GSBVH: Ch 76

“Teacher Hu, Yan Chu and I picked some more, shall we share it with you?”

Jian Wenyi carried the tube to Hu Ling, and poured the loquat into Hu Ling’s tube with a gentle smile.

Hu Ling didn’t refuse her kindness. In other words, he was so old that his body was no better than these young people. He felt pain in his shoulders only after he picked one.

She smiled and called Wang Zheng: “Old man, don’t bother! The children picked it up for us.”

The actor is also a hearty person, so he stopped hearing the words and walked over: “Thank you then!”

Shen Yanchu came over and took Jian Wenyi’s shoulders: “Teacher, you are welcome, this is what our juniors should do.”

Hu Ling rested for a while with his hips akimbo, and glanced around in the ecological garden, and suddenly saw Ling Zhen walking towards He Qiong’s pair with Wei Xi.

Wei always seemed to be in a good mood, and he felt an inexplicable sense of gentleness following the little girl who was half a head shorter than him.

The forests were not far away from each other, and Hu Ling then heard Ling Zhen ask Wei Xi to help He Qiong pick the loquats.

Mr. Wei actually agreed.

He took the little girl to one side to pick it, and while picking it, he seemed to say something again, making Ling Zhen’s face flushed with amusement. But after a while, he actually raised his hand and touched his head, like a child.

Even Wang Zheng on one side was a little surprised when he saw it.

He is relatively familiar with Wei Xi, this person is born with a gloomy feeling, and is definitely a type of person with a very bad personality. He never thought about who Wei Xi would follow, and never thought that someone would touch his head like this.

The two old artists looked at them for a long while, and finally looked at each other and laughed.

Hu said with inspiration, “This is what their young people call sweet every day, right?”

Wang Zheng patted her: “We are the’sweet’ of middle-aged and elderly people!”

Shen Yanchu and Jian Wenyi on the side laughed in cooperation, and Jian Wenyi’s smile was a little stiff.

After smiling, she lowered her eyes, curling eyelashes with mascara to cover the emotions in her eyes.

She doesn’t feel sweet.

Same as the previous reality show, of course she was also silently observing Ling Zhen and Wei Xi. In her opinion, Wei Xi was too cold. He didn’t feel like love to Ling Zhen, but rather like teasing.

The relationship between the two of them is the young president and the actress. She and Yan Chu grew up together and experienced the ups and downs together to have the confidence to show their love results in front of a broad audience.

At night, when they returned home, all cameras stopped working. Shen Yanchu went to take a bath, but Jian Wenyi suddenly took his hand and asked softly: “Yanchu, you are really happy when you come here, right?”

It’s not just for marketing and popularity, nor is it cooperating with her. Their feelings themselves are pure, right?

Shen Yanchu was startled, then smiled softly: “Of course, don’t think about it.”

Jane Wenyi smiled.

Indeed, what a perfect lover Yan Chu was, and so good to her. Although Jian Wenyi doesn’t know what other guests are in their daily life in the villa, she feels that the life of herself and Yan Chu is definitely sweet enough.

The recording of this issue of “Food Companion” was a total of ten days. By the seventh day, Reuters appeared on the Internet and quickly became a hot search.

This variety show itself is hot, and when the official announcement was made, Ling Zhen’s marriage was announced to hang a lot of viewers. This time when Reuters came out, it immediately attracted a large number of netizens to watch.

When Ling Zhen heard about it, his instinct was the handwriting of the team of the male and female lead.

She and Wei Xi cleaned up at home today. They took time to look at their mobile phones while they were drying their clothes. Sure enough, although other guests were also photographed in those Reuters photos, they were mainly Shen Yanchu and Jian Wenyi.

It is estimated that it has been taken for several days. The photo was taken in the ecological garden. Shen Yanchu picked up Jian Wenyi to get the fruit on the tree. There are also photos of people doing tasks in the village, and the host and the host smile very warmly.

After getting on the hot search, netizens also started howling.

[Sure enough, I knew they were here to abuse the dog! ! This is not here! ! 】

[My brother Yanchu is so handsome! [Crazy]]

【can not wait anymore! I am a dog butchering me! When will it be broadcast! ! 】

Ling Zhen flipped through it a few times, and then lost interest, and continued to shake the washed sheets and quilt with Wei Xi, and then dried them on the clothes rail on the rooftop.

So she didn’t know that while that hot search was slowly climbing up, suddenly a Weibo became popular.

The blogger drew a small red circle in a Reuters of the Ecological Park and posted a Weibo: [I think I found something incredible! Come, bring my microscope! ! [Image] [image]】

The subjects in that photo are Shen Yanchu and Jian Wenyi who are holding hands and carrying tubes to the loquat garden. But in the corner where the camera swept, two people stood there.

Take a closer look-isn’t that the little fairy and the boss! !

Taking a closer look, Ling Zhen was lying on Wei Xi’s ear with her feet on her feet, whispering something quietly. But Wei Xi’s cold face was actually smiling.

After the official announcement, the netizens who had been waiting for sugar exploded.

[The girl with this microscope is here uninvited! ! I don’t like the sugar sprinkled on the surface, so I like to eat it! 】

[Help, the boss can laugh! He is too spoiled when he laughs, oh oh wsl]

At this moment, Miss Daozhu was holding her mobile phone and swiping Weibo expressionlessly. Seeing their comments, she smiled very noble and coldly.

what is this!

Is this sugar? !

The guide is indifferent, likes and reposts the top popular, and thinks: You don’t know anything about sugar!

At the same time, City A, Qingxi.

It has been seven days since the boss has been out. The whole company is calm on the surface, but in fact it is paying close attention to the trend. Today, I finally waited for Reuters.

Zhao Yan hid in the office, looking for Mr. Wei and his sister-in-law in the Reuters picture. The thought of seeing the expensive head Wei standing in an unknown small mountain village, all the senior executives were excited-it is not easy to get angry at the flower of Gaoling one after another!

After a while, the hot spot of microscopic sugar candy was pushed up, and Zhao Yan, a big master, had the urge to scream after reading it.

Their sister-in-law is too cute! !

Zhao Yan was excited for a while, when the office door was knocked suddenly. He hid the phone subconsciously, and coughed twice: “Come in!”

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The assistant opened the door and said, “Vice President, Yuanda’s President Wang is here.”

Zhao Yan’s excitement faded, frowning: Wang Yuan? Mr. Wei is not in City A at this time. What is he doing?

Mr. Wei is not there, he has been in charge recently. Since the other party is here, always listen to it.

Speaking of this, Wang Yuan is really irritating. He doesn’t know what’s wrong, he wants to compete with Mr. Wei in everything, and he has repeatedly failed. Zhao Yan sometimes wonders if he admires Wei Xi.

Asking the assistant to lead the person to the reception room, Zhao Yan sorted out his clothes, and then walked over in no hurry.

As soon as he walked in, Wang Yuan laughed: “I think Mr. Wei is very beautiful recently!”

“It’s okay, Mr. Wang, you are not bad.”

Zhao Yan exchanged a few words with him both indifferently.

Wang Yuandong talked about it for a long time, but wanted to come over to spy on the news while Wei Xi was not in the company. But Zhao Yan was very reliable in this regard, and he did not reveal any news after playing Tai Chi for a long time.

After half an hour, Wang Yuan finally showed an impatient face and waved away.

When he got back to the car, he turned on his phone again and looked through the hot search photos.

In the same industry, Wei Xi is an existence that makes people hateful. Wang Yuan thought that although this kind of person did a good job at work, he must be lonely to the death of a lone star, but he did not expect that he would marry a beautiful female star, and did he go on a show with her to show affection?

The more Wang Yuan looked, the more sour.

Then he searched for Ling Zhen’s name and stared at her picture for a long time.

How is he worse than Wei Xi? Wang Yuan thought that he would definitely be able to find Ling Zhen like this.

The recording of “Food Companion” soon reached the tenth day.

On the last day, the program group arranged for them to hold a bonfire party on the mountain, and each group of guests will perform the program.

Everyone knew the process in advance, and started to prepare the show a few days earlier. Wang Zheng and Hu Ling planned to dance together, so Ling Zhen was specially invited to teach them.

The two of them danced ballroom dance. Teacher Hu was a little embarrassed, “Oh, I’m showing my ugliness in front of the children!”

Ling Zhen clapped and applauded: “Aunt Hu dances very well!”

After these days of getting along, Hu Ling already liked the little girl very much, and smiled and touched her head after listening.

Whose daughter can grow up so well? Beautiful, well-behaved, and dancing so well!

Except for the two old artists, Ling Zhen didn’t know what other guests would perform. But everyone seems to default that Ling Zhen’s performance is dance.

Ling Zhen said nothing about this and did not explain.

It was just the last night, sitting cross-legged on the bed, she raised her head and asked Wei Xi: “Aren’t our programs too perfunctory?”

Everyone knows that she dances, and of course the audience knows that Ling Zhen doesn’t want to use reality shows as a stage. But without dancing, she really didn’t know what else to perform, so she could only choose to sing. She has never spoken in front of the screen. This is her first show. She should be enough, right?

Wei Xi agrees, because he can also participate.

Ling Zhen was puzzled at the time and asked him, “What are you involved in?”

Wei Xi told her as usual: “Play the accompaniment.”


Ling was so speechless, and I thought only Wei Xi would do this! !

On the last day, the villagers gave them a lot of food, which was distributed to the mountain by five groups of guests. When a few men went to chop wood, the women cleaned up the camp and set up good food.

Regarding the evening show, everyone is still a little unsure.

Song Lan stuffed Ling Zhen a little orange while secretly asking, “What are you performing at night?”

In the past few days, everyone has become familiar with each other, and Song Lan and Ling Zhen have not seen him.

Ling Zhen looked around and told her in a low voice, “I don’t dance anyway.”

Song Lan laughed out loud: “Me too! I don’t sing anyway!”

The two happily slapped their hands.

Just after hitting, Jian Wenyi emerged from one side and asked with a smile, “What do you whisper?”

Song Lan “hush”: “Secret.”

Jian Wenyi’s smile faded, and she said nothing.

She could probably guess that it was nothing more than waiting for the show.

With Ling Zhen here, Jian Wenyi definitely didn’t plan to dance, even though she had learned her dance exclusively from her teacher. At that time, she was amazed at the dance party of “Xianwen”, and later watched Lingzhen’s dance videos on the Internet.

She would not send herself out and let others slap her face.

Therefore, after discussing with Yan Chu, she decided to sing a love song together.

At the end of the show, with a sweet duet as the ending, the effect will be great.

The sky gradually dimmed, and the men’s firewood was already in place, arranged in a small pile on the clearing.

Although it has entered summer, the night breeze on the mountain is still slightly cold, the bonfire is set far, and the temperature is just right after the fire is burning. The program group sat opposite the guests, and a group of staff gathered around them to participate in the final recording.

Wei Xi came back later than others. Ling Zhen looked around several times, and when the director was in place, she saw Wei Xi come out calmly.

Seeing her, he beckoned.

Ling Zhen had to stand up, trot over, and said complainingly: “Why are you so slow?”

Wei Xi lowered her eyes, and gently pinned something in her ear: “It’s a little delay.”

Ling Zhen blinked his eyes and raised his hand to touch it. It was a small flower.

The bonfire in the distance has been ignited, her profile silhouette is beautiful, and a small, red flower is pinned to her white ears.

Ling Zhen was a little embarrassed suddenly, she touched it carefully, then put down her hand and asked him, “Does it look good.”

Wei Xi curled her lips: “Yeah.”

When the two of them came back to take their seats, Song Lan turned her head and saw the flower pinned to the pretty girl’s ear. Looking at the man next to her again, he still looked cold and indifferent.

She was deeply impressed. The romance of this kind of man… is really murderous.

The recording of the bonfire party officially began. The director held up his horn, first asked some questions, and asked each group of guests to answer.

For example, the most memorable thing in these days, the most delicious dish, the most difficult task to complete.

The last question is whether you have gained anything after reading “A Companion Between Food”, or whether you have changed with your partner.

Ling Zhen thought about it, and there are still some. She seems to be a little more comfortable with Wei Xi.

After all, the elder sisters and aunts around are all in the style of old couples, even Aunt Hu and Uncle Wang can naturally hug in front of the camera, and Song Lan and her boyfriend can kiss without hesitation.

She and Wei Xi seem to be a little bit more like a husband and wife.

Because it was the last question, the program group asked to take turns to answer. Ling Zhen and Wei Xi were sitting on the far side, just the last one.

In the previous answer, some people say that they are more familiar with each other’s lives, and some people say that they can help their wives more after being forced to learn how to cook. At last it was Ling Zhen’s turn, she was a little confused for a while.

Can’t say, they have become more like husband and wife, right?

Ling Zhen had to look up at Wei Xi and asked, “Is there?”

The question was thrown to Mr. Wei, and the director didn’t report any hope, just asking the boss to give an answer casually.

The man had no expression and replied: “Yes.”

The director was very surprised and asked what it was. Other guests also looked forward to Mr. Wei’s answer.

Wei Xi lowered her eyes and pointed at Ling Zhen: “The change is that I like her more.”


After a few seconds of silence, there were countless reactions to the scene.

The director was stunned, and never expected that Wei, who had been in the cold for the whole season, would give such a perfect answer for others to extract. It can be seen that people do not know how, but are too good! !

Song Lan next to her was given a mouthful of dog food from the nearest distance, and she elbowed her boyfriend. Jian Wenyi’s face was stiff, and Shen Yanchu next to her was even more complicated.

Outside the court, the coordinator and the assistant sister hugged her, silently shouting, and almost diabetic.

Only Ling Zhen reacted most calmly.

It’s just that a face seemed to be steamed, redder than the flower in her ear.

After finally passing this part, everyone ate, drank and chatted with each other, and when they were full of food and drink, they began to perform.

First, the ballroom dance of two old artists was very popular in the audience. Song Lan and her boyfriend actually talked a cross talk, and it was quite funny.

By the third time, the venue was already lively, Jian Wenyi pulled Shen Yanchu to stand up: “It’s us.”

The other guests cheered and coaxed: “My bowl is here for dog food!”

Jian Wenyi’s smile was sweeter.

In the previous part, Ling Zhen and Wei Xi were even more conspicuous than their CP pair, which made Jian Wenyi slightly uncomfortable. But fortunately, the love song they prepared next was sweet enough to be able to pull it back.

“Let me sing a song to everyone at the beginning of the story. I hope you don’t dislike it.”

Ling Zhen swallowed the food in his mouth, thinking that he really hit the show, but luckily they were a chorus.

The two of them are worthy of being the dog food for the entire show, laying the general tone of the “emotional food variety show”. The accompaniment sounded, the two held hands, and began to sing a duet of you to me. Jian Wenyi’s voice is very soft, and Shen Yanchu’s singing is jerky, but the two people stare at each other affectionately, and the atmosphere is quite warm.

At the end of the song, the audience applauded, Jian Wenyi smiled shyly: “It’s a show of ugliness.”

Next, He Qiong performed one-hand push-ups for everyone for one minute. Fu Huanhuan, who was next to him, had a terrible expression, which made everyone happy.

Finally, Ling Zhen and Wei Xi.

The director has confidence in her.

During the preliminary research, they knew that Ling Zhen had successfully transformed into a dancer, and said that she had no professional level. As long as she just dances casually, today’s performance can end beautifully.

Not only him, but other guests also think so.

But after everyone applauded, Ling Zhen cleared his throat and said, “Below, I will ask Mr. Wei Xi to perform for everyone…”

Everyone was shocked: “???”

“…Play the accompaniment.” Ling Zhen looked at Wei Xi solemnly, “Please start.”

Wei Xi laughed and played a song on the portable stereo.

Ling Zhen then explained: “Let me sing a short song for everyone.”

Jian Wenyi frowned slightly, she also sang? Is it silly to use the advantage of dancing?

The prelude soon passed, Ling Zhen sat up a little bit, and opened his mouth gently.

“Before, people started to harvest in April…”

“Let’s go to the lake in the prairie to watch the migratory birds fly back…”

The voice is ethereal like a warbler in the valley, carrying every note, floating in the evening breeze.

The top of the mountain at night seemed to be flowed by a clear spring, and even the beeping bonfire was quiet.

They finally knew why Ling Zhen stopped dancing.

…Because people sing and dance at the same level, but they have never shown.

Ling Zhen only sang half of the song, then stopped, and smiled: “Show your ugliness.”

Wei Xi also turned off the speaker.

He was not surprised by the reaction of others, because he had already been astonished in the evening breeze on New Year’s Eve.

Although he doesn’t want to share it with others.

But this is something the little girl is proud of, and he can’t hide her light.

Everyone was enjoying, only Jian Wenyi’s face froze.

If Ling Zhen is showing ugliness, then the “showing ugliness” he just said is really ugly! !

She closed the Mai completely.

Even Song Lan sighed after listening: “I think I am about to lose my job…”

The director was stunned and followed the crowd to applaud. He recalled the lyrics sung by Ling Zhen, and suddenly felt that bgm, the finale of the last episode, was already there.

The banquet finally broke up.

The ten-day journey came to an end in the singing of the girl.

The next day, Ling Zhen and Wei Xi left their small villa and boarded the flight back to City A.

And these ten days of life will go through various post-productions such as rough cut, fine cut, flower character production, sound reverberation, etc., and finally become a film.

After Ling Zhen returned to City A, there was no major change in life. Had it not been for the show crew to put out a clip every once in a while, she would have forgotten that she had filmed such a reality show.

The whole network was hung eagerly.

It wasn’t until midsummer came and the summer vacation came quietly, and the first episode of “The Companion Between Food” will finally be officially aired.

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