GSBVH: Ch 75

Of course Ling Zhen didn’t know that he had harvested a CP powder ahead of time, and was immersed in the joy of harvesting.

On the same day, of the three eggs she picked up in Ji Fei Gou Tiao, two were used to make tomato scrambled eggs, and one was exchanged with Song Lan for a small fish.

What their family smoked were Mushu meat and braised fish. Just one egg was missing, so they generously exchanged a fish for their egg. Ling Zhen felt embarrassed, but he was very happy.

Finally, two more tomatoes were found in the village, and Ling Zhen and Wei Xi went home to cook.

She didn’t want to touch the raw fish, nor dared to see the blood, so she hid outside the kitchen to watch Wei Xi deal with it.

Wei Xi didn’t mean anything soft about the dead. He pinched a knife with his slender and white fingers, scraped the scales of the fish, and washed them off with water. Then, I cut a vertical knife at the fish neck and cut the fish belly directly, making the movement very neat.

The blood dripped out and dyed his fingers red, and the fishy smell in the kitchen suddenly became rich. Ling Zhen covered his nose and stepped back.

But Wei Xi was calm, and then opened the abdominal cavity with a knife, took out the fish’s internal organs, and finally washed it again.

Ling Zhen looked at his profile, and thought of the emoji of the “killer without emotion” in his heart. He felt that their villain was really cold.

For the remaining steps, Ling Zhen read out the recipes on the Internet, and then directed Wei Xi to do it step by step. After the fish is marinated with salt and cooking wine, stuff the seasonings such as sliced ​​chives and sliced ​​ginger into the belly of the fish. Sprinkle shredded green onions on the surface and steam them in a pot of boiling water.

In the process, Ling Zhen made his tomato scrambled eggs smoothly. The steamed fish does not need to be steamed for a long time, and it will be served on a plate after ten minutes.

At noon this meal was eaten at Shen Yanchu and Jian Wenyi’s house. Ling Zhen had a foreboding that he would have a bit of stomach pain.

Sure enough, after waiting for the past, the two main men and women naturally did not let go of this big show.

Today, they are set for “learning to cook for each other”. The two drew Kung Pao chicken and shredded cabbage. Although the skill is limited and it is not good to cook, they enjoy the process! I also experienced the sense of accomplishment of washing hands and making soup for my lover!

Several other pairs of guests were obviously aware of the purpose of the two on the show, and they all expressed their envy in cooperation.

Ling Zhen held the tip of his chopsticks, watched their performance in amazement, and thought while applauding, would the audience want to see this kind of crookedness?

Then she and Wei Xi, who are in the fresh air, should reduce their sense of existence and live smoothly.

After the performance, of course, we still have to return to the topic. The dishes you get are different, some are difficult and some are easy. The director asked everyone to taste each other, and finally selected the most delicious meat dish and a vegetarian dish.

In terms of cooking, the highest in the audience is naturally Teacher Hu Ling. Her deep-fried crispy meat was so crispy and fragrant that almost everyone at the table snatched it.

The best meat dishes were selected at noon that day, and Mr. Hu Ling’s deep-fried crispy pork was naturally well-deserved.

And the best vegetarian dish, after all the opinions gathered by everyone, and finally commented on Jian Wenyi’s hand-ripened cabbage with extra points for love.

Ling Zhen didn’t have much confidence in his cooking skills, and he didn’t care about the results of the selection at all, and was busy eating Mr. Hu’s crispy meat.

Her own tomato scrambled eggs with less candies, so sour, even Ling Zhen didn’t want to eat it. But after the whole meal was over, the plate of scrambled eggs with tomatoes actually hit the bottom.

Ling Zhen felt so miraculous.

In the next few days, the program group changed tricks to add small tasks to their lives. Sometimes it was to wash the carpets in the entire villa, sometimes it was to feed the cattle and sheep and pick things together with the villagers in the village, which was trivial, ordinary and interesting.

The interaction among the guests is also increasing. Both Wang Zheng and Song Lan take care of Ling Zhen and move around a lot more daily, and they really feel like living next to each other in the old days.

Once he got used to the painting style here, Ling Zhen gradually felt that this kind of leisurely life was very good-of course, it would be better if he didn’t have a camera.

The only thing that was not good enough was that she found that Wei Xi was really indifferent to others and not friendly at all.

He really took this trip as a bad job! He will complete the tasks given by the program team, and he doesn’t care about other things.

Although Ling Zhen doesn’t like to set up people like Shen Yanchu, she has always been faintly worried that after the broadcast, Wei Xi will be scolded like this.

On this day, they were sent to the ecological garden in the west of the village to pick loquats in exchange for the food of the day. The two of them each took a tube, and when they got to the place, Song Lan and the others had already started. The director team is guarding outside the ecological park, and the cameraman is walking around the park with the guests.

At the moment Song Lan’s boyfriend Sun Han didn’t know where he was going. She was the only one who was standing under the tree, desperately trying to reach the yellow fruit on the top of the loquat tree, looking very strenuous.

Ling Zhen glanced at Wei Xi, he didn’t mean to help.

He has an absolute height advantage and quickly picked up the small half. Ling Zhen watched him several times in the middle, but Wei Xi didn’t respond.

On the other side, Song Lan jumped up and picked up the loquat to no avail, so she had to give up. Her barrel was already full, and she lifted it up suddenly. As a result, her foot got stuck in the uneven dirt road and she lost her balance and fell to the ground.


Ling Zhen had been paying attention to that side, and when he heard the voice, he hurried to help her.

“Sister, are you okay!”

“it’s okay no problem!”

The soil on the ground is pine, and there are many leaves piled up, so the fall is not heavy.

Ling Zhen helped her up, Sun Han heard the voice, and ran over from the other side hurriedly, thanked Ling Zhen again and again, and then helped Song Lan to walk out slowly.

At this time, Wei Xi walked over calmly and asked, “It’s okay?”

Ling Zhen turned his head, pursed his lips, and then took his hand: “Come here.”

Wei Xi followed her obediently.

The two walked around in one corner, turned off Mai, and then Ling Zhen raised his face and said to him, “This won’t work.”

Wei Xi’s attitude is very correct: “Yes.”

Ling Zhen frowned and looked worried: “Nowadays reality shows will be edited maliciously. You didn’t help Sister Song Lan just now. What if the audience scolds you if it is cut into conflict in the later stage?”

In the entertainment industry, this kind of thing is too common.

She knew that Wei Xi was indifferent by nature, so of course she wouldn’t force him to be helpful, but there are all kinds of monsters and ghosts hidden in the human network, and it is really terrifying that they spray people with their keyboards.

Wei Xi was taken aback for a moment.

Then the man smiled slightly: “Worry about me?”

Ling Zhen was soft-hearted. He originally thought she didn’t like his indifference. He didn’t expect the little girl to struggle for a long time because she was thinking about him.

“Don’t laugh!” Ling was really worried, looking at him with crystal clear apricot eyes, and discussing in a tone: “Can you be friendly to everyone? In the situation just now, would you help others? Your fish was given by someone else.”

Wei Xi smiled deliberately: “Isn’t that the way I am, let them scold me.”

Ling Zhen punched him, then pursed his lips, and said, “You said you want to listen to Teacher Ling.”

Wei Xi looked down at her, her lips curled up: “Yes.”

Ling Zhen’s face was super serious: “Ms. Ling will not harm you.”

Wei Xi was smiling and couldn’t help but stretched out her hand to hug her little teacher.

At this moment, there seemed to be someone passing by, Ling Zhen lowered the volume a little, and finally said something in Wei Xi’s ear.

A few minutes later.

The assistant lady who just happened to pass by rushed in front of the coordinator, her face flushed with excitement: “Do you know what I heard just now!!”

In the past few days, she has completely turned her back, knocking from the details of the little fairies and the big guys to dizziness every day.

The coordinator sneered at her “true fragrance”, but couldn’t help his CP soul, and approached and asked, “Let’s talk about it!”

“I heard! The little fairy educated the boss, and finally said to the boss,’Be good!”

“Ah, ah, super sweet! Super sweet!!”

Ten minutes after Ling Zhen called Wei Xi away, the two returned to the garden again.

This time, Wei Xi smiled at the corners of her lips, and the cold breath she was used to melted a lot.

They had enough of their own weight, and then Ling Zhen took Wei Xi to find other guests.

Shen Yanchu and the others were with Wang Zheng and Teacher Hu Ling, but Ling Zhen didn’t move forward and went to find He Qiong and Fu Huanhuan who were still picking.

He Qiong is a national athlete, and Fu Huanhuan is a vegan. Among the several groups of guests, they are the least familiar with Ling Zhen Wei Xi.

Seeing them coming, the two of them still murmured a little.

After all, after a few days of getting along, Ling Zhen’s husband’s difficulties are obvious to all. And listening to other people’s science, this is still an investment tycoon in the circle, and it’s not easy to mess with.

In order to show friendship, Ling Zhen took the initiative to speak: “The time set by the program group is approaching. I think you are coming late. I’m afraid you won’t be able to finish it, so come and have a look.

Fu Huanhuan reacted first. It turned out that Ling was really here to help. She smiled quickly: “That’s too embarrassing, we two are daunting…”

“It’s okay!” Ling Zhen waved his hand quickly, then pointed at Wei Xi next to him, “Let him pick it for you, he can pick it quickly!”

Now He Qiong and Fu Huanhuan both showed a little surprised expression.

——Let this Mr. Wei help?

They looked at Mr. Wei’s cold and noble temperament.

——Dare not to be, not to be!

Ling Zhen turned his face and blinked at Wei Xi: Look at your image in the hearts of others!

Wei Xi hooked up the corners of her lips.

The camera next to him was shooting, and Ling Zhen’s eyes were more agile: you should behave!

Wei Xi smiled, turned her head, and spoke to the two faintly: “How far is it? I’ll pick it for you.”

He Qiong hesitated and said, “I’m so embarrassed…”

“It’s okay,” Wei Xi bent over and picked up their tubes. “My teacher taught me to be helpful.”

Athlete couple: “?”

Did the elementary school teacher teach it? ?

But they didn’t notice. On the other side, Ling Zhen blushed quietly.

…What is he talking about!

Wei Xi walked to the loquat tree next to her, Ling Zhen kicked the toe of her shoe and hung her head to follow.

While picking it, the man asked in a low voice, “Is that right? Teacher.”

Ling Zhen glanced at him with sullen eyes.

After a while, the little girl put her feet up and touched his head pretendingly.

“be good.”

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