“President Kochi!”


    Chi is good— ” In the Chi family group building, Chi Lin listened to the assistant’s report while walking outside the building, and people passing by greeted respectfully.

    Now, the status of Chi family heirs has become more and more prominent. Although the prince’s temper is notoriously bad, his personal ability is indeed strong enough to make it impossible to criticize him.

    “Just as I said, you do it yourself,” Chi Lin finished reading the file and pushed back to the assistant. “Then, don’t come to my house to bother me.”

    “Yes, President Chi.” After the

    assistant answered, he thought: I How dare you! !

    All in all, I knocked on his house door because of an urgent matter. Once, because he opened the door because he was wearing thin clothes, Chi Lin rushed directly from the bed on the second floor to the hallway on the first floor and unceremoniously kicked him out of the door.

    “Can you trample on the two-person world?” The prince was condescending and scorned him.

    The assistant agrees again and again on the surface, but inwardly? Roaring wildly: What a world of two people! Not sleeping in separate rooms yet!

    Chi Lin now has a very high level of autonomy in the entire Chi family. This trend is even more obvious when Mr. Chi deliberately or unintentionally delegate power.

    Of course, Mr. Chi is also really unable to control him.

    Occasionally relax a little, this bastard still knows to go home and take a look.

    This day, Tianchi was coming home because I heard that someone had sent a batch of good hair tips to the Chi family. After he got off work, he went back to his old house and went directly to his grandfather’s baby.

    “When you go home, you will know the search! Did you raise you as a robber at home!” Old Man Chi said with a cane.

    Of course Chi Lin wouldn’t talk about him? It was because Xie Zhiyi likes to drink tea. He casually forced: “Isn’t this trying to learn from you? Tasting tea, polishing your heart? Sex.”

    Grandpa Chi asked him to give him a word, and his expression suddenly became a little satisfied.

    Look at him? He is dressed properly, the most important thing is that he is very good, and the physical problems in the past have disappeared. It seems that living at home is quite satisfactory.

    ——Grandpa Chi doesn’t know at all, he? Grandson? He’s actually rushing to cook at home every day, and he doesn’t teach him what he’s still anxious about.

    He touched his beard, and pretended to ask casually: “Ahem, I heard that the girl surnamed Xie is quite popular recently?”

    Xie Zhiyi’s popularity is indeed getting higher and higher, and the most important thing is that Chi Lin personally Appearance and participation, it is said that a pair of fans are about to become stars! So that Mr. Chi is like this? Old Antique has heard others talk about it many times.

    Not to mention anything else, it looks like it is indeed a good match, even the girl is even better.

    But just having a face, Old Man Chi couldn’t approve it.

    “What’s not popular, that’s fame!” Chi Lin picked up the tea and stood up, “She has more than one million fans now, and we still have our CP fans-CP fans, do you understand? I don’t understand. It doesn’t matter, anyway, you just need to know that if we break up, I will directly say that you are arguing, and then hundreds of thousands of people will scold you—”

    ” Are you scary?” Chi Lin smiled and hid the knife.

    Old man Chi: “…”

    On that day, Chi Lin was the one who walked out of Chi’s house with a loud “Evil barrier!”

    Of course, every time he came back from Chi’s house, Xie Zhiyi would give a gift to the housekeeper and hand it to the housekeeper.

    Old man Chi naturally knew this matter, and his heart was also useful-he? Just a little unhappy, why is he? The child raised is such a bastard, he is not as sensible as other girls? !

    Chi Lin had stopped Xie Zhiyi a few times, and the Lord was afraid that she would feel wronged in her heart. But after talking, he also understands that Xie Zhiyi’s heart is much more transparent than his, and doing these things is completely natural and does not take energy at all.

    And what he said to scare Old Man Chi was not all alarmist.

    Xie Zhiyi has accumulated millions of fans on all platforms in just a few months. This is an incredible achievement. In addition to the steadfast self-precipitation of Xie Zhiyi in the early stage, the highly practical culinary teaching and learning skills far exceed the super practical strength of other bloggers in the gourmet area…and then do it in the later stage. Dish video, vlog, and face powder cp powder technology fans have all joined the battle, and they have achieved this fan size.

    Chi Lin feels very proud.

    And he knows that thanks to the ability to thank you, he will only go higher and higher in the future.

    Also-CP fans account for about 30% of Xie Zhiyi fans. Chi Lin is happy to see it.

    It’s best to know it all in the world! They are a pair! !


    Chi Lin used a plastic bag to carry the expensive tea home, and when he saw Xie Zhiyi, he gave it to her at will.

    “Here, I drove by and bought it by the way.”

    Xie Zhiyi opened the simple plastic bag and knew it was good when he smelled it. He smiled helplessly: “Is it home to search again?”

    “…The nose is really good,” “Chi Lin walked over, stretched out her hand and squeezed the tip of her nose, and said, “But don’t have any pressure. Anyway, it’s all mine-and then all mine is yours.”

    Xie Zhiyi shook his head dumbly.

    Chi Lin looked down at her for a while, only to think? How come this person’s eyes, nose and mouth are so beautiful, and all expressions are so beautiful? It’s not plausible. He had seen her scars in that dream. He didn’t think it was ugly, but he didn’t need to block her hair.

    And now she looks better and more eye-catching than many years ago.

    Xie Zhiyi didn’t hear Chi Lin talking for a while, and when he raised his head, he watched him press down and put a kiss on her lips.

    The scent of tea is just under the tip of the nose? This kiss is very light and gentle.

    Xie Zhiyi? Consciously closed his eyes.

    “I mean…I want to give you everything I can.” Chi Lin whispered next to her.

    After that night that no one knew, the world seemed to be functioning normally. No one knew that it had stopped, no one knew that Xie Zhiyi had walked a long way before returning.

    Regarding the events of that night and the cause and effect of the whole world, Xie Zhiyi did not conceal from Chi Lin. After all, Chi Lin of that world was also in his life, and Chi Lin himself wouldn’t be able to feel it.

    She met Chi Lin there, walked into her portable space in person, and returned to this world with her. However, the same character cannot coexist in the same world, so he brought his life to Chi Lin, but left his consciousness in Chi Lin’s dream, completely retaining “this Chi Lin”.

    After figuring out everything, Chi Lin remained silent for a long time.

    Actually? Knowing him? He almost died, Chi Lin’s reaction was not strong. Knowing that he was ultimately self-sacrificing in the parallel world, he sighed heavily and was grateful in his heart.

    But I heard that Xie Zhiyi had been in that time and space for a long, long time, but Chi Lin reacted the most.

    She wandered alone, with his death behind her, and an unknown salvation ahead.

    Chi Lin felt a strong heartache.

    Xie Zhiyi talked to him that day. When he raised his head, he saw Chi Lin’s head hanging down, with red nose and eyes.

    But after all, the shadow of that person remained on Chi Lin. He? He was still the prince he was familiar with, but it also made that person’s regretful life, heavier, and a little more calm and restrained.

    Xie Zhiyi touched his head, “It’s all over.”

    Chi Lin stretched out his hand to embrace her, and buried his face in Xie Zhiyi’s neck: “So, we have to be better.”

    Xie Zhiyi let him sigh with a chuckle, sighing lightly. After a sigh of relief, “Then? Go for a long time.”

    This is the final world she chose for herself.

    It will be good.


    The plot written by the original author has ended, and all supporting actors have to continue their lives.

    Xie Weilan is still attacking in the entertainment industry, so he chooses to entangle with Yuan Feng. After being defeated by the Shangguan family to the Chi family, Pei Ziyan also hit the lord’s mind on Chi Lin. After seeing Xie Zhiyi, she decided not to lose to the same person twice, so she moved the battlefield to other provinces.

    Of course, although the plot is over, the character of the character has not changed.

    Shangguan Chen doesn’t have all kinds of “female protagonists” halo, and of course he doesn’t have the male protagonist’s halo given by the author’s mother. At the same time, Xie Zhiyi’s skill cards all lost their effectiveness along with the unbinding of the system. Shangguan Chen lost the self-discipline of male morality and became a confident boy again.

    ——In Chi Lin’s words, he? He is now an ordinary self-confident fool.

    Xie Zhiyi had seen Shangguanchen in the previous life, and felt that the current Shangguanchen should at least be fresher—because he had never owned it before, so it can’t be said to be distressed?

    Chi Lin occasionally met him on a narrow road at work, and was too lazy to even sneer at Shangguan Chen.

    Xie Zhiyi in the dream has always liked Shangguan Chen, but his Xie Zhiyi is not.

    Chi Lin knew that he and Xie Zhiyi had a fetter that no one else could match. That is the peace of mind that belongs to them alone, and outsiders can’t get involved.

    After meeting Shangguanchen, Chi Lin can still be the master? Say hello, “Master, do you write the book about male virtue? Are you ready? After it is published? I plan to buy a few copies to go home.”

    Shangguanchen said. smile: “?? …… how some lack of inspiration recently, is intended to let you know Xie bought learn it”

    . “is

    Shangguan Chen: “…”

    Everyone is in the same world, Xie Zhiyi will also meet? Male players.

    ——For example, Fu Jingyan who has regained his coquettish style.

    Speaking of it, Fu Jingyan was less affected in the whole plot. After all, the skill cards he suffered were not considered devastating, and the anorectal problem had been solved.

    He thinks? Compared to Shangguan Chen, who is disheartened, crazy, and cult, and Yuan Feng, who is mad and screaming, his face is pretty good.

    So when I met Xie Zhiyi, he could still leaning on the car and greet him gracefully:

    “Look at you recently? Very good, how about it. Are you interested in signing a company?” Fu Jingyan went down? Push He pushed the sunglasses and revealed a wink, “I can hold you.”

    Xie Zhiyi was silent for a while, and said: “No.”

    Actually , it’s not true that Chi Lin wanted to pay a lot of money to build a studio for her, but Xie Zhiyi sternly refused. It’s-coffee rank is not so high-minded, is it true? No need, no need.

    Her career line is completely in accordance with her expectations, and she is currently doing very happy, and does not need any external interference.

    Fu Jingyan wanted to say something, but was choked back by another voice.

    “Do you hold it? How many do you count.”

    Chi Lin strode over from one side in his tailored western outfit, grabbing Xie Zhiyi in a possessive manner, and then glanced at him with disdain. “Is the butt healed? Still holding someone else.”

    “…” Fu Jingyan said angrily: “I’m healed–“

    He? Before he finished speaking, he caught a glimpse of Shangguan Chen next to him, and he took it wisely. NS.

    When Chi Lin left with Xie Zhiyi, Shangguanchen sneered at Fu Jingyan: “Mr. Fu won’t be able to

    pay for the rest, right? Even I can’t? Get it? To Xie Zhiyi, what are you thinking about again?” Fu Jingyan : “?”

    Problems? Everyone is a loser, what’s in it? ?

    Fu Jingyan looked at Shangguanchen’s face, and thought that he didn’t know why he felt that he was very beautiful and elegant, and he believed in him? The man’s morality and principle of self-abstinence for a period of time?-he? Just think? It’s a fool.

    Shangguan Chen: “Why? I was right?”

    Fu Jingyan: “Say your mother, get out!”


    Xie Zhiyi really doesn’t need anyone to praise.

    Essentially speaking, she is content, and it is updated and stable, has excellent skills, can play with good looks, and has a sweet and good cp—every item is a powerful tool for sucking powder. In fact, before Fu Jingyan came to throw an olive branch, many brokerage companies had already asked about it.

    Even Tang Beiqing began to covet her traffic-after all, he? He just took up the light of being a millionaire. Xie Zhiyi was about to surpass him not long after he got off the ground! What a shame! ! !

    Tang Beiqing secretly expressed that he and Xie Zhiyi made more cooperation videos, and also developed their friendship CP, and Chi Lin ruthlessly called “get out”.

    Tang Beiqing felt very cold, and could only take Chi Xiangyang to brush his face in his video.

    In any case, Xie Zhiyi already has a fixed cooperation model and is also very professional in docking business. Currently, there is no need for the company to intervene, and he still shoots whatever he wants.

    Fans are therefore more sticky and are more willing to spend money on her-of course, more demands.

    [Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh? When will the first issue of vlog come! ! 】

    【The child is hungry! Meaning, rice and rice! 】

    【Well, spring is over, my candy, my candy, my candy——]

    Chi Lin said: Fans’ requirements must be met.

    So carrying the camera and taking Xie Zhiyi out.

    After a few months, the “couple vlog” that could only go to the park at the beginning is finally not perfunctory-after all, it was still ambiguous at the time, but now it is a real couple.

    And Chi Linxiao has been thinking about it for a long time, and the romantic bouquet of candlelight dinner in the revolving restaurant on the top floor is finally! Achieved!

    When Xie Zhiyi was holding a large bouquet of roses, accepting the enviable gazes of the ladies around him, and looking at the face of Chi Lin who was more excited than her, the whole person wanted to laugh a little in romance: “Should I also arrange for you.”

    Chi Lin Strenuously stretched his handsome temperament, and said conservatively, “No.” The

    night enveloped the city, and the brightly lit night scene was right under their eyes.

    Xie Zhiyi turned his head slightly to look at the unbending traffic. And this moment was romantic enough and gentle enough in Chi Lin’s eyes.

    In order to make the video content more interesting, Xie Zhiyi also made a strategy, and booked a very historic residential house nearby.

    Although it is a bit more expensive, after being led into the house by the butler, Xie Zhiyi felt that the money was very worthwhile.

    The entire courtyard is sealed with the style of the Republic of China. It can be seen that it has been repaired every year, and the details are not broken, only a heavy sense of time. It seems that the time that has flowed for a hundred years is all in the bricks and grass.

    The inside of the house can be photographed. Xie Zhiyi took the lens and went up and down together. After taking enough footage, it was too early.

    The house has a total of two floors, and the room is very sufficient. But obviously, Chi Lin didn’t want to go to other “rooms”.

    “I’m afraid.” He? said.

    Xie Zhiyi set the camera aside, ready to take a picture of lying down?, turned his head to look at him?: “?”

    Chi Lin sat on the side of the bed, raised his head, not straightforward: “I’m afraid, I will meet at night Wake you up from crying.”

    Xie Zhiyi: “?? Then I’m also scared.”

    Chi Lin hooked his lips and laughed. He was still wearing the white shirt he used to eat, and his narrow waist drawn a beautiful line. The smile on his face is a bit seductive.

    Xie Zhiyi couldn’t help but licked the corner of his mouth.

    Chi Lin looked up at her for a while, smiled and stretched out his arms to wrap Xie Zhiyi’s waist.

    Then? Both people disappeared into the camera.

    ——When this scene was presented in the vlog, Xie Zhiyi’s comments and barrage soared directly.

    [Help, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah,

    ah, ah, ah

    ! ! When

    Xie Zhiyi looked at the feedback, she suddenly wanted to laugh when she saw this surge of data—

    actually? It’s not the same? In fact, after Chi Lin pulled her over?—Nothing happened!

    Probably because of Xunxin, he couldn’t stand firmly. Xie Zhiyi stepped on his foot just in the past, and the two of them fell down directly–they could still hear the screams in the sound source.

    However, thanks to the great Chinese editing technique-the

    audience and friends felt that there was only a sweet and atmospheric picture left, so they all screamed in the comment area and the barrage, and the screen was full of [I have changed color. 】【Automatically send yellow barrage】【High sweet warning ahead】.

    There is even more explicit, just shout confidently and directly-

    [Next? I will fast forward to the paid content! 】

    【I am an adult! I can watch! ! ! 】

    【Lord has money to watch? ! 】

    Xie Zhiyi saw it, it is inevitable to be a little moved.

    Cough cough cough cough.

    Everyone is an adult, who can not greedy the body of the one he likes! Ah?

    At the same time, in the next room, someone has always maintained the habit of looking at the wicked comment area and barrage. Seeing what the fans are writing, he actually thinks about it, and suddenly—

    teng! Exploded.

    When Chi Lin came out of the room, his whole face was red, and people who didn’t know thought they had seen something terrible.

    Xie Zhiyi also just came out, and the two conceited people met on a narrow road, and the atmosphere was suddenly rippling.

    Spring is indeed halfway through, and the temperature has risen a lot, so I wear thin clothes at home at night. Xie Zhiyi looked at Chi Lin’s wide-shoulder summary and face, and a yellow barrage rolled across his head. He suddenly felt that he couldn’t hold it anymore.

    The temperature is higher.

    Chi Lin felt inexplicably dry mouth.

    He tried to control it, but he turned his head to see that the source of the heat on the opposite side came by himself.

    Chi Lin’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down.

    Xie Zhiyi walked up to him, thinking that he was really good-looking, so he finally

    raised his hand to hook his neck, and stood on his toes- a long kiss was printed.

    A long time later? Xie Zhiyi half-closed his eyes and ran into Chi Lin’s darkened eyes. He wanted to cover up and said: “Fans asked.”

    Chi Lin smiled, lowered his head and pressed closer, with a bewildering voice: “Fans also asked. Others.” It

    seems that it only takes a kiss and the man’s aura has completely changed. The animal nature lurking in the blood requires only a little initiative and a little show of love from the prey, and it can all be ignited.

    Xie Zhiyi didn’t expect Chi Lin to come up instead, unconsciously opened his eyes, and hurriedly thought of another reason: “I…this is paying the rent. This is what you said.”

    Chi Lin’s chest trembles slightly. Laughing? Uncontrollable.

    She only realized what she said a long time ago.

    Xie Zhiyi became angry from embarrassment: “What are you laughing at—”

    Chi Lin didn’t say a word, turned around holding her slightly, leaned against the wall, and kissed her.

    This time it was deeper and more serious than before, as if to directly light the night.

    After a long, long time, Chi Lin stopped? Come and put his head in her ear: “There is another way? That can be free of rent.”

    Xie Zhiyi lowered his eyes and took a breath, “What way?”

    Chi Lin He hugged her tightly and said in a volume that only two people could hear.

    “You move here and live in my room?”

    “!” Xie Zhiyi’s ears were red silently-

    as if suddenly? This person became fierce.

    Xie Zhiyi raised his head, with a pair of clear and black eyes, looking at him in no way.

    Chi Lin finally couldn’t bear it, raised his hand and rubbed the skin under her eyes, then? He picked up the person with a smile and walked into the room?——

    “You said that spring is here,” Chi Lin said, “So we… should spring to do the right thing. “


    end of spring, and summer.

    Summer is over, and autumn is here again.

    When things go well, it seems to pass? Very quickly.

    At the end of the year, Xie Zhiyi was awarded the blogger of the year award by the platform because of the consistently high video quality. The red carpet photos on the day of the awards rushed directly to the hot search because they were so beautiful.

    The city’s tycoon, the Chi family’s prince, will pick up and drop off in a luxury car all the way off the court, and the show will be known to the whole city for a while.

    Then? The CP fans of the two have grown stronger, with thousands of submissions in editing on various platforms. Later, I heard that Mr. Chi had secretly watched a few edited videos in private.

    Thanks Zhiyi career and life, everything is going well.

    This is not any silky screenplay or cool world she has chosen.

    This is a world transformed from abusive literature. But Xie Zhiyi knows that with Chi Lin here, there will never be a better place.

    But she also knew that occasionally Chi Lin would meet that person in his dream.

    Or feel the regret left in his life brought by him, or perceive him? In the consciousness that is fast dissipating… the trace of reluctance that can no longer be said.

    Then, Chi Lin will be more awake when he wakes up, and cling more tightly to thank you.

    He and Xie Zhiyi have had more than a lifetime story.

    But the most important thing is that they can stay together in this life.

    It was another night of clear dreams.

    Chi Lin opened his eyes, regret and dissatisfaction slowly dissipated as he was sober, but he still found Xie Zhiyi’s hand and gently pulled her into his arms.

    Xie Zhiyi didn’t need to ask, stretched out his hand and patted his back.

    The sky was dim outside the window. After a while, she heard Chi Lin whispering in her ears about the next plan.

    “After the next year, the projects in the south of the city will be busy, but I will come back as soon as possible every day. I will go to Sanya for an inspection in two months. If you are not busy, we can go together. There are several investment projects in the middle of the year that are more important and smooth. The words will be very helpful to your work. In the second half of the year, the Lord? If…”

    Xie Zhiyi listened quietly, and then he slowly followed his plans for the first half of the year, the requirements for his account, and the expectations of fans. ? Speak again.

    The parallel lines of the two of them are not too close to each other, but they are well-mannered, stable, and reassuring.

    Chi Lin lowered his head slightly and kissed Xie Zhiyi’s forehead lightly, his eyes were clear.

    “——You missed one thing.”

    Xie Zhiyi raised his head: “What?”

    “A fan request of you.” Chi Lin smiled lightly.

    Xie Zhiyi was puzzled: “What’s the request?”

    “They are asking,” Chi Lin smiled, struggling completely out of that regret, and squeezed her hand, “——When are you and me?

    Get married.” Xie Zhiyi was startled, and then? also laughed.

    Chi Lin raised her hand and kissed the back of her hand.

    “Do you remember?” Chi Lin said, “A long time ago, you stretched out your hand to me and said,’Let’s shake hands and make peace’.”

    Xie Zhiyi laughed-she remembered?, that was just when I found out that Chi Lin was her Signal tower, so despite the bad relationship between the two, she still took the initiative to seek peace. At that time, Chi Lin was offended, saying how she could touch her hand.

    One morning after a long, long time, I was remembered by Chi Lin.

    Xie Zhiyi smiled and kissed the corner of his mouth, and sighed: “Actually, it’s…shaking hands with the world.”

    Chi Lin also smiled, circled her ring finger, and kissed back in the morning light.

    “Well-shook hands with the world and made peace.”

    “Then? I and you…… meet? Hu Yimo.”

    We walked until we were old.

    (End of the main text)

    The author has something to say: The main text is over. (But because of the ranking period, tomorrow will have to be the next day, and it will be qaq starting on Thursday) Extra

    content, other young couples, our prince and sister Yi must have! ! In addition, the blackening pool is also under consideration, depending on my thinking situation 5555!

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