GSBVH: Ch 77

“Food Room Mate” is scheduled for prime time at 9 o’clock every Friday night, and it has already been searched twice before it airs.

After all, I have done a veteran variety show for several seasons, and it is itself a word of mouth to bring attention. In addition, this season has a luxurious lineup, rich experience in the production team, and a very good publicity. It can be said that the time and place are right and the people are both well-equipped. It is already a summer hot booking.

For Jian Wenyi and Shen Yanchu, the success of this variety show is also crucial.

Since the official announcement, the two careers have been destined to be tied together, so how to maximize the cp effect and create the highest value has become an important topic for them in the future.

The marketing plans of the two teams have been prepared, and it is important that they become the biggest cp this summer and spread dog food all over the country.

Jian Wenyi couldn’t hide her excitement. After all, it is a very happy thing to be able to walk with her lover in the future.

She went to the company to finalize the promotion strategy for the premiere tonight with Zeng Hong. After coming out, she sent a text message to Shen Yanchu: “Shall we watch the premiere together tonight?”

After a while, the opposite message came back, with Shen Yanchu’s usual gentleness: “Okay.”

On the other side, Ling Zhen and Wei Xi seemed very calm.

After all, they didn’t want to see anything about the show-they went to participate in a flat, smoothly and smoothly, and the final payment was also paid, and then the life was the same as before, no difference.

On the afternoon of the premiere, the two of them went to the hospital together.

Mother Wei’s body has been recovering, and now she has been able to walk on the ground for longer and longer, often letting the nurse push out to breathe.

Ling Zhen talked about this to Wei’s mother after signing a variety show contract before. The old man heard that Wei Xi was going with her, and was very excited. From the time they set off to shoot until now, they have been talking in their hearts, and they can finally broadcast it today.

Ling Zhen saw that Wei’s mother was looking forward to this, and rubbed her shoulders and said, “But I will give you a vaccination first. You were disappointed when you gave birth. Wei Xi and I performed pretty averagely on the show. The kind of respectful guests, not as exaggerated as individual guests.”

Mother Wei smiled and looked at Wei Xi standing behind her: “Really?”

Wei Xi’s gaze fell on the hair spin on Ling Zhen’s head, and she said, “Yeah.”

Ling Zhen nodded in order to make Wei mother believe in herself, “Really, really.”

Mother Wei smiled softly: “That’s okay. Mom is happy to see you two together.”

“Always stay together,” Wei Xi said lightly, “sticky.”

Ling Zhen returned his hand and punched him.

Who is clinging! Who! !

Wei Xi’s lips twitched slightly, caught her fist, and rubbed it.

The little details between the two fell in the eyes of Mother Wei, and she was so relieved that she didn’t speak for a long time.

Wei Xi is now much softer than before. He has learned to love and protect people, and he can have happiness like all normal people.

This was once the biggest wish of Wei’s mother in her life-after experiencing painful childhood and growth experiences, Wei Xi can still live life normally.

And now, the petite girl in front of her seems to be helping her realize her wish.

Ling Zhen was arguing with him, and Wei Xi looked conniving. Mother Wei’s eyes fell on her son, and she looked silently.

…There is no shadow of that person.

The person who plunged her and her child’s life into a dark abyss now doesn’t know where he is. Wei’s mother was kind and tolerant in her life, but it was the first time that she sincerely prayed for a person to die.

Your child has already walked towards the light, Wei mother said softly in her heart, please, just disappear into his life like this.

After eating dinner with Mother Wei in the hospital, before leaving, Ling Zhen repeatedly told her to watch again tomorrow when she was sleepy, and never stay up late.

Wei’s mother responded with a smile one by one, let the nurse push them, and kept sending them to the door of the hospital before going back.

Ling Zhen checked the time, it was almost seven o’clock. When I drove home, it was half past seven. Ling Zhen went to take a bath for skin care and blow her hair. After a while, the clock on the wall was already pointing to half past eight.

Actually, I’m still looking forward to it.

After all, it was the first variety show, and she was very happy when filming, and she was also very curious about the results.

So Ling Zhen took a bottle of yogurt, sat down on the sofa in the living room, and began to wait for the broadcast.

According to the description of the original book, this drama has made a big step forward for both of them in their careers at the same time. Since then, Shen Yanchu and Jian Wenyi have become immortal couples in the entertainment circle, and both their emotional lines and career lines have been sublimated.

Ling Zhen recalled for a moment, and finally smashed the yogurt.

What does it have to do with her?

After a while, Wei Xi came out of the shower and sat down beside her.

His black hair is half dry, his eyebrows are cold, and he has a loose white T-shirt. The moles on his throat and neck are very sexy.

Ling Zhen “gudu” swallowed the yogurt, then turned his gaze back to the TV screen.

It will be broadcast in five minutes.

At the same time, there are countless netizens standing in front of TVs, mobile phones, and tablets. Shen Yanchu and Jian Wenyi

The commercial was broadcast on TV for the last time, and then at 9 o’clock, the opening song of “Mate of Food” rang.

Ling Zhen excitedly said, “Here comes!”

Wei Xi looked at her and curled her lips.

…… I gave others a vaccination and told them not to look forward to it, but I am obviously looking forward to it.

After the opening song was broadcast, the first episode of “Food Companion” was officially launched. The editing method of the program group is that the five groups of guests are interleaved. The beginning is that they leave from various places, get off the plane there, and are picked up by the program group.

When I got in the car, each car had a co-ordination to ask questions, and the questions were similar.

Wang Zheng and Teacher Hu Ling were chatting very leisurely, He Qiong and Fu Huanhuan focused on studying the internal configuration of the car, Shen Yanchu and Jian Wenyi were sweet and natural, Song Lan and Sun Han were bickering and amused.

All are very good.

To Wei Xi and Ling Zhen——


In the later stage, a crow that flew by was added, which further enhanced the sorrowful atmosphere.

On the screen, Ling Zhen sat cleverly, and Wei Xi was indifferent.

After a while, the coordinator stepped forward: “Haha, will the two of you be more relaxed at home?”

Ling Zhen shook his head earnestly: “We are usually more respectful as guests.”

Outside the TV, Ling Zhen: “…”

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She turned to Wei Xi, crying, “I don’t want to watch it.”

Wei Xi smiled, hooked her and brought a tape next to her: “Let’s look at it later.”

Ling Zhen was in embarrassment, but she didn’t know that “respect as a guest” was quickly becoming a real-time hot word. Click in and see, the screen is full of “hahahaha”.

[Hahahaha is so cute! ! 】

[Believe in you, believe in you, you are respectful like a bin hahahahaha]

[Did our fairies be so cute in private? Mum loves it! ! 】

Next, several groups of guests arrived at their villas one after another and moved in separately. From this time on, the duration of each group has often become longer, and the first group will still be played by Wang Zheng and Hu Ling.

The daily life of the old artists is as leisurely as the idle clouds and wild cranes. Teacher Wang Zheng himself is very humorous. After their group was put on for about ten minutes, the audience’s interest was hoisting, and they switched to the next group.

This group is Song Lan and Sun Han. The two of them are still quarreling and fighting while tidying up. The audience outside the screen is laughing.

It was still about ten minutes, and then cut to the next group-Shen Yanchu and Jian Wenyi.

Ling Zhen was really curious about how the two of them got along in their own room, and looked at it with Wei Xi.

Jian Wenyi deserves to be a gentle and gentle heroine, whose name Shen Yanchu seems to be able to pinch water out of her voice. In these ten minutes, the two people were almost glued together to clean up the room, and then went hand in hand to visit other guests who had stayed in. After returning to their villa, a kiss came to the entrance.

Ling Zhen was amazed.

At this time, the teams of the two sides have already started to cooperate, hot search and purchase, creating a momentum that the entire network is knocking them both cp.

Indeed, many netizens came and howled–

[I have eaten this dog food but I can eat it again~~I am not afraid to support~]

[Oh my god is so sweet! So the love of handsome men and beautiful women is an idol drama, right! 】

[Please get married [心][心]! ! ! 】

Ling Zhen could imagine the enthusiasm on the Internet at this time, after all, the two of them were really spreading sugar exaggeratedly.

She couldn’t help but started worrying about her part with Wei Xi. According to her memories, they seemed to be very dry. QAQ

The last group of the separate part was the two of them. Ling Zhen felt nervous. After watching the scenes of the two of them checking in, choosing a room, people coming in, snacks being confiscated, and so on, he sighed.

Because it was all personally experienced, and after editing, there was no difference in memory with her, so Ling Zhen didn’t think there was anything dazzling after watching it.

The program team used their family to link up and down, and then began to broadcast the first day’s mission. In fact, the style of each group of guests is basically determined from the beginning of the stay. For example, the movie emperor’s house is an old husband and wife, Song Lan’s house is Huanxi’s friend, and Shen Yanchu’s house is a dog abuse model anytime, anywhere.

She and Wei Xi claim to treat each other as friends, but they look strangely QAQ

Except for picking up eggs, from the perspective of God, Ling Zhen intuitively felt his hustle and bustle. In the end, everyone ate together, and other groups tasted together, even men and women fed each other. Only Ling Zhen was fascinated by Teacher Hu’s fried crispy meat, and ate them seriously.

She covered her face and whimpered: “My first variety show was brutally defeated by Waterloo.”

Wei Xi’s mentality is quite stable, smiling from beginning to end, raising her hand and squeezing her ears: “I think it’s good.”

Ling Zhen thought he was comforting himself, and downcast: “Oh, forget it, so be it.”

The first episode totaled an hour and a half. After the broadcast, Ling Zhen sat on the sofa and spent a while.

Self-examination, why is the job bad? Maybe she is not suitable for this kind of reality show? Everyone else is so funny, but there are only stupid people here.

Wei Xi hooked Ling Zhen’s hair with her fingers, lowered her head and turned on the phone, and took a look.

Ling Zhen finished reviewing herself and planned to go to sleep. At this moment, her cell phone rang suddenly, and the caller was Xing Li.

She suddenly became a little nervous, like a child who had messed up, and was about to welcome criticism from the teacher.

The phone picked up, and Xing Li’s warm voice came over: “How about it, did you watch the premiere?”

Ling Zhen cautiously: “I saw it.”

Xing Li smiled and asked, “How do you feel?”

Ling Zhen deeply reviewed: “Although I did not do well this time, I will definitely work hard next time.”

Xing Li laughed on the other end of the phone. After laughing, he said: “You go to Weibo and have a look.”

Ling Zhen: “?”

She hung up the phone and turned to Wei Xi and said, “Mr. Xing asked me to check on Weibo.”

Wei Xi was looking down at the phone, her lips curling slightly: “Well, let’s take a look.”

At this time, the seventh most searched item is #食間協獵戲狗了# by Shen Yanchu and Jian Wenyi, and the first entry in the hot search is #電試下的十大糖点#.

Click to go in, the number one Weibo repost has broken tens of thousands.

It was a long Weibo with the content like this:

[Are you ready! The couple who “respect each other as guests”? Listen! ! This is the horn gathered by the microscope girl——

53\’41\’\’, the fairy got out of the car and tripped, and the high-cold boss hugged him out of the car and touched it! head! pinch! ear! Duo!

57\’36\’\’, choose the room, the boss hooked the fairy’s hair, step by step coaxed her to choose the one she likes! bed! room!

62\’21\’\’, everyone came to the door, the fairy snacks were collected, as can be seen from the other seats, the boss is laughing! ! (Analysis later!)

74\’58\’\’, the fairy didn’t have enough to eat, she went back to the bed and was pitiful, and was taken to the corner by the big guy. You can see the hug from the other corner! I definitely went to feed it! absolute!

85\’37\’\’, the fairy picking up eggs is so cute, she ran out of fright and rushed into her husband’s arms. Although the camera was shaking, the boss kissed the corner of her mouth!

90\’12\’\’, the tomato scrambled eggs of the known fairy under the microscope forgot to put the sugar. After everyone tried it, there were only three shots in which someone moved the dish, all of them were the bosses themselves! I took it again at 12\’\’, but it was empty! plate! Up!

So is it knocking, babies? To sum up, what is this fairy VS Gaoling flower, even if the world collapses, it will dominate you alone! I’m crazy and I’m dead! Girls all over the network! give! I! knock–! ! ! 】

Ling Zhen was stunned.

And under this Weibo, there are all the howlings of ghosts and wolves.

[Mummy’s heart is broken when I see the baby hungry, ooh, it’s too cute to pick up eggs and touch Baba]

[It’s too sweet, I’m dead, and I want to let all my friends buy shares from now on! No one can refuse senior invisible candy! ! ! 】

[Big guy is too spoiled and sweet that I am suffering from diabetes[crazed][crazed]]

Within two hours of the first broadcast, Jian Wenyi and Shen Yanchu had only 20,000 new fans, while Ling Zhen X Wei Xi’s CP super chat has influxed 70,000 fans and updated 3,000 new posts.

Ling Zhen finished watching and looked up at Wei Xi in confusion.

Mr. Wei had just learned to join Chaohua, and he signed it casually. The corners of his eyes and eyebrows revealed a sense of pleasure.

Ling Zhen said dryly, “Wei Xi, I think everyone says it’s sweet.”

Wei Xi received her phone and looked up at her: “Don’t you think it is sweet?”

Ling Zhen’s small head was filled with great confusion: “It’s not sweet, it’s very ordinary.”

The netizens’ reaction was so intense that she couldn’t digest it.

She remembered the way Jian Wenyi and Shen Yanchu get along, and added: “There is no kiss or hug, how can it be called sweet?”

Wei Xi’s eyebrows moved slightly.

A few seconds later, the man held the bewildered little girl on his lap, pressed her on the back of her neck with one hand, and sucked her lips.

Ling Zhen was still confused: “What are you doing.”

There was a smile in the man’s dark eyes.

The voice is low and coaxing: “I will add sugar to you.”

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