A few boys obviously did not expect Qi An’an would suddenly stand up and scold them, let alone they did not expect that Jiang Lu had already sat down with a composure expression, and when he heard Qi An’an’s voice, he slightly raised his eyebrows and cast his gaze in front of him. .

    Qi An’an didn’t know anything about it, and was still teaching the little kids: “What do you eat here? Does the school teach you to get together and gossiping? It’s so ugly. Take care of yourself, don’t all day. I’m always thinking about sarcasm and sarcastic people. The nine-year compulsory education slippery fish is talking about you.”

    Several boys were flushed by what she said. In fact, they didn’t understand anything. They just listened to the adults. I am ignorant and understand how to learn.

    Qian An is a scolding, a man embarrassing face, could not help but Huanzui said: “?? What are you anxious we do wrong is that you two obviously have a relationship, or else how do you so to speak for him.”

    This What thought? Qi An’an retorted: “We are related. Is it weird that we are friends? I have a mother-daughter relationship with my mom, a father-daughter relationship with my dad, and a brother-sister relationship with my brother and sisters. How can it fall into your eyes? Isn’t it normal? Is the head on your neck still called your head?”

    Qi An’an did not forget to bring all the contradictions to him as he said it, saying from her as the starting point, it seemed to be angry for himself.

    It sounds like Jiang Lu was affected because of her, not because she was affected by Jiang Lu.

    “You guys, apologize to Jiang Lu.” Seeing that they had nothing to say, Qi An’an said without concession.

    “Ah? What did you say?” The boy seemed to have heard some joke, he couldn’t believe his ears, “You let us apologize to that wild… to him? Are you kidding me.”

    Qi An’an looked at him inexplicably , And asked: “How can I have the time to make jokes with you, you hurt others by saying the wrong thing, isn’t it a normal thing to apologize?” The

    boy seemed to be insulted: “Let me apologize?! Why should I? Want to apologize to him? What is he! I…”

    “If you ask you to apologize, please apologize,” Qi An’an said with a sullen face, “Don’t mess with me, you should know that you can’t mess with me.” No matter what, she was a wealthy bully in the eyes of everyone before. It’s easy to use.

    The boy wanted to say something more, but his companion tugged at his sleeve from behind. Qi An’an has a background at first glance. The cars that go to and from school are all luxury cars. Even when

    came in, the principal personally led her to her seat. All the teachers are kind to her. This kind of people, they certainly can’t be offended by ordinary people.

    Finally, the few boys who chewed their tongues lowered their heads unwillingly, facing Jiang Lu, their voices were like mosquito hum: “…I’m sorry, I, we shouldn’t say you like that.”

    Qi An’an was very comfortable watching from the sidelines. She thought about it. Sooner or later, there will be such a day. She has to let everyone realize in front of the class that Jiang Lu is a good friend of hers, she will protect him, and others can’t and will not bully him at will.

    This opportunity is rare in a lifetime, and it happens to be used. In the future, she will reverse her unpleasant setting, maybe she can pull Jiang Lu into the class group together, and let Jiang Lu make some sincere good friends.

    He has gone through so much, until the hard inner shell is cut open at the end, and there are soft parts inside. He is essentially a gentle person and will surely make good friends.


    Jiang Lu really didn’t expect that things would develop into this way in the end. Since he was a child, he has long been insulted and abused by others. If every time someone scolded him, he would go up and ask for fairness, that would make him extremely stupid.

    He never thought about what apology he would get one day, this kind of thing seemed ridiculous just thinking about it.

    Jiang Lu sat up slightly, his gaze passing lazily over the boys, and falling on Qi An’an’s eyes.

    He stared at her, her eyes were still bright and clean, and she looked at him with a hint of expectation, as if there was a sparkling light in them.

    The joints of Jiang Lu’s fingers were white, and only he knew how hard he was squeezing the penholder, only he heard the cracking sound of the fragile plastic.

    “It’s okay.” Finally Jiang Lu said in a deep voice. He lowered his eyelashes, and the crow-wing-like eyelashes cast a small shadow under his eyes.


    At the beginning of class, Qi An’an listened carefully to a few words with a sense of substitution, but soon she was wandering away. Now they are learning the content of the third year of junior high school, and they will have to take the entrance examination in a few months. For her once regarded as a schoolmaster, the content is really simple.

    She was thinking now, what does Jiang Lu’s expression mean in the end? The few people apologized to him, but he didn’t seem very happy, but he didn’t seem to be angry.

    Alas, forget it, it’s too complicated, Qi An’an can’t understand her cubs, but she can only say that she is worthy of becoming a big boss in the future, showing an unfathomable temperament at such a young age.

    Holding her

    chin, she was absorbed in thinking, letting go of this matter, and thinking of another matter in her heart. Jiang Lu’s tablemate is a big problem. According to the description in the book, no one wants to be at the same table with him. Every time whoever sits next to him, the parents will call and communicate with the teacher after a few days. , But the same situation is changed to the next one.

    In the end, “Qian’an” gave the teacher a “good idea”, let Jiang Lu sit in the corner of the classroom, completely isolate the entire class, without a table, so that no one can be guilty.

Such description was in the novel, but now Qi An’an will definitely not let this happen. There are a few classmates in this class who have good character, but the children are fine. It does not mean that the parents will agree. After thinking about it, it seems that the most suitable candidate is only himself.

    She was very happy, and no one cared about it at home.

    But…is it too radical? Originally, Zai Zai misunderstood her a lot, and took the initiative to change to him, would it seem as if she was plotting against him again?

    After class, Qi An’an took the cup of water and went to the water room to collect water with bitterness. When passing by the teacher’s office, she caught a few key words in the conversation. She stopped and stood quietly outside the door.

    Several teachers inside were chatting easily, the door was hidden, what they said clearly fell into Qi An’an’s ears.

    “Wang Minhui’s parents called me again today, saying that they have to change seats for his children anyway. What do you think is this? How many people have been changed back and forth? Is it the same result?”

    “Then you have to change Teacher Zhang, Wang Minhui in your class is a good student with such good grades, so don’t delay because of this.”

    Teacher Zhang helplessly sighed. He sighed: “Study is good, that’s true. But if you want to say that you study well, Jiang Lu doesn’t study well? Do you get the first place in every exam.”

    “Cut,” a sneered, a slightly greasy man’s voice came. “What’s the use of studying these years? How many high-achieving students in colleges and universities still worry about work. Just the Jiang Lu in your class, with a lonely and gloomy personality, watching a few bones grow on his body, this kind of person will enter in the future. How is society messing up?”

    He lowered his voice a little bit, “Besides, can I go to college ? My family has lived in this old city for more than ten years. He. Mom, I don’t know if you have heard of that. After giving birth to a child, this girl didn’t care about it for a day. He was so fortune-telling that he pulled himself so big. Since childhood, the tuition fee is that he picks up empty bottles and sells old newspapers little by little.

Isaved it. The more he spends later, how long can he hold on? How can he go to school if he has no money?”

    A female teacher couldn’t help but interjected and asked: “It’s weird, he. Mom doesn’t care about him at all, so why did he give birth to him?” When

    gossip chats, people are always alive. The male teacher’s tone was a little excited: “Hurt, I want to talk to the boss. I heard that his dad is a big boss, and he runs a film and television company in Beijing. It’s amazing. People’s wealth is beyond our imagination. This Don’t I just moved my mind and want to have a son to tie a man’s heart? As a result, people treat her as a gadget at all.”

    “Look at him. Mom is so absurd now that he can get three of them at home in one night. Man, he looks like this again…” The male teacher said with a smile, “This kid, who knows what will happen…” The

    more you talk, the more ridiculous, Qi An’an can’t listen anymore. She frowned and opened the door, talking inside. The voice stopped abruptly, and the teachers all looked back at her.

    When they saw her, the teachers all put on enthusiastic smiles. The female teacher sitting in the middle stood up and asked kindly: “An’an, what’s wrong with you? Is there anything wrong?”

    This should be their class. Teacher Zhang, the head teacher. Qi An’an pursed his lips, and said, “Teacher, I want to be at the same table with Jiang Lu.”

    Teacher Zhang was taken aback, and the teachers behind him looked at each other. She didn’t understand what Qi Anan wanted to do, she only asked with a gentle smile: “At the same table with… Jiang Lu? Really? Do your parents know about this?”

    Qi Anan said, “I really want to Being at the same table with him, my family doesn’t

    care about this.” If Qi An’an’s family only asks, then she is indeed a good candidate. She is a good candidate to be at the same table, and the parents don’t even intervene, which is really comfortable.

    This way, Jiang Lu big trouble be resolved, but Zhang still do not understand Qiananti of this requirement: “? Ann, why do you want the students to do the same table Jiang Lu ah”

    can not say someone else to do with him At the same table, she must be wronged in the end, she doesn’t worry about anyone. Qi An’an pursed his lips and watched Teacher Zhang seriously said: “Because Jiang Lu is the best student, I want to study with him.”

    Teacher Zhang was completely relieved, the little girl looked really good. There is no such thing as a rich daughter’s shelf, soft, and people can’t help but like it.

    She nodded: “Okay, the teacher will arrange for you, you go back first.”

    … The

    last class in the afternoon is self-study, and the bell just hit the penultimate class, and the female classmates around him immediately

    Started to pack up the stationery and books, the action was very fast, and there was some excitement that could not be concealed.

    Jiang Lu didn’t look at her, and don’t even think about it. His new tablemate who hadn’t been sitting for long can finally get away from the place of right and wrong around him. It’s gratifying.

    In fact, it is fine for him to sit alone. Others hate him and feel disgusting when he gets close, but he doesn’t know that the disgust in his heart is no less than that of the other party.

    “Boom—” A

    high bundle of books fell on the table next to him, interrupting his thoughts. The book was too high, and a few pens dangling from it came down and rolled all the way to Jiang Lu’s table.

    Jiang Lu didn’t look up at the person next to him. He glanced at the pen that rolled to his hand—the colorful cartoon pattern, the girl’s pen.

    The last time a pen accidentally rolled onto his desk, it was thrown away by its owner without hesitation. This time it should be no exception.

    Because he is very dirty, anything that gets on him will become unclean.


This time Jiang Lu didn’t wait for the same ending. He stretched out a small hand, quickly picked up a few pens and held it in the palm of his hand, even accidentally rubbing the back of his hand.

    Soft and warm.

    Jiang Lu’s hand froze for a moment. For others, unintentional physical contact is a very ordinary thing, but for him, it is almost an unprecedented experience.

    He finally couldn’t help but look up

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