Qi An’an had no way of knowing that he never looked here again, let alone took the initiative to speak.

    It seems that it is not feasible for him to accept his own Band-Aid, so she’d better take it out of her mind. Qi An’an drew a big smiling face on the band-aid box-cub cub, you want to grow up happily, mother’s candy is produced by you!

    Taking advantage of the effort of turning around to get the book, Qi An’an quickly put it into the side pocket of Jiang Lu’s backpack.

    Qi An’an quietly took a look at Jiang Lu, she moved around, he must be too lazy to pay attention to her, he shouldn’t notice her small movements. But… it really deserves to be the value of the fairy that has been repeatedly emphasized in the book, from the jet black hair to the smooth mandible, Jiang Lu’s profile is simply extraordinary.

    It’s good everywhere, just run too fast. As soon as the get out of class bell hit, Jiang Lu picked up his schoolbag and walked out, letting Qi An’an say “Let’s go home together after school” without a single word.

    Forget it, the future will be long, and a qualified Ma Ma will not care about her eldest son.


    The residential area where Jiang Lu is located is very old, so old that the sign at the door is painted off. He turned into the gate from the main road, and just walked to the side of the building where he lived, and suddenly stopped.

    In the remote corner in front, there is a pair of young girls, young, wearing their school uniforms. They held their two little hands secretly together. The place was relatively quiet and almost no one passed, but they still looked around nervously.

    Then, the boy bent down and quickly kissed the girl’s lips. As soon as they touched it, both of them turned their heads shyly and quickly, stunned, green and beautiful.

    Standing in the distance, Jiang Lu was caught off guard and saw this scene. His face was a little pale, as if he wanted to force him to continue walking his way, but before taking a few steps, he grabbed his stomach and bent down, gagging.

    Jiang Lu held the tree trunk, because several blue veins bulged on his forehead. He knew early on that he was abnormal, and his aversion to the relationship between men and women was almost pathological.

    When he was young, he had seen his mother and different men rolling and lingering on the bed in the bedroom or on the sofa in the living room more than once. Then, in

    , he could only shut himself in the room and vomit dizzy.

    Outsiders think he is dirty, but he does not deny it. His eyes have seen too much filth, and they are indeed dirty from the inside out.

    Jiang Lu came over a little bit, rinsed his mouth and walked forward slowly. When he approached the door, he suddenly saw a car parked by the side of the road.

    It was a Mercedes-Benz, with a glamorous body and the extravagance of meticulous care. It was not something people in this community could afford to drive. And the parking location also represents where the owner of the car is now.

    Jiang Lu felt the nausea he had just suppressed surging up again.

    He turned and walked outside without saying a word, forcing himself to breathe fresh air.

    Have been out of the complex and walked to the main road. There were people coming and going on the street, some in groups, chatting and laughing, and some parents holding their children by the hand and listening to them what they saw on this day.

    Everywhere is peaceful and full of vitality, it also seems that he is incompatible with the world.

    There was a buzzing in my ears, and the harsh words pressed in my heart sounded untimely:

    “He is a dirty thing. We throw him into the garbage dump. The dirty thing should be with the garbage.”

    ” Going to school? No use. Old mother. You didn’t pay your tuition.”

    “He is your son? Tsk tsk…”

    “You will give birth, what a beautiful child. Now the investigation is strict, and it will be a little older in two years before sending it to me.” “


    Yes, he is out of place. He is a monster, a wild species born to a bitch, a trash that can never wash dirty blood.

    Jiang Lu closed his eyes, and couldn’t help bending over and retching several times. He leaned on his knees and gasped, suddenly something fell out of the side pocket of his backpack.

    The packaging is familiar, a box of small band-aids. The difference is that there is an ugly smiling face on the box.

    I don’t know when Qi An’an stuffed it in.

    Jiang Lu looked at it blankly for a while, then slowly reached out and picked it up. He was silent for a long time and raised his hand, trying to throw it into a trash can not far away, but he paused in the air and then gradually dropped.

    Eventually he put the band-aid back in place.

    Jiang Lu walked aimlessly in one direction, and when he walked quickly to the school, he saw a familiar figure approaching him.

    Qi An’an is holding a bag of fried chicken fillets in his left hand, and holding a bamboo stick in his right hand to tie a stick and send it to his mouth. A set of pancakes is also hung on his slender wrist.

    He awkwardly stopped.

    But Qi An’an didn’t notice Jiang Lu at all, chewing food with bulging cheeks, and dried the food very seriously. It wasn’t until she had eaten this bite that she used a bamboo stick to poke the chicken fillet, she finally found Jiang Lu standing not far away.

    Qi An’an’s mouth suddenly stopped, and his eyes were round.

    It’s stupid.

    Jiang Lu cast aside his gaze, and the nausea that had been lingering just now disappeared a lot for some reason.

Qi An’an hasn’t eaten the snacks at the school gate when she was a student for a long time. How could she have thought that she would meet her cubs during a meal on the way after school. This road is the only way for the two of them to go home, but logically Jiang Lu should have been home long ago.

    Could it be… because Jiang Lu and his family are not convenient to go back now, right? In the book, it was described several times that his mother would sometimes bring men home, and Jiang Lu would wander outside like a wandering soul.

    Qi An’an glanced at the river and land standing there alone, in the crowd, he carried an extremely strong loneliness.

    She should be right.

    In the past, seeing such plots, Qi An’an was very distressed, and he wished to take out the paper man from the book and put it in his home, so that he would eat all the delicious foods. In any case, at least in his carefree age, he should be able to fill his stomach and cover his head with a tile.

    In this situation, her cub is absolutely hungry! The old mother is not calm anymore!

    Qi An’an walked forward quickly, holding a half-pack of fried chicken fillet in his right hand, and holding the pancake fruit in his left hand to Jiang Lu: “Jiang Lu, haven’t you eaten dinner yet? Hungry, I’ll give you all these. , If it’s not enough, tell me to buy it again.”

    Jiang Lu cast his eyes down.

    The evening breeze of spring is gentle, blowing the fragrance of young girls. The taste of pancake fruit and fried chicken fillet is surprisingly good, and everything is beautiful in the background of the noisy street.

    And Jiang Lu chuckled, his voice was cold: “Qianan, who wants you to sympathize.”

    Huh? ?

    Is his behavior inappropriate? Make Cubs feel uncomfortable? Qi An’an quickly glanced at the things in his hands—well, she had eaten half a bag of fried chicken fillets, and it would not be good to give them to others.

    Qi An’an put the chicken fillet behind her back, and raised her left hand up:

    “Jiang Lu, I have eaten the fried chicken fillet, um… although it was tied with a bamboo stick, it is really not good to give it to you again. I’ll buy you a new one again. I haven’t moved the pancakes yet, so you can eat them.”

    “Or do you have something you want to eat?” Mom will take you whatever you want! Feeding you is what I want to do a hundred times!

    Jiang Lu took a deep breath and asked in a low voice, “What on earth do you want to do?” What do you

    want to do… Qi An’an looked at Jiang Lu’s eyes with determination in his heart.

    In the long run, it is to give you a bright teenager, dispel all darkness and pain, makes you grow up carefree, met the girl and her beloved happy

    heart Falling in love, her old mother happily eats sweets on the sidelines.

    But no one believes this long-term goal. It’s more recent. Qi An’an raised his hand: “I want you to eat something. Not eating is bad for your health. You will get sick in the long run.”

    Jiang Lu body’s hand clenched tightly and whispered, “I have eaten.”

    Qi An’an didn’t believe it. Jiang Lu took care of himself every meal. Now he obviously can’t even enter the house, so he definitely didn’t eat.

    She blinked: “You are talking nonsense, I just heard your stomach rang.”

    Jiang Lu expressionlessly: “I don’t.”

    Qi An’an couldn’t help smiling, and was about to speak when suddenly there were two noises from the street. When the whistle sounded, someone over there called her: “An An!” The

    two turned their heads together and saw a black Bentley parked on the side of the road. The man with his head in the driver’s seat was handsome and waved at Qi An’an with a smile in his eyes. “What about this little cat, don’t you go home after school and leave here to eat at the roadside stall?”

    Qi An’an hesitated. This is…

    Seeing that she hasn’t spoken, the man in the car pretended to be upset: “Hey, how are you going back? What’s the matter? I don’t talk when I see my brother.” It’s

    really “Qian’an” her brother Qi Yan! In the book, the male N number who ended up as miserable as her, a mad demon with no bottom line.

    Qi Yan is a mysterious persona. The whole world believes that Qi An’an is a paranoid and perverted female neuropathy. He is the only one who always believes that his sister is a baby bump. To this end, he did a lot of unprincipled things.

    Qi Yan played during this period, but there was a highlight, and she had to deal with it well. Qi An’an stuffed the pancake fruit into Jiang Lu’s arms, speaking at a high speed but couldn’t speak in his head: “This is my brother, I have important things to leave beforehand, cub, you remember to eat the pancake fruit!”

    After finishing Qi Anan, Qi Anan He trot to the side of the road and got into the co-pilot with a “chipping”.

    What did she call him just now?

    Jiang Lu stood there with a complicated expression, watching Qi An’an’s car leave.

    Zai Zai, oh good.

    He moved his fingers lightly and blinked his eyes very slowly. The food on his palm was white and warm.


    “Who was that just now? Your classmate? Is the relationship good?” Qi Yan couldn’t help asking after the car started.

    He turned his head and glanced at Qi An’an. Before she could answer, he smiled and stretched out his hand to

    wipe the oil on her mouth: “How old are you? Your mouth is full of oil.” Qi An’an wiped out two handfuls indiscriminately: “Okay, I Wipe it yourself. Your suit is quite expensive. Don’t touch it.”

    Qi Yan’s fingers paused, and his face changed slightly: “An

    An, what happened to you recently? Is it? Is someone angry with you, or housekeeper Chen and they are not taking good care of it?”

    He, the sister who grew up in the palm of her hand, was so temperamental that she wiped her mouth with his fine suit as a napkin and threw him away. Believe, I can tell you not to stain your clothes. The sun is really coming out from the west.

Look, this is the best brother in the world who does not fall in love, does not engage in business, and concentrates on petting his sister in the original book. This role caused the biggest controversy in the book at the time. After all, apart from his and Qi An’an’s villain identity, Qi Yan’s brother is simply the dream of thousands of girls. He saved the galaxy in his previous life. Only in this life can there be such a brother. .

    Qi An’an in the book doesn’t know how to cherish, and when her brother falls on her, she will cherish it for her. Qi An’an smiled and waved his hand: “Where do you want to go? No one is angry with me, I am happy every day. I can’t grow up and be sensible?”

    Qi Yan was dubious: “If I’ve been bullied, I will tell my brother. . “

    big-year-old is to the heart, speaking the same father, Qian an nodded:.” I know, no one can bully got me, I fiercely go again ” “

    just who that guy is good you do with it?? ” Putting this topic aside, Qi Yan hasn’t forgotten the question just now.

    Qian An appropriate, and replied: “okay, is my table, learning these days.”

    Qi Yan “ah” a cry: “Do not puppy love.”

    What are you talking ah, this is not haphazard demolition cp it? That is my goose, you are his uncle. Qi An’an hurriedly nodded and admitted: “Nothing, promise not to fall in love with him, and it is impossible to be in love with him, don’t worry.”

    She is most afraid of Qi Yan saying the word puppies. When Qi Yan appeared in the book, “Qian’an” had been harassing Jiang Lu for some time. When he asked, Qi An’an had no face to say that Jiang Lu always hated him, so she lied, saying that Jiang Lu was the son of a prostitute. If she saw she had money, he would seduce her and want to become a son-in-law of the Qi family.

    Qi Yan was furious, and immediately asked someone to interrupt Jiang Lu’s legs. Although the bones were later connected, he couldn’t run or jump for the rest of his life. He had to endure the pain of heartburn when it rained on a cloudy day.

    Qi An’an pursed his mouth, now that she is here, she will definitely not let this happen. Recalling the plot, Qi An’an tentatively asked: “Brother, why did you come here suddenly?”

    “The company recently launched a new game and cooperated with several companies here. It just happens that you are here, so I will come here personally. have a look.”

    “Ah,” Qi Yan said, “This project is lucky. It made me find a

    painter who was not wrong in. It is really alive. I have already contacted him, and it happened to him. I also live in City S. I just observe and observe, and if appropriate, sign a contract with him and ask him to be the chief writer.” It

    really is here, Qi An’an thought secretly.

    The genius painter Qi Yan said is no one else, but Jiang Lu. He has an excellent talent for painting since he was a child. At a young age, he supports himself on his own. If there is no one to disrupt the situation, he should soon be able to live a life without worry, enter the university, and embark on a bright and smooth life. Life.

    But all of this was ruined in this contract signing meeting.

    Of course, Qi Yan would not sign an employee who accompanies a man to sleep in the rumor, and it is even less likely to sign someone who has an ugly face and tries to confuse his sixteen-year-old sister. At that time, he was a high-ranking person, and banning a person in a circle was just a matter of lip service.

    With scars all over his body, Jiang Lu lost his financial resources. Under the ridicule of everyone and Qi An’an, he completely fell into the abyss.

    Even after he was released from prison, he quickly became an upstart in the business world, and eventually became a tycoon who called the wind and rain, and he never touched his paintbrush again. But Qi Anan always remembered what was mentioned in the book that Jiang Lu really loved painting, but he felt that he was no longer worthy of painting.

    How can this work, Zai Zai has a dream, and she must give her full support, and no one can destroy it this time.

    But their meeting will be problematic and very serious. Qi An’an looked at Qi Yan with a serious face: “Brother, when do you plan to meet…that great god? I want to go too. Don’t meet him secretly without saying a word. Be sure to bring me.”

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