“Host No. 077, Xie Zhiyi, successfully completed many worlds such as “I inherited hundreds of millions of fortunes from the rich”, “The God of Cooking, She is Popular in the Country”, and “I Debut with an Instrument in C”. All indicators have reached the upper limit, and there is no room for development in the channel.”

    “I will send the host back to the original world soon. After completing the final task, I will be able to worry-free for a lifetime…”

    Xie Zhiyi breathed a long sigh of relief. It has been ten years since she came out of wearing it!

    From the beginning of crying and doing tasks every day, to now she is more than capable of doing everything. In ten years, she has become a well-known heroine of the Shuangwen Channel of the General Administration of Quick Crossing.

    Therefore, although the memory of former world has been blurred, Xie Zhi Yi Italy is still very easy to walk into the transfer matrix, ask the system: “?? So what is the story line of the original world go riches, or the explosion of red,”

    “in the” President indulgence: How can I remember you “this book, your story is child male host Shang Chen heart child lung, for her sister Xie Ripples dig kidney premature death.”

    transmission matrix in the spread Shuang Wen great care of the household puzzled out “clam?”

    according to international practice, the system has Loaded her plot memory-

    this is an ancient blood-blooded novel that is completely opposite to Shuangwen. Xie Zhiyi was taken back to the rich family from the countryside by the Xie family at the age of 17, trying to integrate into the family, but the family only has feelings for Xie Weilan. At the age of 18, she injured her face in order to save Xie Weilan, leaving a scar from the temple to the corner of her eye, and she could only use her hair to block her beautiful facial features all day long.

    Xie Zhiyi fell in love with the male protagonist who had a baby relationship with him, and Xie Weilan also liked him. According to the ancient law of blood and blood-the female lead is used to hurt, and the female partner believes what the male lead says. Therefore, Xie Zhiyi was abused by the “wrongly loved” male protagonist from campus to society. After going through hardships, the male lead dug a kidney to save his sister, and was tossed to death early.

    After her death, her strength and beauty influenced everyone. The male protagonist cried and admitted that he loved her, and people cherished her.

    The memory loaded by the system was very contagious, and Xie Zhiyi was immediately substituted into the year – she was still the poor little who pleased the male lead to please the family, but she has been left out and hurt all the time.

    It stands to reason that it should be sad.

    Xie Zhiyi touched his chest: Fortunately, there were no waves.

    The transmission was about to end, and she heard a “ding dong” in her ear, which was the sound bound to the new system.

    “Hello host 077, your [Blackening System] is online! As you can see, in this book, you have an unalterable fate of abuse. Even if you don’t dig your kidneys, you will die of kidney failure. Two years later, To complete the plot climax with self-sacrifice-but as long as you swipe the blackening value stipulated by the system and change the character setting, you can reverse the line of fate~”

    Xie Zhiyi raised his eyebrows: blackening?

    She tore a lot of green tea white lotus and villains with her hands. This was the first time she received such a reverse instruction.

    “Because the fate of the character in the novel is affected by the views and practices of other characters, the host can change it through all his actions. In this system, your degree of blackening will be effectively quantified. The surprise and jealousy of the other party due to you , Even fear and other emotional fluctuations, can be transformed into a blackening value.”

    Xie Zhiyi translated it based on his many years of cool text experience, “Isn’t this just the reaction to being slapped…? It means I’m cool = I’m black. The

    system: “It can be understood like this~ The system will also provide you with various help. Every time you increase the quantitative blackening value, you can redeem various skill cards to help the host further effectively and persistently brush the blackening value!”

    Xie Zhiyi Raise her eyebrows gently-although she has basically decathlon, it is always good that the system has auxiliary functions.

    “Dip-the transmission is complete.”

    The white light of the matrix dissipated, and Xie Zhiyi found himself standing in a pharmacy.

    He held a pile of gift boxes in one hand, and held his mobile phone to his ear with his waist.

    “Xie Zhiyi, your sister has been waiting for you, now bring things here immediately, don’t let me repeat it a second time!” After the

    other party said, she seemed to know that she would not refuse her, so she hung up the phone neatly.

    Xie Zhiyi glanced at the caller ID, which read the words Shangguanchen.

    Before the start of their 20-year-old sophomore year, Xie Weilan ate the dishes made by Xie Zhiyi at the family dinner, and the stomach discomfort was admitted to the hospital. Everyone including Shangguan Chen felt that Xie Zhiyi was deliberate.

    That’s why Xie Zhiyi was in the drugstore at this time-she couldn’t prove her innocence, so she could only buy something and visit her door to show her okay.

    Xie Zhiyi exited the phone, turned on the camera on the phone’s desktop, and looked at himself with the front.

    The scar at the age of 18 is gone, and the face in front of me has been repaired perfectly in the past ten years, even at the front death angle.

    Um. The situation is not bad.

    The pharmacy owner also heard the vicious voice in the microphone just now. He saw the girl’s hair covering most of her face, looked at Wei Wei Nuo, but bought very expensive nutritional products, believing that she was a humble dog licking dog, and persuaded: “Now boys are all like this, girl, you have to coax more, man I will treat you well…”

    Xie Zhiyi put away the phone, raised his head and glanced at the pharmacy owner, “What did you say?” A

    gust of wind passed by, brushing the black hair of the girl’s cheeks, and part of her face was exposed.

    The pharmacy owner took a casual glance, and suddenly opened his mouth, forgetting what he was going to say.

    Not only him, but other people in the drugstore couldn’t see her face clearly, but they looked over here unconsciously.

    It seemed that in an instant, the originally inconspicuous girl suddenly had a strong sense of presence, and she was surrounded by an indescribable aura that people could not ignore.

    As if she is the center of the world, everyone’s eyes will stop for her.


    “The mood swings of passers-by, A, B, and C are detected.”

    “Blackening value +0.01”

    Xie Zhiyi felt a little bit about the gameplay of the system, and asked: “How many blackening values ​​are

    required by the system ?” The system voice is relaxed: “The host needs to reach 1,000,000 points Blackening value~”

    “…” Counting the 0.01 blackening value provided by everyone in the drugstore just now, there is 999999.99 left, which will be completed within two years.

    Xie Zhiyi did a rough calculation and pointed out the bug, “Even if the protagonist and the important supporting role can provide ten times a hundred times as much as the passerby’s every mood swing, it is impossible to achieve a blackening value of one million in two years.”

    “Yes~ so There is also a shortcut. As the saying goes, close to the ink is black. You can also rub the black value next to the villains with high black value, commonly known as “experience”! Take the biggest villain in the book as an example, the host only needs to stay by his side , You can get the value-added flow rate starting from +10/h!”

    Xie Zhiyi’s dark eyes light up slightly. If all the hidden gameplay of the system can be unearthed, the million blackening value seems not impossible.

    The mission madness is about to move.

    Xie Zhiyi thought on the spot for three seconds, then turned and walked towards the hospital.

    First go to harvest a wave of blackening value to test the water.


    Hospital. vip ward.

    “Why hasn’t that ugly woman come yet? Just asked her to buy something. How long has it been? Don’t you know Weilan is waiting!” Zhu Yujie glanced in the corridor and turned back to the ward with a complaint.

    Xie Weilan was hospitalized this time, and many friends came to see her.

    As the goddess of wealthy circles and their Kimberlyton School of Business, Xie Weilan has many suitors, but her twin sister Xie Zhiyi, who was picked up from the countryside, is farewell to her-

    Xie Weilan is beautiful and pure, but Xie Zhiyi dare not show her face. Here comes the turtle.

    Shangguan Chen leaned against the bed with his arms in his arms and looked at the phone time with a deep expression, but when he turned to the person in the hospital bed, his expression eased, “Wait.”

    Xie Weilan wore a slightly large hospital gown, shaking pale and softly. Shaking his head, “I’m okay, sister mustn’t delay time deliberately.”

    Zhu Yujie was even more angry when she heard that: “I think she did it on purpose! Isn’t your stomach problem this time also caused by her? If she didn’t deliberately let it go. What you can’t eat, why would you be hospitalized?!”

    Her best friend Zhao Xinyue also said: “Moreover, Lanlan will be a student representative to give a speech to freshmen when school starts soon. I think Xie Zhiyi is jealous of you, beautiful and talented. More popular than her.”

    “Don’t say that about my sister,” Xie Weilan said weakly, “she must be here soon.”

    Xie Zhiyi has indeed arrived at the hospital.

    She looked at the various nutrients in her hand, these things were not cheap, and it was impossible to give them away. This year, I myself was poor. The Xie family was partial and thanked Weilan. The money she gave her was not much, and she was all used to please her sister and male lead. As a result, Xie Weilan returned to the rich for two years, but the quality of life did not improve at all.

    She wants to keep it for herself to eat, just to make up for the 20-year-old herself.

    Xie Zhiyi left the things at the service counter.

    After she left, the little nurse remembered to look down at the thing she had stored-

    nutrition? Didn’t she go to visit the patient? ?

    Xie Zhiyi had no restraints on his hands, and he used rubber bands to twist all the long hair that was in the way of his face.

    At this moment, her whole face finally appeared.

    That is the beauty that spans many small worlds and is widely circulated by people. Now it is exposed to the air without restraint.

    She walked in the visiting area empty-handed just like that, with random steps. People passing by were all looking at her, but no one felt that there was anything wrong.

    When he walked outside Xie Weilan’s ward, Xie Zhiyi was not surprised to hear all the crusades against her in the room.

    “She has what face jealousy Ripples ah?!”

    “Xie Zhi Yi villagers and soil and low, we are willing to take her to play pretty good.”

    “A gift thing linger so long, what could Joe do, really when he is wealthy Daughter-in-law?”

    Hearing this sentence, Shangguanchen’s lips showed a wicked smile: “Want to be my Shangguanchen’s woman? Dreaming.”

    Xie Weilan looked helplessly lowered his head, blocking the unbearable smile from the corner of his lips. Long and phoenix among people like Achen would not marry an ugly wife with scars on her face. Shangguan’s future daughter-in-law will only be her Xie Weilan.

    At this moment, the door of the ward was silently opened.

    The slight noise from the corridor rushed in, with a clear and leisurely voice in it: “Excuse me.”


    Zhu Yujie turned his head impatiently, and then suddenly raised his eyes and bit him directly. Tongue, “——Thanks, thanks for knowing it?!”

    With this uplifting tone, everyone looked at the door of the ward.

    The man was wearing ordinary casual clothes, and his facial features were somewhat similar to Xie Weilan, but…obviously surpassed her! Obviously it is a familiar face, but every inch of it seems to have been re-traced. It is exquisite and beautiful, naturally smooth, and it is extremely comfortable to look at, and it is also…beautiful to the extreme.

    This, this is Xie Zhiyi?

    Within a few seconds, the ward was silent.

    Xie Zhiyi’s brain system rang a string of +5+10+15, which was enough to feed back the fluctuating emotions of everyone present.

    “Ding! The blackening value increases by a fixed amount of 30 points, and the drop skill-[Inferiority Card (Instant Strike Version)], using this skill can deepen the inferiority complex of everyone present and effectively increase the blackening value. May I ask the host use?”

    Xie Zhiyi had never seen this type of skill card, and was very interested: “

    Yes .” The next moment, Zhu Yujie straightened up subconsciously, not daring to lean against the wall anymore.

    Xie Weilan suddenly lost his soul and used her hair to cover her slightly fat profile face.

    And Shangguan Chen on the side thought deeply, damn it, could it be that I was blind…this woman is so damned charming?

    At the same time, the blackening value jumped out violently, +10, +20, +30.

    Xie Zhiyi didn’t change the color and finished the harvest, and slowly showed a confident smile.


    she knows how to play.

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