GSBVH: Extra 1

Wei Xi gave the answer to the question of what is a honeymoon outside.

    However, Ling Zhen felt that his answer, what kind of firewood or fire, showed an aura of impropriety, so she did not accept it.

    After the wedding, the guests left the island one after another. Wei Xi’s hotel has been booked for a week, so the two of them will stay on the island known as the “honeymoon holy land” for a few more days.

    Before Zheng Qianqian left, come over and say goodbye to Ling Zhen.

    The little girl took advantage of no one, and secretly pulled Zheng Qianqian’s clothes, and asked in a low voice, “Sister Qianqian, how do you spend your honeymoon?”

    Zheng Qianqian waved her hand, “It hurts, isn’t it just two people traveling.”

    Ling Zhen breathed a sigh of relief, sure enough. Wei Xi said so strangely,

    but Zheng Qianqian raised her eyebrows and suddenly showed a smirk. “Of course, this tour is not the same as a normal tour. If it passes flatly, it will be a waste of your family’s Wei spent. Do you know how difficult it is to book this room you live in? He has booked it for so long. “

    Ling Zhen suddenly feels a bit painful. “That can’t be wasted.”

    The smile on Zheng Qianqian’s face became a little wretched, and she scanned Ling Zhen up and down. “My sister will send you the good goods I brought this time. I originally wanted to use it on this trip, but it was useless. It was still brand new.”

    Ling Zhen asked innocently “What is it?” for a

    few minutes. Later, she stared at the things on her hands, and several question marks popped up above her head.

    This is vaguely a suit.

    But, but not very normal Yazi

    There are only a few pieces of fabric and a few strings in the upper part, and the lower part of the lower part is almost

    exaggerated. It is actually equipped with a pair of white fluffy rabbit ears as a headdress.

    Ling Zhen raised his eyes, “This, what is this?” It

    can’t be worn, right? It can’t be worn.

    Zheng Qianqian patted her shoulder meaningfully. “That’s not what I should teach.”

    After that, Ms. Zheng Clap your hands, do not take away a cloud when you go.

    Hidden deep in his merit and fame,

    Ling Zhen was left alone, staring at the pile of fabrics.

    She really couldn’t see why, but her instinct was a bit hot. Finally, after thinking about it, he simply stuffed it into the bedside cabinet.

    Don’t see and don’t worry, the

    island has no winter, blue sea and clear sky, bright sunshine, and good weather every day.

    The guests who came to the wedding were sent away, and the two of them were ready to explore the island.

    Ling Zhen didn’t plan to go into the water, so she wore a big loose T-shirt, which was so long that it covered her butt and her denim shorts. There are two slender and straight legs exposed underneath, white and tender and shiny.

    Before going out, she lowered her head and carefully applied sunscreen to herself.

    Wei Xi came out of the cloakroom with her upper body naked, wearing a white t-shirt while walking, her abdominal muscles looming. He dressed, and looked down, Ling Zhen was sitting on the edge of the bed and applying sunscreen to his legs.

    The man came over, squatted down in front of her, and pinched her beautiful ankle.

    Ling Zhen’s “why”

    sunscreen has just been squeezed, white cream-like, applied to the smooth and delicate skin.

    Wei Xi’s knuckled fingers covered them, “Help you.” The

    little girl’s two slender legs fell into his hands, and the man’s hot palms were running down his thighs, pushing her sunscreen away. Spread evenly.

    It was a simple action, but Ling Zhen curled up her toes inexplicably, her cheeks flushed and her knees “I’ll do it myself”

    Wei Xi lowered her eyes, and a smile “still ashamed”

    Ling Zhen covered her face with a smile on her mouth .

    Wei Xi raised her eyes, her eyes dark, “I haven’t touched it anywhere.”

    Ling Zhen was annoyed, and kicked him on the tip of her toes. “I’m leaving.”

    Wei Xi smiled and held her ankle, coaxing, “It’s done right away.” “After

    finally being able to go out, Ling Zhen lowered his head and ran towards the door, her bare legs especially eye-catching.

    Wei Xi’s gaze chased her, calling her “Ling Zhen.”

    Ling Zhen turned around, “Yes.” The

    man was quiet and asked , “Would you like to change the skirt?”

    Ling Zhen looked down at herself, dressed lightly and comfortably, and she looked up. “Is this not pretty?”

    Wei Xi nodded, and then went to the cloakroom for two minutes before taking out a skirt.

    The style is red and white checkered, it doesn’t look ugly, Ling Zhen has no impression of this skirt, and walked two steps to him, “Shake it away, let me see.”

    Wei Xi shakes away.

    Ling Zhen: “…”

    He held it this way, and the length was already at his knees. If she didn’t get

    her calf when she put it on, she would apply sunscreen to her.

    Ling Zhen glared at him, “You are fooling me.”

    Wei Xi was silent for a while. No.” The

    little girl was very angry, “I can’t

    leave yet.” Wei Xi sighed, “Let’s go.”

    Ling Zhen quickly became happy after she went out.

    Under the clear blue sky, green grass is everywhere, local residents smile enthusiastically, and pedestrians who come and go are enjoying everything here.

    Ling Zhen followed Wei Xi and walked calmly. She put her mobile phone in Wei Xi’s place and asked him to take pictures. The two first went to the famous palace on the island, looked at the garden with fountain stone steps, and then went to visit the largest ancient market in the area.

    The bazaar retains the characteristics of the old days. As soon as you enter, you will see a variety of colorful things in your eyes. There are exaggerated fabrics, strange wood carvings, and all kinds of special snacks.

    There were many people on the narrow road, and Ling Zhen was guarded by Wei Xi.

    After walking around, she had a large straw hat on her head, a delicate wooden sculpture of a cat was stuffed into her small shoulder bag, and a small silk scarf was tied around her neck.

    Wei Xi bought them all just now.

    She touched her silk scarf, raised the brim of her hat again, and smiled at him with her face up.

    When the weather is hot, she sweats a little on the tip of her small nose. Wei Xi lowered her eyes to “go to eat.”

    Ling was really happy to

    enter a strange Indonesian restaurant on the side of the road. The restaurant was planted with bamboo. I really took Wei Xi to find a place to sit down and ordered the signature seafood curry risotto, fruit and vegetable bbq, and some small desserts.

    In the afternoon, they would go to sit on the cliff swing. Ling Zhen wanted to take nice pictures. After eating, he took Wei Xi’s hand and walked over there.

    However, this attraction is so popular that there were already a lot of people in line when they passed by. There wasn’t even a tree in the line, and Ling Zhen wilted after a while, but he was reluctant to swing.


    glanced around, pointed to the cold drink shop on the side of the road, and took Wei Xi’s arm “want that.” Wei Xi glanced at the “Strawberry Ice”

    Ling Zhen nodded obediently.

    Wei Xi touched her head, “Wait for me, don’t run around.”

    Ling Zhen immediately opened her eyebrows and smiled, “Yeah. “

    When Wei Xi left, she pushed back the brim of her hat and looked down at her phone. But before long, a pair of feet appeared under the brim of the hat.

    Ling Zhen raised his eyes.

    There was a young man with blond hair and blue eyes standing in front of him. He was also a tourist, and he was quite handsome. He scratched his head and fixed his eyes on the eastern girl in front of him.

    She was so beautiful that she couldn’t look away from

    just one glance, even if she covered herself with the brim of her hat, the exposed half of her face was incredibly beautiful.

    The young man had never seen such an exquisite oriental girl, and walked over for a moment. Seeing this girl up close is even more beautiful, staring at her with clear eyes, he couldn’t help his heart beating faster.

    Then he spoke, expressing his love at first sight for her in his native language.

    Ling Zhen was naturally confused. She has been in the fairy world since she was a

    child, and the little beauty did not respond to foreigners in the world . The young man was very anxious. “When I saw you at first glance, I felt that I was shot by Cupid’s arrow. I think you are my oriental muse. , Is a god of beauty carved out by God”

    Ling Zhen tilted his head.

    The young man wanted to say something. Suddenly, Ling Zhen was pulled behind him, and a cold thing was stuffed in his hand.

    The taste of strawberry sweetness came into the nose, Ling was really happy, lowered his head, took a straw and drank a big sip of smoothie. The strawberry juice is freshly squeezed, and there are strawberry seeds in the smoothie, which is sweet and refreshing.

    In front of him, Wei Xi looked at the blushing foreigner with an indifferent expression.

    The young man also looked at the Chinese man who appeared suddenly, first looked at it slightly hostilely, and then whispered something with some annoyance.

    He has to admit that this Chinese man is very good-looking, standing next to the little beauty, he has a natural right.

    He was extremely annoyed and said, “What is your relationship with this beautiful girl?”

    Ling Zhen drank two sips of ice, nodded from behind Wei Xi’s shoulder, and asked, “What did he say?”

    Wei Xi pressed her small head back, and then said coldly, “My wife, get away.”

    Waiting for that. When the person walked far away, Ling Zhen turned to Wei Xi with a straw in his mouth, and asked curiously, “What did you say?”

    Wei Xi casually said, “He sees you as young and asks if you are enough to sit on the swing age limit.”

    Ling Zhen blinked. “You are a lie.”

    Wei Xi’s expression was not very good, and

    she nodded “Yes.” Ling Zhen grumbled a few mouthfuls of ice, and then suddenly smiled, “Is that person confessing to me.”

    Wei Xi’s The expression was even more ugly, dark eyes looked over, “Then talk to him, eh”

    Ling Zhen finished the strawberry ice, the sweetness on his lips, then suddenly put his feet on the lips and kissed the man’s lips.

    “I want to say,” the little girl smiled sweetly, raised her tender little hand, the diamond ring on her ring finger was shining, “I’m about to show it to him.”

    Wei Xi’s expression was slow, and she hooked her waist. , Carefully sucked up the sweet water on her lips, and then asked softly “say what?”

    Ling Zhen smiled and poured into his arms, whispering “I want to say”

    “If you don’t leave, my husband is going to beat you.”

    Ling Zhen got his wish and sat on the big swing, took photos, and after returning to the hotel at night, he sat on the edge of the big bed and looked through his mobile phone.

    Wei Xi’s photography skills have always been very good. He doesn’t take many photos, but she leaves all the beautiful moments. Ling Zhen flipped it casually, very satisfied.

    She thought that her honeymoon was really a two-person travel,

    and her companion happened to be very good at taking pictures. Luckily,

    Ling Zhen shook her calf and pulled the phone. After a while, the phone was taken away.

    As soon as she raised her head, facing Wei Xi’s naked chest and abdomen, the man bent over, hooked her calf and back and hugged the person horizontally and walked directly to the bathroom.

    The slippers on Ling Zhen’s feet fell to the ground, her snow-white mellow feet flickered in the air, her arms hooked to Wei Xi’s neck. “What are you doing?”

    Wei Xi “takes a shower.”

    Ling Zhen’s eyes widened, “Why should we be together?”

    Wei Xi hooked up. “Because it’s night.” The

    bathroom door was taken. Wei Xi put her on the marble table and raised her t-shirt with her fingers.

    “The honeymoon officially begins.”

    Ling Zhen resisted that.

    Because it was so painful last time,

    although Qaq was not all painful to the back, the memory of pain was more profound and long-lasting after all, so that she was very resistant when she thought of it.

    Ling Zhen was stripped in the bathroom, rubbed it a bit, then wrapped it in a large bath towel and wiped it dry, then was beaten up by the man and put it under the cherry powder bed curtain.

    The little girl was rolling on the bed. “I know what you are thinking, I don’t want to.”

    Wei Xi has only a pair of trousers on her body, hanging loosely below the mermaid line, beautiful and strong muscles.

    He rolled onto the bed, pressed the rolling people, lowered his head and bit her cheek “Why don’t you.”

    Ling Zhen’s whole body was pink after bathing, and her bright black apricot eyes were very frank, “I hurt, I haven’t recovered yet. .”

    She was so ignorant that she thought it would hurt so much every time. Wei Xi had no choice but to teach patiently.

    “It won’t hurt so much this time,” he said softly and coaxing, “makes you comfortable.”

    Ling Zhen rolled the quilt to one side, humming, “Do you think I still believe you.”

    He couldn’t hear it at all. It’s

    better to refuse from the beginning

    Wei Xi hugged the people and coaxed for a long time. This time the little girl was very determined, even if she was rubbed into water in his arms, she hummed.

    After a while, he made him feel anxious, his mouth curled, and tears shed. “You just think about this. Is it because of you and me that you marry me? You don’t love me at all. .”

    Pretending to be a fake, crying like it.

    Wei Xi sighed, propped her arms up a bit, and opened the bedside table to find a tissue, “Don’t cry, we won’t do it”

    Ling Zhen felt relieved, and secretly opened a dim tearful eye.

    However, after the man opened the drawer, he suddenly stopped.

    His profile was perfectly lined, staring at the drawer for two seconds, then straightened up, his fingers hooked out a bunch of white fluffy things.

    Ling Zhen rubbed his eyes, looked at “What?”

    Wei Xi paused, and then suddenly smiled.

    He turned around and carefully pinned the thing on Ling Zhen’s head.

    Ling Zhen touched, ah, that pair of rabbit ears.

    Then, Wei Xi’s fingers pulled out a small piece of fabric from the drawer and spread it out.

    Then he said, “I almost misunderstood you.”

    Ling Zhen blinked, feeling bad and cried. “I, I, I think you really misunderstood.”

    Wei Xi chuckled lightly, the shadows shrouded, low. Said

    dumbly, “I was so prepared so well that I almost let you down.” Ling Zhen shrank, I am not that I did not qaq

    ten minutes later.

    “I don’t wear this oooooo” the

    man coaxed, “

    Be good, raise your arm.” A little rabbit, with drooping ears, curled up on the bed aggrievedly, and the delicate skin of the whole body was pale ashamed.

    The beast, slowly straightened up, stared at his prey.

    Then started his own dinner.

    Ling Zhen cried almost dizzy.

    She didn’t know the meaning of these pieces of cloth on her body.

    But she knew that these things made Wei Xi even less like a person.

    It was midnight again.

    The little girl was sobbing and hooking her legs, the end of her eyes was red, “I’m not a rabbit spirit”, the

    man leaned over and pressed her, “Well”

    Ling Zhen grieved and whimpered, “I am a fairy, not a rabbit spirit.”

    Wei Xi chuckled.

    He lowered his eyes and scanned the girl’s soft waist and undulating curves.

    Leaning over again, biting her crying lips, “Why not?” She was

    obviously a little fairy.

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