xi glanced at her inexplicably.

Ling Zhen opened his eyes: “Huh?”

“It’s nothing,” Wei Xi returned to her senses, touching the top of her hair, “I’ll be back early in the evening.”

Ling Zhen smiled: “Okay.”

She was really fine all day, cleaned the room and watered the newly bought flowers at home. Because I was thinking about the big meal in the evening, I also ate very casually at noon.

After watching a few dance videos in the afternoon, the evening passed slowly, and Wei Xi should be back soon.

She got up from the sofa and just wanted to look at the watch on the wall when suddenly, the doorbell at home rang.

Ling Zhen’s heart jumped for no reason.

She walked to the door of the room and heard the voice of the courier outside the door: “Hello, here is your courier, did you sign for it?”

Ling Zhen didn’t buy anything online, and Wei Xi didn’t have this habit. She replied vigilantly, “Okay, just leave it at the door.”

The courier brother put the things down and left. Ling Zhen looked through the cat’s eyes for a long time and made sure that there was nothing weird. Then he opened the door a bit and took the courier in.

It’s a small paper box, but it’s heavy, I don’t know what’s in it.

Ling Zhen turned upside down and looked at it, but couldn’t guess what it was. But her gaze swept across the mailing address at random, and she was taken aback for a moment–

It was the province where Wen Zichu died!

Ling Zhen’s heart was empty, and then his heartbeat suddenly quickened.

She found a knife from the drawer and slashed the tape away from the box. There was a little foam stuffed in it, with…a stone in the middle.

It seemed to be some kind of jade, Ling Zhen took it out and found a line cracked on the surface of the stone.

Teacher Wen left this to her? What does Teacher Wen want to convey to her?

Ling Zhen could feel that there was a familiar aura hidden in this stone.

That’s not Wen Zichu’s breath.


Starting from holding this stone, Ling Zhen’s heart beat faster and faster, cold sweat broke out on her forehead, as if something locked her, calling her. The panic emotions continue to expand and expand–


She heard the sound of something cracking, very close.

Ling Zhen searched around in a panic, not the jade in his hand, nor the furniture at home. The voice was very close, so close… it was like something shattered on her.

Suddenly, she lowered her head and looked at the chain on her neck.

——The cold bead hanging on the collarbone has broken a thin line on the surface.

Ling Zhen’s hands trembled a little, and he pulled the chain off and looked carefully.

The broken traces on the spirit orb are exactly the same as those on the jade in his hand…

Ling Zhen vaguely realized something, this time he was really panicked. With trembling hands, she picked up the phone and called Wei Xi.

There was a quick answer: “Are you hungry? I’ll be there soon.”

Ling Zhen heard his voice, endured it for two seconds, but still let out a whimper with one mouth, “Wei Xi…”

The other side was silent for a second, then the voice changed: “What’s the matter?”

“You come back soon, Wei Xi,” Ling Zhen held the Lingzhu tightly, “I’m so scared…”

In a 20-minute drive, Wei Xi was home in 10 minutes.

As soon as he entered the door, Ling Zhen rushed over and plunged into his arms, shaking with horror.

Wei Xi’s face was very heavy, and he walked into the house holding her: “What’s the matter, huh? Don’t be afraid, I am here.”

The person in his arms was hot, his cheeks were flushed, and his eyes were burnt as if he was having a fever, and the fever had begun to talk nonsense.

“Wei Xi-I tell you, I tell you,” Ling Zhen grasped his clothes, groggy, “I am not here…”

“I, woo, I don’t want to leave you…”

Wei Xi reached out and touched her forehead, which was terribly hot.

His face became darker, he put her on the sofa, then got up, and wanted to go to the room to get her coat: “Hey, let’s go to the hospital.”

The moment he released her, Ling Zhen helplessly stretched out his hand and grabbed it, but only his fingertips touched the hem of his clothes.

“Wei Xi, if–“

At this moment, the night sky at the end of September suddenly flashed a thunder without warning! It was like a warning from a god in the distant heavens.

The thunder overwhelmed the girl’s words, and after the reverberation, the room fell silent.

…Death silence.

Wei Xi seemed to realize something suddenly and turned around abruptly.

But the house was empty.

She is gone.

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