Xie Zhiyi looked at the light finally dimmed.     And that person? Closed eyes opened again, with a little anxiety, vivid and familiar.     ——It is her Chi Lin.     Xie Zhiyi rubbed his eyes and whispered: “I saw him.”     Chi Lin reached out and hugged her: “…I saw it too.”     Xie Zhiyi was slightly surprised, raised hisContinue reading “ATBHANHEV: Extra 5”


  In the next year, Kimberlyton graduated in this class.     After all, it is the full name “Kimberleyton School of Business”? A high-level aristocratic school. Before graduation, the daughters of every family have a variety of places to go-either to work in their own homes, or to have a relationship with them. Big company.     People likeContinue reading “ATBHANHEV: Extra 1”


    “President Kochi!”     “President     Chi is good— ” In the Chi family group building, Chi Lin listened to the assistant’s report while walking outside the building, and people passing by greeted respectfully.     Now, the status of Chi family heirs has become more and more prominent. Although the prince’s temper is notoriously bad, his personal ability is indeed strong enoughContinue reading “ATBHANHEV: Ch 40 【END】”


The     system is asking: “Host, do you choose to restore and upgrade this card?”     After seizing the possibility for a moment, Xie Zhiyi hesitated.     The only chance is this time…this is her last bargaining chip.     Chi Lin in this world has witnessed all the pain of Xie Zhiyi, blackened beyond repair.     Can she really holdContinue reading “ATBHANHEV: Ch 39”