Qi Anan watched Jiang Lu look over with expressionlessly, his eyes were dark and he couldn’t see the happiness or anger, so he smiled and shook the pen in his hand: “There are too many books, they just rolled down, not on purpose. Haha…” It

    was her.

    The slight surprise in Jiang Lu’s eyes was hard to catch. Qi An’an didn’t notice. From her point of view, Jiang Lu just glanced at her blankly, and then turned around without surprise.

    It can be seen that the big guy is the big guy, and never waste any expression when it is unnecessary.

    Although the boss doesn’t look like he would strike up a conversation with her, it doesn’t matter. Qi An’an is already very happy to be at the same table with her favorite cub.

    She threw the pen into the pencil case with a carefree gesture, closed the lid casually, and packed the book happily.

    Jiang Lu’s gaze only paused for two more seconds on the pencil case and then he returned it. He did his question blankly as usual, but after a while, his pen nib froze.

    Today is so different.

    His new tablemate has a strong presence that makes him hard to ignore. I don’t know if something good happened, the whole person is filled with happy aura, like a little dog shaking his head. Sitting on a stool is not honest, a pair of dangling calves, annoying.

    In the past, he was surrounded by stagnant water, and the people sitting next to him would never make much movement. They quietly moved the table and chairs out, as if staying away from him, in order to breathe fresh air.

    But this is not a bad thing. He also feels at ease in such a habitual silence, unlike now, it seems that he has broken some laws, which is simply at a loss.

    Disgusting is disgusting, but the usual disgusting seems to be a little different.

    Jiang Lu lowered his eyes and returned his attention to the book in front of him. He turned his body slightly to isolate the excitement around him.

    However, after feeling quiet for less than a minute, Yu Guangli stretched out a small hand from the side, and his white and slender index finger tentatively poked his cuff.

    Jiang Lu put down his pen: “What are you doing?”

    Qi An’an was immersed in the joy of being at the same table with Zai Zai just now. After being happy for a while, she suddenly remembered that she had forgotten business. She took out a box of band-aids from the mezzanine of her schoolbag and handed it to Jiang Lu: “Jiang Lu, your hand is hurt.”

    Although Jiang Lu did not suffer a dozen dozens in the morning, his body is not a copper wall or iron wall after all. The punks fell on the ground, and inevitably bruises and bruises. His hands are beautiful again, The

    joints are distinct and beautiful, making the scars on the upper part particularly conspicuous.

    But it’s useless to be conspicuous. The owner of the scar doesn’t care. It was written in the book that Jiang Lu had a scarred physique. In the end, there were indelible marks on his hands, face, and heart.

    Qi An’an pushed the band-aid forward. There was no way, the old mother had to worry about so many things.

    But taking good care of the cubs is the mother’s responsibility, how could she watch Jiang Lu with scars on his body? After a while, the female goose appeared, but she couldn’t explain it.

    The sharp corners of the small box gently rubbed against the back of his hand, causing a tingling numbness. Jiang Lu curled his fingers unconsciously, and the small box of band-aids seemed to have some kind of magical power. It took his eyes to scorch for three full seconds before he frowned and looked at Qi An’an.

    Jiang Lu is not very young, but he has tasted the warmth and coldness of human relationships since childhood, the world is cold, and his eyes are sharp and vicious. But even so, he couldn’t see that Qi An’an was purposeful or ambiguous.

    Her eyes were clear, she really just wanted to give him band-aids to treat the wounds, but she didn’t mean anything else.

    Jiang Lumo took a moment, looked away, and when he spoke, his voice was deliberately aggravated and alienated: “No, thank you.”

    “But your hand is still bleeding, and you didn’t take care of the wound. Just don’t care. How can it be done?” Others were still studying on their own, Qi An’an was anxious and could only persuade him in a low voice.

    Jiang Lu said, “Don’t worry about it.”

    When he finished speaking, he picked up the pen. He moved casually. As soon as the wound of the joint was involved and bleeding, Qi Anan felt pain at a glance. Seeing him being so nonchalant, he couldn’t hold back, and stretched out his hand to grab his pen.

    “Look at you! You put your hands flat and don’t write first.”

    Jiang Lu never expected Qi An’an to suddenly take his pen, and this time she really took the pen from her hand. Because the pen cap was not covered, and the tip of the pen was drawn across, a striking black line was instantly left in his palm.

    Jiang Lu: “…”

    Qi An’an is two years old, and she feels that she has been very unlucky since she was wearing this female neuropathy. Until now, she has done some unlucky things.

    “… I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. You go to wash your hands after class… Hey, but be careful when washing your hands, don’t let the wound touch water.” Qi An’an cried and touched the pen lid with one hand on Jiang Lu’s hand, and buckled the pen. Good to pass it to him: “Give you back.” The

    girl’s voice is sweet from birth, and her throat is even softer when pressed.

    , it’s something he has never heard before. , Those words have softness in themselves.

    Jiang Lu took the pen without saying a word, feeling a dazed heart.

    Just now, Qi An’an stretched out his hand and fumbled around on his desk, buckled the pen and handed it back, but he couldn’t find any disgusting and disgusting look on his face, naturally a little weird.

    Why doesn’t she think his things are dirty?


    Jiang Lu thoughts in his heart

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