Qi An’an has always been a good student since she was a student. For the first time, she was asked to go out by the teacher to stop her. She still had this image. When she got home, she put the bad luck on Qi Yan’s head.

    “Uncle Chen, is my brother coming back for dinner tonight?” After

    getting a negative answer, Qi Anan decided to grab Qi Yanmei’s control and step on it hard: “Okay, when he comes back, he will say anything to accompany me, even if he doesn’t accompany me for a whole day. I asked him to take me out, and he still pushed back and forth, and now he is reluctant to give a precise word, so forget it, I won’t beg him.”

    Qi An Anqiqi ran upstairs after finishing the pass. . Sure enough, within ten minutes, Qi Yan called.

    “An An,” Qi Yan’s voice was very helpless, “Is my brother angry?”

    Listening to Qi Yan’s slightly tired but very gentle voice, Qi An’an was a little weak, and quickly denied: “No, no, I’m not angry with you. “

    Qi Yan laughed over there: “You are obedient, I will finish my work tomorrow, take you out for dinner, and be with you at home

    , OK ?” To be honest, Qi An’an is not really angry and needs Qi Yan to come. Huo, she just made a hypocritical look, wanting him to agree to her request. But Qi Yan whispered in such a low voice, patiently and meticulously coaxed her, which made Qi An’an a little embarrassed.

    “Brother, are you very tired? You don’t have to think about coming over to accompany me in one breath. I’m fine by myself. I’m just curious about your signing of that great god. I want to go and have a look. You never agreed. Me.”

    Forget it, Qi Yan, the brother of Qi Yan, has not heard any gentle words from his sister for so many years. If she doesn’t wear it, maybe she won’t hear it in the future. She still did her sister’s responsibility, and took good care of the brother who had picked it up.

    After all, Qi Yan did the worst thing in the book, the starting point is to protect Qi An’an. He is a very good person. Their parents are unreliable, their father spends time and drinks outside, and his mother raises a little white face. Qi An’an has been raised by her brother since she was a child, so she can raise her sister carefree, so that she is not sensible and willful. , Enough to prove how much love he poured into.

    Qi Yan in the late sister control period heard this string of words. Tears almost didn’t come down, he asked seriously: “An An, have you been wronged recently? Why did you suddenly say these things? You…” He paused, “Is it because your parents let you be here alone? Life, so     I’m wronged?”

He thought about it and said, “If you don’t like it, my brother will find a way to turn you over to me.”

    No, no, she’s not wronged, she I like it here, I like it so much. It won’t take much time before her goose is about to show up. It’s too late to look forward to. Whoever lets her go is simply grabbing her sugar jar.

    Qi An’an quickly expressed his heart: “Brother, I like this place so much. You don’t have to worry about me. I’m quite used to it here, and I don’t feel wronged at all. They don’t care about me, don’t you still care about me?”

    Saying such words in the girl’s delicate voice makes people feel a lot of ironing posts in their hearts. Qi Yan’s voice while flipping through the files stopped for a few seconds, and he said, “Okay, you will become more and more coquettish. Since you like it here, when the project at your hand is over, I will apply for the transfer. Here, I’ll look forward to staying here in the future to accompany you to finish high school.”

    Qi An’an smiled: “Oh…then—”

    “I promised you, I’m really afraid of you, and I will bring you with you. “Qi Yan said helplessly, “Tentatively, I will tell you next Tuesday night if there are changes, so don’t worry about it.”

    Qi An’an immediately laughed, “Brother is the best!”

    She hung up the phone, in her heart. Secretly wrote down the day of Tuesday.


    This matter has taken hold, Qi An’an is obviously alive, and he doesn’t always harass Uncle Chen in class.

    She hadn’t looked at the phone for almost a day today, Jiang Lu had noticed it a long time ago. I usually want to watch a lesson three or four times, but today I’m more honestly obedient.

    For some reason, Jiang Lu’s heart was more relaxed than before.

    The last two sessions of today were mock exams in class. Qi An’an finished it easily. After all, the knowledge of junior high school is still very easy for her. This time should be cherished. After that, she may not be as easy as she is now in high school.

    Thinking of this, Qi An’an secretly turned his eyes and glanced at Jiang Lu, only to find that he didn’t know when he had finished the papers.

    This is normal, after all, she is such an excellent cub. Although he missed the kindergarten and preschool because of his irresponsible mother, he didn’t even go to the first grade and went straight to the second grade. But he still showed amazing talent, and every time he took a test, he rarely failed to get a perfect score.

    But these were always taboos in his dark years of youth and murder and imprisonment. Only when he returned to his glory and stood at the height of the wind and rain, did some people gradually mention how his school life was like a god of learning. The presence.

    Thinking about

    For a while, Qi An’an was really boring. She couldn’t talk to Jiang and Lu for fear of disturbing others, and most of them had no response. She picked up the answer sheet and checked it boredly. .

    Unexpectedly, this check was really correct. She was careless and painted the wrong options starting from the twelve questions, causing the following options to be wrong.

    This is not okay. This is the first mock test she has transferred from school. Although it is just a small test in the classroom, it is also about face. Qi An’an turned the pen box but found that she didn’t have an eraser.

 No way, Qi An’an whispered: “Jiang Lu, can you lend me an eraser?” The

    two of them have been at the same table for some time now. Now Zai Zai is no longer repelling her as much as she did at the beginning. Sometimes her notebooks are used. When I went to Jiang Lu’s table, or took his pen by mistake, or even accidentally spilled water on his table, hurriedly wiped him clean but was caught by him, Jiang Lu wouldn’t say anything when he saw it. what.

    Jiang Lu moved his finger slightly. He was going to give him an eraser, but he stopped suddenly.

    An eraser and a pen are not the same. The eraser erased the wrong handwriting, leaving a dirty dust all over his body. His eraser was too dirty.

    In fact, Jiang Lu may not know that the eraser is used to correct mistakes, and everyone’s eraser is dirty.

    But he was different from others. The blood flowing under his skin was already filthy, and he had already made his things as clean as possible. If he used such a dirty hand to give Qi An’an the same dirty eraser, it was something he couldn’t accept.

    Qi An’an doesn’t dislike the pen he has used. He can deceive himself as she doesn’t care, but the eraser doesn’t work. It’s like tearing off a fig leaf, asking him to remind Qi An’an of his filthyness.

    Jiang Lu whispered, “I don’t have an eraser.” When

    he said this, his voice was soft, and the delicate and beautiful profile lines were a bit harsh.

    Qi Anan felt that he seemed a little unhappy, did he poke some pain in him? Qi An’an couldn’t help feeling a little distressed. What would he be afraid of without an eraser? Mom will buy you, and mother will buy you ten catties of rubber.

    While thinking about it, the male student in front of Qi An’an turned his head, handed her an eraser, licked a mouthful of his big white teeth, and said very easily: “Classmate, you can use mine.”

    Jiang Lu raised his eyes and glanced at him.

    Then his gaze dropped and fell on the rubber in the boy’s hand. He was so dark and dirty that he could not help but frown slightly.

    “Okay, thank you.” Qi An’an took it over, because they would adjust the

    position every week. changed positions. This front table was changed this week. Before she could get to know her, she asked. In one sentence, “What’s your name?”

    “My name is Yu Tianyang.”

    Oh! It turns out that he is Yu Tianyang.

    Yu Tianyang was the only person who could be called a friend when Jiang Lu was a student. Yu Tianyang picked up Jiang Lu from prison, and he followed Jiang Lu all the time.

    Yu Tianyang has a good personality and is good to Jiang Lu. Because of this, he is warmly called the big nephew by book fans.

    “It turned out to be you! I’m so happy to see you, my nephew!” In the book, Yu Tianyang is a character who only appeared in high school. Qi An’an didn’t expect that they were in the same class in junior high school. .

    “Huh?” Yu Tianyang was stunned. “We two are related?”

    “There is no such thing as the same name. I have admitted the wrong person.” Qi An’an explained indiscriminately, looking at Yu Tianyang very lovingly.

    Make good friends with our cubs, nephew, I will try my best to help you chase your goddess.

    The two of them just chatted a few words, and they had a feeling of being at first sight. Qi An’an is like this, she is bright and gratifying, good to everyone, and easy to attract people. Jiang Lu looked at him indifferently, his eyes were dark and he turned his head without saying a word.

    Qi An’an changed the answer sheet again. After handing in the papers, it was self-study. There was still a long time before school. She had just made a large set of papers, and she had absorbed enough knowledge, so she didn’t want to do any more questions for the time being.

    By his side, Jiang Lu has been leaning on his side again, exuding the aura of don’t disturb.

    Qi Anan had to take out his phone and send a WeChat message to Steward Chen.

    An An: Uncle Chen, take a few videos of Dashun’s sand sculptures for me, or take some silly photos of it.

    The housekeeper Chen returned quickly, heartbroken: Miss, you don’t study.

    Qi An’an lied about the military situation: Uncle Chen, I got a perfect score in this mock test, so hurry up and show me Dashun.

    This time Steward Chen kept bombing without saying anything, took several videos and posted a bunch of pictures.

    Qi Anan immediately went into a cat sucking state, and was trembling with Da Shunmeng’s heart and liver, holding the phone and flipping back and forth in love with him, it was really painful to be held back by Da Shun’s stupid smile.

    She started again, Jiang Lu put down the pen, and the irritability in his heart had not been suppressed, but now it was getting stronger.

    After working hard twice, Jiang Lu couldn’t calmly ignore Qi An’an, and finally couldn’t help but glance at her.

    However, at this glance, he saw the kitten on the screen of Qi An’an’s phone.

    Jiang Lu opened his eyes slightly, staring at the same place. This is…

    He will never

    mistake the kitten in the picture . There is a bunch of white hair on his forehead, which he raised. It’s been three years, the kitten that was placed in front of Grandma Zhang’s house a few days ago.

    Jiang Lu curled his fingers slowly, blinked his eyes very slowly, and looked at Qi An’an.

    Qi An’an stared at the screen of the phone intently, unaware of Jiang Lu’s gaze, nor did he know what it was like to look like this in the other’s eyes.

    The girl in school uniform was indescribably clean and translucent, and her white cheeks were covered with soft and shredded hair. When she laughed, there were cute dimples on her cheeks, soft and beautiful.

    Jiang Lu’s uncontrollable lips slightly opened: “Qian An…”

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