GSBVH: Ch 82

Wei Yuanlin arched his back and barked off his black teeth, smiling at Wei Xi.

The car is a good car, and the company building is also very impressive. Wei Yuanlin looked at the man in the driver’s seat through the glass.

He was killed for so many years in the South to seek a living, and their mother and son have enjoyed so many years of blessing, it is time to honor him.

Wei Xi was not surprised to see him.

He parked the car on the side of the road, then unfastened his seat belt and got out of the car. He was 1.86 meters tall and walked in front of Wei Yuanlin with his eyes down.

From under the eyelashes one by one, he shot out an indifferent icy gaze, looking at him as if he was looking at a dead object.

After all, Wei Yuanlin hadn’t seen Wei Xi in ten years. He did not expect that the boy who was silently beaten back then is now half a head taller than him, and his aura is slightly overwhelming.

The man who used to raise his fist has now shrunk into an old man.

However, he is not worried.

Because of my own son, now he has a weakness. People with weak spots are vulnerable, and Wei Yuanlin should have taught him since he was a child.

He smiled: “I’m not dead yet, are you happy?”

Wei Xi raised the corner of her mouth.

“Don’t be so indifferent. I haven’t seen you for many years. I just came to you to talk about the old. I think you are doing very well now. The company has opened, and you have married a beautiful wife? Ling Zhen-this name, right?”

Wei Xi was originally calm, calmer than she thought. But when Ling Zhen’s name appeared in his mouth, a line of red blood suddenly crawled out of Wei Xi’s eyes. The malice in my heart suddenly grew to terrifying, and the forbidden beast in the cage began to collide.

You are also worthy, call her name?

And Wei Yuanlin looked into his eyes and laughed.

——The seed he was born, really like him, is born abnormal! It is impossible to resist the violent tendency in the bones! People like them still want to seek happiness? ?

Wei Xi, with such fantasies, is ridiculously unworthy to be his son. But right now, Wei Yuanlin is in need of a weak cash machine that can be manipulated.

Excited light flashed in his eyes: “I have no other meaning. I am very satisfied with my daughter-in-law. This time I just want to borrow some money from my child-you don’t want me to see my daughter-in-law, so I won’t see it. How about ?”

He was threatening Ling Zhen.

Do you want her to know that you have such a father? Do you want her to know why this dad has been outside and not coming back? Why is there a scar on his face and why is he lame when he walks? Do you want her to know?

If you don’t want to, you can use money to seal it.

But when Wei Yuanlin finished speaking, the blood in Wei Xi’s eyes cooled down, but the gloominess on her body became thicker.

He stared at the disgusting face in front of him, and then suddenly curled his lips after a few seconds: “Ask for money?”

Wei Yuanlin believed that he would agree, and he was proud of it.

And Wei Xi’s gaze passed over him silently, realizing something.

In memory, this person’s skin is always well-dressed. He was the first group of people to go to the sea at that time. He was clever, determined, made a lot of money, and was among the most popular. He is also very good. Hair style, clothes, all picky, even after marriage, there are still women to take care of him.

And now, the man’s hair was dirty and knotted, his clothes were disheveled, and his complexion was sallow. His eyeballs are cloudy, his eyes are sunken, and his teeth appear black and yellow. On the side face hidden by the hair, there was an inconspicuous sore.

Wei Xi knew what it was.

A clear and cruel fact emerged from the bottom of my heart, which gave Wei Xi a taste of pleasure from the smell of rust——

He is old, poisoned, and is beginning to corrode and fester from his body.

Wei Xi’s gaze was silent and indifferent, he thought, then let you suck to death.

So, a few seconds later, he lowered his eyes seemingly compromised and asked in a low voice: “How much do you want?”

Wei Yuanlin grinned, his eyes gloomy and greedy: “Not much.”

He can take it one time at a time and take it slow. Wei Xi owed him anyway.

Wei Xi’s money was very agile.

Wei Yuanlin was once a wealthy businessman in City A, but was forced to live in the south for these years. Because of gambling and drugs, he lived in poverty and has not received such a large sum of money for a long time.

He read the numbers on his account several times, smuggled his mobile phone, and went to an unremarkable small factory in the city with ease.

After spending a few weeks in City A, he had already figured out where to “entertain”. Wei Yuanlin opened the small door of the factory, walked in to find an acquaintance, and lavishly ordered a large package of goods.

Seeing this, the surrounding women immediately shook their waists and greeted them. Wei Yuanlin was tasting, and he touched the woman twice, then slapped the other person’s face with a slap, cursing: “Fuck away, stupid woman!”

He still regards women as a plaything, and he can beat and scold at will, his bones have never changed. Wei Yuanlin has always been an arrogant person. And because of this, even if he was pitted back then, he never felt that the child he was beaten from childhood to adult would really grow into a stronger man than his old man.

This slap attracted a lot of attention, and some people grinned and asked: “I don’t seem to worry about money because my brother is so powerful?”

Wei Yuanlin had already inhaled some, and his expression was triumphant: “I asked my son directly, and his money is not mine!”

After waiting for a long time, Wei Yuanlin felt good enough before leaving the small factory in a vain step.

He was walking on the road, and he saw a lot of weird gazes along the way, and he didn’t care. As he walked, Wei Yuanlin’s footsteps suddenly stopped, stopped, and looked at the hospital beside the road.

He asked someone to find out that he has an old friend who hasn’t seen him for a long time, just staying here.

Wei’s mother knew that recently there were two more security guards outside her ward.

They didn’t stand outside the door, but they watched in the corner all day long. Although there is no communication between mother and child, there is a kind of secret feeling. She realized almost immediately that the man had returned.

It seems to be a catastrophe of fate, not going back early or late, but returning when everything is slowly getting on the right track.

The nurse had just left to buy food, and Mother Wei was lying alone in the ward, praying with her hands folded.

Suddenly, a heavy footstep sounded in the silent corridor outside.

With a heartbeat, she subconsciously sat up from the bed. The old scars, the pain in the memory, came alive with the sound of footsteps. Even if she had lived to this age, the fear of that man was still imprinted in her bones.

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The footsteps stopped outside Wei Mu’s ward.

Her hands trembled a little, trying to call someone, but she couldn’t make a sound.

The door opened–

Mother Wei looked over with horrified eyes, and it was not that person who stood at the door, but Wei Xi.

The man was silent and tall, walked in, and closed the door. He hadn’t come to visit alone for a long time. Since a long time ago, Ling Zhen accompanied him every time.

Wei Mu breathed a sigh of relief, feeling fatigued, and asked, “Have you seen… him?”

Wei Xi nodded: “Yeah.”

Wei Mu showed a desperate expression: “What can I do…”

How to do.

This is a problem that Wei Xi has been facing for decades before her life. Day and night, during the beating and abuse, my mother was asking what to do. Later, they succeeded in getting rid of this kind of life, but that person unexpectedly made a comeback.

Wei Xi’s eyes were gloomy, her pupils were slightly lost, and she said softly, “Kill it.”

“No!” Mother Wei said quickly, “Think about it!”

Wei Xi lowered her eyes.

of course.

He cannot become a murderer. He was… not normal. If he really killed someone, he wouldn’t deserve her. He will be a legal citizen.

Mother Wei looked at Wei Xi carefully, and asked softly, “Really…you know?”

Wei Xi was silent.

… dare not say.

Wei Mu sighed.

Mother and son sat opposite each other and remained silent for a long time.

Wei Xi suppressed his emotions and raised his head again, her expression very calm: “Don’t be afraid, he is not scary anymore.”

It was just a body that was accelerating corrosion.

Within a week, Wei Yuanlin had to walk a total of 200,000 yuan, divided into four times.

And his tone became worse again and again.

Zhao Yan heard the voice from the microphone in Wei Xi’s office.

“Prepare me one hundred thousand yuan this Sunday and ask for cash! Did you hear that?”

Wei Xi knocked on the table indifferently, but there was a hint of helplessness in her voice: “Didn’t you just give you one hundred thousand?”

“You owe Lao Tzu more than this! Lao Tzu gave birth to you, and your money was earned for Lao Tzu, so I will endure it if I don’t want to!”

Wei Xi hung up the phone blankly.

Wei Yuanlin was already irritable. This is his nature, if the other party obeys, then he will get worse.

Within a week, his wife was swollen rapidly by a steady stream of funds, and large sums of money were sprinkled in illegal casinos and drug transactions. Wei Xi followed the vines and found out his stronghold in City A.

As soon as the phone was hung up here, he called a friend in the city bureau.

Zhao Yan was shocked while listening.

“…Well, Sunday.”

“I’ll send cash over….”

The voice on the other end of the phone hesitated slightly: “There will be risks… are you sure?”

Wei Xi’s voice was cold, and after calmly making sure, she hung up the phone.

Zhao Yan stared, “Mr. Wei, do you really want to assist the police in handling the case?”

Wei Xi was indifferent: “Who said that.”

He has never had a sense of responsibility.

Other people who take drugs or sell drugs have nothing to do with him. From beginning to end, he only wanted Wei Yuanlin to die.

Wei Xi’s state was a bit unpredictable. Zhao Yan didn’t dare to be nosy, and took the documents out of the office, but within two minutes, he knocked on the door and came back.

The man raised his eyes behind the desk, slightly impatient: “What’s the matter.”

Zhao Yan said, “Mr. Wei, did you call my sister-in-law?”

Wei Xi had a meal.

Ling Zhen has been very discouraged recently.

Wei Xi was busy with something she didn’t know. She observed for a few days and found nothing.

Later, she wondered, is there something wrong with the company? Men, there is a problem in your career, so I don’t want to say more. So she ran to Qingxi to take a look while she was okay.

But when she entered the company, got on the elevator, and walked all the way, the atmosphere in the company was very ordinary, and it seemed that there was no panic-stricken crisis.

On the 17th floor, Zhao Yan just came out of Wei Xi’s office and greeted her with a smile: “Long time no see my sister-in-law!”

Judging from his appearance, it doesn’t seem to be anything wrong. Ling Zhen smiled and greeted him, and asked, “Is Wei Xi there?”


Ling Zhen knocked on the office door, gently pushed it open, and then was pulled in.

Wei Xi hugged her waist, bowed her head and asked, “Why are you here?”

Ling Zhen raised his eyes: “Come and see you.”

Wei Xi raised her hand and rubbed her ears, “I’m off work, take you to eat?”

Ling Zhen didn’t have any comments: “Oh.”

She was a little bit hesitant while eating, raised her eyes several times, and finally asked with the tip of her chopsticks: “Wei Xi, are you busy lately?”

Wei Xi raised her eyebrows slightly: “A little bit—what?”

Ling Zhen shook his head.

In fact, it’s not a big deal. It’s normal for Wei Xi to have her own business. She was just…a little uneasy.

And, the feeling of not being relied on is a bit bad.

But in fact, there was no change in the days, maybe there were changes, but they were all hidden by Wei Xi drippingly.

On Saturday night, Ling Zhen took a shower and came out and saw Wei Xi sitting in the living room.

He didn’t seem to hear her voice. The expression was very cold, and looking at a certain point floating in the air, there was an unnoticeable tension in the whole body.

Ling Zhen pulled her half-dry hair closer, and asked, “Wei Xi, will you be okay tomorrow?”

Wei Xi loosened her aura and raised her eyes: “I’m going to a company to discuss matters.”

Ling Zhen pursed his lips: “What company?”

Wei Xi casually said: “Yuanda.”

Ling Zhen: “Oh…”

Her fingers wrapped around the tip of her hair, and her head hung down: “Good night, then.”

“good night.”

In the second half of the night, Ling Zhen was awakened by the heat. The air conditioner was not turned on, and she was thirsty and came out to drink.

Then I saw that Wei Xi was still sitting in the living room.

Ling Zhen tightened her fingers.

She went to the kitchen to gush a glass of water, then walked back to the living room and stood in front of the man.

Wei Xi raised her eyes.

The little girl squeezed her hand into a fist, enduring and enduring.

But after having tolerated it for many days, she finally said, “Wei Xi, I’m working hard.”

You want to be more sensible, mature, and don’t be too childish if you are unhappy.

“You don’t have to keep giving, you can also ask me if there is anything I can do,” Ling Zhen said with a sullied face and a clear voice, “You can ask me for it.”

Wei Xi’s eyes were dark, and after a while, she raised her hand: “Then give me a hug.”

Ling Zhen frowned: “I’m serious.”

Wei Xi: “I am serious too.”

Give you a hug, that’s it.

Ling Zhen curled his lips, then kicked off his slippers, stepped on the sofa, sat in his arms, and hugged the man’s shoulders and necks.

“I can do a lot of things.” Ling Zhen’s furry head leaned against his shoulder and whispered.

Wei Xi patted her on the back: “I know.”

His little girl is omnipotent.

Wei Xi’s request of her…

No, his wish was that Ling Zhen would never know the past he wanted to cover up.

In this way, he is just a person with a bad personality, occasionally out of control, but…is getting better.

Wei Xi kissed her forehead and softly coaxed, “I will bring you strawberry pudding tomorrow night.”

Ling Zhen raised his face.

No lights were turned on in the room, only moonlight spilled out of the window. In the dim light, Wei Xi’s profile was almost unrealistic.

Ling Zhen watched it for a long time, then said softly, “Okay.”

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