Huang Mao couldn’t get rid of it, and his mouth was still not clean: “I didn’t expect you to have a personality, I like this…”

    He stopped talking halfway through, because the person in front of him suddenly smiled.

    It was not a normal smile, but a cold and cold person. He only slightly hooked the corner of one side of his lips, and he had already brought an unreasonable sense of oppression.

    Huang Mao swallowed, and at that moment he felt a little hairy.

    “If you are like others, frown and avoid me when you see me,” Jiang Lu whispered, “I’m too lazy to do what to you.” As

    soon as the voice fell, Jiang Lu’s wrist turned, and Huang Mao’s wrist “clicked” crisply. The sound of joints rang out, and as soon as he uttered a scream, Jiang Lu kicked his stomach fiercely and fell out half a meter.

    Jiang Lu’s hand was so heavy, Huang Mao lay on the ground, clutching his stomach and trembling. When several of his companions saw this, they immediately rushed up with their fists together.

    Five or six people hit one, Qi An’an’s nervous heart raised her throat. Just now she could see clearly that although Jiang Lu was half a head taller than Huang Mao, he was not as strong as Huang Mao. It would be great to knock one down. Is it the opponent of so many people?

    However, Qi An’an thought more, Jiang Lu was silent, but his actions were not ambiguous. Although the opponent was crowded, he didn’t fall under the wind. Even if a fist fell on him, he was as indifferent as if he didn’t feel the pain, and he just fought back with more ruthless force.

    In such a fierce fight, he was expressionless, his eyes were silent, like a madman with ease.

    Qi An’an suddenly felt a little sad.

    The book described a beautiful young man without hesitation and shredded him a little bit. From a young age, sensible and innocent, with innate tenderness and expectation towards the world, gradually withdrew to his corner indifferently, canthus will be ruthless and ruthless, deceived and deceived in a riddled love.

    But fortunately, she is here, she will not drag him into the darkness, and will try to give him the sunlight that should belong to him.

    He should have a life regardless of his birthplace, and a love that knows each other without doubt.

    “Jiang Lu! Behind you!” Qi Anben saw that Jiang and Lu’s one-to-many would be no problem and feel relieved. Who knows that the yellow hair just got up while he was messy, and picked up a stone without a rest. The angle of the cone is sharp, yes. The back of Jiang Lu’s head is about to be smashed!

    However, just before Qi An’an warned, Jiang Lu quickly avoided him, turning around and hitting Huang Mao’s chin with an uppercut.

    It turns out that he was aware of this a long time ago


    Qi An’an looked at this place, moaning and unable to get up, then looked at the only standing Jiang Lu.

    What is very rare is that Jiang Lu is actually looking over, the indifferent pupil is not emotional, but Qi An’an immediately becomes nervous.

    Damn it, baby goose and I looked at each other! Three seconds! The most complete highlight moment for a book fan!

    “Are you okay?” “Are you hurt?” “If they say you are a dog barking” and waiting for a bunch of opening remarks, Qi An’an can hardly choose between picking and choosing, this pale and that polite, no one can express her. The true feelings.

    “What are you doing with it?” Jiang Lu spoke first when Qi An’an was choosing words.

    Jiang Lu’s gaze fell on the brick in Qi An’an’s hand. The girl’s hands were delicate and tender, and the lily petals were as soft as her petals. Holding the thick and heavy brick, she looked out of place.

    Afraid of his misunderstanding, Qi An’an immediately explained: “I think they are going to bully you. I originally wanted to help you, but I didn’t expect…” I didn’t expect you to be able to fight like that, and I looked stupid.

    Jiang Lu was noncommittal. He heard her remind him to be careful behind him just now. She probably didn’t want to throw this thing on him.

    Then she…

    Jiang Lu’s eyes flashed with elusive hesitation, but soon he chuckled, “You have a lot of tricks, you just picked up the props for acting? Excuse me, it’s an honor for me to have this face.”

    Oops, he still chuckled. Misunderstood. Qi An’an wanted to cry without tears, only to blame the original body for the poor impression, and to be honest, it would make people want to be biased.

    “No, I’m because…”

    But Jiang Lu obviously didn’t want to tell her anymore. He casually retracted his gaze: “I’m not so particular, don’t think I don’t beat a woman, let’s say one last time, get out.”

    Qi Anan said . Quit your lips, talk nonsense, you, you are a lot of attention, you don’t hit women in the first place, I saw how much I wanted you to blow up this vicious female partner later, and I didn’t see you do it.

    She was maligning, and suddenly the sirens sounded from far and near, coming towards them.

    Jiang Lu had already raised his leg and was about to leave. When he saw the police car coming, he was slightly startled, and looked at Qi An’an with a complicated expression: “The police you called?” It’s

    over. It feels even more unclear. She didn’t expect the current situation. , Qi An’an whispered: “It’s me… It’s not that they are crowded, I’m afraid you will suffer…”

    In her imagination, at this moment, the weak and poor cub should be hit on the ground. Of course, he was hit. She might have been hit on the ground.

    Qi An’an thought, absolutely, whenever she wanted to do something to leave a good impression on the cub, she would overturn the car. Among them,

    the big hole in the relationship between has not been repaired yet, and she was confused and poked a hole again.

    He must have spoken mercilessly again.

    However, this time Jiang Lu didn’t say anything. He lowered his eyes and couldn’t see his emotions at all.

    Huang Mao’s several people are habitual offenders, and the police uncle knows them. When they see them, they get angry: “It’s you again?! How many times have you done this year?! Don’t cause troubles. I’m not

Itchy, right? ! “As

    soon as they came up, they were trained, and Huang Mao immediately exploded the pot: “We were beaten!” We are the victims! It’s him…”

    He pointed at Jiang Lu, facing Shang Jiang Lu’s indifferent gaze, somehow

    he became quieter . Although they were beaten to the ground, Jiang Lu’s temperament is really good, and the uniforms are neat and clean. It is synonymous with Miyoshi students. The

    police uncle came over to him half-believingly and asked him: “What the hell is going on with you?” “

    Qian An waved his cell phone, and quickly complain:” Police uncle, my video, and they pick things first. “

    She was supposed to leave a piece of evidence just in case. She recorded the video from when Huang Mao insulted Jiang Lu, until she found out that Jiang Lu didn’t suffer at all, and she didn’t record the

    rest . Qi An’an showed the video to the police, while Commentary: “Uncle police, they are too awkward to speak. My classmates learned taekwondo from elementary school. I must teach them a lesson. He never takes the initiative to cause trouble…”

    Jiang Lu stood beside them, his eyes on Qi’an for a long time. On his body, his eyebrows were slightly twisted.

    He looked at this girl seriously for the first time. It turned out to be only when she had just transferred to school, and occasionally heard someone mention that she knew that she was not ugly, or even exquisite and beautiful. It was just a gloomy temperament.

    Yes, there is always a sense of arrogance and contempt. Until she confessed to herself with an ambiguous look within two days, praised his good-looking face, and he was full of disgust and nausea towards her.

    He hated what others said the most . He looks beautiful.

    But today, Qi An’an is clearly different from what he imagined. He is not arrogant or even a little childish. His eyes are black and white and clear. It takes more acting for a person to be so clear and clean.     His gaze? It really doesn’t contain any impurities at a glance. But what

    is her purpose?

He has nothing to do, Jiang Lu thought indifferently, he only has a gorgeous skin. Other than that, There is no reason to look at him for a moment.

    No matter how beautiful the skin is, it won’t be fresh for a long time, and she will leave when she gets tired of it. At that time, for the sake of her words and deeds were not so disgusting, he would not trouble her in the future.


    The follow-up of the matter went smoothly, because Huang Mao’s several people are habitual offenders with a lot of criminal records, plus they were indeed the ones who caused the trouble first. The police uncle gave them a verbal education and let them go. They went to school.

    Along the way, Jiang Lu walked very fast, Qi An’an didn’t have his legs long, so he could only keep up with his speed when he trot.

    Although Jiang Lu didn’t open her mouth to drive her away this time, she asked a series of questions such as “Do you go this way every day?” “Will I go to school with you in the future?” “Can I go home together after school at night?” He didn’t answer any questions.

    Jiang Lu slowed down until they hurried to the door of the classroom, and turned around: “You want to go in with me?”

    He spoke slowly, always feeling a sense of sarcasm.

    Qi An’an didn’t understand his thoughts, and had already reached the door. If she didn’t go in together, would she have to wait at the door for a while before going in?

    She was stunned and nodded: “Go in together, is there any problem?”

    Jiang Lu only left a sentence: “Follow you.” Then he walked into the classroom.

    They were late for a class, and it was in the middle of the first class. Most of the students in the classroom were there, and some of them were ready for class. The classroom that was originally noisy, the moment Jiang Jianglu walked in, it seemed that someone had pinched the pause button, and then suddenly became quiet, and then the rustling sound resounded again.

    “Why are the two of them together?”

    “Some people want sugar daddy… Other methods are hereditary…”

    “Qian An just turned around and doesn’t know anything. No one will give her a popular science.”

    “It might be better for people with money to fill the harem.”

    When Jiang Lu walked over, everyone lowered their heads and occasionally mumbled, his eyes seem to have no effect at all. But when Qi An’an passed by, if the sound of discussion fell into her ears, it also fell into her heart.

    In the book, when Qi An’an first transferred to another school, her wealthy and wealthy appearance was not likable, and everyone didn’t wait to see her very much. Later, I invited my classmates to eat and drink several times before slowly gaining prestige and popularity. When using cruel methods to persecute Jiang Lu, some people stepped on her silently to please her.

    At this moment, Qi An’an almost exploded in situ, not because he was also scolded, but because he was distressed about the situation of cubs-what the hell, it was just going into a classroom together and they could be arranged like this.

    She even saw the girl at the same table frowning when Jiang Lu walked back to her seat, and moved the stool out, her disgust was overwhelming. She didn’t constrain her movements, and didn’t care what he would think about later.

    If she didn’t do anything at this time, she would be very sorry for her honorable mother-in-law status. Qi An’an patted the table and pointed to the boys who were chewing their tongues:

    “What are you whispering and muttering? It’s not two or three-year-olds anymore. They don’t have basic cognitive abilities, and they are filled with rubbish. Are you dirty? I feel dirty when I look at everything.” 

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