GSBVH: Ch 80

Wei Xi has no habit of reading private messages.

The private message stayed in the mailbox for a while, and then it was slowly topped by the new private message.

Just like a normal day, everything went smoothly, as if nothing had happened.

The days are getting hot day by day.

Summer is indeed the most vigorous season of the year. Ling Xuan feels that she has been running around recently and is having a great time.

She has been in the entertainment industry for so long without any splashes, but her family’s unsatisfactory sister has become a hot search star in the sky.

People became popular, their wings stiffened, and they took her husband to show her affection on the show. Now Ling’s father and mother say that there is a white-eyed wolf in the family, and if they are developed, they will forget their parents. Don’t talk about holidays, even the New Year greetings!

But what Ling Xuan cares more about is, why Ling Zhen can develop, but she can’t? One thing she learned from Ling Zhen is that holding the thighs is more important than anything else.

So after working hard for a few months, she finally managed to get on the line with a big screenwriter in the circle, and got a few small resources. Who knew that she hadn’t gotten much better yet, so the original partner found out and chased her out. Ling Xuan thought that everything had to start from scratch again, but he didn’t expect that the far-reaching President Wang suddenly fell from the sky.

She is simply too satisfied with Wang Yuan-Yuanda is also an investment company in the industry and a competitor of Qingxi Investment! Wang Yuan is young and single, and his appearance is reasonable. It is much better than the old and picky screenwriter she had been with before!

Ling Xuan felt that she was finally waiting for the pinnacle of her life, and Wang Yuan was her greatest hope. She wanted to keep this man whatever she said!

She dressed up very carefully when she went out with Wang Yuan several times. She put away the revealing clothes she had used in the nightclub before, and she dressed beautifully. Wang Yuan is a straight man of steel, which is really useful for this.

In the private room, he hooked Lingxuan’s chin and looked at her face left and right: “Yes.”

Ling Xuan snuggled into his arms and said sweetly: “President Wang~ There were so many people at that time, how did you look at me?”

Wang Yuan smiled domineeringly: “I’m not into your face yet!”

Ling Xuan laughed shyly and triumphantly, and the two quickly hugged each other and had an adult exchange.

The next day, Ling Xuan was sent back by Wang Yuan’s luxury car.

Walking in her own community, her head was raised high, and the sound of high heels was crisp and loud. After entering the house, Mother Ling came up with a smile on her face, took her daughter’s brand-name bag, and asked: “Did President Wang sent you back?”

Ling Xuan smiled triumphantly: “Can’t you see his car? Just parked outside the gate of our house, Aunt Zhang and the others can see it.”

Mother Ling smiled with joy. She knew that Xuan Xuan has been worry-free since she was a child, and she will definitely be able to win her when she grows up, but she is much better than the second daughter of the white-eyed wolf!

Ling Xuan took off Chanel’s high-heeled shoes and said unconsciously, “Mom, please call Ling Zhen back and sit down. We won’t go home. How do people think of us?”

Ling Mu curled her lips, “People flew up to the branch and looked down on her mother’s house. Can you return?”

Ling Xuan: “Try it.”

Mother Ling really called Ling Zhen to listen to her. A minute later, he cursed angrily: “Hang up on me, this bastard!”

Ling Xuan shrugged her face indifferently.

She is now Wang Yuan’s woman, and they will have the opportunity to meet in the future – and there will be a chance to let Ling Zhen know that she is doing well now.

On the other side, Ling Zhen hung up Ling’s mother’s phone, with an inexplicable expression.

In my impression, the mother, the original owner, had come to her once before, with the purpose of asking her to find a resource for Ling Xuan in the crew of “Xianwen”. If she remembered correctly, Ling Mu and Ling Xuan seemed to have been scolded away by Wei Xi at the time.

Later, there was no contact between them. She didn’t need this kind of maiden family, so she was very satisfied with this state.

I don’t know what I meant by calling her this time, but Ling Zhen didn’t care too much. She took the phone and walked into the door of the Oriental Song and Dance Troupe.

Teacher Wen said that solo can wait for a suitable opportunity, and she did not wait long for this opportunity. After the end of the international stage in June, the circle was silent for a few months, and finally another grand event-the National Dance Competition will be ushered in in September.

This is currently the highest gold content event in the country. Those who can win the gold medal in this game will be recognized by the entire industry for their strength. Wen Zichu won the gold medal at the age of 25, which was the third year he came to wear books.

This competition is an individual competition, there is no team award, so it can be said that Ling Zhen is a good opportunity for self-certification to leave the Oriental Song and Dance Troupe.

After Ling Zhen learned about it, he signed up without hesitation.

In fact, she really wants to develop herself. She has many, many dances that she wants to dance, and many, many actions she wants to choreograph. In fact, like Wen Zichu, she is not suitable for group dances. They are the kind of people who are born to occupy the entire stage.

What’s more, there are people behind her who support her.

It took Ling Zhen two days to hear that the competition committee had invited Wen Zichu to be a judge, but Mr. Wen refused.

Ling Zhen came to the dance troupe today, met him outside the rehearsal room, and said to him half-jokingly: “Mr. Wen, you are not going to the competition? Then I can hug without a thigh.”

Wen Zichu smiled: “Your strength, you don’t need to hold your thighs. I just think that I have been in the dance circle in this world for long enough, and it’s time to think about something else.”

Ling Zhen understood what he meant.

He is going to leave after all. Even if he left a dance that could be passed down in the world, his heart never belonged here.

Today, there was a small performance in the small theater in the group. Because of the exchange visit group, Mr. Wen was also invited to do a small performance. The two of them didn’t talk a few words, so Teacher Wen left to prepare.

Ling Zhen looked at Xiao Shu Qingjun’s back, and an idea came to his mind for no apparent reason.

Teacher Wen has no nostalgia for the world, is it because there is no his fetters here?

If he also has people he likes, people who care about, and people who can’t let go, would he still be so free and easy?

She shook her head, closing her mind.

In fact, it’s great to be unfettered. Shizu has been educating her in this way since the day she developed spiritual consciousness. The Taoism should be pure, and don’t be lazy because of the natural spirit body, and don’t disturb the practice for other mundane things. Teacher Wen is worthy of being the best in their school. He has been immersed in the mundane world for so long, but he still doesn’t get vulgar.

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But she can’t do it.

She met a bad guy.

Then he got worse and worse.

She will also be on stage for a short dance in today’s performance. Moreover, because Zheng Qianqian has just finished filming a drama and is in a free time, she said that she would come to play with her.

Ling Tiantian was practicing dance. Before the performance, to see that the time was almost the same, he went to the door to pick up sister Qianqian.

The two hadn’t seen each other for a while. Zheng Qianqian squeezed Ling Zhen’s face with a smile, raised the milk tea in her hand and handed it to her: “Do you want sister?”

Ling Zhen happily took the milk tea, and walked her upstairs: “Think about it.”

Although the two hadn’t seen each other for a long time, Zheng Qianqian had not seen Ling Zhen’s face recently.

“Food Companion” is so popular that you can see this variety show advertisements on all major platforms, and the topic is hotly searched every day. Zheng Qianqian also watched the rumors of the discord that had been upset a while ago, and she saw that the opposite team was acting as a demon, but fortunately Ling Zhen settled it.

Since then, no one has suppressed the “cherish” couple, and they have become very hot.

Zheng Qianqian is of course much more stable than those little girls on the Internet, and she has long guessed that with the contrast between Mr. Wei and his usual petting love for little girls, it is easy to burst a girl’s heart, and fire is inevitable.

However, even if she had anticipated it in advance, it would not delay her kowtow. Zheng Qianqian followed Ling Zhen upstairs with a squinting smile: “Is it time to broadcast the third episode tonight?”

Ling Zhen slipped, feeling speechless: “Why are you so clear!”

“I am waiting for updates every day,” Zheng Qianqian fluttered her hair, “I don’t have a sweet love myself, can’t I knock other people’s candy~”

Ling Zhen blushed: “Neither do I!”

It’s too ashamed to let an acquaintance see it!

After entering the small theater, Ling Zhen brought Zheng Qianqian to the prime position in the third row in the middle.

Zheng Qianqian was very comfortable and waved her hand: “It’s all right, you can go ahead, I can see it for myself.”

Ling Zhen nodded: “Then I will come to you after the performance is over.”

She went to the backstage to prepare for the show, and Zheng Qianxi leisurely admired the beautiful boys and girls in their dance troupe. Several small fans came to ask for autographs, and Zheng Qianxi signed them all.

After watching for a while, her eyes were suddenly attracted by a man passing by in front of the stage.

The person’s profile is tall and handsome, and his temperament is very unique, and he can easily distinguish him from the people around him. Zheng Qianqian looked at him as he walked to the backstage before taking back her gaze.

I thought: Is this the temperament of a dancing man? What a fairy.

After ten minutes, the show officially began. Zheng Qianqian watched one by one, until Ling Zhen came out and stared at the stage intently.

This was the first time she saw Ling Zhen dance, and she had to say it was amazing.

Zheng Qianqian is not a person with many artistic cells, but she can feel that every trace of Lingzhen’s rhythm has inexplicable beauty, which makes people can’t bear to look away.

The performance was short, and after the end, Zheng Qianxi clapped loudly.

After Ling Zhen finished the performance, she stood on the stage and blinked at her before exiting the stage in applause.

Zheng Qianqian began to pack her things, Ling Zhen finished her performance, and the rest of her didn’t have much interest.

But when she was about to get up, she suddenly caught a glimpse of the man walking onto the stage silently.

The people around were obviously more excited than before. Zheng Qianqian thought for a while and sat back. The stage was dark, the man stood still, and then started to move with the sound of the piano.

In the next three minutes, Zheng Qianqian fully understood what it means to be shocked.

Until the end of the performance, Ling Zhen came to look for her, Zheng Qianqian was still a little distracted, followed the little girl, rarely speaking.

After walking a few steps, Ling Zhen suddenly remembered something: “Oh, I forgot to take the phone, Sister Qianqian, wait for me—”

Zheng Qianqian nodded: “Okay.”

At this moment, she saw the dancing man come out from the backstage.

Zheng Qianqian only hesitated for two seconds.

Then she rushed up, took out her phone, and smiled brightly: “Master, do you add a WeChat?”

Ling Zhen had dinner with Zheng Qianqian.

I don’t know why, Si Qian was very happy all the time, smiling so many times that Ling Zhen thought she had something on her face.

However, it was too hot at the end of July, and their dinner was barbecue. Ling Zhen didn’t eat too much. When he went home, he always felt that he smelled of greasy barbecue.

When he got home, Ling Zhen changed his shoes and rushed into the bathroom shouting “It’s so hot, so hot”.

Wei Xi came back long ago, sitting in the living room watching TV. Seeing her doing this, he got up from the sofa and went to the kitchen.

After Ling Zhen took a bath and put on short sleeves at home, he saw a small watermelon cut horizontally on the table. It should have just been taken out of the refrigerator, still breathing heavily.

Wei Xi asked: “Do you want to eat?”

Ling Zhen ran over happily: “Eat, eat.”

She picked up the watermelon, and Wei Xi embraced her and sat down on the sofa. The TV has been tuned up, and the third episode of “Food Room Mate” will be broadcast in two minutes. Ling Zhen leaned on him comfortably, eating melon by spoonful.

The watermelon is sweet and cool, and it is very cool in summer nights.

After a while, the familiar bgm sounded and the show started.

This episode was broadcast when they went to the eco-park to pick loquats. Ling Zhen watched him frantically on the TV and hinted Wei Xi to help, but Wei Xi looked cold.

Ling Zhen licked the spoon and looked at Wei Xi triumphantly: “Let’s see if you are so annoying.”

Wei Xi lowered her eyes and raised her hand to rub off the watermelon juice from her lips.

Ling Zhen shook his head: “Fortunately, I remind you, otherwise you will definitely be scolded to death.”

Wei Xi smiled and pecked her cheek: “Thank you, teacher.”

Ling Zhen continued to watch TV confidently, thinking that the next step was the touching scene of her and Wei Xi taking the initiative to help He Qiong and Fu Huanhuan, who knew——

She watched as she was pulling Wei Xi’s wrist, pulling people out of the garden all the way, lying on her toes in his ear, whispering something.

The camera was far away, Mai didn’t open it, and she didn’t know what she said. But after Ling Zhen had finished talking with him, when the two returned to the garden, Mr. Wei, who was still indifferent just now, offered to help with a faint smile.

It seems that Ling Zhen brought people out and gave them a QAQ.

Later, the comments of Wang Zheng and Hu Ling were cut, which was deeply endorsed by a group of netizens.

[Ms. Hu is right, ah, ah, this is the sweetness that our young people shout every day! ! 】

[Baby is big! Learn to educate her husband! Mother is so relieved

[Cherish the world’s first sweetness, do you have any questions! ! 】

Ling Zhen sighed after flipping over the reactions of netizens.

Today, she has no strength to struggle.

They say sweet, just sweet QAQ

She ate the watermelon until the show was almost finished. Suddenly, there was a colic in her lower abdomen without warning.

Counting the days, it seems that the menstrual period is approaching, and the ice watermelon just now is obviously a bit over-stimulating.

Ling Zhen’s face slowly turned pale, Wei Xi saw it and asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong?”

Ling Zhen whispered, “Stomach hurts.”

Wei Xi thought for a moment, then sat her in her arms and put her big hands on her, “Menstrual period?”

Ling Zhen’s eyes widened suddenly: “How do you understand this!”

Wei Xi helpless: “I probably remember you.”

Ling Zhen blinked his eyes and asked ignorantly: “What do you remember my menstrual period?”

The man has dark pupils.

He gently opened the hem of her clothes, and pressed his dry palm against her flat and smooth belly, rubbing it.

Ling Zhen twisted his body because it was meaty, a bit sultry to the touch.

While rubbing her, Wei Xi lowered her head and bit her earlobe: “You will know later.”

His intensity was very moderate, and after kneading for a while, Ling Zhen fell silent in his arms. A man’s fingertips occasionally touch her waist, and the skin is as smooth as a finger that can melt.

Wei Xi’s eyes darkened, and a soft kiss fell along her forehead to the corner of her lips, and asked in a dumb voice, “Does it still hurt?”

Ling Zhen liked this soft touch, his eyes were a bit misty, and he took a moment to react. Then she lowered her head, put it on his shoulder, and rubbed it, “It still hurts…”

Wei Xi had to continue to rub her.

After a while, Ling Zhen rubbed him again: “I want to drink brown sugar water.”

Wei Xi squeezed the thin soft flesh on her belly and stood up: “Wait.”

Ling Zhen giggled behind.

Wei Xi is so talkative.

The man walked to the kitchen, Ling Zhen held his leg to look at him: “I also sent you a private message.”

Wei Xi turned her head and raised her eyebrows.

Ling Zhen checked his Weibo every other time, and of course he found it. She looked back confidently.

Wei Xi smiled, went into the kitchen, boiled the water, then lowered her head and turned on the mobile Weibo.

There are a lot of new news, he clicks to open a private message. Ling Zhen and him are paying attention to each other, and the dialog box is very conspicuous.

Click to enter, the content is: [Look at what to see! ]

[Don’t read Weibo anymore! ! ]

Wei Xi laughed lowly.

After laughing, I clicked into the private message of the person I didn’t follow very smoothly.

There are a lot of them, and most of them are one or two news from fans. Wei Xi looked around at random and suddenly saw a dialog box with 20 messages.

There is no avatar, and the nickname is also a code.

The latest one is: [Did you forget your last name? Ah, Mr. Wei? ]

The smile in Wei Xi’s eyes disappeared instantly.

With a move of his cold finger, he clicked.

After a few seconds, the temperature on his body dropped to freezing point little by little.

The hot water boiled, and the kettle snapped and stopped.

In the steaming water vapor, the man’s black eyes were cold and gloomy, and the long-buried violence rolled out with the memory, even the jaw line was tight.

At this moment, the girl’s soft voice came from outside the kitchen.

“The water is boiling? Is the brown sugar water ready—”

What was raging under Wei Xi’s eyes was instantly suppressed.

He spoke, his voice calm as usual: “Immediately.”

Ling Zhen leaned back obediently: “Oh.”

Wei Xi adjusted her expression a little bit, filled the brown sugar water, went out and handed it to Ling Zhen: “Hot, blow.”

Ling Zhen: “Okay.”

Wei Xi lowered her eyes, the girl’s nose was white, her eyelashes were curled, her long black hair was draped over her shoulders, and she was obedient in the swirling of her head.

After taking a sip, Ling Zhen suddenly raised his head and wrinkled his nose a little sensitively: “What’s the matter?”

Wei Xi’s complexion was as usual, his lips curled and shook his head.

He would not let her know at all.

Those disgusting, bloody, desperate past, and even the real self that he deliberately forgot.

Ling Zhen didn’t need to know at all.

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