GSBVH: Ch 82

Wei Yuanlin arched his back and barked off his black teeth, smiling at Wei Xi. The car is a good car, and the company building is also very impressive. Wei Yuanlin looked at the man in the driver’s seat through the glass. He was killed for so many years in the South to seek a living,Continue reading “GSBVH: Ch 82”

GSBVH: Ch 81

The hottest variety show nowadays is shown on the TV of the small hotel. The picture is bright, and the people on the TV are all beautiful, even if they go in and out of the mountain village, they are all pampered. The man leaned against the narrow bedside of the small hotel, staring atContinue reading “GSBVH: Ch 81”

GSBVH: Ch 80

Wei Xi has no habit of reading private messages. The private message stayed in the mailbox for a while, and then it was slowly topped by the new private message. Just like a normal day, everything went smoothly, as if nothing had happened. … The days are getting hot day by day. Summer is indeedContinue reading “GSBVH: Ch 80”

GSBVH: Ch 79

Ling Zhen was not the kid who was trembling in the last hot search. For the first time that year, it seemed that it was sent up by Gu Wei’s hand sliding thumbs. Because she was afraid of being scolded in the hot search, she went to look at it every once in a whileContinue reading “GSBVH: Ch 79”

GSBVH: Ch 78

Jian Wenyi checked Weibo all night and looked at the data all night. Originally, she was full of confidence, and this confidence remained until the end of the first four groups one by one. She has no doubt that her and Yan Chu’s variety shows are the most outstanding. Smile, the sugar spots, they are all full,Continue reading “GSBVH: Ch 78”

GSBVH: Ch 77

“Food Room Mate” is scheduled for prime time at 9 o’clock every Friday night, and it has already been searched twice before it airs. After all, I have done a veteran variety show for several seasons, and it is itself a word of mouth to bring attention. In addition, this season has a luxurious lineup, richContinue reading “GSBVH: Ch 77”

GSBVH: Ch 76

“Teacher Hu, Yan Chu and I picked some more, shall we share it with you?” Jian Wenyi carried the tube to Hu Ling, and poured the loquat into Hu Ling’s tube with a gentle smile. Hu Ling didn’t refuse her kindness. In other words, he was so old that his body was no better thanContinue reading “GSBVH: Ch 76”

GSBVH: Ch 75

Of course Ling Zhen didn’t know that he had harvested a CP powder ahead of time, and was immersed in the joy of harvesting. On the same day, of the three eggs she picked up in Ji Fei Gou Tiao, two were used to make tomato scrambled eggs, and one was exchanged with Song LanContinue reading “GSBVH: Ch 75”

GSBVH: Ch 74

“Did you know! I just passed by Yan Ge and Jian Wenyi’s villa, and saw them both watering a flower in the yard and hugging each other, ooh, ooh, fairy love!!!” The director’s assistant and the coordinator followed the camera. Both of them were young girls in their twenties, and they were just like theContinue reading “GSBVH: Ch 74”

GSBVH: Ch 73

The camera in the room is naturally turned off during the evening rest time. Ling Zhen felt uneasy, and quietly checked the two cameras in the corner, and then heaved a sigh of relief. Two pairs of eyes that can’t blink are missing in the room, and only her and Wei Xi are left. But forContinue reading “GSBVH: Ch 73”