Qi An’an was experiencing the joy of playing cats online, and unexpectedly heard Jiang Lu call her actively.

    She turned her head and faced Shang Jiang Lu’s dark eyes.

    During this period, his eyes were not as cold and gloomy as they were when they first met, but they also revealed apathy and alienation from time to time, rejecting people thousands of miles away.

    But it was different at this moment. I don’t know if it was Qi An’an’s illusion. Jiang Lu’s eyes were clear and moist, and there seemed to be a vague softness inside.

    The young man removed the sharp edges and corners, and his eyebrows were picturesque and incredibly beautiful.

    He should have seen Dashun on the phone, right? He recognized his cat. Qi Anan thought, but now she “don’t know” Dashun is Jiang Lu, what should she say?

    Qi An’an thought for a while and handed the phone over: “Jiang Lu, do you like cats or cats? Show it to you?”

    Cub, don’t worry, mom will just raise him for you first, and you will be able to take care of him later. , I will definitely find a suitable opportunity to return it to you along the way.

    Unexpectedly, Jiang Lu didn’t read it anymore. He turned his head and stared at his book: “I don’t like cats.”

    Although I do n’t know why his cat is with her, it can be seen from the pictures just now that it was taken by Qi An’an. Well taken care of.

    The little guy was not a brave person, but now you can see his arrogant and domineering eyes in a picture you hand, as if he has been spoiled as a cat owner, his body is chubby and heavier than when he was in his hands. In a circle.

    He didn’t like cats, Jiang Lu lowered his eyes, thinking of the kitten that was thrown to death, he was not qualified to like anything.

    Zai Zai lied, Qi An’an thought melancholy, how could he not like it? It was the first time in so long that she saw Jiang Lu’s eyes show a soft look, and he must have recognized his cat.

    But he refuses to admit it now, maybe he is afraid that he can’t take care of him, it doesn’t matter, she will help him clear all obstacles, and he will be able to take care of it himself in the future.


    When he came to school the next day, Qi An’an was holding a small square box in his hand.

    She didn’t forget that Jiang Lu didn’t have any rubber. Although she didn’t buy him ten catties of rubber, the rubber she bought was carefully selected.

    At the stationery store yesterday, Qi An’an had a brainstorming for a while. The ordinary rubber was bulky and looked dull and impersonal when delivered, and it was easy to make the sensitive cubs want to get crooked. It’s too fancy and looks a little naive, and it’s not true. is

    used, she picks and picks and finally picks out a piece of satisfaction.

    Every morning when Jiang Lu came, when Qi Anan walked into the classroom, Jiang Lu had been sitting in his seat for some time.

    She put down her schoolbag and happily handed out the square box in her hand: “Jiang Lu, I gave it to you.”

    Jiang Lu turned his head slightly, Qi An’an’s smile was bright and pleasant, and the morning sun came in from the window, she was fluffy The broken hair was dyed a light blonde.

    The little girl’s hands were tender and raw, and there was a small box lying on it.

    Jiang Lu’s heart seemed to be stung by something, itchy and painful.

    The only gifts in his life came from the little girl in front of him.

    Jiang Lu murmured: “What is this?” The pattern on the box is fresh and delicate, bright and cute, which is incompatible with his whole personality.

    Qi An’an let out a sigh of relief. She was also worried that Jiang Lu would not pay attention to her. He asked like that, it seemed there was something to play.

    Of course it is the rubber that your mother bought for you, my good boy.

    Qi An’an smiled bigger, and directly placed the small square box beside Jiang Lu: “You will know when you open it.”

    Jiang Lu hesitated for a few seconds before gently picking up the small square box. The small paper box was thin and fragile, and he exerted his strength without making any wrinkles.

    The box opened and an eraser fell out.

    It is not a precious gift. The round rubber commonly found in stationery stores is made into the shape of a cat’s head. A few blue lines on the white rubber outline a squinting cat.

    Qi An’an’s eyes became shiny when Jiang Lu took out the rubber. Her eyes were originally big and round, but when they laughed, they would bend into small crescents, which looked a bit like the cat’s head in her hand.

    The smile was a bit scorching, Jiang Lu’s pale fingers gently stroked the smiling face of Mao Mao’s head, and said in a low voice: “Thank you.”

    Qi An’an was very happy. Zai Zai is too good today: “If you like it, then… …” She paused, and tentatively asked Jiang Lu, “Are we friends now?”

    Without answering her, she just kept staring at you with such a pair of eyes.

    Jiang Lu pursed his lips lightly, and finally said: “It’s going to go to class, sit down.”

    Jiang Lu lost consciousness during class for the first time.

    He put the eraser next to the stationery box just now, but he just held it in his palm without showing off when she was listening to the class.

    After a while, his little gift gradually stained his temperature, Jiang Lu gently put the cat’s head rubber into the box, and carefully and properly placed it in the pocket of the schoolbag.

    But he was still a little bit sad. In fact, if he could just now, he wanted to say



    Unconsciously, it will be next Tuesday, the day Qi An’an has been thinking about. After school this day, Jiang Lu walked out of the school gate after packing up his things, but he did not go in the usual direction to go home.

    Qi Yan arrived at the school gate on time to pick up Qi An’an. When he saw her, he raised a smile: “How about? Brother and trustworthy

Use it. “

    Qian An upper side of the car seat belt, while his brother along to the golden hair:” How can I not believe you, you are the best. “By

    the way, I won’t sit with you for a while, I will just look at you from a distance. “

    Qi Yan didn’t understand: “Why?” Are you curious to see him? “

    Hey, he doesn’t understand. Zai Zai is a very sensitive person, and she has a very heavy mind at a young age. If she sits there, I don’t know if she will make him think more.

    I can just look at it from a distance and think optimistically. If nothing happens today, then she can hide her merit and fame and end this escort mission. If something unexpected happens, she can act immediately.

    Qi An’an said: “You talk about business. , I’ll disturb if I sit there. “

    Qi Yan shook his head and smiled, eyes full of petting, forget it, just do whatever An An likes to do. Anyway, nothing will happen if he is there. Now his sister is more lively and laughs much more lively than before, and she always talks to him. Acting like a baby is more lovable than before. He will indulge her whenever he wants to.

    The place where they met was a high-end coffee shop. In order to avoid the plot to a greater extent, Qi Anan asked Qi Yan to book a private room while she was sitting. Behind a wind chime screen in the lobby outside the private room.

    Jiang Lu arrived a few minutes earlier than the agreed time. He walked directly to the private room without paying attention to Qi An’an outside.

    Qi Yan waited for two minutes and saw Jiang Lu push the door in. , The gentleman stood up and shook hands with him: “Hello, Qi Yan. “On

    this side, Qi Yan remembered that this young

    man seemed to be An An’s classmate that day. Jiang Lu endured the physical contact, shook his hand Xuxu, and immediately let go: “Jiang Lu. “

    Before, Qi Yan only knew Jiang Lu a little bit. Knowing that he was young and still in school, he looked at the door: “Hey? Where are your parents? “

    Signing a contract is a big deal, especially with a well-known game company like him. In his imagination, the other party must be a young man who grew up in a golden and dignified manner, and was cultivated by the family. With such achievements at a young age, the family must be proud of it.

    Even if the parents are here today, together with grandparents, or a few more relatives, it is normal. But now this situation was unexpected by Qi Yan.

    arrived, let alone other relatives, and I haven’t seen the shadow of my parents.

    Jiang Lu calmly looked at him: “I don’t have parents.”

    He recognized it as soon as he entered the door. This was the man named Qi An’an in the car on the street that day. At that time, Qi An’an said that this was her brother. Judging from his appearance and his name, it seemed that he was still a real brother.

    Jiang Lu’s gaze crossed Qi Yan’s face, and the hand on the table was lowered, without any emotion on his face.

    Qi Yan was a little interested. The boy in front of him was indifferent and cold, without the pride and excitement of a child, and even calmer than him. This was completely different from what he had expected.

    Since he has so much stability over his age, Qi Yan saved the opening remarks and pushed the contract over: “Look at the contract. According to what we have discussed before, let me know if there is anything that needs to be discussed.”

    Jiang Lu Staring at the thick pile of white paper and black letters in front of him, his slender fingers tapped the tabletop lightly.

    He admitted that he wanted to sign this contract immediately before entering the door. After all, he had to support himself with his own hands.

    After hesitating for a few seconds, Jiang Lu pushed back the contract: “I’m sorry, I don’t want to sign it. I wasted your time, I’m very sorry.”

    “Why don’t you want to sign it?” Qi Yan never expected Jiang Lu’s reaction. You didn’t even read the contract.”

    He thought about it and said, “You are still going to school, in my eyes you are a half-aged child. We don’t have to fight those dumb riddles in the mall. I know you are very famous and want to sign you. It’s definitely not just my company. If you have any opinion on salary, you can tell me directly, it’s okay.”

    In fact, Qi Yan can’t figure it out. Their company is a well-known company in the industry, even laymen have heard a word or two. The other party has a lot of qualifications, but after all, he is still young, incomparable with the old master writer, but it is not too small to be able to make a seven-figure annual salary. Qi Yan feels that there is almost no company that can give him more favorable treatment.

    Jiang Lu shook his head: “It’s not because of these, it’s my personal reasons, sorry.” It’s

    not because he was not satisfied with the conditions offered by the other party. Although other companies did contact him, it was not the reason why he changed his mind on the spot. If you have to find out the reason… it’s because of the identity of the person in front of you.

    When he learned that his boss was Qi An’an’s brother, he suddenly resisted.

    He couldn’t tell what was wrong with him, obviously he didn’t hate Qi An’an at all.

    Seeing Jiang Lu’s expression and attitude, Qi Yan didn’t say anything: “Okay, I respect your personal wishes. If there is any intention in the future, I hope we can have the opportunity to cooperate.”

    Jiang Lu stood up and said, “I’m sorry to let you .” Run for nothing.”

    Qi Yan smiled and shook his hand: “It’s not necessary, don’t be so polite, I’ll just…”

    Before he finished speaking, the door of the private room was suddenly pushed open and walked in from outside. A man with a greasy face and a beer belly.

    Seeing someone inside, he was taken aback for a moment, saying “Wrong way” and he was about to turn and leave, but his eyes fell on Jiang Lu, but he stared at Jiang Lu firmly.

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