That morning, Jiang Lu walked to the school alone, and the morning sun shone on his side of his face, and his pale skin had a nearly transparent texture.

    “Lu Lu–” someone behind him suddenly called him.

    Jiang Lu paused and turned slightly to his side, only to see an old grandmother pushing her bicycle forward and looking at him with a smile: “It’s really you Lu Lu, how long hasn’t I seen you? Looking from a distance, I feel like you are behind me. “

    Jiang Lu lightly nodded, and breathed calmly: “Grandma Zhao, long time no see.”

    Grandma Zhao is an elderly person living alone in the community. Her only son works abroad and only returns home during the Chinese New Year. She has lived alone for so many years. . A few years ago, the road was built in the back of the community. After a rain, the ground was muddy and slippery. The old man had bad legs and fell down accidentally, and no one dared to help him after a long time.

    Jiang Lu was seven or eight years old and was still a child. He saw Grandma Zhao when he was passing by and helped Grandma Zhao up and sent her home all the way.

    After so many years, Grandma Zhao has no grandson Chenghuan’s knees, she really feels sorry for Jiang Lu.

    When the child saw her fall, he walked over without hesitation. At a young age, he knew that he would not be seen by others, and was afraid that people would hate him. Without saying, he turned his head and ran away.

    It’s a pity that he never accepts every time she wants to take him to her house, or buy him some food and clothing.

    Every time she saw Jiang Lu, she couldn’t help but think of the past. Grandma Zhao sighed, “Has Lu Lu eat breakfast? Grandma bought you buns to eat.”

    “No, I have eaten them.” Jiang Lu Hui said, “It rained the last two days. If you want to wipe the glass, don’t go up by yourself. I will wipe it for you on weekends.”

    “Oh, I don’t need you to work for me,” Grandma Zhao sighed and complained, “You come all year round. A few times, I will only work for me when I come. If you can come and see me more, I will be content.”

    Jiang Lu turned his head slightly and said softly, “It will cause you trouble.”

    Grandma Zhao was unhappy when she heard it: “Don’t listen to those people outside who are trying to force Lai Lai, why are you bad? You don’t want to say that since childhood, every time you get first in the exam, who’s children can have this? Excellent? Those mouths and heads who talk about rumors for no reason are filled with shit. You must not take it to your

    heart .” Lu Luming is the best child. If others treat him well, he will treat him as best as possible. Good things are returned. She just

    treated him differently from ordinary people in, or he helped herself first, and then she saw him, said a few words softly, just let this child Keep in mind.

    After listening to Grandma Zhao’s words, Jiang Lu said nothing. His face was calm and calm, as if he didn’t care-whether it was other people’s bad words or granny Zhao’s injustice.

    He has grown very tall this year, standing there with a height of nearly 1.8 meters, he feels almost upright.

    Grandma Zhao’s eyes were a bit sore. She wiped it, and suddenly remembered something: “Lu Lu, I want to install a computer at home to make it easier to remotely video with my child. I don’t understand this, you have time to help me. Let’s see what kind of one you buy. Also, don’t you want to paint, don’t spend money on the computer in the future, just come to grandma’s house to paint, okay?”

    Jiang Lu nodded when he heard the next sentence. Did not agree.

    “No,” he said, “I’m so disturbing.”

    Grandma Zhao moved her mouth, but finally did not persuade her, she shook her head helplessly: “Well…then you go to school first, and talk to me for a while. Don’t be late and delay your study.”

    Jiang Lu pursed his mouth lightly, hesitated for a moment and couldn’t help but ask: “By the way, Grandma Zhao, have you visited the grandma Zhang’s house downstairs in the past two days? Their house…yes. Didn’t you just raise a new cat?”

    Grandma Zhao thought for a while, and then “hissed” in confusion: “I went to visit, but they still seem to have four cats. I didn’t see one more cat? Xiao Zhang If you love cats like your life, if you really add a little guy, you will definitely show off with me.”

    No support.

    Jiang Lu’s heart sank a little. He secretly saw it the next day. The cardboard box was empty. The kitten was clearly taken away. Could it be that Grandma Zhang took it away?

    He nodded hesitantly: “Okay, I get it.”


    Qi An’an has been worrying about it recently. The other day she asked Qi Yan when she would meet with Jiang Lu, but Qi Yan has not given her an accurate answer.

    But this is not to blame Qi Yan. He has just entered the company a few years after graduating from college. He has worked hard to his current position, and he has endless things to deal with every day, and most of them require him to make decisions in person.

    As long as he can spare some corners and corners, he will spend it with Qi An’an. The signing of the contract was not trivial, and he didn’t want to entrust others, so he could not help but delay for a few days.

    Finally, yesterday Qi Yan said that there would be free time in the past few days at the end of the month, and he planned to take a long time to sign the contract, but he also said that his time may not necessarily be the weekend, so Qi An’an should have a good class, and don’t come over and make trouble.

    How can this add chaos

    ? If she doesn’t go, and things develop according to the original plot, how much wrongdoing will her cubs suffer? The baby’s dream was shattered. This is something that a real mother can’t bear anyway.

    Qi Yan is busy at work, and Qi An’an doesn’t dare to disturb him at will, so he adopts a curve policy. In the past two days, he has had unprecedented contact with Steward Chen. She couldn’t wait to confirm with Steward Chen every hour: Qi Yan’s plan for the next few days? Are there any changes?

    Listen to my

After a while, Qi An’an took out the phone.

    An An: Uncle Chen, is there any latest news? What will my brother do in these two days?

    An An:

    Chongya. gif Lao Chen: No change. I will have a one-day meeting tomorrow to report something. I will fly to the head office in the evening. I will come back the next day. The following itinerary has not been determined yet.

    Old Chen: Smile. jpg

    An An: Contact at any time, let me know as soon as there is a new situation!

    Old Chen: Good.

    Old Chen: Have a good class.

    Old Chen: Smile. jpg

    Qi An’an put down the phone and sighed in a melancholy voice.

    The voice she made was so small that it was completely negligible, but Jiang Lu beside her looked sideways and gave her a calm look.

    He had noticed it two days ago. The little girl who had been happily all day didn’t know what was on her mind. She sat aside more honestly than before. She was holding her mobile phone and she didn’t know who she was talking to.

    Jiang Lu turned his gaze back to the blackboard calmly.

    What’s the matter with her, whom to chat with, and what does it have to do with him.


    Qi An’an has had a lot of thoughts in the past two days, and he was afraid that he would miss this meeting between Qi Yan and Jiang Lu, and he was also afraid that he would not handle it well after the meeting, and finally hurt the cub. She was so worried that she didn’t sleep well. At this moment, listening to the teacher’s boring lecture on the podium, the more she listened, the more drowsy.

    After ten minutes, Qi An’an fell asleep on the table.

    She is a typical sleepy dishonest, regardless of occasion. I lied on the table for a while, maybe I was pressing my arm, adjusted my posture in a daze and then went to sleep.

    But her elbow had crossed the gap between the two tables, resting on Jiang Lu’s table.

    Qi An’an had his head resting on his arm, originally a ball head was tied, because the hair is smooth and soft, and the hair is thicker, after being rubbed two times by her, the ball head was a little loose.

    Jiang Lu was attending the class seriously, Qi An’an suddenly moved his arm, and he subconsciously hid aside. When he got over, he silently glanced at Qi An’an’s elbow that had crossed the boundary, and moved the book aside, recognizing his fate, without waking her up.

    Qi An’an has been completely asleep at this moment, and is falling into a wonderful dream, unable to extricate himself.

    In the dream, in a purple lavender field, her baby goose and female goose are standing there, staring at each other without speaking. Qi An’an almost went mad, never described such a sweet scene in the book! She picked up the camera in her hand and yelled at the other side:

    “Good deeds, look at mom here! Mom will take pictures of you!” What

    a great scene! She wants to take it as a screensaver! Knock for ten thousand years!

    They turned around.

    Jiang Lu’s appearance is very familiar, but he is not so young at the moment. Although that face was young, there were traces of weather and frost on it, and it looked vicissitudes of life and fatigue. His face was as calm as water, his eyes were dark and deep, and there was no smile at all.

    The whole figure is like a rock in the abyss, quiet and decadent.

    The woman next to him was very beautiful, but she looked cold and lifted her chin slightly, seemingly disdainful and unwilling.

    Qi An’an was extremely disappointed, the blue sky, white clouds and lavender, what a beautiful painting, but they all have…what expressions.

    She held up the camera and begged: “Let’s laugh, laugh.”

    But no one listened. No matter what she requested, they would never smile.

    The blue sky gradually disappeared, dark clouds began to appear, and the warm scene was about to disappear. Qi An’an was so anxious that she wanted to pull her hair in a hurry.


    Qi An’an frowned slightly, muttering something in his mouth, and suddenly reached out to grab his hair.

    When she grabbed it like this, the shaky ball head was completely disintegrated, and it was scattered all at once, spreading on Jiang Lu’s books and arms, the tips of her hair lying in Jiang Lu’s palms unreasonably.

    The soft touch made Jiang Lu withdraw his hand suddenly, he looked at the silky hair that was winding and spreading on his table, and the owner of the hair was sleeping very dark at the moment, and had no intention of waking up.

    Jiang Lu is a little bit at a loss.

    After a pause, he picked up a pen on the table, hesitated for two seconds, and finally poke Qi An’an lightly on the shoulder with the end of the pen.

    “Hello,” he whispered.

    Qi An’an didn’t wake up, not only didn’t wake up, but also moved his shoulders, as if to tell him to stop making trouble.

    Jiang Lu was about to lose his temper, so he had no choice but to add a little bit of gravity and poke Qi An’an on the shoulder again.

    Qi An’an only woke up at this moment. People who had just woke up were unavoidably confused. She had forgotten where she was, and suddenly sat upright, her slightly misty eyes covered with a thin film of water, and she looked wet. To the direction of Jianglu.

    What do you poke at me?

    The girl’s eyes were clean, and her doubts showed a bit of innocence. A red print appeared on her cheek, which was dull and cute. The long hair was fluffy and slightly messy.

    Jiang Lu’s fingers holding the pen stiffened for a moment, and no one noticed it quickly.

    Qi An’an became sober as soon as she got up. She fumbled on the table and asked in a low voice: “What’s the matter? Why is my hair loose? Where is my hairband?”

    Jiang Lu said nothing, and picked it up from his desk. Throw the hair strap to her.

    Qi An’an, thank you, I haven’t said it yet. The teacher in front of me saw my


Can’t go down: “That female classmate, what are you doing? What’s the matter with your hair in this class?”

    This teacher is an old-tempered cadre who usually doesn’t like to listen to gossip. The daughter’s affairs are not clear. He doesn’t know Qi An’an. He must be reprimanded immediately for things he can’t stand, and he will stop mercilessly.

    Upon hearing the sound, the classmates all turned their heads and their eyes fell on Qi An’an.

    At this moment, Jiang Lu felt the obvious rejection in his heart.

    Maybe it was because he was sitting close to Qi An’an, so he was forced to become the focus. He hates these looks very, very much. 

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