GSBVH: Ch 74

“Did you know! I just passed by Yan Ge and Jian Wenyi’s villa, and saw them both watering a flower in the yard and hugging each other, ooh, ooh, fairy love!!!”

The director’s assistant and the coordinator followed the camera. Both of them were young girls in their twenties, and they were just like the netizens in the army of sugar candies.

Now their task is to knock on the door of Lingzhen and Wei Xi’s pair and let them draw today’s menu.

The guide braved a pink bubble to finish the Shen Yanchu and Jian Wenyi’s immortal couple, and asked the coordinator: “Hey, didn’t you pick up the pair that day? How did it feel?”

The coordinator showed a mysterious smile: “Believe it or not, I think the two of them are sweeter than that pair.”

The guide immediately curled his lips: “You can pull it down—”

Of course the little fairy is okay, but the big guy in her family is not so good. Since they moved in, the whole group has actually been a little bit afraid to contact that big guy.

The General Manager Wei is really handsome, and it is also really cold. Don’t get close to the strangers like the rumors. Yesterday, the boss came alone to chat with the director. Their usually irritable director was very gentle throughout.

Knock sugar on such a cold man? ?

I might as well just buy candy and eat it!

The assistant said: “Anyway, I bought the shares of Brother Yan and Wen Yi! I look forward to our program airing oh oh oh ——”

With an expression on your face as a mortal who knows a fart, he walked to the door of Ling Zhen’s house and rang the doorbell. The camera is set up with the camera and ready to face the door.

The coordinator raised a standard smile, and as soon as the door opened, she cleared her throat and said, “Good morning! We…”

But the door stopped halfway open, only half of the man’s body was exposed. He seems to have just woke up, his black hair is slightly messy, and although his expression is not impatient, he just makes people feel a cool breeze blowing on his face, which is still mixed with ice particles.

The assistant shivered from the cold next to him, and asked loudly in his heart: Will there be sweet candies on the Siberian ice field? ? Isn’t that kind of warm guy like Yan brother fragrant! !

“What’s the matter?” Wei Xi asked coldly.

Although the coordinator was prepared with heart, he was still suppressed by the boss’s aura, and his voice was lowered: “Well, today you have to prepare lunch by yourself. Each group of guests will have a meat and a vegetarian meal, and have a lunch together at noon. Menu. In our case, you need, that, you smoke yourself…”

After hearing this, Wei Xi nodded, and randomly picked two out of several cards, and then planned to close the door.

The coordinator didn’t dare to stop him, his eyes were full of words and he stopped, but at this moment, a girl’s voice suddenly came from the door.

“Is the show crew coming?”

Ling Zhen’s voice was soft and clear, and the coordinator and guidance who had been blown by the cold wind for a while suddenly felt warmer.

The man replied: “Hmm—not going to sleep?”

This voice, and the way he talked to them just now, is not a feeling at all.

After the boss asked, the girl in the door did not reply, but they were so close, they suddenly heard a muffled sound of “boom” on the flesh, and they were shocked–

Damn it, did you do it? ! Domestic violence scene? ?

Two little girls and a camera brother were shocked on the spot, and for a moment they didn’t know how to react.

But the next second, they suddenly heard the man’s chuckle.

——Oh, it turned out that the little fairy hit him. Then, the boss smiled.

The helper blinked, and somehow, suddenly his brain replenished what the boss looked like at this time. He seemed to be teasing a bit, and he should be looking down at his little wife, smiling.

The kaolin flower grows on the top of an uninhabited mountain, despising other sentient beings, but smiling at you alone.

The coldness belongs to others, and the softness belongs to you.

She seemed to suddenly get Mr. Wei’s Su point for a second.

After two seconds, the door was opened again, this time fully open. Ling Zhen had a pure face and her skin was tender enough to pinch water out. She squeezed the corner of her clothes: “Excuse me, come in and sit?”

Head Wei stood behind her, the guide glanced away, and suddenly saw the big man’s hand wrapped around the little fairy’s waist naturally.

Guidance: “!” My mother, the big iceberg can hug people too.

The overall plan waved his hand: “No, no, Mr. Wei has already finished the menu-the next two are ready, you can go to the village to find the ingredients you need.”

Ling Zhen turned around and glared at the man: “Are you all done?”

Wei Xi showed Ling Zhen the two cards he drew casually.

The coordinator quickly gestured to the camera brother with his eyes: take a quick response! Just now the boss closed the door directly, she had given up.

Ling Zhen is now full of dissatisfaction with Wei Xi.

She firmly didn’t believe in the nonsense that she was “very enthusiastic last night”…! !

If he hadn’t taken her little dinosaur pillow, how could she find something to hug Wei Xi!

But these words can’t be said in front of the camera, especially the “respect as a guest” style set for herself and Wei Xi. Ling Zhen’s apricot eyes were slightly round, and he glared at him softly, then lowered his head to open the first card.

“Scrambled eggs with tomatoes?” Ling Zhen was a little surprised, and glanced at Wei Xi, “This seems pretty simple!”

Wei Xi curled her lips: “Yeah.”

Ling Zhen believed Wei Xi’s luck and opened the second picture confidently–

Steamed sea bass.

Ling was really stupid. She thought that the meat dishes were mostly fried pork, but who knew that Wei Xi had caught the most troublesome fish!

She buckled the card to Wei Xi’s chest: “Go and get a fish!!”

Wei Xi took it over, “I’ll do it.”

Ling Zhen was still dissatisfied, and muttered: “I don’t know how to deal with fish’s internal organs…”

Wei Xi put her arms around her waist and closed the door, with a low and indulgent voice: “I’ll deal with it.”

Outside the door, the photographer’s eldest brother received the equipment, turned his face, and suddenly found that the two little girls were flushed.

The coordinator turned his head and said to the guidance assistant: “You feel it?”

——This kind of contrast of Su explosion! People are cold, but they are just cold to others!

The assistant is still resisting: “I still stand up to them!”

The warm man is the sweetest!

Ling Zhen and Wei Xi went back to the room to pack themselves. After half an hour, Ling Zhen came out of the villa carrying a cloth bag.

She only put on a little makeup, the foundation is really good, it looks just a little more complex than in the state of plain makeup.

Wei Xi followed her, and the two people walked along the gentle slope to the village at the foot of the mountain. The camera, the coordinator and the guidance still followed them.

Not knowing what kind of dishes the other guests got, Ling Zhen decided to solve the simple one first, so he asked the way, and walked to the chicken-raising house in the village to beg for a few eggs.

As soon as she walked into the village, she heard laughter by the small river not far away. They followed and saw Shen Yanchu and Jian Wenyi playing in the water.

The blue sky and white clouds, the breeze happens to be. The man smiled handsomely, and the woman hid softly, and even the splashes of water smelled of love.

The assistant’s slightly shaken heart came back firmly, covering his mouth and shouting in his heart: Sure enough, the stocks I bought are the sweetest! This is dog food!

Ling Zhen and Wei Xi glanced from a distance, and then withdrew their gazes, just as indifferently.

Walking along the dirt road in the countryside to the chicken farm, and walking, I met the female singer Song Lan and her boyfriend. Ling Zhen greeted them with a smile.

Song Lan touched her pocket, took out a Snickers and secretly stuffed it to Ling Zhen, then blinked: “I heard that your snacks have been confiscated?”

Ling Zhen was embarrassed to say that she actually still had stock, but she was very touched by the kindness of others. After thanking her, she thought that she would give them some food when she was free.

Wei Xi was very indifferent to other people and things, and only nodded as a greeting, and then followed Ling Zhen.

After finally getting to the villager’s house, Ling Zhen looked at the shaky and black shed, feeling a little bit embarrassed.

The program team had already greeted them in advance. At this time, the villager’s aunt had sleeves and looked at the two overly handsome urbanites with a smile: “I want to pick up a few!”

In the chicken shed, the native chickens are coming in and out leisurely, walking with their heads lighted, and there are “cackling” sounds everywhere.

Ling Zhen frowned and thought: Will the baby who go in to grab them now be pecked?

Wei Xi raised her hand and hooked her face: “Let me go.”

Ling Zhen quickly held him down: “Don’t!”

The work was divided at home just now. She was in charge of tomatoes and eggs, and Wei Xi was in charge of fish. She should get the eggs as well.

The aunt told them that hens usually lay their eggs in places where the horns are weak and the ground is soft. As long as you look carefully, it’s actually very easy to find.

Ling Zhen strengthened his confidence, then handed the cloth bags to Wei Xi and took a deep breath.

Wei Xi whispered, “If you don’t see it, come out.”

Ling Zhen clenched her small fist: “Okay.”

Infected by her emotions, the coordinator and guidance standing on the periphery are also inexplicably nervous. But no way, the audience likes to watch this, let the little fairy go to the dirty chicken shed to pick up eggs.

Ling Zhen climbed over the fence, and then walked cautiously into the shed. Wei Xi’s gaze kept chasing her back.

The photographer first took a close-up of Wei Xi’s expression.

But the man was introverted, and he didn’t really have any expressions, but his eyebrows were slightly frowned, and his pupils were dark.

Afterwards, the cameraman followed into the chicken shed without complaint.

In the darkness, Ling Zhen’s small figure was half shrunk, looking very weak and helpless. She carefully avoided all the mother chickens who looked fierce, and moved to the corner bit by bit, not daring to let out the atmosphere.

Under the camera, she quietly squatted down, and then stretched a thin arm into the corner.

After touching it twice, suddenly, there was a wailing that pressed down in the throat.

Ling Zhen raised his hand and sniffed at the tip of his nose, then his expression gradually collapsed.

The little girl squatted on the ground, slowly looking at the camera, and she was about to cry: “I seem to have touched Baba.”

The big brother behind the camera almost didn’t laugh.

Outside the chicken shed, Wei Xi still looked at the direction of the door, her profile sharp and cold.

The two coordinators dared not speak, and after a while, they told Wei Xi in a low voice: “Mr. Wei, don’t worry, if it really can’t be done, the program team can provide you with…”

Wei Xi glanced over and nodded, “Yeah.”

Dazhu was frozen again, rubbing his arms with his hands, his eyes signaled to the coordinator: Look! What’s so good about the iceberg man? Get into my stock! !

As a result, they had just finished talking here, and suddenly there was a big movement in the peaceful chicken shed.

There were a few sharp cock screams, and then the girl panicked and screamed, as if she had hit something. As soon as Wei Xi’s pupils shrank, he stepped directly over the fence, raising his foot to walk in.

But the next moment, a petite figure suddenly rushed out of the door of the chicken shed.

Ling Zhen panicked and couldn’t choose his way. He saw Wei Xi’s eyes shine, and rushed towards him, burying his face in his arms: “Uuuuu is terrible! I was bitten!”

Several big roosters fluttered their wings and flew towards her at the same time, and their sharp beaks pierced her directly. Ling Zhen was frightened, and screamed out to grab the door.

Her hands were still dirty. Wei Xi didn’t care, nor corrected her panicked wording. She hugged people and asked, “Where did you bite?”

The little girl jumped up like a rabbit, and the cameraman chased her at this time.

But Ling Zhen had forgotten that he was filming a reality show, and his soul flew away and he was so wronged: “Uhhh…”

The coordinator and the assistant next to him were also afraid of something wrong. They stepped forward a few steps, and then heard the boss say in a low voice: “We won’t pick it up, eh? Go back and show it to you.”

Ling Zhen’s hair was messy, and his face was hidden on his chest. He waited until he calmed down a bit before raising his face. Her eyes were still red, but she suddenly smiled.

Then she raised her dirty hand and spread it out, with a hint of pride in her tone: “I found it!”

Three equally dirty eggs were in her palms, Ling Zhen seemed to be holding a baby, and her eyes were bright like stars: “Aren’t they amazing?”

Wei Xi lowered her eyes and sighed lightly after a long while.

Without paying attention to the camera, he leaned over and kissed her at the corner of her mouth: “Awesome.”

The coordinator and guidance are dumbfounded.

The guide stood with his eyes dull for a few seconds before slowly covering his heart.

Fuck, fuck——!

This is too, too, too sweet…! !

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