Xie Zhiyi appreciated these familiar and strange people.

    There are the male protagonists she has tried hard to please, and the younger sisters she rescued from the disfigurement. However-thinking that these people will insult and coerce her in the future, Xie Zhiyi showed an emmm expression.

    Her “blackening” has no psychological burden. In a sense, a self-centered dog like Shangguan Chen, who plays with women at will, and a white lotus like Xie Weilan, who harms others and himself, is far more disgusting than the villain.

    I don’t know what the psychological activities of the people are like at this time, but their expressions are very exciting. It’s a pity that the instant skill card can only exert a short-term effect.

    With the keen sense of smell of a qualified Shuangwen heroine, she has realized that if the next time she gets a long-term skill card, if it is applied properly, she can continuously and steadily brush her blackening value.

    Xie Zhiyi walked back to the service desk and asked the system: “I want to see the details of the blackening value.”

    Since there is a skill card for sweeping, there must be a skill card for the designated object. Although the protagonist must be more valuable, she needs to know the specific value that these people’s mood swings can provide, and perform specific operations in line with each person’s personality.

    On this basis, arrange a blackening value despise chain out-you can know who is more valuable to hit in the face.

    The system heard the host’s simple and rude voice, and replied: “Don’t worry, the system has launched the detector function.”

    “Not only is the host able to perceive who is present with a higher emotional feedback rate, but it also has an important function-it can monitor the villain in real time. The character’s dynamics. When the host and the villain are close to each other, the detector will give a prompt. The closer the distance is, the louder the prompt sound. Once discovered, it will not prompt again.” The

    original text does not reveal who the villain is, only that person is known. It caused a huge loss to Shangguan Chen and others, and then disappeared from the book—as an ancient novel about Feng Jiangzhi, Xie Zhiyi felt that the villain might be just a tool for the author to move around.

    After all, it is a shortcut, Xie Zhiyi walked out of the hospital and thought about possible candidates in his heart.

    The handover point between her and the plot began at the age of 17. That year the very bad-tempered young master of the Chi family went to the field to race cars and ran into her in the country by accident. Because his appearance is similar to that of Xie Weilan, he was found by the Xie family. It has only been three years.

    Regardless of whether she knows the villain or not, at least he must be someone who has a deep connection with the plot…

    Xie Zhiyi decided to find this person as soon as possible, and then make a good relationship with him in advance.


    Outside the hospital, a black luxury car on the side of the road.

    In the back seat of the car was a young man, looking down at the medical report in his hand.

    His complexion is white, his hair sprayed with black hair is fringed, and his facial features are the kind of handsome, sharp lines, but he habitually frowns slightly, revealing a bit of impatience and fierceness.

    ——Chi Lin, the prince of the Chi family, is a senior this year. Although he has not graduated from college, he has already begun to take over the family business.

    Everything is good except for a bad temper.

    Lin Zhe, his assistant, waited quietly in the driver’s seat, and suddenly saw a familiar figure, carrying a few bags of nutrition, and walked out of the hospital calmly.

    Lin Zhe glanced sideways, and then suddenly his eyes went straight.

    He changed his posture anxiously on the leather seat, looked back through the rearview mirror several times, and finally reminded: “Master, I saw Miss Xie Zhiyi.”

    Chi Lin turned the hand of the financial report and then sneered. A cry: “What does it have to do with me.”

    Lin Zhe also knew-in the eyes of their young master, everyone is stupid, the difference is only in size. Chi Lin’s tone was very bad every time he mentioned the daughter of the Xie family who had a close relationship with him.

    Although, at this time, Lin Zhe still hoped that he could take a look, trying to get Chi Lin’s attention: “She… she was carrying a few pockets of nutritional products in her hand, and it looked quite heavy.”

    Chi Lin turned vigorously. The page of paper, her face stinks even worse: “I rushed to lick the boring stuff.”

    The woman became more and more frustrated after returning to Xie’s house that year. She was wronged by cooking to please her family, and was injured in order to save others. Her own face, and she also liked that idiot from Shangguan’s house, so that Chi Lin’s heart was blocked every time she saw her.

    Seeing that Xie Zhiyi was about to go far away, Lin Zhe was anxious and frantic: “No, she wasn’t going to deliver nutrition–Master, don’t you really take a look!”

    Chi Lin raised his head impatiently: “I don’t–“

    At this moment, his gaze seemed to be nailed somewhere, and his voice stopped abruptly.

    Lin Zhe was roaring in his heart: let you see you or not!

    There are beauties! beauty! ! !

    At this time, Xie Zhiyi was about to get in a taxi, and suddenly heard the sound of the sound detector “Didi”.

    Is there a villain nearby?

    Xie Zhiyi immediately looked back, but saw no one.

    It wasn’t until Xie Zhiyi’s car drove away that Chi Lin looked back blankly.

    There was a slight embarrassment in the carriage.

    Lin Zhe tried to break the air: “Hehe, Miss Xie… The change is quite big!”

    Although Xie Zhiyi, who had just returned to Xie’s home, had a good foundation, her face was injured and she was covered with her hair all day, which was no longer attractive. People.

    It looks like this, it’s completely reborn…

    The young master in the back seat didn’t speak for a long time, and then suddenly “fucked”: “Go and check which beauty salon she performed for scar surgery.”

    Lin Zhe did not follow. His thinking: “What, what?”

    “Damn, she doesn’t have much money!” Chi Lin looked miserable. “Don’t go to the black shop. I don’t know if there is a business license or not. Don’t make the fucking question!”

    Lin Zhe looked sluggish: “Huh? “

    Is there something wrong with your focus?” ?


    that day in the ward, Shang Chen Xie EENOW absence left a long time.

    Not only him, but Zhu Yujie and the others were in a daze. No one asked Xie Weilan why Xie Zhiyi didn’t bring nutrition products!

    So Xie Weilan went through the discharge formalities on the same day, and went straight to the beauty salon to make a face after he came out.

    She never knew that her sister from the country had such a deep heart! Learn to secretly become beautiful to attract the attention of others? !

    Xie Weilan bit her lip unwillingly, she really wanted to snatch Achen’s brother from herself! She must not be allowed to succeed!

    Two days later, under Xie Weilan’s intentional or unintentional spread, the entire wealthy circle heard that Xie Zhiyi had a plastic surgery.

    “Fuck, it’s really awesome, you

    ‘re desperate to marry the Shangguan family?” “I think she was very scheming, causing Weilan to enter the hospital, but she secretly doomed herself!”

    “I really feel sorry for Achen, I can’t get rid of this stuffed bun later .”

    It’s— ” Shangguan Chen sneered when he saw the news.

    He admitted that he was seduced for a while that day, and it was not easy to thank this woman.

    ——But if you want to become his Shangguanchen’s woman by these means, you still have a dream!

    Xie Zhiyi didn’t know the psychological activities of these people. He just seized the time to plan the task of brushing the black value before the start of school.

    She sorted out the several methods currently known in detail, and branched out to make a few guesses about the rules, and went to bed early when she had the bottom line in her heart.

    Early the next morning, Xie Zhiyi woke up vigorously, looking at his glasses, his face was full of vigorous collagen, and he was more youthful in his beauty.

    A new day also has to do a good job~

    Today is the opening ceremony of the Kimberleyton School of Business.

    For this school, the systematic explanation is: “Because the author has never attended a university, she has set up an aristocratic university, which is highly ranked in the world. The teachers have a good academic background, and the students in it are not rich. That’s expensive. The richest children from the Chi family, Shangguan family, Tang family, etc…are all studying here.”

    “In other words, you are all classmates.”

    Xie Zhiyi: “All right.”

    She walked out of the room and looked in front of her. Xie Weilan, whose makeup is so exquisite to every eyelash.

    Strictly speaking, Xie Zhiyi can also be regarded as reunion with her own sister after a long absence. Xie Zhiyi’s feelings for her now are all based on how much blackening value she can brush for herself.

    “Sister, good morning.” Xie Weilan looked at Xie Zhiyi.

    I thought her sister would dress up carefully. After all, the beginning of school was a great opportunity to make an appearance. I didn’t expect Xie Zhiyi to face the sky.

    But this twin sister seems to be born with better nutrition, not only the facial features are more refined, but even the figure is better than her! So when Xie Zhiyi’s face was disfigured, she just felt that the unbalanced feeling finally disappeared, and it was God who took the preferential treatment back.

    Now this sense of imbalance is back again.

    “I’m going to speak on stage today. Sister will watch it, right?”

    Xie Zhiyi nodded: “Of course.”

    She is still looking for a big villain. Of course she will go where there are so many people.

    “That’s good.” Xie Weilan laughed.

    She can ascend the platform, but Xie Zhiyi can only watch from below. After all, in Kimberlyton, the status of the two is worlds apart.

    When Xie Zhiyi walked into the campus, many eyes looked at her.

    “Fuck, who? We have such a beautiful woman in our school?!”

    “I don’t know why I think she is a bit familiar?”

    “She looks a bit like Xie Weilan, but better than her…”

    “Hush! Be careful to be Xie Weilan.” The suitors hear!”

    Xie Zhiyi has long been accustomed to the gaze of others, and she walked towards the ceremony square very calmly.

    But at this moment, a voice that was neither high nor low broke the crowd: “Oh, do you really consider yourself to be a female star?”

    Xie Weilan raised the corner of his mouth lightly.

    Xie Zhiyi didn’t turn his head at all. She didn’t name her by name, but instead jumped into the hole by herself.

    When Zhao Xinyue saw that she ignored her, she became even more yin and yang weird: “Even if the face is straightened! It’s not a fart. In Kimberlyton, talent is more important than face!”

    Xie Weilan waited for her to finish before grabbing her clothes: ” Yueyue, don’t talk about my sister like that!” But

    her discomfort in her heart was suddenly smoothed out-even if Xie Zhiyi has repaired her face now, her taste, outfits, talents, etc. are still far inferior. Own.

    Among the rich, a face is not enough.

    Xie Zhiyi never looked back, rubbing his chin thoughtfully after walking away.

    That’s right.

    Using talents to crush, you can definitely harvest more blackening value~



    Freshman to senior year students all come to attend the opening ceremony.

    Xie Weilan, as a student representative, walked onto the platform with a sweet smile on his face.

    “Wow, it’s Senior Sister Xie Weilan, she deserves to be a goddess!”

    “I heard that Shangguan’s family and Xie’s are married. Look, Shangguanchen is there!”

    “They are so good…”

    Xie Weilan swept Xie Zhiyi with a condescending gaze, and then looked at Shangguanchen who was in focus among the crowd. After clearing his voice, he began to read the manuscript.

    Xie Zhiyi looked around at random, a little regretful that her detector never sounded.

    Is there no villain, or is it not close enough?

    On the other side, in the senior year area, Chi Lin stood at the end of the line with a stinky expression.

    There are actually many girls around him secretly watching him. After all, the two handsome guys on campus, Shangguan Chen and Chi Lin, are the future heirs of their respective families. Girls often compare the two of them in private, fantasizing whether they are choosing the elegant and domineering Shangguan Chen, or the cold but safe Chi Lin.

    Chi Lin was completely indifferent to this.

    His cousin masculine freshman admission to the pool, play slip past come to him, “Brother, you do not do not participate in group activities?”

    Pool Pro back line of sight from a certain direction, “you control me?” “Yes

    yes yes, not control ,” Chi Xiangyang shrank her neck, “but this girl is pretty good when I speak in the stands!”

    Chi Lin opened his mouth and cursed: “Good-looking ass.” Even her sister didn’t get a three-pointer.

    He asked Lin Zhe to check that Xie Zhiyi didn’t go to any beauty salon at all. Her face might have been cured long ago, but she never showed it.

    It was revealed now, and everyone around was fucking peeking at her.

    Xie Weilan finished reciting on stage, and there was applause.

    When the ceremony was all over, the crowd dispersed. At this moment, a boy hurriedly walked over with a flower in his arms.

    Xie Zhiyi had just walked two steps, and saw a boy walking up to her excitedly.

    “I haven’t seen you in one semester, you have become more beautiful,” the boy held the flower, “I miss you very much, Weilan!”

    Xie Zhiyi has reason to suspect that he might be mad at Xie Weilan.

    Not only did she admit the wrong person, she also praised her for being more beautiful than Xie Weilan.

    Sure enough, the system immediately “dinged”: “Blackening value +20~”

    Xie Zhiyi had expected it.

    But then, there was a continuous beep:

    “The blackening value has reached the second quantification, and the second skill card is about to be dropped…”

    “Die-the detector is activated. The villain is approaching you.”


    “Didi– ” “Didi–” The

    prompt tone was louder than ever.

    Xie Zhiyi raised his eyebrows: Why, is this villain still anxious?

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