GSBVH: Ch 83

The next day, Wei Xi had breakfast with Ling Zhen before leaving.

Ling Zhen obediently drank the hot milk in the glass. Wei Xi had already walked to the hallway. When she looked back, she was holding the cup with her shoulders shrunk. Her apricot eyes were slightly round, which was so obedient. So he walked over with a tie, leaned over and kissed the corner of her lips, and got a creamy kiss.

“See you tonight.” The man said.

Ling Zhen nodded: “Okay.”

Wei Xi went downstairs and drove in the car to leave. Ling Zhen watched from the floor-to-ceiling window. After a few seconds, he suddenly got up, changed clothes, combed his hair and put on shoes, then buckled a mask and went downstairs quickly.

She had a feeling that what Wei Xi had to deal with was definitely not work. There was an inexplicable anxiety in her heart, which became stronger and stronger.

She quickly arrived downstairs and took the taxi scheduled in advance. She pointed to the car that was already far away and said, “Master, please stay away and follow him.”

Wearing a dark black dress, Wei Xi put her cold white forearms on the steering wheel and drove the car to the factory that Wei Yuanlin said.

The place belongs to the village in the city, and the location is a bit hard to find. Wei Yuanlin returned to City A for less than a month, but he became familiar with it very quickly.

Driving the car nearby, he turned off the engine, got out of the car, and took out the prepared suitcase from the trunk.

One hundred thousand yuan of cash banknotes are heavy in my hand.

In the headset, the voice of the city bureau captain came: “Mr. Wei, please follow the instructions and pay attention to safety.”

The drug trade in this stronghold has been rampant for some time, but the people inside are very cunning, and it is difficult to catch them as soon as they escape. If it hadn’t been for Wei Xi that just provided the information and learned that the group of gamblers would gather a crowd to start the gambling game today, they really have no entry point.

However, they did not expect that President Wei, who is now in full swing, would have a biological father like that…

The police plan is to let Wei Xi in in the name of sending money to find out the location and the number of people gathered. After Wei Xi returned safely, the police directly outflanked. This is undoubtedly a very risky thing for Wei Xi. They were only a suggestion, but he undertook to agree to the assistance plan.

Just like at this moment, Wei Xi’s voice is still very deserted: “Yeah.”

The police car stopped far away, and the law enforcement officers got out of the car and sneaked along the periphery silently.

Standing outside the factory with a suitcase, Wei Xi received a call from Wei Yuanlin.

Because of the headset, the police can hear clearly.

As soon as the phone was connected, Wei Yuanlin’s irritable voice came: “Is it here yet?!”

The headset channel was silent.

Wei Xi said coldly: “Yeah.”


Asking for money more often, Wei Yuanlin has completely regarded Wei Xi as an inexhaustible cash machine. The background on the phone is very noisy, but Wei Yuanlin’s threat is very clear: “I am distressed when I get too much money? If you don’t want it, I can ask your wife for it!”

Wei Xi’s voice was flat: “Here is here.”

After hanging up the phone, he clicked on the headset: “Can you start now.”

The captain took a breath, suppressed the strangeness in his heart, and then decisively ordered: “Start action!”

On the other side, in the casino in the backyard of the factory, Wei Yuanlin was sitting at the biggest gaming table. His face was full of wrinkles, and the scars on his side looked particularly vicious. In the recent period of time, this old brother Wei from the south is highly sought after in this area because of his generous shots.

According to Wei Ge, today his son will send him cash, and today he will start a few big games.

Someone asked: “Is your son reliable? You are not afraid of his righteous extermination and reporting of his father?”

“He doesn’t dare,” Wei Yuanlin grinned, smoking a cigarette, showing black and yellow teeth, “he can only listen to Lao Tzu!”

Wei Xi now has a face and a fan, unless he dares to abandon everything that he has and kill him, otherwise he will always listen to him.

Ten minutes after putting down the phone, the door of the backyard was opened from the outside.

There was a subconscious silence in the casino.

Then, a tall and white young man walked in from the outside.

His shirt was spotless, even his cuffs, broad shoulders and narrow waist, with a cold and arrogant temperament, he looked like a classy person.

And here, the pests at the bottom of the prosperous city gather. They are dirty, poor, and addicted to drugs.

This man is out of place here.

At the same time, law enforcement officers are silently surrounding the factory. The captain listened closely to the voice in the headset, and after the sound of opening the door, the grumpy male voice on the phone appeared again.

“Brought the money? Bring it over and give Lao Tzu a little bit.”

Wei Xi was expressionless, carrying the box, and walking towards the gaming table unhurriedly.

At this moment, I didn’t know who was in the corner and said “I fuck”.

The captain tensed suddenly.

Then I heard the man “fuck” twice and suddenly shouted: “No, I entered the game two days ago as if I saw this man?!”

“Is he sent by the damn slip?!”

The captain suddenly felt bad, and made a decisive decision, shouting into the headset: “Block all exits, outflank!”

In the casino, Wei Yuanlin glared at Wei Xi: “You are looking for death—”

But at this moment, hearing only two “clicks”, the man suddenly opened the lock of the suitcase.

Open it, there are densely packed bright red loose banknotes inside!

Wei Yuanlin showed a fierce look: “Give it to me!”

Wei Xi twitched her mouth and suddenly raised her hand, throwing a box of loose banknotes into the air——

There were all impoverished thugs and down-and-out addicts, no matter men or women, their eyes were red, and they had already forgotten the words just now, and started rushing to grab money.

In the chaos, Wei Yuanlin suddenly awoke from his anger for a moment and heard the footsteps approaching outside the factory. He realized that it was not good, and turned around to run.

But Wei Xi only stared at him from beginning to end.

As soon as he moved, Wei Xi threw the suitcase and appeared behind him instantly, holding his collar with one hand and pulling it back, and then slamming a fist on his face-instantly seeing blood!

The crowd rushing for banknotes heard the sound of footsteps getting closer and closer outside, clutching the looted money, shouting “There is a note,” and fled in all directions.

The captain was shouting in the headset: “Mr. Wei, find a place to hide first, pay attention to safety!!”

The man reached out his hand and removed the headset, and the brutality in his eyes finally showed signs.

Wei Yuanlin fell to the ground, vomiting blood and raised his eyes. He suddenly remembered that night many years ago, the boy was holding a knife, looking at him with such a look, and then – without hesitation, he chopped it down.

At this time, Wei Xi’s sole stepped on him.

Leaning over, he said softly, “Is it filial enough? I personally send you on the road.”

Ling Zhen checked out the taxi driver, and when he was about to get off the car, the driver kindly reminded her: “Girl, it’s very messy here, don’t go away!”

Ling Zhen nodded: “Thank you, I’ll go in and find someone.”

Wei Xi’s car disappeared nearby. Ling Zhen walked in along the road. After not walking a few steps, he suddenly saw a lot of police cars.

She was shocked, and subconsciously speeded up her pace.

Going deeper, her eyes widened and she saw Wei Xi’s car!

Ling Zhen’s anxiety became more intense.

What happened to Wei Xi? What is he here for? Why are there policemen? Is this the plot in the book, why does she have no impression? Will Wei Xi be okay? …

All kinds of thoughts were packed in a mess in his head, and Ling Zhen went faster and faster. It seemed very noisy in the distance. She followed the sound and found that it was an abandoned small factory.

Ling Zhen clenched his fists and was about to walk in. Suddenly someone stumbled out, holding a stack of banknotes in his hand, and ran away without looking back.

She was so frightened that she clung to the root of the wall, and after a long time she mustered up the courage to walk through the door, towards the source of the sound.

There were people fleeing everywhere, cursing and yelling one after another, Ling Zhen was very careful, and finally walked to a place that seemed to be the backyard.

The door was open, and she took a deep breath before poking out a head slowly.

Inside the door, there is an absurd scene.

In the dilapidated yard, there are overturned gaming tables, and many red banknotes are scattered on the ground.

She saw a familiar figure.

The man was kicking the person who was lying on the ground, with great force, and instantly kicked the person out——

Ling Zhen instantly opened his eyes.

She could see that person’s face clearly-it was the person who hit her that day!

Who is he? ?

But soon, Ling Zhen couldn’t think about this problem. Because she saw that Wei Xi’s side face was expressionless, but the action was terribly heavy. The expression on Ling was really familiar, she thought for two seconds before realizing–

Wei Xi had this look when he was cutting the fish. He treats a living person like a dead thing.

The man bent down, lifted the man up with his collar, and then punched, punched two, punched three times…

That was Wei Xi, whom Ling Zhen had never seen before. The true ferocity and violence made no secret of it, making people tremble at the tip of their hearts.

No, don’t fight anymore…

Ling Zhen was cold and stiff, and subconsciously took a step, trying to stop Wei Xi.

At this time, finally, a man in a police uniform rushed in, dragged Wei Xi, and shouted: “Okay, Mr. Wei, the scene is under control!”

Then several police officers filed in and lifted the blood-stained person on the ground.

Ling Zhen was caught off guard, and suddenly met those muddy eyes covered in blood.

The old man blinked, stared at her closely, then took a breath of blood and laughed frantically—

“Daughter-in-law? How are you, cough cough cough!”

Wei Xi’s figure froze.

The tyrannical aura from him has not yet cleared away. But the fierce man just now didn’t dare to look back for a moment.

Wei Yuanlin was beaten to his death, but at this time, he seemed to have received some kind of gift, and laughed wildly: “How about it, is it wonderful to see your husband beat his father?!”

Ling Zhen understood everything in an instant.

That was Wei Xi’s father, the scumbag father who brought him a miserable childhood and abused their mother and son!

What has Wei Xi endured these days…

Ling Zhen’s voice trembled and said, “Wei, Wei Xi…”

The moment he heard her voice, the breath on Wei Xi’s body, together with the blood on his face, faded cleanly.

His profile was so pale that there was no trace of anger.

Wei Xi turned her back to Ling Zhen and slowly closed her eyes.

The air is rapidly pulling away from the lungs.

The scene is safe, there are police everywhere, she will be fine. Wei Xi confirmed this, raised his foot, and walked out through the side door.

Ling Zhen cried out to him: “Wei Xi!”

But this time he didn’t look back.

The real inside was cut open in front of her, and he beat his biological father like a madman in front of the little girl.

For the first time in Wei Xi’s life, he had the idea of ​​running away.

But Wei Yuanlin’s hemoptysis was still clear, even if he walked out, he could still hear it.

“Want to know what kind of person you married?”

“He almost killed his dad ten years ago! Ahem, he is a potential murderer hahahaha—”

“Did you see the scar on my neck? He did it! Back then, when I hided a little bit later, it would have just chopped off my head!”

“Cough, cough, cough…Blood of Lao Tzu’s blood, the same as Lao Tzu in his bones! See it? How can anyone beat his own father like this?! He is a lunatic!”

Ling Zhen’s eyes were a little bit red.

Wei Yuanlin laughed arrogantly: “Little girl, are you going to be with a perverted murderer! Hahahaha…”

The girl in front of her is weak, beautiful, and looks vulnerable.

A woman is such a stupid thing, who only wants to be affectionate and can’t accept a man’s natural beast.

He didn’t believe that such a beautiful woman dared to be with him after witnessing Wei Xi’s behavior!

But Ling Zhen’s eyes were red, staring at him fiercely for a long time, and then suddenly asked, “Perverted?”

Wei Yuanlin smiled: “Isn’t it?”

Ling Zhen looked at him coldly: “Are you perverted?”

Wei Yuanlin was taken aback suddenly.

Ling Zhen was furious.

For the first time in her life, she hated herself for not being able to speak bad words.

“Don’t fart anymore, Wei Xi is different from you.”

“You are not worthy of being loved by rubbish that abuses your wife and children and endangers society!”

Ling Zhen turned around and chased him in the direction where Wei Xi had left.

“But Wei Xi has me—”

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