MFTIV: Ch 10

His gaze was straightforward and explicit, as if staring at the prey, anyone could see that something was wrong.

    Qi Yan looked at the man and then at Jiang Lu. As soon as the strange man came in, Jiang Lu looked like a wolf standing up guard. The calm and steady aura on his body was broken, his eyes were gloomy, even with a hint of bloodthirsty coldness.

    His heart was chilling, how could Jiang Lu look like a teenager?

    Jiang Lu stared at the man who walked in, he was no stranger to him, it was this brute who threw his kitten to the ground, bloody and bloody.

    He keeps this account in mind.

    The man stood here and didn’t leave, his eyes were straight, Qi Yan was disgusted in his heart, frowned and opened his mouth first: “If you go wrong, don’t hurry out.” In contrast, he has no good impression of this man.

    The man didn’t make any sense to Qi Yan, and smiled at Jiang Lu, his greasy and wretched smile was extremely uncomfortable: “My name is Wang, and I am the boss of Fenghua Design. Are you Qin Meng’s son? Hey…it must be, you Mom showed me your picture.” The

    man’s eyes became more ambiguous, and he walked over with a smile, his yellow teeth were disgusting and wretched: “Last time I wanted to see you, I never saw it. This time it is really fate. The little ones I raised The thing is really incomparable to you, dear, you are much more prettier than your mother…”

    He said, reaching out with an unfaithful hand, and leaning on Jiang Lu’s chin.

    Jiang Lu’s eyes were silent, and the hand beside him was already clenched into a fist. He stood up suddenly, and Qi Yan couldn’t help frowning with his gloomy and cold hostility.

    Not knowing what he would do, Qi Yan looked at Jiang Lu’s expression, feeling uneasy, just about to get up to stop the boy, suddenly “crash”, the middle-aged man poured a pot of tea from his back.

    “Ah!” The man yelled as he was scalded by the water. He hurriedly wiped the water drops on his face and grabbed the pieces of tea leaves sticking to his face.

    “Damn! Who?!!!” The man ignored Jiang Lu at the moment, his huge anger made him turn around and curse.

    “You care who I am, and wash your mouth well, your words are really ugly!”

    Qi An’an held a large glass teapot in one hand, his eyes widened and he looked very angry. But because he was petite and dressed in a white school uniform, this anger didn’t make people feel so scared.

    Qi An’an glared at the man, not being angry.

    She was staring at this while drinking juice in the lobby outside the private room. After waiting for a long time, no accident happened. I had already suspected

    that the plot would appear. After a while, I saw a middle-aged man swaggering over and pushing The door entered Jiang Lu’s private room.

    Qi An’an immediately ran over, and when he approached, he heard the man saying disgusting and nasty things, exactly the same as the description in the book, almost irritated with myocardial infarction, picked up the teapot on the side table and rushed in.

    When the man saw that he was a little girl, he suddenly became more angry: “Little girl, you want to die!” He cursed, while waving his broad palm towards Qi An’an.

    He moved too fast, Qi An’an, with the idea of ​​dying with him, threw the empty teapot fiercely with his eyes closed, a muffled man yelled, but she didn’t feel the pain as expected.

    It’s strange, Qi Yan is so far away from her? Qi An’an tentatively opened his eyes.

    The man’s fist was intercepted in mid-air, and the hand holding his wrist was slender and strong. The back of the hand was bulging with a few green veins and the joints were white, which was enough to show how much strength the owner of the hand had used.

    Jiang Lu’s dark pupils looked at the man solemnly, like an abyss. When he was motionless, he felt a terrifying hollowness.

    “Come here An’an.” Qi Yan was almost scared to death, and hurriedly dragged him past Qi An’an.

    Jiang Lu shook the man away. He spread out his palm. He had just grabbed the man’s greasy skin in his palm, and there was still a huge feeling of nausea left, causing his stomach to turn overwhelmed at this moment.

    There was tea on the ground. The man almost slipped. He staggered a few steps, angrily raised his head and pointed at Jiang Lu: “Xiao Jian. You will wait for me, I will kill you sooner or later!” He looked at him viciously. Qi An’an, “and you and me…”

    Qi Yan guarded Qi An’an behind him, his face sinking: “Put down your dirty hands, do you dare to point to my sister? Fenghua designed the boss, the surname is Wang, right? “

    Do you dare to scold Laozi?!” Boss Wang sneered coldly and was about to scold again. A man in black came in anxiously at the door, followed by two bodyguards: “Excuse me, Mr. Qi, you continue to talk about things. I’ll deal with it here.”

    Boss Wang’s expression became brilliant in an instant. This man who had just entered is a thread he has always wanted to take. He has given gifts several times before and after, and he handed it a sentence with the help of many relationships. But I haven’t gotten a reply from his meeting.

    But, what did he call the person inside… President Qi?

    Thinking about what the person said just now, Boss Wang’s face paled little by little.

    He glanced at Qi Yan in a panic, and carefully smiled: “Mr. Qi…I don’t know Taishan, and bumped into your driver.

    You adults don’t care about villains. I…”

    Boss Wang said, his voice became quieter and his whole body was shaking. If he knew that his head was hot for a while, he would annoy such a big man, he would not dare to say anything.

    It was Jiang Lu who harmed him by such a mean embryo! Boss Wang stared at Jiang Lu fiercely, the humiliation and resentment in his eyes were self-evident.

    Qi Anan saw it and immediately jumped out: “What kind of look are you! Who are you staring at!”

Pulling it, just watch Qi An’an rush up to block Jiang Lu, covering Boss Wang’s vision: “Jiang Lu is not someone you can bully, whoever makes you guilty first, you will consciously move away when you see him. , Don’t come up with disgusting people.”

    “I…” Boss Wang didn’t dare to talk back, his face pale for a while.

    Without seeing the disgusting sight, Jiang Lu’s gaze dropped and fell on Qi An’an’s ball head, which was round and furry.

    His fist gradually let go, he paused, and his fingers curled up again in a daze.

    Qi Yan glanced around between Qi An’an and Jiang Lu, without saying anything, first raised his hand to the man at the door.

    The man in black knew that he was impatient, and waved his hand, the two bodyguards went up and called Boss Wang who was crying crying and covered his mouth and walked away.

    He has been begging for mercy with himself, Qi Yan raised his eyebrows, and silently glanced at Jiang Lu whose expression had calmed down.

    Although he is young, he has been in the mall for many years. He has seen how many old foxes he has seen. Under Jiang Lu’s spotless school uniform, he was a little unpredictable what kind of soul was wrapped.

    Unfathomable, the inner city mansion made him unable to find out.

    The look in his eyes was so calm, but it definitely didn’t mean to give up easily. Qi Yan felt that instead of begging him in a low voice, Boss Wang had better beg this Jiang Lu.

    Although Jiang Lu is now just a student with no background compared to him, he can be offended, and at best, his money will be cut off.

    But offending Jiang Lu may be more terrifying than offending anyone.

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