GSBVH: Ch 78

Jian Wenyi checked Weibo all night and looked at the data all night.

Originally, she was full of confidence, and this confidence remained until the end of the first four groups one by one. She has no doubt that her and Yan Chu’s variety shows are the most outstanding. Smile, the sugar spots, they are all full, and the post editing didn’t hold back, and she couldn’t help but smile when she watched it herself.

The feedback on the Internet is also very good. The two Weifans who did not originally support began to show their true fragrance trend, and there are not a few CP fans who are new to the pit.

But when Ling Zhen and Wei Xi’s group began to play, Jian Wenyi watched it with the intention of just looking at it. But when she watched it for seven or eight minutes, she suddenly felt that something was wrong.

She is a woman who is both a woman and a meticulous woman. Of course, she can perceive the involuntary but ubiquitous interaction between the two. It’s not the kind of teasing she thinks, her eyes and movements are serious. The program crew obviously discovered this feature during the post-production process, and they paid a lot of attention to it. It looks like it’s concealing sugar, but in fact, the sugar point has declined.

Shen Yanchu, who was beside her, was also a little dazed, watching the TV silently.

Jian Wenyi had a sense of crisis.

This sense of crisis has appeared many times – in fact, every time she meets Ling Zhen, she will feel this way.

What’s more frightening is that every time, her results are not ideal.

After about half an hour of the program was broadcast, Jian Wenyi once again boarded Weibo, the whole wind direction has changed.

Ling Zhen’s hot search ranks the top one, madly absorbing heat, and almost took away 70% of the traffic of “Food Companion”. Jian Wenyi has been constantly reviewing data. The number of cp super-talking fans, activity, and discussion on hot topics have all been crushed.

Her expression began to look ugly.

But Shen Yanchu did not comfort her this time, looking down at the phone, and was silent.

After a while, Zeng Hong called and comforted her as soon as she opened her mouth: “Don’t worry, the first episode has just been broadcast. The latter is the key, let’s see who can be stable.”

The program group has made a strange move, cutting the group with the highest contrast into bursts, and the effect is indeed unexpected.

Jian Wenyi bit her lip, showing an expression that is not convinced.

On the phone, Zeng Hong smiled: “Don’t worry, hand it to Sister Hong.”

The premiere of “Food Companion” exploded, and all members ushered in a high degree of exposure.

Even Wei Xi’s account, which has not been updated in a few years, has soared 100,000 followers. His latest Weibo is a piece of financial news forwarded four years ago. Nowadays, people run to the end every day to confess rainbow farts.

What “Is your beauty real? I declare to be your lifelong face powder!” What “I will watch your face the whole time for you I will chase the whole season!”.

All of them are super enthusiastic.

Ling Zhen suspects that this is the reason why Wei Xi has been watching Weibo for a long time recently.

In the past, Wei Xi’s use of mobile phones was very low, and basically only for business purposes, but since the show was broadcast, Ling Zhen often found him surfing Weibo.

…And smile!

Ling Zhen mumbled in his heart: Man, no matter how cold the man is, he really likes other people’s flattery.

Who can resist hundreds of little girls crying and praising him for being handsome?

Ling Zhen was upset.

However, Ling Zhen also felt that Wei Xizhang’s powder was sucked from his face, and it really had nothing to do with their CP. Apart from other things, Wei Xi is really good-looking, so it’s quite normal to suck face powder.

But she didn’t know that in addition to girls watching Wei Xi’s Weibo, there were actually men watching it.

Wang Yuan always pays attention to the dynamics of his competitors.

He also watched the premiere of “Food Room Companion”, watched hot searches, and saw various comments on Wei Xi’s Weibo.

——But he can’t understand the current woman’s thoughts, what is sweet, what is handsome, why is he only angry when he sees Cheng Cheng? Can Wei Xi marry such a beautiful wife with the appearance of dragging him to heaven?

That female celebrity Lingzhen is really beautiful, and Wang Yuan feels more attractive as she looks at it, and she often thinks of that little face for a few days.

The more I thought about it, the more I felt angry, so I didn’t go home at night and went straight to the nightclub.

Of course he didn’t expect to meet a woman like Ling Zhen in such a place, but he did need to vent. After opening the deck and ordering foreign wine, a woman in a low-cut short skirt came up soon.

Vulgar fan, but he didn’t refuse, hugged a woman in his arms, his eyes still swept in the nightclub. Suddenly, he saw a somewhat familiar profile face.

Wang Yuan straightened up immediately, pointed at the woman beside the bar in the distance, and asked, “Who is that?”

The girl in the short skirt glanced at it and said casually: “Hah? She is said to be an eighteenth-line actress. She had been blogging with a boss before, and she hadn’t seen it for a while, but now she seems to be yellow.

Wang Yuan took a closer look. It was not who he thought, but it was indeed alike. He stared at the woman for a while, hooked his finger: “Go and call her over.”

After a week of fermentation, “Food Companion” finally ushered in the update day of the second episode.

Wei Xi and Ling Zhen’s CP were named “Treasure the Couple” on the Internet. Ling Zhen felt so ashamed that he would never mention it.

But she doesn’t mention it, doesn’t mean that people around her don’t mention it.

After the first episode was broadcast, Ling Zhen went to the dance troupe every day, and she had the illusion of being surrounded by fans.

The dance troupe itself is mostly ten-foot girls. Apart from practicing dance, of course they like to watch variety shows, and the hottest variety show right now is “Food Room Companion”.

Ling Zhen rested for a few days after returning from filming, and when she returned to the dance troupe, they surrounded her every day.

After it was actually broadcast, a group of little girls went crazy.

Gu Xiaomeng took the lead, and the whole group smashed together. Even Song Ling, a girl who only knew how to dance, fell into the pit. Every day between dance practice, I hold my phone and tablet to scan the cuts and cuts of various video platforms, and babble.

Gu Xiaomeng: “Treasure is the sweetest! Oh, I know Mr. Wei is not as cold as he looks!”

Song Ling nodded approvingly: “I just had a quarrel with a CP fan on the first day of the junior high school, and they actually said that her CP is the sweetest in her house, I am! I was so blind!”

Ling Zhen: “…”

She can’t stay in this place!

Before leaving, Ling Zhen went to find Wen Zichu. Wei Xi’s previous proposal to open a personal dance studio was temporarily shelved due to variety reasons. After returning, he prepared an international stage, and it was only a while.

She knocked on the door, walked in, and found Wen Zichu was also looking at her phone, and the bgm broadcast was familiar.

Suddenly, Ling Zhen heard an extremely sad sentence, “I seem to have touched Baba”.

Ling Zhen: “…”

She really can’t stay in this place! !

Ling Zhen felt embarrassed and embarrassed all over the country, and looked sad: “Teacher, do you see it too?”

Wen Zichu smiled and put away the phone: “It’s very interesting.”

Ling Zhen faced him with no face and rubbed his forehead to explain what he was coming from.

Wen Zichu thought for a while and nodded: “At your level, it is indeed enough to support a studio. There is no problem with flying solo. But you don’t have to rush at this time, you can wait for a better time. There is no shortage of talented people here. Dancers stand on their own and develop both good and bad, but you have the foundation and some people support it, so it won’t be bad.”

Ling Zhen’s face was a little red, and for the first time, it was great to have thighs to hold.

“But…” Wen Zichu’s gaze shifted slightly down, and landed on the spirit orb between her neck, “I think you also need to think about this matter.”

The aura in her bead is already faint, about a quarter of it is left.

Ling Zhen raised his hand and touched, pursing his lips: “Okay.”

Wen Zi stopped at the beginning and didn’t say more.

When the little girl left the office, Wen Zichu once again looked down at the variety show on the phone. Perhaps Ling Zhen didn’t even notice that she and Wei Xi’s bond had become deeper and deeper, and she was relying on this man unconditionally.

And the man treated her more and more.

When Ling Zhen returned home, Wei Xi was already at home.

Hearing the sound of the door, the man raised his head and asked “I’m back”, then lowered his head, looking at the phone.

Ling Zhen’s heart began to gurgle again. The kind that is slightly sour.

But she felt that she seemed too stingy, so she said nonchalantly and went back to her room.

I ate late for dinner. After I cleaned up the dishes and chopsticks, Wei Xi took it and washed it. It was almost 9 o’clock.

Ling Zhen lasted for a whole week of embarrassment, and today he was to be sentenced publicly. She wanted to go back to the room, but was held by Wei Xi and asked, “Don’t watch?”

Ling Zhen shook his head: “Don’t look at it.”

She probably knows the content anyway.

Wei Xi raised her eyebrows slightly: “Then I see it for myself?”

Ling Zhen looked up at him.

You want to see how other girls praise you after watching it! !

She endured for a few seconds, still “hum”, turned and went back to the room.

After dozens of minutes, she heard Wei Xi’s low laughter in the living room. Ling Zhen hummed angrily. After a long time, he couldn’t help picking up his mobile phone and secretly clicking on Weibo to check it.

Finally, I saw my name QAQ on the hot search

Poke in and see, it is the same ghost crying wolf howling as it did last week.

[Help, ah, ah, my cp is sprinkled with sugar, I got it! ! Microscope Girl New Year! 】

[After washing the carpet, the fairy clothes were wet, and the boss glanced at his glasses coldly! I saw! Then he wrapped the person in a bath towel and hugged him to the bathroom]

[You upstairs missed a candy spot! 86’47” The boss is out with wet clothes! Come! of! 】

Ling Zhen blushed, and quickly buckled the phone: How did you find it!

This is too detailed!

That night, the enthusiasm of cherishing the couple was still a great ride.

On the opposite side, Shen Yanchu and Jian Wenyi’s team imitated Lingzhen’s hot spot last week and compiled a candy spot collection on the hot search.

Although they are just sorting out the combination, there is no fun of picking sugar and eating, but their cp fan and two Weifen are still very face-free, and they are doing data hot searches while smashing sugar. That night, the number of fans of CP Super Talk also increased by tens of thousands.

But Jian Wenyi knew that it was not enough.

With such a large publicity effort, their cp popularity is far less than expected at the time.

The biggest reason is that a large part of the audience who loves cp is attracted by another pair of cps. Not only that, this group of people also form an opposing camp with their own cp fans, and they must prove that their cp is the sweetest and best knock.

If this situation is allowed to continue, the effect they originally predicted will never be achieved.

Of course, Zeng Hong understands this better than Jian Wenyi. She led the team to monitor the real-time data all night, her expression getting more and more serious, and finally made a decision.

Ling Zhen ran to read Wei Xi’s Weibo comment the night before, and the number of fans who confessed to him doubled. She finally fell asleep with a little sourness.

Early the next morning, the hot search from last night has been withdrawn.

But her name still appears on hot searches.


Click inside and have a look. Popular is a marketing account.

[@娱乐芭皮: Ling Zhen rolls her eyes at Jian Wenyi in the second episode of “Food Companion”? ? There seems to be a discord between the guests! The group broke the news that there had been a complicated emotional relationship between several people! Shen Yanchu was a male god in Ling Zhen’s school days, and later cooperated with the male god in “The Question of Immortals”, which squeezed out the resources that Jian Wenyi had obtained. From this point of view, the possibility of discord is very high, what do you think? [Image] [image]】

After Ling Zhen finished reading this Weibo, the door of the room was pushed open.

Wei Xi was bending the knuckles to tie the shirt buttons, and her black eyes looked over: “Help you solve it?”

Ling Zhen shook his head.

She was confused again.

Here again? Again? ?

Such obvious suppression, at first glance, is the handwriting of Jian Wenyi or Shen Yanchu’s team.

But-the Internet has memories, but human brains don’t?

She pulled a few times from the phone with a question mark on her face, and found a recording—the location of the recording was Charity Night at the end of last year.

Ling Zhen clicked, Jian Wenyi’s voice was still clear and audible.

She thought: Is something wrong? ?

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