In the next year, Kimberlyton graduated in this class.

    After all, it is the full name “Kimberleyton School of Business”? A high-level aristocratic school. Before graduation, the daughters of every family have a variety of places to go-either to work in their own homes, or to have a relationship with them. Big company.

    People like Shangguanchen and his like naturally inherited the family business, and those whose family background is slightly worse, such as Zhao Xinyue, Zhu Xinyu and others, can also be considered for their job salaries. So the graduation ceremony has become a big “classmates meeting”, where information is exchanged everywhere, re-introducing one another’s “social man” business cards.

    Xie Weilan has filmed several web dramas this year, and he has accumulated a bit of fame anyway. Although Xie’s family can’t do it, she can still regard herself as a female star among her classmates.

    “Weilan, if it becomes really popular in the future, you have to ask for xxx for me? An autograph!”

    “Yes, yeah, and? The concert? Tickets or something?, I’m counting on you?”

    Xie Weilan laughed I am proud of: “No problem, we always contact you~” After a

    few plastic sisters finished speaking, they turned around and contacted other daughters and aristocrats. Feeling sentimental. After all, Xie Weilan’s acting skills are there? Everyone sees it and wants to be popular. It’s also quite difficult.

    But the title of “female star” still has a halo. Xie Weilan enjoyed the eyes that some male classmates had, intentionally or unintentionally, and was about to spread more of his beauty, but suddenly heard a commotion in the crowd.

    “You guys, look, thank you for coming!”

    “Look, look, over there!”

    “Damn, this is the real? Female celebrity…”

    The door of the banquet hall was pushed open by the waiter. , A tall and fair-skinned woman walked in.

    Like a gust of breeze, it passed directly. Her temperament does not have any sense of oppression, but is very comfortable, but inexplicably unable to look away.

    Xie Zhiyi’s career has recently taken off. In the past two years, the number of fans has expanded several times, and he has become a well-known blogger-so well-known that he will meet fans on the road?

    And she also formed her own team, and later signed a contract with a brokerage company that had undergone many inspections.

    In the eyes of outsiders, Xie Zhiyi’s Weibo fans, who are close to ten million, are already a big star.

    But in fact, Xie Zhiyi is very ordinary. After all, the number of fans who have been before can still double the number of fans now. But I have to say that she has had a very happy life in the past two years.

    In addition to daily self-media work, her spare time is to participate in various competitions she is familiar with, such as international piano competitions, amateur Muay Thai competitions, culinary competitions… life is full and extremely fulfilling.

    Don’t ask why, ask is that you can earn bonuses, and you can also shoot vlog… Add a video update.

    Her fans are also howling I doubt you? On the water video, they yelled and kept saying “My wife is so handsome!”

    After all-who doesn’t like watching slings? What about famous scenes? ? What’s more, all walks of life are all-round? Crushing.

    Xie Zhiyi took the time to attend the graduation ceremony today to receive a graduation certificate, and graduation is a good filming material as usual, so she should participate.

    However, because she was required to wear a dress and there was no suitable one by her side, she just went to the mall yesterday.

    Although the skirt I wore today is also fit and comfortable, it is much inferior to the other skirt I tried yesterday. Thinking of it now, Xie Zhiyi couldn’t help but feel a little speechless.

    Yesterday it was Chi Lin who heard that she was going to see the dress, and then said to accompany her to go with her, it was nothing. After visiting several design brands, Xie Zhiyi picked a white gauze skirt. I felt pretty good before I got up.

    When she changed in the fitting room and walked out, the shop assistants all held their breath—

    It is a gauze skirt with beaded and silver embroidery. The off-shoulder design sets off the wearer’s swan neck and right-angled shoulders. It draws a perfect waistline from the chest downwards. It looks Slender and beautiful.

    And her face will not be suppressed by the complicated and solemn patterns, the facial features are extremely bright, and because of the indifferent and calm temperament, she has a seven-point high-level feeling.

    The only feeling of everyone present was that the fairy had descended to the earth.

    Chi Lin stared blankly.

    He has always known that Xie Zhiyi is good-looking? He has always known it from many years ago until now. But there is another reason why he is now embarrassed—because of the white skirt? Although the tail of the skirt does not flicker, he still saw Xie Zhiyi wearing a wedding dress at that moment.

    He blinked, and at a certain moment he felt like he was stepping on the red carpet, towards the end of the bride.

    “Good-looking?” Xie Zhiyi looked in the mirror and was also satisfied with this skirt.

    The shop manager next to him nodded quickly: “It looks good! Miss Xie wears this skirt like a fairy, even if it is our brand? The designer will praise it!” The

    shop assistants echoed: “Yes, yes, really? It’s beautiful ! ” “

    Thank you. “Xie EENOW curved lips smiled, and decided to buy it.

    As a result, Chi Lin shook his head and quickly said: “No!” Just

    kidding, dressed so nicely for Kimberlyton’s idiots? ? How does that work! !

    Xie Zhiyi looked at him: “What’s wrong?”

    Chi Lin grabbed a black skirt next to her and handed it to her: “This must look better, you? It’s a bit ordinary to wear this.”

    Xie Zhiyi:?

    Everyone: Do you have any misunderstandings about “ordinary”? ?

    Xie Zhiyi tried to reason with him, but Chi Lin just didn’t listen and insisted that he thought black skirts were more suitable for her and could be more glamorous. Xie Zhiyi was too lazy to talk to him because of a skirt, and finally bought a black skirt. After all? It really looks good to wear.

    ——As a result, Chi Lin went back to the store by himself, wearing sunglasses and expressionlessly, and secretly bought the skirt.

    The clerk was very confused about this operation, but if there is a rich man, she knows how to do it, so she had to pack the skirt with a professional smile.

    While packing, I listened to the expensive man over there muttering: “Pure white, with yarn, beading… Copy it down and copy it down.”

    Since Xie Zhiyi wears a good-looking dress, he will use these elements when designing the wedding dress. !

    Clerk:? ? ?


    Xie Zhiyi didn’t know that Chi Lin had secretly gone back to buy a skirt. What she was wearing was the one that Chi Lin picked? That black dress was cut properly and neatly. It really matched her temperament.

    The graduation ceremony process is normal. Graduates line up to shake hands with the principal, receive bouquets and graduation certificates.

    Xie Zhiyi held the camera to record his graduation process, and then held the camera in one hand and Hua and the card in the other, and took a photo with the principal.

    In the audience, Zhao Xinyue and other old classmates watched? Suddenly there was a certain sense of superiority?-Even if Xie Zhiyi is good-looking and famous, but he still wants to hold the camera to shoot and work for himself?

    And these people are better than Xie Zhiyi and Xie Weilan. The reason is that they only need to accept the arrangements at home, and they can always enjoy a high standard of life. For the Xie family who has gone bankrupt, the threshold of the wealthy family cannot be crossed at all. A

    few people looked at each other and smiled. When Xie Zhiyi walked down with the camera, he walked up gracefully with the luxurious skirt.

    When I turned my head and went down again, I saw Xie Zhiyi walking outside the door holding the flowers.

    ??? “? Can go,” the door was opened, a Maybach s level, etc. on the outside, high large tall man took her hand and took the camera,

    thanks EENOW empty-handed, easy nodded: “Come on …”

    then The prince, the current President Chi holds all her stuff in one hand, and takes Xie Zhiyi’s hand in the other, and lifts up and kisses: “Go home—”

    Xie Zhiyi laughed and raised his hand and kissed him. “Go home.”

    The old classmates behind him: “…”

    They forgot that there is a threshold that they can’t cross.

    ……Oh shit?.

    Suddenly his face hurts.

    Chi Lin took Xie Zhiyi away, and after sitting in the driver’s seat, he breathed a sigh of relief: “Finally graduated.”

    Xie Zhiyi was bowing his head to tidy up his skirt. He looked up and smiled: “You? Didn’t you graduate long ago?”

    Chi Lin thought, yes. Because he had graduated two years earlier, he was worried about Xie Zhiyi being alone in school! !

    She is becoming more and more popular now, and more and more people are coveting her, and Chi Lin has considered Xie Zhiyi’s career development and failed to marry people in, so she often feels a strong sense of crisis.

    It’s fine now, after graduation, at least it has nothing to do with the Shangguan idiots.

    Moreover, Xie Zhiyi’s work environment is simple, and the probability of encountering a fool who covets her in the future is also relatively low.

    Mr. Chi said he was very satisfied.


    Xie EENOW new video issue, the company good reviews. Because it caught up with the popularity of the “graduation season”, the video feedback was very high.

    The boss of the company, Mr. Gu, is very good, and Xie Zhiyi is also a pragmatic type, so although he is still in the running-in period with the company, overall Xie Zhiyi is quite satisfied.

    Mr. Gu is not young, he belongs to the gentleman, gentle and handsome uncle. He once said that he saw a temperament in Xie Zhiyi that did not belong to his peers, so he has always appreciated Xie Zhiyi.

    After the meeting from the company, Mr. Gu stopped Xie Zhiyi, “I know that you are a girl who has ideas, so the company will not have too many restrictions on you. I will respect your video style.”

    Xie Zhiyi knew that he was talking about business and would not make hard arrangements. He nodded and smiled, “Thank you Mr. Gu.” Mr.

    Gu also smiled. The two of them walked out of the company. Mr. Gu naturally said, “Send you? A trip?” “The

    boss’s proposal, Xie Zhiyi didn’t tarnish the face, opened the back door openly and sat down.

    By coincidence, Grandpa Chi happened to be nearby, and at a glance he saw a well-dressed man showing great courtesy to his granddaughter-in-law who had not yet passed the house.

    Although he was not satisfied with the granddaughter’s family background, he couldn’t stand his wicked grandson Wangba. Eating the weighing mound is hard, so the old man Chi has already stopped from the beginning, and now he is more anxious than Chi Lin!

    After returning home, he called Chi Lin to urge the marriage in the name of greetings.

    “Well, recently you? With that girl, feelings? Feeling okay?”

    Chi Lin: “Okay.”

    Old man Chi deliberately said: “But how do I feel? No one at all? I love you so much.”

    Chi Lin Not happy to hear it.

    fart! Xie Zhiyi who loves him? My heart is a lesson from the sun and the moon!     Old man

    Chi meant something to say: “You? Better have a snack! If you don’t make a move, people won’t know if you grab it!”

Chi Lin heard something wrong, but the old man still played the game until it stopped, and he just hung up. telephone. Chi Lin was sitting in the company thinking about something wrong, and finally hurriedly finished work and rushed home.

    At this time, Xie Zhiyi is entertaining guests at home.

    As soon as she got out of Mr. Gu’s car, she met Chen Beibei.

    Chen Beibei later turned to befriend another young master, and recently the marriage has been put on the agenda. She is actually quite cute, but then she gradually became friends with Xie Zhiyi, and she could have afternoon tea together when she was fine.

    “I’m telling you, in fact, Chi Lin’s grandfather looks fierce, he is not difficult to get along with, and he is more caring for the younger generation. Don’t look at his mouth and never boast about his grandson, but he is actually very proud in his heart. This has been the case since childhood.”

    Xie Zhiyi smiled? It was very interesting to hear her talk about this.

    Is that something she hadn’t been able to participate in? Chi Lin’s childhood? At this point, she was quite envious of Chen Beibei.

    “But Chi Lin has really been annoying since he was a child! No one looks down on him, and I never treat girls with pity! I always thought he was gay!!”

    Xie Zhiyi was stunned, and almost laughed.

    “——Chen Beibei, you? What the hell are you talking about?”

    Chi Lin’s fierce and wicked? The voice suddenly penetrated in, right? He really didn’t pity Xiangxiyu, and directly scared the girl and the girl.

    Xie Zhiyi glanced at Chi Lin helplessly and replied: “We are just chatting.”

    Of course Chi Lin heard them chatting. Although he didn’t hear clearly, he keenly noticed that Chen Beibei was talking about him? In front of Xie Zhiyi.

    He can’t lose points just because of being thanked by others! !

    Chi Lin strode over, sat down next to Xie Zhiyi, and put her arms around her shoulders, “What do you have to chat with her?”

    Chen Beibei rolled her eyes, really wondering why Chi Lin could get such excellent thanks to her. ?woman.

    Xie Zhiyi smiled: “Talk about you? When I was a kid, I was cute.”

    Chi Lin glanced suspiciously between the two of them, and muttered a few words.

    He has been puzzled for a long time, why does Xie Zhiyi never seem to be so grudged with Chen Beibei? ? Obviously before Chen Beibei came to his house to show off his power, openly said to Xie Zhiyi that he was Chi Lin’s fiancée.

    Xie Zhiyi, why aren’t you jealous? Chi Lin suddenly felt a sense of crisis in his heart.

    Wouldn’t it be true? Don’t love him so much, right? !

    Because of Chi Lin’s strong xenophobic aura, Chen Beibei couldn’t sit down anymore. Before she left, she didn’t forget to bring her own purpose. “Anyway, my cousin is also good at making videos? Look at you, your boss treats you? He will send you back so well, and then help me with something. “It’s

    not difficult to mention, but no matter how much? Xie Zhiyi will not be nosy.

    She nodded and agreed, and sent Chen Beibei out, and when she came back, she saw Chi Lin’s dark pair of eyes staring at her.

    “Do you, your boss still send you home?” Chi Lin asked.

    He had already guessed why the old man called him just now-80% of them saw it.

    Xie Zhiyi nodded very candidly: “Soon, I gave it away today.”

    She has always been very well-proportioned, and the other party is also a serious person. There will never be any overstepping.

    Chi Lin was still struggling a minute before, thanking Zhiyi for not being jealous.

    In the next minute, he kicked over the jar of vinegar.

    Xie Zhiyi signed the contract? He has read this company’s information, and vaguely remembers that the boss is a man. Chi Lin asked a little bit: “What are you talking about?”

    Xie Zhiyi said: “Talking about the video direction, he He gave me some very pertinent suggestions.”

    Chi Lin felt even more sour. After all, it was like a mountain in every other row. It seemed that he really did not help Xie Zhiyi carry the camera? There was nothing else he could do.

    President Chi felt sour, but President Chi didn’t say anything and was awkward for a long time. Finally, he asked, “How old are your bosses?”

    Xie Zhi thought about it, she never asked anyone, she could only make a rough estimate: “It’s almost forty? Isn’t it?”

    Although Mr. Gu is well maintained and looks young, he is kind of calm. The aura and social experience can still make people feel? It is precipitated by the years.

    But after Chi Lin finished listening, he let out a long sigh of relief-

    almost forty? That’s a bad old man!

    This old thing still wants to covet his wife? I really want to be beautiful!

    He flapped his eagle wings, thinking that his old man was really worried.

    Chi Linjing held up Erlang’s legs with restraint, “Then this uncle will give you a trip, and it is considered to take care of you?”

    “…” Xie Zhiyi was called the uncle for a second, but thinking about it, it seems that there is nothing to refute? , “… Indeed.”

    But early the next morning, Chi Lin still insisted on sending Xie Zhiyi to the company.

    Xie Zhiyi was blocked by him in the cloakroom, and could only push his chest, “No, you are not going along the way.”

    Chi Lin wears a tie while picking up a watch. Today, even his hairstyle is a mature style.

    “I’m okay today, I will send you on the way?.”

    President Chi took care of it, his temperament was cold and solemn, and he brought a trace of young people’s unique? Xie Zhiyi felt that he was caught by a shark.

    “Why, can’t I open my eyes?” Chi Lin coughed and moved his tie.

    Xie Zhiyi laughed out of “pouch”, raised his hand, and hooked his tie, “Indeed, baby.”

    Chi Lin: “!”

    Hearing this call, he wears a seven-figure watch, mature and stable? Mr. Chi. Blush on the spot.

    After half a day, he recovered, and re-strengthened the adult’s aura: “Then I want to send you to work.”

    No matter how slow Xie Zhiyi is, it’s time to recall. She sniffed and smelled the vinegar in the air.

    But it is strange. It clearly smells sour.

    But the tip of her tongue is sweet?.

    “Oh—” She dragged the ending.

    Chi Lin’s gaze floated away: “What are you doing.”

    Xie Zhiyi couldn’t help but grabbed the tie he had just tied, dragged the person over, and kissed him up.

    Chi Lin originally tried to resist, “Don’t want to buy me.”

    He had to see if her diligent boss was middle-aged and greasy with a beer belly to rest assured!

    “Can’t you buy it?” Xie Zhiyi thought he was too cute, so he took a bite, “Baby…”

    Chi Lin’s sanity easily collapsed.

    He resisted for three seconds, then hugged her back, bowed his head and kissed hard.

    The soundproof cloakroom, the yellow top light, the ambiguous sound of water.

    Xie Zhiyi raised his head. After a while, he was dizzy, but he heard the man in his ear whisper: “Call me again.”

    Xie Zhiyi wrinkled his shirt, put his head on his chest, and took a breath to let his reason return. “I’m going to work…”

    Chi Lin frowned, and when she heard her mention the word ” Go to work” , he thought of the boss, and suddenly felt annoyed by being interfered with.

    He took her back a few steps, sat on the chair in the cloakroom, and let her sit on himself.

    Xie Zhiyi stretched out his hand to cover his face, but was pulled away by Chi Lin, and then listened to him chanting “baby.” confusingly in his ear several times.

    It was really hard to carry.

    For the first time, Xie Zhiyi knew that the jealous man was so scary.

    Chi Lin picked up her hand and unbuttoned her clothes, using a posture that he would not be up to face today, and whispered in her ear.

    “What kind of work?     Go to me.”

    The author has something to say: A lot of princes will still drink too much vinegar

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