GSBVH: Ch 79

Ling Zhen was not the kid who was trembling in the last hot search.

For the first time that year, it seemed that it was sent up by Gu Wei’s hand sliding thumbs. Because she was afraid of being scolded in the hot search, she went to look at it every once in a while and was very persuaded.

Up to now, she has not counted the number of hot searches she has ever counted. Ling Zhen has a bottom in her heart and is very calm, and will not rush to clarify and respond in a hurry.

But she didn’t expect Wei Xi to see it so soon. The Weibo account of that marketing account was very ridiculous, and it also said that Shen Yanchu was a male god in her school days.

Ling Zhen glanced at Wei Xi and quietly judged his mood at the moment.

The man fastened his buttons and looked ascetic again. Seeing her blinking eyes, she raised her eyebrows slightly: “What?”

Ling Zhen asked, “Are you angry?”

Wei Xi paused before she understood what she meant, curled her lips, walked over and sat on the side of her bed: “Don’t you tell me to be more confident?”

Ling Zhen’s face blushed secretly.

She did say so, yes…

Wei Xi raised her hand and pulled her messy temples behind her ears, and chuckled, “Didn’t you say that I am much better than him.”

His eyes teased, Ling Zhen was annoyed by his smile, and the sourness that had not been resolved last night crawled back like a memory.

He is confident-but he is too confident now!

The reason why I saw the hot search so quickly is not because I watch it every day! micro! Bo!

“It’s better than him,” Ling Zhen said angrily, “but not so much!”

Wei Xi propped her arm and leaned closer: “Then I have to show it.”

Ling Zhen pushed him away, got up and got out of bed, wearing a soft nightdress made of pure white cotton, but his aura was full of a little queen: “No need! I can solve it by myself!”

After that hot search was posted, the two CP fans were the most quarrelsome.

The first day CP fan scolded Ling Zhen’s scheming Bailian, secretly ruining their relationship between C’estbon and Yanchu’s brother, and having a husband is still shameless! !

Many of them are Jane Wenyi’s fans, who have had a deep grudge against Ling Zhen from the time when the two girls in “Xianwen” disputed, and of course they rushed to the frontline at this time.

Cherish the cp fan scolding the other party to go online without brain marketing account and believe it, so-called rolling eyes is simply a malicious screenshot! Besides, if their fairies have big brothers, they still need to greet your brother? ? Jane Wenyi is really such a big white lotus in the show arrogantly! !

The two parties were quarreling overwhelmingly, but the purpose of Zeng Hong’s move was not to turn the other’s fan camp. This hot search is actually for passersby and potential audiences. What corrupts the other party’s cp popularity.

Not long after the hot search, there have been many such voices in the real-time Weibo.

[Wok fortunately I didn’t have a share, almost got it**]

[Sure enough, I don’t think it’s right to see the people around me knocking so hard…]

[Served, I should steadily invest in the first year of junior high school, is idol drama love not fragrant? ? 】

Jian Wenyi has been watching the trends on Weibo, and of course she knows that this is the operation of her team.

In fact, she doesn’t like the various pulls and hidden arrows in the fan circle, but there is no way. This time, “Food Companion” is an experiment that blocked her and Yanchu’s future development direction. They only fired this shot. In order to ride the entertainment circle as a couple.

Therefore, all unfavorable factors must be eliminated.

…And, in fact, what the Weibo said is correct, isn’t it?

Although tonight is different, it is also true that Ling Zhen liked to talk at the beginning. They just repurposed it.

Jian Wenyi watched Weibo for a long time, and felt that the overall wind direction was changing little by little, and even the barrage of the second episode of “Food Companion” started to be reported by people.

She breathed a sigh of relief and thought to herself, Sister Hong said that it was right to give it to her. So Jian Wenyi put down her phone, her stomach was empty all morning, and now she can finally eat something.

But as soon as she locked the screen, her mobile phone suddenly “dingdong” and a new email popped up.

Jian Wenyi clicked in and took a look.

[This is Ling Zhen. Do you need me to remember this thing and make it public? ]

Jian Wenyi was taken aback for a moment, then moved her gaze down and saw the attachment of the email.

It’s a recording.

She was still a little confused at this moment, and her face suddenly changed after the point was opened subconsciously!

“You didn’t do anything by yourself… You didn’t put me in the bathroom with your own hands, didn’t take pictures of my magazines, but you all acquiesced in others to do it, did you?”

“I hope you understand that I don’t have any interest in your Shen Yanchu, please don’t treat me as a love rival, and continue this kind of behind-the-scenes actions.”

It was a simple voice, clearly organized, concise and powerful.

“So-can you apologize now?” she asked.

A few seconds later, Jian Wenyi heard her own voice: “…I’m sorry.”

The recording ends.

Jian Wenyi’s face was completely pale.

Ling Zhen waited calmly after sending the email.

This weekend, Wei Xi didn’t go out either. When she walked out of the room, she was a little bit eager to laugh when she saw her appearance.

The little girl leaned on the sofa, her calves cocked, and she was shaking.

The cat looks like a bully, but in fact it provokes her and it hurts to scratch others. You can protect yourself without the need for parents to come forward.

It’s very capable.

Ling Zhen was indeed screaming, this kind of feeling that the other party was looking for trouble, but he happened to hold the other party’s handle in his hand-really cool!

She doesn’t intend to record the recording directly-she is not stupid, as long as she doesn’t post it, she keeps holding this handle! From now on, Jian Wenyi will never dare to be a demon again, she can directly solve a troublesome problem once and for all, it is simply not too cool!

After waiting for about twenty minutes, Jian Wenyi sent a message: [Sorry. ]

She can feel her aggrieved literally. But Ling Zhen was very cold, tilted his legs and typed with his fingers crackling: [Please apologize to me in the hot search and make the following clarifications: 1. Ling Zhen did not actively contact or intervene in your relationship. 2. The second female of “Xianwen” is that everyone competes formally on their own ability. 3. I hope everyone will think rationally and stop malicious divergence]

After finishing playing and sending, I waited for more than ten minutes.

The news from the other side came back: […good. ]

The rock that my team lifted hit my foot, but I had to move my foot away and say sorry to the rock. I feel aggrieved to think about it.

Jian Wenyi knows what Ling really means. She will never make the recording public, so she will always be suppressed by her.

…But she can only do it.

After half an hour, Jian Wenyi’s long Weibo airborne hot search.

Ling Zhen opened the Weibo with confidence, and as expected it was all written according to Ling Zhen’s post, and he was very satisfied.

At the end of Weibo, Jian Wenyi said, “I solemnly apologize to Ms. Ling Zhen for the impact of this incident. I hope that in the future, we can all focus on our lives and be well.”

She nodded-each is well, it’s best to stay away from each other.

On the other side of Jian Wenyi, Zeng Hong’s phone immediately chased him, rarely getting angry: “Wen Yi, what are you doing?!”

With this shot of her, all of her deployment all morning has been ruined!

Jian Wenyi didn’t have the face to explain, she was hung up after hesitating for a while, and her mentality completely collapsed.

After reading Jian Wenyi’s clarifications and apologies, netizens flooded Lingzhen’s Weibo. Those who were wrong were apologizing, and the fans were feeling sorry for the baby, but Ling Zhen never responded.

It wasn’t until the evening that Ling Zhen grabbed Wei Xi who was passing by, stretched out his hand to hook his neck, then raised his other arm, and took a picture with a “click”.

In the photo, Wei Xi subconsciously cooperated with her and lowered her head, her eyes focused on her face, her profile perfect. However, Ling Zhen was smiling at the camera, she was pretty without makeup, and she was exceptionally beautiful.

Wei Xi: “What?”

A few minutes later, this photo was posted on Weibo by Ling Zhen.

The copy is: [I wish you all a happy day. ]

The cp fans arrived on the battlefield in three seconds and started their best howling ghost crying——

[Fuck, what’s a good day today, my cp is sugary? ! ? 】

[Ah ah ah ah sweet sweet mother always love you! 】

And the first hot comment was quickly praised: [Let me translate for the baby: “What are the hot searches today? What male god? Is my husband not fragrant?” Please stop touching porcelain. ,Thank you! ]

Ling Zhen curled his lips and smiled.

On the opposite side, Wei Xi had just finished reading her Weibo, and the corners of her lips slowly curled up.

Then he took away Lingzhen’s phone, pulled him over, and asked, “Show affection?”

Ling Zhen didn’t admit it.

She shook her shoulders and snorted: “Then you still watch your little fans every day.”

Wei Xi raised her eyebrows, wondering where her accusation came from.

“So many people under your comment praise you for being handsome,” Ling Zhen looked at him, “There are still people who want to marry you!”

Wei Xi laughed: “That’s impossible.”

He hasn’t read his homepage and logs in every day, just wanting to see what they are talking about.

Ling Zhen “cut” and whispered, “Of course…”

Wei Xi curled her lips, hugged her directly, and brought her to her room.

Ling Zhen quickly patted him on the shoulder: “What are you doing!”

“Suddenly I felt,” Wei Xi kissed her thin white neck, “We are so innocent and inappropriate.”

Ling Zhen blushed.

Before living outside, she also adapted to sleep in the same bed with Wei Xi. But after sleeping together for ten days, it was still proper. What Wei Xi said was not innocent, but…

Ling Zhen hurriedly struggled to jump out of his arms and ran to his room. But the door to the room could not be closed, and Wei Xi stretched her hand to hold it. As soon as she jumped onto the bed and covered the quilt, Wei Xi sat down next to her bed.

The man stretched out his hand to tear off the quilt, revealing a small half of her face, leaned over, and kissed on the forehead and nose.

Lingzhen’s eyelashes trembled, and after a long while, she said tremblingly, “I’m not ready.”

Wei Xi kissed her eyelid: “No need to prepare.”

Ling Zhen: “But I’m scared.”

Wei Xi squeezed her chin and kissed her.

Then, he felt Ling Zhen’s slight, timid response.

He paused and smiled helplessly.

He was too pure, but he was born like a fairy, and he knew that he would give some sweetness after refusal. No one teaches her, she knows her without a teacher.

Wei Xi and her lips and teeth intertwined for a moment, Ling Zhen gasped, adjusted his breathing, and said softly, “Don’t worry, I’ll work hard, OK?”

Wei Xi couldn’t help her.

No word can be said.

He straightened up and pulled Ling Zhen’s back corner. Then she kissed her on the forehead, coaxing people to fall asleep, and then quietly exited the room.

He wasn’t sleepy. Thinking of what Ling Zhen had said, he opened his Weibo homepage and took a look. There are indeed many people’s confession.

Wei Xi thought for a while, clicked Settings, and opened the closed private message.

In this way, there may be fewer comments, since she cares.

Wei Xi thought of the little girl’s sour tone, curled her lips and smiled, and went back to her room.

In the mailbox that I just opened, there were a few more private messages from people I didn’t follow. Most of them are fans, pouring out their love.

There is only one, no avatar, nickname is garbled, and the content of the private message is also very strange.

He said: [You have a good time]

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